27 August 2015

Tenseisha wa Cheat o Nozomanai. Chapter 1 - Part 3

The Translator Corner

This Yukkuri demasu!
You are lucky that my brother (Guro) was occupied by Mushoku Tensei, so that I could translate MIRA’s QUEST part 3 (I translated Takarakuji Chapter 16 by mistake). It take about 6 hours so maybe there some weird parts.
Without more ado, here your today Mira’s share of cuteness (not so much in this chapter, maybe other than: REVERSE)

The translator that really wanted a new laptop:
Yukkuri Oniisan
The Editor, really need for him...:

Chapter 1. Is Cheat really necessary?
Part 3

I am in carriage, Now.[1] (TWITTER SPEAK)

My fellow passengers are the magician Swyn Kalyard-san[2] and Gai, while the driver is the Knight Panama-san.[3]
The knights are riding their warhorse to escort the carriage. On the left side is Commander Rubens Kenan[4], on the right side is the youngest one of this knights' team, Guze-san[5]. While Blum-san[6] is in charge of the rear.
And lastly, without the others knowing about them,  there are four spirits inside the carriage.

After the examination, we quickly made the preparation for the journey, and 3 days later, we departed from the village.
Ilga Village is the last village the examination team visits during their round, and they will return to the capital after 5 days. Normally, new students would wait for the money grant from the Country, then depart from the village by using stagecoaches or other means of transportation by themselves. However, since I am a rare talent who has 4 attributes and large amount of magic power, I can ride the carriage that is escorted by the knights.
Different from my previous world, in this world it takes a lot of time to travel from one place to another. Of course, there are also a lot of dangers from beasts, bandit, monster, and demon beast.[7]
Not only the coachman need to know martial arts but it also necessary to hire escorts. Because of this, the needed fee is not small.
Although it was troublesome to board this stagecoach, its safety is top notch, since there are magician from Academy and the Knights with me. Because it will ease my parents and the villagers’ worries, even if the preparation time was short, I just accepted this opportunity. If I lack something I can just buy it along the way.

Magic is imagining a phenomenon, using magic power to fuel it, and requesting the spirits to do it.(Swyn)

Because there is free time inside the coach, I listen to the quick lecture on magic foundation.
Speaking about the spirits, after the examination finished, they came out from the crystal ball and started doing whatever they pleased.

If the image is not clear then the spirits can’t grant your wish. Also, if your magical power is insufficient, that means if your magic power didn’t match the size of your wish, no matter how clear your image is, it can’t be invoked.
Human can manipulated spirits from 4 families: Fire, Water, Wind, and Earth.
Each families has their own preference to magic power, so this is used to classify the magic power attribute of a magician(Swyn)
Then does that means that the fire spirit likes the taste of my magic power?(Gai)

Gai raises his hand and asks, so Swyn-san answered.

That’s correct, and someone like Mira who is loved by every spirit is extremely rare.
However, what magic power tasted like? No human can understand. In addition, it is impossible to change your attribute.
For that reason, if a magician with a fire attribute want to use water magic, he will use a magic stone or a magic tool that has been filled with magic power from magician with a water attribute.(Swyn)

Magic tool and magic stone?(Gai)

A tool that could use magical power in a specific way is called a magic tool. For example...... The crystal ball for the academy selection exam. Magician from each element fills the crystal ball with their magic power and turn it into a magic tool to request the spirit to judge during the selection.(Swyn)

I can’t believe it. It’s a kokkurisan[8] for spirits!

「When using the magic stone, the user can decide on the result he wants.
The magic stones are the core of demon beast and monster - a condensed magic power.  If its magic power is depleted, it is possible to recharge it with another magic power. But, there is a limit on how many times it can be recharged.(Swyn)

So it’s Recyclable. How Eco-friendly.
Swyn-san took his left arm out from his robe.
Does he wear his robe all year long? His arm is so pale. On his arm are bracelets that made from several stones of red, blue or green color.

