28 April 2016

Tenseisha wa Cheat o Nozomanai. Volume 1 - Chapter 10

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Volume 1
Chapter 10

*Mira’s POV *
It has been three month since I’ve enrolled into the Academy.
The bullying that I feared at first didn’t happened, and I believe I have reasonably friendly relations with my classmates. I especially want someone that I can call “best friend” among my friends; however, it is quite hard right?

The Princess’s stranger anxiety is considerably strong. Since at the first meeting with Gai and I she was with her parents and the meeting was conducted inside the castle, she could endure it. Furthermore, I am her beloved brother’s wife; someone who she wants to meet and also get along with. However, in the Academy, she just clingingly stuck on me, and didn’t particularly do anything else.
Because of this, the commoner students don’t dare to approach us. On the other hand, the noble students came while having some kind of reason behind them. Then afterwards, naturally I become nervous.
Though they are only children, their ulterior motives are transparent. It might be something that was instructed to them by their parents though, so it was quite saddening.
Gai has, as expected, made a lot of friends. Sometimes, I catch sights of him chatting with them in the corridor. When that happens, Gai would quickly notice the Princess and I, and then approach us while yelling delightfully.

Mira! Princess!(Gai)
Eh? H-hey, calling the Princess like that. Can you do that? Ah, she waved her hand!(Gai’s Friend)
It’s normal since we’re friends, right?(Gai)
Friends!? You're friends with Filseria-sama! You’re amazing!(Gai’s Friend)
Although, I don’t really understand why he gets admired, well it’s Gai.
Like that, Gai had many commoner friends. There also nobles, but they were either from low ranked nobles or the youngest child. Also, he even defeated the young master from the domineering Ducal house in a race when the school term began. Recently, I heard that they were drawn into a martial arts match. And also, it seems that he has done a lot of things at Captain Kenan’s place lately.
Well, various things happened and then those two become the Big Two of First Year Class 4. I hope that they can calm down and get along as friends that can be read as rivals.[1]
Although Gai said that he was arrogant, that young master had some blood relation with the Royal Family. That’s why it isn’t strange that he has a lot of pride and thought that when the citizen obey the nobles who obey the king, then the country’s order can be maintained. It isn’t a wrong in that case. Although the tyranny of the nobility was troublesome, in practice the citizens were protected when they accepting noble’s rule.
I believed that the Royal Family, who also gave support to us, is very generous. We have done a lot of things that deviated from etiquette, but it’s haven’t done anything like misused our Royal Family’s patronage positions. It’s only that our way of talking that’s mostly unacceptable[2], but they still forgive us for it. But of course, there are also nobles who aren’t amused by this.
I know that Gai certainly isn’t a child that would despise the royal family because of the Duchal young master. And, I believed that with his high physical ability and as someone with provisional contract with a Spirit, the day will come when Gai is recognized as a very promising Magic Knight in the making.
Isn’t that day unexpectedly close? I was thinking when heard an announcement about the training camp.
It’s the springtime of life, right? But hasn’t the springtime of life come too early?[3]


Even though just the other day, I was thinking about this and that, I am now in the training camp.
How strange~? Even though a child should felt as if time flows slowly. As expected, is it because the inside is someone over twenty years old?
But I believed it’s still too early to feel as if “time flies like an arrow”.[4]

There are individual variations to this, but by invoking Terraformans(Earth Forming), you can easily dig up the ground.(Earth Attribute Teacher)

The Earth Attribute Teacher, made a pillar from the dirt as tall as himself and then lifted it up in front of us,
This training camp was for both the Magician Course and Magic Knight Course, and we were divided into our own attributes. That’s why the students around me were all Earth Attributes. The Princess is also with me.
During the usual lessons there were no distinctions between the four attributes. The elementary year 1 students have little time to practice magic. Not only for their own attributes, but also for the use magic stones in the future, it is necessary for us to first learn the theory about every attributes. Occasionally we could participate in a practice; however, since they divide us according to our attributes, not unlike the current lesson, it isn’t a situation where we can freely study about magic usage.[5] That’s why there are many students that have their first experience in using magic at the current magic training camp. I am really grateful that I’m under the care of the Royal Family, since I could do self study as much as I like.
The normal lessons are for acquiring knowledge of all attributes, but the lessons that are related with magic are the popular ones. The most popular one is to observe the mock combat between upperclassmen, the so called “Observational Study”.
After four teachers of each attributes placed protection barriers around the hall, the onii-sans or onee-sans from the high school section would do team matches or individual matches to put what their learned magic, martial and sword arts into full use. However, the Spirit Magic power was reduced and all blades heve been dulled. Usage of magic or weapon that had high killing power was prohibited. In addition, they also took preventive measures by putting protective magic in the robes and armor. Nevertheless, this was the lesson that caused the underclassmen great excitement. Since they could see many types of magic, it was exciting.
On the other side of the deal, the most unpopular lesson was meditation.
Closing down the eyes, taking a deep breaths, subsequently imagining the full moon, the gushing fountain, the burning flame, or other spectacles that is ever changing. Then by imagining it as magic power repeatedly, it’s possible to restore magic power.
The rest of the lessons were, practicing writing, reading, history, arithmetic lesson, and a light physical exercise for those in the Magician Course while those in the Magic Knight Course have a little harder one. I thought that in these lessons, the Academy is just like any normal school.
And then what I am learning right now was the magic that was to be said as the basis of Earth Magic with Terraformans(Earth Forming); a magic that doesn’t use Spirit as an intermediary ―― Physical Enhancement Magic.

