02 April 2016

10 nen goshi no HikiNEET o Yamete Gaishutsushitara Jitaku goto Isekai ni Ten’ishiteta. Interlude 3-8

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Yukkuri Oniisan

Chapter 3 Part 8
Yuuji, Concerning the Secret of Alice’s Panties

*Chronologically this interlude happened after Chapter 3 Part 7*

It’s Another World, butI finally came out after 10 years, but my home kinda went into another world Part-6Hiki-NEET

1: Nameless NEET
This is the thread to enjoy the reports, images and videos of another world that Yuuji has uploaded.
Is it really another world? How did he fabricate it? This is the thread to verify this.

The one who posts the 950th message will be the one who opens the thread.

232 : Yuuji
I just noticed a big problem
Crappy Bad

233: Anonymous NEET
It’s not only Kotarou
It seemed that Yuuji experienced it too
Isn’t this something like a level up?

234: Anonymous NEET
If the physical strength increased
They could have beaten a goblin from now on
Later, they could also do the same for the other world’s people

235: Anonymous ETNE
What’s wrong, Yuuji!?

236: Anonymous MEAT
It had been some time since Yuuji became flustered like this!

237: Yuuji
Alice doesn’t wear panties

238: Anonymous NEET

239: YES Lolita NO Touch
kwsk[1] (source please)
Also, how did you confirm it
Also pics

240: Well-Informed NEET
Is the cause the level of civilization?
Or, is the cause something philosophical?

241: Anonymous NEET
Please go back to your habitat, hentai

Pics please

242: Anonymous ETNE
What do you mean with… philosophical?

243: Yuuji
When I first took her in, she wore it
I knew when I put her in the bath

Currently she doesn’t wear any
If I think carefully, except for the first pair, there are no others
As expected, the size of my imouto’s used ones didn’t fit her

244: Anonymous NEET
Too Slow! How could you have noticed it just now?
Isn’t this like after two months had already passed?

245: YES Lolita NO Touch
I see
So it means that, right now, Alice is…
NOPAN[2]… you say……?

246: Well-Informed NEET
I see
By the way, how do the panties feel like?
No, the civilization level aspect

247: Anonymous MEAT
Et tu, Brute?

248: Yuuji
They’re pumpkin panties
The ones you called “Drawers”?
I think it was washed and dried every day
My imouto’s panties are still too big for Alice
What should I do?

249: Anonymous NEET
Make it
About how to make it…
Perhaps, a trip into the net

250: Anonymous NEET
And then, these remained in the resident’s search history:
“Little Girl”      “Panties”        “How to make”

251: Sakura’s Friend
You touched Sakura’s underwear
And then disclosed it on the bulletin board
Sakura-chan will know about this, though…

252: Anonymous ETNE
The culprit is 248!

253: Anonymous NEET
It’s a festival!!

254: Yuuji
Ah yeah, that kind of mail is……
Aw, crap, crap

255: Sakura’s Friend
First about the matter of Alice’s underwear
I think it will be alright to mail Sakura-chan
And ask which clothing or cloth that can be used instead
I think that Yuuji-san will have no choice but to make it

Crap…. No, this is not my fault. This is a natural inevitability. Sakura will surely forgive me. Yup, no doubt.(Yuuji)

What happened, Yuuji-nii? Your face is white. Are you okay?(Alice)

In front of the computer, the pale Yuuji muttered alone.
The worried Alice took a look at Yuuji.
Meanwhile Kotarou was looking at him with cold eyes, as if to say:

“It will surely be something stupid again. Just leave him alone.” (Kotarou)

Yes, I’m fine Alice. I will still have something to do, so can you go to sleep first? First, I need to mail Sakura. If the stomach gets chilled, the body can’t get warm.[3](Yuuji)

After calming the worried Alice, Yuuji returned to face the computer. And then, without moving, he also typed the mail for Sakura.


I had finished collecting the clothes that I can use, the paper patterns, the manufacturing method and sending the mail to ask Sakura, but…… I’m scared to see the Bulletin Board……(Yuuji)

“Alright, then let’s make it.” Yuuji fired his monologue loudly.
Alice and Kotarou had already fallen asleep, so he was alone in the living room, doing needlework that he had not attempted since elementary school.

Taking Sakura’s camisole apart, cutting the printed out paper pattern, taking out his mother’s sewing machine and through trial and error in setting the thread, his preparations were completed.

