26 August 2015

Takarakuji de 40 Oku Atattanda kedo Isekai ni Ijuusuru - Chapter 15

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As usual this is not a faithful Japanese translation, also expect mistranslation. 
WARNING: Long Translator afterwords.

The Translator that drink coffee like mineral water and releasing subpar translation that irritated most English Grammar sensitive person:
Yuukuri Oniisan
The Editor who correct my tenses, plurals, and ‘to be’ words:

Chapter 15: My Travel to Isteria

It was decided that the new waterwheel would be build 2 days later.
Kazura and Valetta were sitting, side-by-side, nearby the location where the first waterwheel was installed.
With the mechanical pencil on their hand, they were constantly looking at the large notebook in front of them.
The villagers were still not done scattering the fertilizer, but Valin and the other villagers had previously suggested to Valetta that she should begin the preparation for building the new waterwheel.

On Kazura’s notebook, there were a lot of eraser[1] marks from repeatedly erasing and redrawing the illustration of the waterwheel. His drawing of the waterwheel was somewhat different from the real structure that was in front of his eyes.
There was one illustration showing the waterwheel as if looking from above, one illustration from the side view, and the proportions numbers here and there. It can even be called as some sort of blueprint.
In addition of that, there is semi-transparent waterwheel illustration from oblique view, without measurement written on the side, so that it was easy to imagine the shape and features of it.
His father had a metal workshop and Kazura sometimes helped with the works in there. These experiences aided him so that he could somehow draw the blueprint with ease.
Just a moment ago he had finished drawing it, now he was reexamining the drawing again.

On the Valetta’s note was a list of Hiragana[2] letters[3] that she had written by herself. On the side of the Hiragana were the corresponding letters of this world[4] that she had written before.
Valetta was looking at her note and at the same time looking at a book that was titled How to Start a Popular Café. She learned Japanese language by deciphering the sentences inside that book. Whenever she found unfamiliar word, she would ask Kazura about them.
Although Kazura had brought Elementary School level Natural Science and Mathematics books from Japan, but for now she now decide to study Japanese language first. Maybe because, she was interested in the pretty photographs on that book.
Even if only for several pages, Kazura had write Furigana[5] beside the Kanji and Katakana. By comparing it to the notebook, it was possible to read the entire book.

Kazura-san, this drink that is called ‘Herb Tea’, what does it taste like?

Kazura who had finished reviewing the blueprint, heard Valetta’s question about the page that had About Herb Tea written on it.
On that page there was a picture of a vivid red Hibiscus Blend Herb Tea.

The thing in that picture was made from a flower called Hibiscus. It has quite a strong sour taste. There are plenty of other Herb varieties, each has a different taste and scent........ It is hard to describe it with words. Next time, I will bring it from my country. Shall we drink them together?[6]

Eh? Is that true!? Thank you very much!

Valetta was smiling broadly and delighted after hearing Kazura’s offer.
Not even half a month had passed since Kazura’s first arrival in this world. The villagers, and particularly Valetta, had greatly opened their hearts to him.[7]
At her first meeting with Kazura, she was very shy, but lately that shyness had disappeared.
By the way, the other day, Valin just told Kazura that Valetta was turning 16 years old this year.[8]

Oh yeah, to build the new waterwheel we will need to use nails, but does the village have them?

I’m certain that Father has some, but I don’t know their amount. How many will we needed?

Let me see, about 100 or more....

Although it was still possible to build without them, but it was easier to use nails because they could firmly fix the components together.
It was easier to bring it from Japan, but the nails sold in there were not made from wrought-iron.[9]
Although the nails were unlikely to be seen after they were hammered down, if it somehow happened, the outcome would be better if they used the bronze nails of this world.

I don’t think that it will reach 100..... They can be obtained in the town, so I will now go and call the villagers to make preparations for travelling over there.

Is there a town near here?

Kazura sensitively responded to the word ‘Town’.
Since his arrival in this world at this Grisea Village, he had not seen another human settlement, so he wanted to see the nearest town.
Because in the Town there might be more people, it should be more prosperous than this village.

Yes. About 2 day journey from here is the Isteria Town that is governed directly by Nelson-sama. Since there are a lot of shops, we could buy nails in there.