With Earth Attribute Physical enhancement, the weight of a material is inconsequential. Do you know why?(EA Teacher)

When the Teacher asked, the students simultaneously raised their hand.

Hyde-kun.(EA Teacher)
Yes. Because we can change the shape of rocks or dirt as we like.(Hyde)
That is not physical enhancement. That is only why it is easy to process things with Terraformans(Earth Forming). Is there anyone else?(EA Teacher)

Teacher search around to select the next child, and once again the students raised their hand quickly.

Then, Filseria-san(EA Teacher)
Because it is possible to constantly strengthen one’s physical strength.(Filseria)
That is correct. Fire Attribute can also do Physical enhancement and it also gives an identical superhuman strength; however, they can only do it for a moment. Even if they have strength to destroy rock, they can’t maintain it for long. (EA Teacher)

I look at the Teacher closely. There, I could see magic power converged at the fingertips of Teacher’s hand that held up the dirt pillar.

However, there is a drawback of Physical enhancement using Magic Power. (EA Teacher)
Yes! It makes you tired! (Student)

Teacher made a wry smile at the student who answered while holding up his hand.

That is correct. However, next time please wait until your name has been called. (EA Teacher)

The child who sat behind the dejected student bumped his shoulder to cheer him up.

It is possible to increase physical power using physical enhancement without needing the Spirits as an intermediary; however, after the magic is released, in addition to mental fatigue from the magic power consumption, you will also feel a little bit of physical tiredness.(EA Teacher)

With a *bam* Teacher put down the dirt pillar, and then he turned his shoulders in a circle to loosen it a bit.

But, without using Physical Enhancement you can’t carry this much weight. Now then, how much soil can everyone carry? Let’s us put this into practice! (EA Teacher)
Yes! (Students)

The students stared at their hand and chant Terraformans(Earth Forming). And then, around them, small, yellow fluffy, ball things began to appear.
With the magic light emitting from their hand, the students timidly put their hand into the ground. The children with good imagination easily pierce through the ground, while the children that failed frowned at their dirtied hand. After chanting again, the fluffy things gathered once more.
These fluffies, I am telling the truth, are Earth Spirits.
Un. Somehow you feel deceived, right? But understand that Guno and the other spirits don’t have any intention to deceive anyone.
Those fluffies are only just been born, they are no different from other Spirits. They appeared as a response to a beginner magician’s will, they were mostly fluffy thing, but it doesn’t mean that midget absolutely wouldn’t appear.
I don’t really know the exact process, but it seems that Spirits grew from fluffy to midget, and then from midget to an adult size like Guno. When I first saw the fluffy Spirits, I thought that my Spirit Sight was broken. It really surprised me.

Is something wrong, Mira-san?(EA Teacher)
Is there something that you don’t understand?(EA Teacher)

Teacher crouched down so he could be at the same eye level with the sitting me.

Umm, Earth Attribute Physical Enhancement is achieved by concentrating magic power in the arm and then change it into physical strength, right?(Mira)
That’s right. Just like the earth that supports all things, a solid strength.(EA Teacher)

Teacher nodded solemnly and continue talking.

Mira-san and Filseria-san are scheduled to also learn physical enhancement magic from the other attributes, right? Although I believe it would be difficult, please do your best. If you have any questions, feel free to share it with me.(EA Teacher)

Teacher made a wide smile, and then left to help the other children.
There were two surprising facts that have been revealed to me before. First, the Princess holds two attributes.
Except for someone like me who hold four attributes, the chances of a person that holds an aptitude for two attributes being born is several hundreds to one.
Second, the Princess main attribute is Water and she only could use a little bit of Earth Magic. However, since she has a personality where she wanted to use magic without relying on magic stone, she strives especially hard to increase her ability.
That Princess earnestly scooped the dirt while frowning. It seems that no matter how many times she did it, she couldn’t scoop out dirt more than what she can hold in her hand. Even if she had the aptitude, it was weak, so the limit of dirt that she could control using Terraformans(Earth Forming) is small. Even so, she dug out enough dirt that she could make a bowling ball with what is piling near her feet.