The blue stone is a water magic stone.(Swyn)
Then, this red stone is fire, right?(Gai-Baka)
That’s right. Then, what do you think this green one is?(Swyn)
Swyn-san smiles at Gai, who is folding his hand and is having a difficult time thinking, and then Swyn-san looks at me who was silent from some time, and become startled.

Mi-Mira-san, your face is very pale.....(Swyn)
I straight away run to the back of the carriage, and REVERSE. (Vomit)[9]

After leaving the village, the carriage was rocking for 3 hours. I have splendidly become carriage-sick.
Even if I wanted to watch the spirits play, even if I wanted to concentrate on the magic lectures, I couldn't. My resistance is futile, and I am completely annihilated.
Because it is shaking too much!
Because the road isn’t paved, it's shaking extremely.
However even if the road was paved, I had car-sickness in my previous life, so I still might get sick.
After thinking about it, I've never ridden in any carriages until now.
The only carriage in the village was in Village Chief-san’s house, and it was for the people who want to go to the city. For me, who never left the village, there were no opportunities to ride it.
Gai is still lively, however I can’t match that feral child because that fellow was a habitual offender of playing like Tarzan. His semicircular canals are of a monster class.[10]

Here. Water.(Panama)

The carriage stops. Leaving the coachman seat, Panama-san took out his leather canteen.

Thank you very much.

I thanked him as I gasp for air. I clear the sour taste in my mouth with the water.
Even thought I want more, I must endure. While travelling, water is a valuable resource. I can’t waste it carelessly.

Your mouth still sour right? Wash it completely, all right?(Panama)
Guze is a water attribute so we can make it again. Don’t worry, it’s fine.(Panama)

Water attribute is amazing since they can make water.
I did like what Panama said and rinsed my mouth, and lastly, I drank a gulp of water.

Are you all right?(Swyn)

I nod in response to the question from Swyn as he got off from the carriage. He points his right hand at the ground where I vomited various *things*.

Then, let’s me demonstrate an earth magic.(Swyn)

At that moment, my sick feeling disappeared.
Gai also hung out from the side of the carriage to see.

Consume my mana, and grant me my wish.(Swyn)[11]

After saying those words, a yellow ball of light appears from his palm. Seeing this, the yellow clothed spirit leaps from the carriage, flies and eat it.

Earth Trench.(Swyn)

The spirit raises one of his hand and swung it downwards according to Swyn-san chant.
The ground where the vomits resided made a *zaku* sound  and dented. The ground surrounding the trench was pushed to side and made a small dirt hill. Swyn-san then steps and levels that dirt hill to bury the trench and to return the area to its original appearance.

With this, it’s finished.(Swyn)

The ending requires human power huh? More like, the first part with elaborate chanting was quite cool, but the later half was disappointing.
This spell must be Grand Groove (Earth Trench)[12]... wait... my Chuunibyou relapsed!?

It's a proper manner for burying the trashes in a campsite, drained blood from hunted animals, and others situation, with the method he had showed you. This is important for not attracting beast or demon beast.(Panama)

Seeing that I am confused by that spectacle, Panama-san explains to me. I pretended to hear it seriously and nod with Gai.

But if we defeat monster and demon beast, we can got magic stones. That way, if we have a shortage in travelling expenses or magic power, we can just call them on purpose.(Panama)


But there is a risk that we will call something unmanageable. So, I don’t really recommended it.(Swyn)

Swyn-san, who unexpectedly jumps nimbly onto the carriage, attaches a remark.
Like I thought before, because we (the children) are listening, please have some self-restraint.
There is no need for frugality such as saving magic power or travelling expense as much as possible.