I see..... Is that town considered a big town?

Yes, it is. It’s the biggest city in the Nelson-sama’s domain. There are a lot of large buildings in there. It can’t be compared to this village.

Kazura’s curiosity was intensely stimulated by Valetta’s explanation.
Originally, he wanted to see various place in this world, so after hearing about it, he was dying to see that big town.

....... I also want to go to Isteria... Does sounds like a good idea?


Because he saw Valetta’s puzzled expression, Kazura hurriedly made a follow up on his words.

Of course, I won’t go wearing these clothes. Although it pains me to say, I will need to borrow clothes from someone......

Ah, Yes.... Then, I will consult my Father about the clothes.

Although Valetta was troubled in her heart because of Kazura’s intention to join the group that would travel to the town, she couldn’t immediately approve of his wish.
Besides, the clothes that Kazura wore today were out of the norm. But, if he changes into clothes that were not different from what the other villagers wore then she thought that maybe there wo’nt be any problem.

I’m sorry for it. Please accept my selfishness.

Hearing Kazura make such request while giving a bow delightfully, Valetta thought that she should immediately consult her father.


Kazura-san will go to Isteria as well?

Yes. Since he will go after changing his clothes, he could also go accompany us, however.......

That day, after lunch, Valetta consulted her father about the conversation in the river.
By the way, Kazura was secluding himself in the residence to make Components Blueprint.

Well, if he changes his clothes then nobody will bat an eye to him at the town, so it should be fine, right? If afterwards, Kazura-san behavior stands out too much in the town, then you all just need to be more be more careful and stop him.

Un....... But, will it really be fine?

Valin was smiling wryly to his daughter that held her head down in anxiety.

Why do you worry so much about it? Isn’t Kazura-san actually Greysior-sama? He couldn’t possibly to do something untactful. Furthermore, if he is accompanying you, you won’t need to worry about being attacked by beasts along the way. Actually, shouldn’t we be thankful?

Un, that is true, right?

Hearing Valin’s words, Valetta replied while raising her face again.

Then, I will inform the other villagers that will go to the town. After that we will go and catch some Arcadian Bugs.

Umu[10]. Then I will make preparation for the firewood.

And just like this, without Kazura knowing about it, the matter was settled without any problem and the decision to prepare for the journey to Isteria was made.


Oh ho, Isteria, huh? It really had been a long time.

In front of Valetta, who came out from the residence, every villager from every house that could participate in the travel to Isteria had gathered.
Because it will take 2 days worth of travel, it will be better to act as a group to be safe along the way.
Moreover, by sharing the burden of luggage it will be possible to carry as much goods as possible and then they can be sold in the city.

Yes. With that said, is it all right with Lodurr-san[11] and everyone else to go to Isteria? Kazura-san will also accompany you.

Lodurr leaked out an ‘Oh!’ sound after hearing it.

Because Kazura-san had kindly offered to travel with us, we will be safe. I understand, since there is too much firewood left, I will also travel together with you.

I’m glad to hear it. Then the time for the departure is early in the morning 2 days from now. Thanks for your cooperation.

Valetta and several other villagers had reached an agreement and then together with them, she went to the forest to catch Arcadian Bugs to sell it at the town.


At the time, Kazura saw from the residence’s window that the scenery beyond the fence started to be dyed with the sunset’s color. He had finally finished the components blueprint, so he stretched his body a bit.
Inside this large notebook were components’ drawings. They were rough and sketchy, but the components’ shapes were also simple so the drawings lacked the dimension size description. But, it was not a problem.
Besides, there was no need for an accurate component size anyway. Thus, the components’ size margin[12] also was not jotted down.

While Kazura was examining the components drawings, someone knocked on the door.

You can enter.

The one who knocked the door was Valetta. After she heard Kazura’s reply, she entered the room while carrying clothes in her hand.

Kazura-san, about the matter regarding Isteria, we will depart at the early morning 2 days from now. This is my Father’s clothes. I hope you can wear them.

Is that true? Thank you very much!