Princess, Do you want to try to make these into a ball and lift it up with enhancement?(Mira)
You’re right.(Filseria)

As long as the Princess cam lift an amount that she normally can’t lift, it will be fine, so there is no need for her to suddenly challenge herself to lift something so big that even an adult couldn’t lift.
The Princess rubbed the dirt with her hand until it became a sphere. Ending the Terraformans(Earth Forming), the Princess poked her hand at the dirt ball and then she watched her fingertip closely.

My hand become dirty, desuno.(Filseria)
Let’s go wash it later.(Mira)

Since she had released Terraformans(Earth Forming), so it couldn’t be helped. Although if she could maintain a magic power membrane to cover her hand so it won’t get dirtied, the Princess couldn’t do so while maintaining physical reinforcement.
Luckily we are on the field, so there is a river flowing in the region, which is also needed for Water Attribute Physical Enhancement lessons. Yes, the place where we are holding the training camp is just outside the outer wall, the plains that continue towards Yggurd Mountain. Nonetheless, it’s only several meters from the Academy. Behind us is a cliff, I’m not exaggerating this, but it’s really a cliff, and above it was a large gate. It’s the gate to the Academy’s Grounds. A staircase ran beside the cliff.
It’s surely made by the people in the olden days using Terraformans(Earth Forming). How dangerous!
We descended using such dangerous staircase. This… If someone has a fear of heights wouldn’t they cry? Even I, who doesn’t have acrophobia, instinctively felt fear. I couldn’t fly, so if I slipped and fell, I will surely die, that’s why I naturally felt fear.
There is the roundabout way of using a normal road normally travelled by carriage, but we came here using the shortest distance. This too might be a part of Spartan training?
The students that participated in this training camp composed of 240 elementary school first year students, 174 middle school first year students and 200 high school first year students, for a total of 614 students. For such large number of people, numerous large tents have been pitched where everyone can sleep together like sardines in a can for the night. Boys and girls are separated but regardless if they are princess, nobles, or commoners, all would sleep together like sardines.
Well, since it’s only for three days and two nights, the purpose might be to encourage perseverance. In a military campaign, you won’t be able to sleep in soft and fluffy bed after all. Un. Not that I have any interest in joining the army.

It’s heavy desuno(Filseria)

Somehow the Princess succeed lifted up the earthen ball with both of her hand for several centimeters above the round, however it seems hard for her. It would be impossible for her to do it with only one hand.

Then, please try to do physical enhancement.(Mira)
Yes…… Mira, you still haven’t performed Terraformans(Earth Forming) desuno. I am already alright, so you need to do your own part desuno.(Filseria)

Maybe because she noticed this, the Princess said in panic. I shook my hand.

It’s okay , since I can already cast Terraformans(Earth Forming).

I learned it when I was trying to produce the self-defense whistle after all. Although I still can’t make it sound right.

Then all the more you need to collect the dirt quickly. Even if I am happy that you are waiting for me, if it’s like this, then I will finish the physical enhancement before you, you know?

The Princess said in teasing manners, so I blankly made a wry smile.

I understand.(Mira)

I may have wanted to make the princess dumbfounded for a bit. This had tickled my hate to lose…… or rather, mischievous heart.

Guno, please help me a bit.(Mira)

I concentrate the thickened magic power to my right hand, and imagining the shape of the gathered soil.
In the last three months, I found out that because I can use all four attributes, I could skip the “Consume my mana” or “Consume the magic stone” part. Also, since I have a contract, I don’t need to call “Earth Spirit” but I instead call “Guno”. It doesn’t mean that I must call Guno though, but if I call other Earth Spirits, he’ll sulk.

Terraformans(Earth Forming)(Mira)

I put my hand at the ground. I didn’t feel the touch of the soil in my hands because the surface of my hand was covered with magic power. With my palm as the center a one meter diameter light circle took form.

Wh-what is this desuno.(Filseria)
Eh, whats this! What!?(Students)

The Princess and other classmates that found themselves inside the circle and jumped out in panic. I won’t harm them though…… Well, they could fall when their balance disturbed, so it could be dangerous, huh? Then maybe I should be thankful to them for their voluntary evacuation.
From the edge of a circle, eight ivy and leaf patterns loosely made an arc while heading towards the center. Then they formed another circle about twenty centimeters in diameter.

What is this? But it is really pretty.(Students)

The nearby classmates noticed the unusual phenomenon and started to make a commotion. Ah, Teacher’s returning in a hurry.
Ah, it’s okay you know, it’s just flashy in appearance though.
Before I could be stopped, I straighten my knee and stood up. As I raised my hand towards the sky, a dirt pillar appeared. Because the pillar was formed from the soil around me, it had lowered my view a little. However, since it was gathered from one meter area around me, its depth wasn’t like a trap hole.
Ehem. The image for this magic was a certain alchemist![6]
The pillar only stretched up to my waist height. So I wonder if this size is okay?