That’s true, isn’t it? But for a Rank S from the Hunter Guild, then it will be easy.(Panama)

Rank S you say, there only 5 people in the world have that highest rank.(Guze)[13]

Guze-san gave a tsukkomi.[See Cultural Notes below]

Now that you mention it, a few days ago, I heard about a priority S rank subjugation request.
Beyond these hills, towards the west, at a forest 1 day away by carriage, there are multiple Magic Eater sightings, or something like that.
But those 5 people of Rank S were in contract with faraway nobles, so they cannot accept the request immediately. In their place, a team of 10 people of Rank B received the request but they were...(Blum)[SpecialNotes]
Are you serious, Blum-senpai?(Guze)
If there were a Magic Eater then I guess it would require at least 10 Rank A people. I wondering if it was coming this way?(Commander Rubens Kenan also called Captain-san by Mira)
Please don’t say something ominous like that, Captain Kenan(Guze)

Yes-yes, that’s true. Have you ever heard about a proverb: “speak of the devil and he shall appear”? Or how it will set up a flag?[14]

I know!(Gai)

Everyone turns their glance to Gai, who suddenly shouted.

Green is Earth!(Gai)

Are you still thinking about that?

.... It should be Wind you know.(Mira)

I let out a sigh as I correct him.

But isn’t the earth green?(Gai)

Those are plants.(Mira)

Because when Swyn perform “Earth Magic”, yellow magic power appears from his hand, also the spirit color was yellow.
Above all, he chanting was: Consume my mana, grant me my wish. If his attribute was Earth, then to use magic from other attribute he need to use magic stones, and then by the process of elimination, green is wind. It’s elementary, dear Watson.

Mira-san is correct. By any chance, are you able to see magic power?

What should I do? Should I say that I only guessed it afterwards? No wait. Is this something that a 5 years old would think about?
My “All Attribute” Cheat is already exposed, there will be no difference if the fact that I could see magic power is also known.....
Although “All Attribute” was rare, but it has been more or less recorded. Maybe it was a common trait for them to also be able to see magic power, or something like that.
But if the fact that I could see not only magic power but also Spirits, then it will cause even more trouble.
At any rate, I am a 5 year old that have parted from my parents, and is now going to the Magic Academy.
If I am caught by Mad Researcher, while saying For the future of Magic!he will turn me into an experimental subject. Moreover, if my opponent is a noble, then I can’t give careless resistance. I am only a daughter of poor and humble farmer after all.
For countermeasure against that, should I accept an influential person as my guardian?
But the people who wield influence is also weak to influence.
If I owe them too much, I afraid that I could be pressed to serve as a mobile battery at the front line.

I don’t want to become an experimental subject nor do I want to get treated as a weapon.

Etto.........................by intuition?[15]

Just like I thought, it's really scary to come-out.
Is it bad to be indecisive?


I think Mira should name her spell like a certain Dark Flame Master.

Also I'm sorry if the bad grammar in this translation burned your eyes. Since I tend to gloss the tenses, articles and plurals, you see. I had used a spellchecker program to correct my mistake, but maybe some still remained.

Next translated web novel, we will back to Kazura’s Journey to Isteria. I think I will finished with it in Saturday (depending on my Editor).

[1] She use Tweeter speak. Just like when you update the status of where you are now. And she use NOW in katakana.
[2] スイン・クルヤードSuin Kuruyaado. Got a better Romanization?
[3]パナマ Yes it Panama. Deal with it.
[4]ルーペンス・キーナン Ruupensu Kiinan
[5]グゼ Guze
[6]ブルム Burumu
[7]kemono, 魔物mamono, 魔獣makemono.... PLEASE JUST CHOOSE ONE TERM AUTHOR!!! Will change after I see what the author means.
[8] Kokkurisan, an Ouija-like board, don’t know? Watch Kokkuri-san.
[9]リバース, It’s a slang for vomit.
[10] Semicircular canals, a part of inner ear that essential in body’s balance.
[11] The original line: 我が魔力を糧に成せ.
[12]『大地溝(グランド グルーヴ) Written as: Daichikou. Read as Gurando Guruuve.
[13] Thanks to Misgav. Well.... Since I think this is more make sense in context let's go with this.
[14] The flag she mean is : an event flag in RPG scripting.
[15] Resolved. My Brother said it to me...
[Cultural Notes about Tsukkomi: JUST GOOGLE TSUKKOMI! or click here]
[Special Notes: I previously translate this phrase wrongly. But it's now fixed.]


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