Kazura’s received the clothes from Valetta and was overjoyed like a child.
Anyway, this is his first journey after he arrived at this another world and his first visit to a big town.
The other day, he couldn’t see the appearance of Isaac that day, but at the town, he would be able to see all kind of people from every job and walks of life.
Maybe he could see a garrison equipped with weapons like sword or spear. Also, since he had been informed about large buildings, Kazura was very thrilled now.

Then, while Kazura-san is absent from this village, the remaining villagers will start to build the waterwheel. For that, it will be necessary for them to receive instructions about how to built it.

Ah. That’s right. I understand. Tomorrow, I will talk to the villagers about it.

Thank you very much. Then, since we will be having dinner soon, shall we go to the living room?

After this, at the dinner, Kazura was asking this and that about Isteria in high tension. Valin and Valetta were a bit surprised and asked to themselves if he was really looking forward to it that much. Then they politely answered Kazura’s question one by one.


If this story was set in some place in USA or other gun-legalized country. Kazura will surely take a rifle or shotgun with him. And like stereotypical Eagleland trope, he will blasting his way around while declaring, "This is my boomstick!". Hey, this could be a good mediocre idea for a story.

After reading NaoSou editing, I see that I: forget to put “the” and the ”s” for the plurals, also confused on the verb-noun order. This is will be used to make my future translation better.
Since I was not native English speaker (I learn more from FF7and PS1 JRPG than from compulsory English lesson in high school), never become part of Victoria’s Domains Under the Sun and the fact that since my mother language isn’t Indo-European languages, it didn’t have verb tenses, declinations, grammatical gender, plurals, articles, word change in 3rd person, ‘do-or-does’, no concept for pronoun ‘it’ and no ‘to be’ words. Look like a simple language? Big mistake, even now I still lambasted if I write formal research paper in my language... Go figure...
Somehow I tend to ‘forget’ putting these unfamiliar IndoEropean-related language-features in the translated sentence, since I normally didn’t use them in my daily live when I constructing the words I speak.
But Thank God there was my editor who keep these entire monstrosities at bay and not letting them unleashed their wraithlike ruinous, sanity reducing, Lovecratian-horroresque, grammar on the helpless world. Ultimately, he banished them to the depths of the eternal binary digital abyss from whence they came. Thus, the rest of the internet’s masses could be saved from the danger of demonic corruption in their grammar and could continue indulging themselves in uninhibited behaviors stemmed from the inherent anonymity in the internet.
And so, it ends once more.... But there still 100 of its terror-kin left...

Next, we will change our focus to watching Mira in her natural habitat. Radiating enormous level of cuteness, she could warm the viewer’s heart and forget how gritty and cruel the real world is.

[1] Or rubber. Or things you use to erase carbon-based pencil mark.
[2] Literally Gojuuon. Just like a, b, c, d, e., etc. But with a,i,u,e,o,ka,ki,ku,ke,ko,etc. Just read the Akashic Record
[3] Japanese didn’t use alphabet like Latin or Cyrillic. They use syllabary like Cherokee,
[4] It can be assumed that ‘This Other World’ or Arcadia, also use syllabary.
[5] Furigana is hiragana that was written beside kanji or katakana, to show how to pronounce the kanji or katakana. If this WN had it, my life would be more easier in reading Japanese (since I don’t need to guess what reading it uses)
[6] Smooth, Kazura..... Smooth......
[7] Yup. The God just spoke. It’s legit people, legit!  Now we just need some of Kazura’s perspective and we can break the champagne for the ship’s maiden voyage.
[8] Japan’s Age of Consent was 13 by the way. (Not applicable in Tokyo or other municipalities that had Local Age of Consent of 16 or 17 years.)
[9] The modern nails were made from STEEL. All right. It was cheap Steel (0,1% carbon) , but they were not handmade wrought-iron nails from our forefathers’ day in 18th Century.
[10] Un and Umu means yeas. Bear with myself egoism to not translated this short phrase from Valetta’s mouth (I imagine her with Yuuki Aoi voice, while Kazura was Fukuyama Jun)
[11] ロズルー. By the summoning Akashic Record (please read it as Wikipedia), I found that it was a one of Japanese pronunciation for Lodurr, a pagan Nordic God.
[12] The toleration limit of difference in size for each component for a machine to properly functioned. If there are parts over or under this limit, the machine may fail to start or may even damaging the other parts.


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