Mira-san!(EA Teacher)

The Sensei called me out. He hesitated to jump into the mysterious light.
Since I’m acting as if nothing has happened, it might’ve influenced his decision to not jump in. Maybe if I am in dangerous situation, he would jump in without hesitation. However, Teacher’s expression is a bad mixture of uneasiness and bewilderment.
I put an end to my Terraformans(Earth Forming) and the circle of light disappeared. I bowed my head down towards Teacher.

I am sorry for causing trouble.(Mira)
Are you alright? (EA Teacher)

Teacher quickly rushed to me and put his hand on my shoulder and then looked into my face.

Mira, that circle of light just now, what is it? The ground depressed a bit, but then a soil pillar appeared.(EA Teacher)

The Princess nervously approached, so I apologized to her for surprising her.

It’s easier to know the extent of the soil under control of Terraformans(Earth Forming) if there are visual signs.(Mira)

When I presented him with a summary, he replied with a sigh.
In the previous mock battle from the Observation Study, I saw that the Prince’s Terraformans(Earth Forming), had a three meter diameter, you know? In individual battle, only the enemy will enter the range of Terraformans(Earth Forming); however, in a team battle, if they are careless, they can be caught in friendly fire, right? To inform teammates or to intimidate enemies, wouldn’t visualization be better?
Furthermore, my magic power is in such power that I could perform long distance attacks. I already showed this when I previously battled the Mana Eater. It’s just, at that time I think there was some measurement error in the magic range specification. Since it was huge, so there weren’t any problems even though there was an error in measurement, and as a result, that Mana Eater was still entombed at the bottom of that hole.
Then, what about the situation that need precise specification? I believe that specifying a location where to activate the magic with only using the eye has its limitation. That’s why the light circle ―――― “magic circle”. so to speak, is used to specify it.
I had already consulted this with Swyn-san and Master Magician Gringham, and unveiled it during the secret practice held in the backyard of the Royal Villa, however…… They seemed surprised.

I understand. Certainly, if someone who possesses magic power like Mira-san makes a mistake in specifying the range, it might cause a trouble. Magic Range Visualization ―――― Magic Circle[7] isn’t it? I permit its use while in class.(EA Teacher)

After Teacher said this to me, he claps his hand loudly to draw the attention from the surrounding students, and then orders them.

Now them everyone return to your lesson.(EA Teacher)

The students reluctantly dispersed.

I sincerely ask you to not mimic Mira-san without permission. If it’s under Teacher’s guidance and on small scale, then I will give you permission.(EA Teacher)

Teacher didn’t forget to add a warning. As expected from a teacher. But some people seemed to avert their eyes

Then Mira-san, do you have any problem with physical enhancement?(EA Teacher)
No problem.(Mira)
I won’t do anything flashy again though.
The pillar diameter was about 20 centimeters while the height was about 60 centimeters. The density was normal, but just like its appearance, it was heavy. To make it easier to be held, there was a depression in the top, however, without enhancement, a child wouldn’t be able to lift it. At least it is impossible for someone who only has physical strength value of thirty. Of course my arm strength is also zero.

Then shall we begin the physical enhancement?(Mira)

I turned towards the Princess and invited her with a smile, but she let out a sigh.
Au. Even the Princess too…

I knew that Mira is outside norm, but I finally realize it desuno. After this. I won’t be able to be surprised by anything anymore, you know?(Filseria)

I couldn’t help but be surprised at what she said. Reluctantly, it seems that I need to do some introspection.

I understand. Then I will surprise you in plainer way.(Mira)
Plainer…… I believe it would be hard for it to be plainer desuno.(Filseria)

I make a fist to show my determination, but the Princess only looked at me with half-closed eyes.[8] For a cute girl like her, I hope she will always smiling instead.


Well then, let’s go over physical enhancement again. It’s a technique where magic power is collected in the arm and changed into physical power. However, the disadvantage of this technique is that not only does it consume magic power but it also consume physical power.
I’m being frank when I say I don’t want to waste my physical power. After all, my maximum value is only 30, you know? Even riding a carriage to the academy very morning cost me 5 points -- what a weak physical constitution! For today’s training camp, we carried our own luggage when descending the stairs, so it decreased by 5 more points!
Although by concentrating my mana while listening to the lecture, my physical power had recovered in an instant. As expected from Qigong! However I want to increase my physical power as much as possible……
As expected, I can’t do that without training, right?
Now let’s get back on topic.
After this I still need to participate in water, wind, and fire physical enhancement lessons, so it would be troublesome if I exhaust all my physical power. In the training camp there were many things that I need to learn, so I have to move as efficiently as possible.
By the way, I hope that water attribute lesson is the last one. Based on the information that I got from my water attribute classmate, water attribute physical enhancement allows free movement underwater. Of course, while wearing clothes.
Danger! Danger!
Of course there are rescue personnel in the river. Several water attribute teachers and high school students who have completed with their water attribute physical enhancement training, would giving one to one lesson. And then the senpai, who’s your partner, would do demonstration of the fish-like movement while grabbing your hand.
If I participate in that today, then with my physical power limitation, it will run out and I wouldn’t be able to take any other lesson. If I’m unlucky, then I wouldn’t even be able to move tomorrow.
I could hear an explosion sound from faraway. It was from the practice ground for Gai and the other fire attribute students. Since the flying debris from the destruction of the stones are dangerous, it’s about 500 meters away from the campground.
By the way, earth attribute practice ground is the closest to the campground. This is due to the peculiar characteristics of the earth attribute physical enhancement. The upperclassmen that have finished with their lesson will be tasked with building the tents. They will also be building the stoves.[9]
The fire and some of the wind attribute upperclassmen are hunting and harvesting. The remaining wind attribute upperclassmen are supporting the water attribute upperclassmen in hunting and gathering. Since wind attribute physical enhancement gives high speed movement, there are also upperclassmen tasked with forcefully stopping students who can’t stop themselves in wind attribute physical enhancement lesson.
Fumu. If I can master high speed movement, then I can decrease the amount of work it would require of me to walk 500 meters to the fire attribute training ground. If all goes well, then tomorrow I might be able to only need t participate in water attribute physical enhancement. For that reason, I need to quickly resolve the issue before me.

