22 August 2015

Tenseisha wa Cheat o Nozomanai. Chapter 1 - Part 1

First of all.... These kids talk like kids... So maybe I had mistranslated here and there, so please Bear with me.
Also my TL note now is at the bottom of the page. So I can tsukommi the chapter as much I like.

The Translator that was confused by the Kids language:
Yukkuri Oniisan
The Editor that could connect the dots of my jumbled words:

Chapter 1. Is Cheat really necessary?
Part 1

Now then, I needed to organize my thoughts on this situation.
First of all, my name is Mira. I don’t have a family name that can be called a surname.[1] The common sense in this world is that a commoner didn’t have a family name.

I am the second daughter of a farmer, and the youngest child of 4 siblings. In 10 days, I will turn 6 years old.
My family members are my grandparents, my parents, my eldest sister, and two older brothers.[2]

My hair is a fine soft golden brown[3] colored that you can call blond. My eye is peridot colored. Maybe because I was a black haired, black eyed pure Japanese person in my previous life, I find it very colorful. I am looking forward to how will I turned out in the future. I ought to take a good care of my beauty.
The boy who burst into the room before, is my childhood friend, Gai.
Just because he is 11 month older than me, he likes to look down[4] on me. Maybe it's because he was the youngest male child in his family. It’s not like I understand it either.

Also, the house where I am resting belongs to the village chief’s. The cause of this situation was because a kicked ball from Gai hit my back of the head.
Speaking about the ball, it was not a rubber ball. This world doesn't have rubber. The ball’s core is a piece of wood that has been carved into a sphere, wrapped with a rag, then stitched with leather pieces on the exterior. This kind of ball, of course, is not something that can crack a head.

While, Gai and several of his male friends was playing ball, he kicked wildly, and it hit the victim: me, who just happened to pass by through.
It’s not funny. It wasn’t a pleasant memory, but thanks to that I could recall things. However, it was half-baked.
I can’t recall my name, my gender, or my family from my previous life. I do remember that I just graduate from a university and was looking for a job. Although I was a jobless university graduate, somehow I had part-time job. I also remembered that I was an otaku[5] and suffer from a slight case of Chuunibyou[6]. N~o~! Erase it, Delete it! Especially the later half of my dark history! Please God do your work seriously!
How to put it, the cause of why I could remember, surely is that, right? The impact at back of my head.
The cause of death in my previous life was surely traffic accident. When I turne my head towards the car, it hit me and sent me flying until my head crashed onto the concrete. Fractured skull or bleeding to death. I was either lucky that I lost my consciousness, or it just that I couldn’t recall it.

Let’s go to the plaza quickly, Mira

Without conveying thanks to the village chief, my childhood friend just takes my hand just as I step down from the bed and forcefully drags me. I 'm slightly fed up with him.

Since my heads hurt, walk slower!

I can’t think about the situation.

Uh, sorry. But if we wait here, then the examination team from the Academy might leave.
Examination team?

Hearing my confused voice, Gai turned around and pouted his lips.

What do you just say?

Oh, so he didn’t ignore me.

Today is the day when the examination team from National Magic Academy comes to the village to conduct pupil selection.

In the capital there are a lot of new students each year, but then what if there candidates on the children of farming village like Ilga Village. The possibility that there is a candidate magician ill be buried as a farmers is not a good thing, so every 3 years they come to take a look.
Since they give grants, we can also help the village.

I see. The State sponsored the program to nurture the student into future magician that will give their service to develop new technology, to serve as war potential, etc. In other words, shepherding them.
Even if they are not in poverty right now, but if famine comes then the family in the village could sell the children to reduce the number of mouths. That could happen.
Un[8] that is a common story.

Reincarnation into another world usually had some troublesome agreement. 
However, it didn’t happen to me.
Are?[9] I don’t remember any event about obtaining a cheat, so 'No Problem'?

After harshly lecturing me, the village chief has gone to the plaza. The examiners only conduct the examination on children of 6 years old and older. Besides me, the number of children doesn't even reach 10 people. So, if we don’t go there quickly , they could be gone.

The age qualification for enrollment is 6 years huh? It just like elementary school.

If it is about recruiting qualified person, they won't fail at such easy task[10]. I'm just 5 years old, so I can’t participate.
But if the village’s chief had punished me, and didn't mention me as 6 years old. I will be finished, you know?

