29 August 2015

Not A Chapter Post. I Just Opened a Sister Blog for Indonesian Reader (Still Empty)

Well.... Just like the title said...

THE SISTER SITE IS: yukkuri-service-indonesia.blogspot.com

Why am I doing this?

First off all... Internet user in Indonesia is really massive (they even dominate Social Media), just look at hashtag at Tweeter and trembled on the massive Indonesian users power.

Second, Indonesia really ignorant on English.... I mean really... I don't know how bad it is... But based on my experience I could tell that it was that bad...
On my Medical School (I am a Bachelor of Medicine, and an nonpracticing GP, yup I am real doctor, still had no practicing license that is.) the average TOEFL score of student on first to third years was under 450. And most English they had was with helping from Google Translate (When I was still student I help a lot of my friend and junior correcting their English paper abstract - even with my lousy English, better than nothing I guess).

Third I previously offered this blog to some of my junior but when they heard that this blog content is in English, they weirded out. Since you know, English is not their forte...

Fourth, I think Indonesian translation of Japanese Web novel is nonexistant (most of them in Baka-Tsuki is deader than *insert dead celebrity here*), also Indonesia publishers won't publish any of Japanese Web Novel so I can't get sued if I translated it to Indonesia (I hope... Indonesia IT Law is very controversial. You can go in jail if you post something 'defaming' in FB or if your 'private video' leaked out to Internet wilderness).

Fifth, well... Translating to Indonesia is more simple than English since you know... I use Indonesian almost every day... (not really) Also since colloquial Indonesian grammar is really lax, I can post  grammar mistake without need to worry some Grammar Nazi come to my blog with torch and pitchfork.

Sixth, I want to show to Indonesian speaking people some quality fiction material from Japan. I mean come on man... The TV programs are very lame and local Indonesian fiction is full with teenager romance slashfic, what the hell is wrong with this country? So, I repeat again, I want to expose Indonesian speaking people with some relatively good quality Japan fiction.

Seventh, after USA, Indonesia is the second country that had the most traffic to this site. That means that there are substantial Indonesia reader in here. (Please tell your friend that I had Indonesian translator)

Don't worry it won't interrupt the usual translation already going in this blog. I mean my main priority is finishing English translation first....

NOW you know which language that had no tenses, declination, grammatical gender, plurals, articles, do-does word, no concept of 'it' word and no 'to be words.
We just had system of adverbs and very regular suffixing and/or infixing root words.


  1. That is So true! Our tv programs sucks. 8 never even touch our novel selections cause it lacks that something (maybe its just my preference hahahha) btw im one of those indonesian with decent english so i prefer english translations to indonesian. Hehehehe

  2. are you by any chance, indenesian? or life in indonesia?

    1. yup.... And I thought that it was very obvious....