Mira. It seems that you are thinking about something. What kind of scheme you devising this time desuno?(Filseria)
What do you mean by scheme, Princess? My reputation will become bad, Princess.(Mira)
Then, what are you thinking about desuno?(Filseria)
It’s a “How can I clear the task without getting tired” counterplan.(Mira)

The Princess seems to want ask if such thing exists, so I nod at her.

If I try do the water attribute physical enhancement while I’m tired, I could drown. So I think I’ll do that tomorrow.(Mira)
Then it’s alright.(Filseria)

She quickly gives the OK.

Physical enhancement is unexpectedly tiring desuno. If Mira says so, then I’ll practice earth attribute physical enhancement for the whole day. Mira can go and learn the other attributes at your own pace. But, I want us to have lunch together, desuno.(Filseria)

I agreed with Princess with a smile.

Then, what are the plan desuno?(Filseria)
I may not have physical power, but don’t I have uselessly large magical power?(Mira)

Even though Princess became speechless, it is still the truth. I believed that, so far, the largest amount of magic power that I have ever used was when I made the hole for Mana Eater. Though, since I didn’t have my status card at that time, I don’t know the exact number.

Anyway, I was thinking if it’s possible to utilize magic power to compensate for physical power.(Mira)

I don’t intend to register this kind of magic with the Society. After all, it’s a technique that requires someone to have cheat level magic power, so is there anyone else that can use it? If it could improve the life for general public, then of course I would register it.

Compensating physical power with magical power…… I really don’t understand, but do your best desuno.(Filseria)

I glance at the Princess, who began to concentrate on physical enhancement, and then return to observing the rest of my class.
If try to customize it blindly, it would only exhaust my magic power. Although I have uselessly large amount of magic power, I don’t have any intention to needlessly waste it. After all, I could get worn out, mentally.
When I surveyed the surroundings around me, behind the Princess, there is this girl that flows her magic power towards a clay doll she grasps with an iron claw grip. Although I can only could see the bust since the head is covered by the girl’s hand, but from the shoulder shape, I could tell that it was a humanoid shaped. Though it is rather deformed… Ah, what am I doing, watching at her handiwork?
I, once again, watched how her magic power flowed.
The magic power flows smoothly then the magic power that flowed to her fingertips is released outside. The fluffy ball spirits surround the girl like fireflies. Is she offering magic power? It’s like an animal feeding session.
When I look at the others, they are a lot of students that are releasing magic power in the same manner.
Though they’re minority, there are students that can retain the magic power in their hand. While Teacher’s hand had an uniform density without an irregularity, the students’ are still unstable. That’s why when they think that they could lift a lump of earth they had created, they ended up dropping it.
The Princess was also belonged to this group.
The students that scattered their magic power, began to sit down and take a rest. If they release such large amount of magic power of course they would exhausted their magic power.

Are you okay?(Mira)
A'm a'richt. Just a litt'e bit fauchelt. Mabbie.[10](Girl)

I try calling out to the girl who had the iron claw grip, and she replied with Kansai-style accent.[11] She took out her status card from her robe pocket.

As expected, mah magic power a'most run oot..[12](Girl)

“Hae a keek[13]”, she immediately said and showed me her card that displayed her basic information, magic power value, and physical power value.

Name                         Keina
Age                             6 Years Old
Place of Origin         Velra Hot Spring Village, Fimeria Kingdom
Occupation               Fimeria Kingdom Magic Academy First Year Class 2
Criminal History       None
Physical Power        40 / 47 (Current / Maximum Value)
Magic Power             8/53 (Current / Maximum Value)

Velra Hot Spring Village is a city located to the west and is near the capital. Just like its name, in the past it was a “village” that had hot springs; however, since the hot springs became its selling point, combined with it close location to the capital, in accordance to the rich demand, the village was magnificently developed into a large entertainment city that is called as a “village”. I really want to see it someday.