So, ignoring the age, huh? That’s fine, I will turned 6 years old in 10 days, but if it was added with my age at the previous life....... I don’t remember my age upon death, but since I a university graduate, then my age should be about 27 years old, at worst, a 30 something, so does it means I am a middle age woman.
I received a great shock after calculating this.
No-no, 27 is still young. There was a saying, “Man from 30, Woman till 30.”
Are, but I am now a woman, and if my previous life  was also a women then I was just barely become an old maid?
Then how about, “Human will get fat, if male at 35, female at 30.”[11]
Fuh, with this I don’t need to care about how old am I.
If I was previously a guy, then there might be a conflict.
Since, you know, I am a girl now. I don’t want to open a new door[12], you know.

Didn’t the country check on the people before?

We more or less have come to an agreement on the matter of age[13], and the new door was also firmly shut. The remaining problem was about Gai being afraid of the possibility that he is excluded from the examination.
Of course I can’t use word like Census, since Gai might not understand it. To use lingo from my previous life was NG.
My knowledge was sadly disappointing since there is no knowledge for technological improvement or domestic affair. To protect myself, it better for me to refrain from speaking too much.
In any case, isn’t it because there is a census that the examination team could come to this remote place?
That means, they could find out if there is a child that has not been examined. The village’s chief also wouldn’t oppose the government’s order, since there is merit to be gained.
Gai nods and understands.
Yes. It is best if he is able to understand. So, stop pulling my hand, since the vibration from walking is shaking the lump on my head.


[1] This is not a typo, the original said 苗字 and 家名.
[2] Can I just type Ane and Ani?
[3] 稲穂色: Inaho-iro.... I need dictionary......
[4] The original said: Act like a big brother.
[5] Don’t know otaku? Take a mirror. Look at the reflection. 75% you can see an otaku there.
[6] Don’t know chuunibyou? Watch Inou-Batoru wa Nichijou-kei no Naka de.
[7] The Japanese sfx was ゼイゼイ.
[8] Un is yes. I shall never translated un that comes from a girl. Since it cuter that way. (I watch too many anime, everyone looking for waifu, I looking for musume. What? I really want a daughter...)
[9] Are means what.... huh or something like that. Expression for surprise or suspicious.
[10] Thanks to Misgav Avraham Hazan for clarifying this.
[11] Thanks to Misgav Avraham Hazan for clarifying this.
[12] Can also mean opportunity. Or it means gender bender? New door to her new half.
[13] Need help on this: 一応の着地点を見つけ. See on the same common ground?


  1. You see. this is why I don't watch anime or really read manga anymore. The Novels are so much better. We don't get the same level of information.

    1. I am not disagreeing with you about that overall. But in this instance, the manga offer the same level of info as the WN.

    2. I wish I had more IRL friends with the same mindset that more information is better. The majority avoid reading and prefer animes and movies since moving images are more appealing.

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  4. [10] "If they came to collect manpower, they don't want to miss (people)?" literal translation, I believe that it means something along the lines of "If they came to collect manpower they wouldn't want to skip on people" or something like that...

    1. [11] is talking about when men and women start getting fat due to age. Nothing too complex so "Humans start getting fat at age 35 for male and 30 for women"

    2. Can't help you on [13] because it looks like one of those lines that require re-writing with only the meaning of it in mind.

    3. The [13] Full sentence. 年の件は一応の着地点を見つけ、新境地のトビラは厳重封印し、問題はガイのハブられ危機に移る。
      I was confused on ハブられ part until I check some dictionary and found that it could means excluded, so the sentence was pretty much a giant mess.

      Incorporating the other suggestion since it seems more make sense.

      Thanks for the Help!

    4. [13] I more or less resolved the matter of (my) age, the door to the new territory (genderbender problems) was firmly shut, the remaining problem is the risk Gai is facing.
      alternate for last part: my worries shifted to the problem Gai is facing.

      Be aware that I barely put thought into this so treat it as a rough translation (editor check). I at least TLC'd myself but as a translator you know how bad of an idea that is :P

    5. Also, you don't have to write my full name, pick one of the first two and use it :)

  5. "My family member is my" 'family members are my' and "two older brother." 'brothers' "male children in his family" 'male child' "somehow I had part-timer job." 'I had a part-time job' " the cause why I could remember," 'the cause of why I' "so every 3 year" '3 years' "Since there give grant" 'Since they' "they could left." 'could leave' "is 6 year huh" '6 years' "It just likes" 'just like' "If it about " 'If it is about' "In any case, didn’t it because" ',wasn't it'