10 August 2015

The Curious Girl and The Traveler - Prologue

A new original series...
A slow paced slice of life series...
About a delusional puck girl and a somewhat mysterious traveler...


Even since she was just a little girl, Asari fell in love with star sprinkled night sky.
Maybe, it was because her father always tell her, that her mother are now among the Stars’ company with everyone who had 'Returned to the Sky. He said that the stars were once Great Men or Heroes. So sometime she wonders if her mother also becomes a star, and if that true which one was her mother’s star? Maybe this is her true reason for always observing the night sky.
Asari herself can’t quite remember what her mother looks like, as she had passed away when she gave birth to Asari. That’s why she doesn’t quite understand what Mother Love is. Even so, she still grateful because she was blessed with a great Father, that raised her alone and always showering her with so much love and affection. Also, she is happy because the women that gave birth to her are now in a place with the Stars that shines beautifully.
So, that night, just like the other thousand nights before, Asari opened her room window and gazed at the night sky. The infinite black screen that became the stage for thousands twinkling lights, just like tiny candles that dance slowly from dusk to dawn. The Large Moon’s light was not interfered as the Night Queen herself was not coming out tonight. Only her smaler sister, the Eternal Moon, which like usual, bestowed her faint soft light. The usually hindering clouds were apprehended by the snowy peaks of Horas Mountains. Therefore, the magnificent star night view was become more impressive as if it was an epic drama performance with Asari as the Guest of Honour.
She watched the cast of tonight’s show and speculated the story that they were going to play on tonight’s majestic gala. From her father’s books she can distinguish their names and constellations.
The winter had not left for so long, as the snow still shows herself in some of the mountains’ slopes and the mischievous wind with bone-chilling blow sometimes come down from the peaks. Maybe the Spring still need sometime before she show herself fully.
 That is the story that was told by the Girl in the Well Constellation that peeking from the horizon and the Two Birds Constellation that still can’t move on from their winter tales. The Emperor Star still valiantly stands in Northern Sky, looking at the other stars like a show director. In the centre of the stage, The White Mist River was flowing from one end of the sky to the other end, splitting the sky into two. Some small black island can be seen inside it, but the biggest player amongst them: The Seven Princesses Island can’t be seen until Summer Nights. Just like that Asari always spend her nights enjoying the show stage that only she appreciates.
That is enough entertainment for tonight. It’s time to go back to sleep. Said Asari while she closing her window board.
??? What’s that ??? A light that looked like a star were moving and crossed the sky. This unusual view attracted her attention. From the trajectory, the star-like light seems to came from the direction of Horas Mointains,.
??? Is that... falling star ??? Asari had read about and personally saw by herself a falling star before, but what she looking at now is different from the usual, the star moves was too slow. The star slowly descends in Mountain Foot Forest before disappeared into the darkness that covered the night.
??? The star... It went to the Forest ??? For some reason Asari kept her eyes on that direction for some time. In her heart she was wondering if a Star can really fall to the Ground. She also waited, if by chance the Star will miraculously reappears. And just like her prediction, a while later the Star showed itself again and was moving slowly to the direction of Horas Mountains where it came before and then obscured by the clouds that circling the Mountain Peaks
... Really... Asari really don’t understand what she just saw. The Fall and Rise... of a Star?


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