Since the flow of magic power was leaving you, you can’t hold on for long.(Mira)
As expected 'twas lik' that, huh. It juist lik' a feelin’ whaur ye keep addin’ firewuid bit th' water doesn’t git boiled.[14](Keina)

What using that figurative way of speaking? Maybe because her family ran an inn with a restaurant?

As expected fae a natural contractur. Ye kin become a guid reference.[15](Keina)
Huh, is it wrong? Yer th’ Mira-chan wha is rumored tae hae contracted th’ spirit sin born, richt?[16](Keina)
No-no-that’s wrong, I only just contracted them only since four months ago. It was just before I entered the academy!? What kind of rumor is that?(Mira)
Is ‘at sae? sin ye receife th' king’s patronage, ah thooght ‘at it's true.[17](Keina)

Although I was shocked I immediately deny it.

Sin we ur in different class 'n' yer aye wi' th' princess, we ne'er strike a chat, bit ye didn’t swatch ‘at different fae commoner lik' me.[18](Keina)
Well, that’s of course. Since I am also a commoner.(Mira)

Well, I’ve been a pureblood commoner since my previous life, you know?

Ah see, ah see. By th' wey, dae ye hae ony advice? sin a true contractur kin percept magic power, whit’s th' difference atween me 'n' teacher?[19](Keina)
Hmmm, let’s see. Teacher seems to be retaining his collected magic power inside his arm, while Keina-chan is releasing everything to outside…… Just like most of the exhausted students.(Mira)

Keina-chan folded her arms and thinking.

Ah, ye kin ca' me Keina. Kin ah an' a' ca' ye Mira[20]?(Keina)

Of course I nodded.

Weel ‘en, mira. This micht be haunless, bit whit dae ye sense whin ye watch th' ithers whin thay can’t hurl th' ground collected by  Terraformans(Earth Forming)?[21](Keina)
Their magic power didn’t leak out, it was kinda unstable.(Mira)
Sae th' kinch wis wi' tis uniform density…… a'richt.[22](Keina)

Keina suddenly stood vigorously and then made a loud noise with her hand.

Attention! Althoogh she insae a natural, bit ah hae received advice fae Mira![23](Keina)

The people simultaneously gazed at me.
Hey now, leave me out of it.
While I’m hiding behind Keina’s leg, I peeked at Teacher’s response, he looked to our direction with amused expression. This is great.

Whit ye mean by nae natural[24]?(Student)
So, is she artificial?[25](Student)
Clam up! Underlin’ A 'n' B[26](Keina)

Keina replied to the tsukkomi right away. Maybe they from the same city.

*Uhum* Foremaist o' a', thare th' fowk lik' me wha instantly leaked oot thair magic power, weel it kin be said as magical power incontinence. Then thare fowk that don’t leaked thair magic power bit cannae pick up th' gathered soil. Thay kin keep thair magic power in th' haun bit can’t stabilized it lik' Teacher.[27](Keina)

After clearing her throat, Keina told everyone what I just told her.

Whit's that? Ah kin ken, bit an' a' can’t ken.[28](Keina’s Underling A)
It’s better than fumbling, maybe?(Keina’s Underling B)

The reaction is questionable. Sorry, but I can’t express it any better.

Anyway, cheers Mira-chan(Keina’s Underling A)

Underling A-kun and B-kun waved their hand to me, so I waved them back while only showing my face from behind Keina’s feet.

Well for now, maybe you should meditate until your magic power recovers.(Mira)

I said to Keina who once again sat down while I still sticking near her feet.

Och aye, dae yi'll waant tae sloch lunch th'gither? mah bairnskip mukkers ur noisy, thocht.(Keina)

I look at Princess.

It’s fine. Let’s do it together.(Filseria)

She’s averting her eyes; however, it seems that Princess has strengthened her resolve. This is the grand strategy to conquer her shyness.
Don’t worry, Keina is a commoner and doesn’t have any ulterior motives. Even if she does, then it will be only to promote her family business. When I go to the hot spring village, I will stay at her place.


Then isn’t time for me to do this ?(Mira)

After exchanging promises with Keina, I return to the pillar that I made and then concentrate my magic power. I have a hunch that by doing this, I can reduce magic power consumption. Well, I’m actually in the middle of testing whether it really does decrease or not. For the time being, only Swyn-san, Master Magician Gringham, and Gai have tried this out.
The result: Gai couldn’t do it skillfully so he can’t be used as a reference, but Swyn-san and Master Magician Gringham, as expected, are worthy of their title. They skillfully concentrated the circulating magic power without any problems. However, even after comparing the magic power value in the status card before and after using magic while concentrating magic power, there weren’t any no clear difference in the magic power consumption rate. The difference was too small. By the way, since I become tired after using grand magic, I can’t fire it many times in a row.
Furthermore, there also a problem of how much concentrated magic power a person can store.
Just like how there are individual differences in the amount of magic power, perhaps there are also difference in the amount a person can store. Since there’s no section in status card to display this, we don’t know.
In addition, whether if I could make this popular is still questionable. After all, before releasing a magic you need to wait for several second to produce it. If it isn’t a combat situation, then there wouldn’t be a problem, though.
I was thinking this while arranging my breath. Then I flow the magic power to both of my hands, until it’s uniformly distributed to my fingers. My arms becme slightly warm.