Alright, let’s do this. However, this…… What should I do when Alice has grown up……? As expected, something like a bra is a little hard…… It would be fine to teach her about it, but what should I do if she says…… “I hate Yuuji-nii!”(Yuuji)

Even though he was cheering himself, Yuuji was still complaining and grumbling for something in the future. However, he didn’t notice that there would be a bigger problem than the bra.[4]
However, it’s natural. When he was in school, the class was divided by sex.

The rattling sounds of sewing machine resounded in the living room during the night.
At the present, he had finished sewing together three pieces and putting a cord on them.

For now, maybe something like this is okay? …… I’m not really bothered when I run out of detergent and toilet paper, but this is a blind spot…… From now on, I need to continue making Alice’s panties, right….?(Yuuji)

While embracing a painful feeling only had by the fathers in the world, Yuuji returned to his room……


448: Anonymous NEET
Sakura-chan still hasn’t made her appearance!?

449: Sakura-desu
I had received an email from oniichan
I had also read the bulletin board

Because I just made a reply
I think that he needs to make it

This time also had inevitable aspects
So I will just go lightly this time[5]

450: Anonymous ETNE
She came!

451: Anonymous MEAT
It wil be a'richt even if ye dinnae gie him ony mercy[6]

452: Anonymous NEET
Like I said, stoap wi’ th’ pseudo-Kansai-ben

Just standby in naked necktie[7]

453: Well-Informed NEET
Then right now
Yuuji is sewing Alice’s panties stitch by stitch

454: YES Lolita NO Touch
The Jungle[8] should have able to make delivery to another world!
Shit, really shit.

455: Anonymous NEET
This ossan seems to be have purchased little girl panties by himself……

456: Sakura
Please be careful when you were alone and putting on headphones
The door was opened, but gently close the door before you leave
Also I think the woman in that video had fake breasts.

457: Anonymous NEET

458: Anonymous ETNE
S-she didn’t go easy…

459: Anonymous NEET
Aah, it had a double meaning[9]

460: Infrastructure Worker
However, Sakura-chan tightly crushed the dream!
Is it necessary to mention the fake breasts?

461: Sakura’s Friend

462: Well-Informed NEET
If it’s petite then it will be hard to spot
Maybe hyaluronic acid injection?

In the olden days, it was easy to spot a breast enlargement
From the shape or from the operation scar

Although it’s hard to spot with fat injection
It doesn’t last long

463: Anonymous NEET
Etc, etc, so was the DT[10] say.

464: Yuuji
It finished… It finished…

Panties’ creation had been completed!
Although the rubber is precious, but it had a cord (himo)

Also there is no such thing called fake breasts
That is what I believe

465: Anonymous NEET
So you mean, a six year old wearing a thong? (himopan)[11]

466: Anonymous NEET
Since rubber is a strategic resource

467: Anonymous NEET
Oh God! I beseech you oh God!
Why dost thou hasn’t sent me to another world?

468: Anonymous NEET
Since there is no God for an animal!

469: Anonymous NEET
God is dead. Nietzsche-san said so.

470: Infrastructure Worker
It’s good to dream
It doesn’t matter on what you believe
Since only a believer can be saved


Next chapter! Another sidestory!

[1] Kwsk is a net slang. Originally means kuwashiku, that means: give more detail / in detail
[2] Abbreviation for NO PANTSU --> Not wearing underwear/ panty / going commando
[3] It’s a proverb.
[4] For the confused reader: it’s the menstruation…… Yuuji need to make a female tampon…… (Editor’s Note: His best bet would be a washable pad or a sponge so they can reuse it after washing.)
[5] As in, lightly scolding Yuuji….
[6] Original is in Kansai-ben, so I translate it as pseudo Scottish: It will be alright even you didn’t give him any mercy.
[7] Hadaka necktie, again a pun on hadaka apron. Also, in case you forget: standby in naked means: waiting for the OP to post without the other posting anything.
[8] Jungle, is a nickname for amazon.com.
[9] Sorry, I don’t get the double meaning… Maybe it had something to do with closing and opening the door. (Editor’s Note: I think she means that she went lightly as in entering & exiting the room without Yuuji noticing + punishing him “lightly” for talking about her panties online.)
[10] DT = doutei =  a virgin
[11] It’s a play of words… Yuuji said Himo. The 465 said Himopan.


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    Please be careful when you were alone and putting on headphones
    The door was opened, but gently close the door before you leave
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