To have eyes that could see magic power, is quite convenient for this kind of situation.(Mira)

Maybe like this, I would have no problem lifting the pillar. However I mustn’t exhaust my magic power. With my constitution, I can’t do it the same way Teacher did it.
Then, at that time, I had a hint, Keina’s word. A feelin’ whaur ye keep addin’ firewuid bit th' water doesn’t git boiled.―――― If magic power is like firewood, in other words fuel, then the arm muscles have increased power because magic power is put into it, right? I assume that’s the reason for the physical fatigue.
Then what will happen when we change the spot where we fuel? Not directly into the muscle, but as a support to increase muscle movement. Yes. Powered Suit.[29]

I’m sure there are a types that are worn like clothes.(Mira)

I frantically try to remember the smattered knowledge from my previous life.
Powered suits are a series of electric motors and artificial muscles that have exoskeleton type and clothes-like type. They could enhance payload carrying, running and jumping movements, and so could compensate the lack of physical power.
Although my magic power is not really an earth attribute, it it can still bring the same result, then maybe I can change how to use it. Either way, I promptly transferred the magic power packed inside my arms outside. Then my honey colored magic power covered my hands like gloves, and then while surging large amount of magic power into my shoulder and torso, I changed them into a shape similar to the energy glove.
I slowly bend down and stretch my joints to ascertain that there weren’t problems with moving.
OK. It seems alright.
While being somewhat nervous, I put my hand in the pillar’s hole that serves as handgrips. You see, it’s dangerous to hold it with only your hand. If I failed at controlling the magic power, then I could end up throwing it. It would be a disaster!
I slowly push the pillar to it side, and hold it sideways with my right hand. The pillar’s bottom was supported by my left hand. I carefully try to lift it up, then I stopped moving.
……Are(Eh)? Won’t it useless if its only with the arms? Don’t the waist and legs also need to be enhanced?

I don’t wanna get a hip pains when I’m only a 6 years old…(Mira)

I once again let go off the pillar and stood up.
How did Teacher do it? Except for the arm…… I didn’t see magic power at anywhere else.
Perhaps, just like Terraformans, there is range limit to the magic power.
Well, it can’t be help if I can’t see it.

Umm, if it to enhance waist and legs, then what kind of shape will be good?(Mira)

I fold my arms and began to think. How about covering my entire feet like a long boots similar to the gloves in my hand? No wait. I’m already wearing a boots, and I want to wear additional boots?[30] Ununu. Are there any good plans? Come out my anime mental picture!
Rather than the memories of me in previous life, these kinds of memories are somewhat easier for me to recall. The ideas are turning around in mind.
Come to think of it, if we were talking about transformations, whatever clothes that are worn before would be completely changed, right? How convenient. However, my garment would be made from magic power. Nonetheless, since there are only a few people who can see magic power if I changed my clothes, won’t I become like the Naked Emperor[31]? In case my magic power could be seen; I am worried that they would only see it as ostentatious flashy, gleaming golden armor.[32]

Ah, that’s right, armor.(Mira)

Since I’m weak in RPG games, I don’t really know in details, but aren’t the usual early equipment light armor, leather boots and gloves, ----- do you also wear a breastplate? Anyway, if you made the equipments from materials taken from a monster that is strong against fire, then the equipment will also gain fire resistance.
The boots that I’m wearing right now are just made from common leather, but what will happen if I soak them with my magic power? Won’t they become magically enchanted boots?
Is this the birth of Cheat Boots? Ufufufu. How interesting.
I covered my mouth with my hand and made a complacent smile. If this goes well, then I might even be able to use high speed movement from wind attribute physical enhancement.
I decided on this and then promptly transferred my magic power to my boots.
Since it is knee-high boots, I can even cover my thighs with magic power and enhanced it if needed. The color was rather weird, but since it is under my skirt, I don’t worry about it right now.
Only my waist remained. It can’t be help if only my chest is covered. If it covers like the kendo protector armor, then it will be hard to move, so I reject this.

Then how about corset?(Mira)

As expected it won’t be constricting someone who has an infant body shape like me. However, when I had grow up, then it will be “no thank you”.
I attempted many forms, but for the time being it had completed. By the way, I’ve made the gloves with a refreshing design.
The only thing worries me is still about the color.

Since almost no one can see it, then it shouldn’t be a problem, however, let’s see if it’s possible to change the current color.(Mira)

It will be better if the base color is white. If there are any gold colors, I can still tolerate it as long as it is as a patterns. Black is…… similar to Goth-Loli[33] right? I think that it’s cute, but I don’t have courage to wear it.
If there are any points that I worries about, then it’s whether if the configuration will be able to support my whole body.
However, I don’t want it to turn into completely gold bodysuit. Since Magic is dependent on ‘Imagination’, then maybe I’ll be able to think of something.
I check how easy it is to move around. There are no problems. Just like what I did previously, I carefully held the pillar, and this time I lifted it up.
I made a Guts pose in my mind.[34]

Ah, I need to call Teacher.(Mira)

In the “Earth Attribute Physical Enhancement Lesson”, as long as the Teacher sees that the student can lift up the object even just by a little, then he/she would receive a passing mark.

Teacher! Mira hud hurled it up, sae quickly come 'ere.[35](Keina)

Thank you, Keina.
Teacher came running. Umm this, if I keep lifting it up until Teacher arrives, then wouldn’t it already outside the norm? …… Okay, after about half minute, I will pretend that I’ve reached my limit and drop it down. I think this is already enough, since I’ll receive a passing mark anyway.
The earth attribute Teacher had a doubting expression but he gave me a passing mark.
Based on Teacher’s explanation: In Physical enhancement magic, even if only some parts of the arm are enhanced, the whole body will adapt. Since there are still some magic powers remaining inside me, then it will naturally enhance the entire body.
 In other word, even if I didn’t deliberately enhancement my waist and legs, I will still be able to lift the pillar.
 Why doesn’t he tell me this sooner? Me too, why didn’t I think of this possibility?! If I heard itm then won’t it have be better!?

Why right? Practically no other students that can think that far ahead. They are mostly, at first, trying to test it out only at their arm. Because of that, they won’t lift it up. Then Teacher will discuss with everyone why they failed.(EA Teacher)

He was planning to nurture the students’ ability to think. If he taught everything from the start, then only the clever children will be able to do it.
But in this situation, the students would discover the new method through trial and error. In no way will I say that this is bad, though.

Since Mira-san devised this physical enhancement by yourself, then I think that the method is correct. However, Teacher has just lost his turn to show off.(EA Teacher)

It was because I was thinking too much. Isn’t this just like me repeatedly striking at a stone bridge for fun and it ended up inadvertently strengthening its foundation?
Uumyu[36], I made a blunder with my moderation[37].
Is this considered unnatural for a six year old? But it might be too late now. After all, I’ve decided to become a little bit more serious regarding using my cheat.

It’s good to be careful.(EA Teacher 2)

While I was troubled, another earth attribute Teacher came. He isn’t as big at the Giant Teacher on the first school day, but this teacher has great figure.

Furthermore, with that, you can also increase leg strength so your running speed will also increase. If you use a magic stone, it would be hard to use magic or enhancements from several different attributes at the same time. But you have make it possible for someone to swing a heavy class weapon while having high speed movement, even without needing to have a wind attribute, so this is good, right?(EA Teacher 2)

So it will be good for combat right? However I aspire to have research and development job though. My feelings are a wee bit mixed.
Looking me, Teacher is using his big hand to rub my head.

Physical enhancement is a technique that you can use to survive under the situation where magic can’t be used. Since your magic power could invite danger, then it can be useful for defending yourself.(EA Teacher 2)

The Teacher said this to me with a low voice so the other students wouldn’t hear it. I opened my eyes in surprise.

The purpose of Physical Enhancement lessons is to let students understand that using magic can exhaust both magic and physical power. Since originally, children who just entered the Academy don’t have great amount of magic power -- although we never mention it to them so they won’t become uneasy -- there are people that have mana scents that Spirits avoid. So even if they become magicians, they can’t use magic. With Physical Enhancement magics, at least they could use their hands and legs. Deciding a match by using raw physical power.(EA Teacher 2)
Am I going to be kidnapped?(Mira)

Is he referring to me? Perhaps I will be kidnapped because of my ability to see magic power?
Teacher just smiled broadly.

If you could enhance your physical strength with your huge amount of magic power then I don’t think there will be no one that can match you.(EA Teacher 2)
I don’t know how to fight. I’m a complete amateur, you now?(Mira)

Do you want me to do a full body, full power enhancement?
Teacher had a stifled laugh after hearing my answer, and once again, rubbed my head. I can hear a heart piercing tsukkomi, Well if push comes to shove, you can just throw yourself at them and blast them away. What a thing to say!


Next chapter:
Wind Attribute Teacher: Fufu, however since it’s you, don’t try to fly in the sky, okay?
Mira: (Then do you mean, please if it possible, try to fly??)
(Maybe if I asked Rufi then I could fly slowly)

Mira failed another common sense check…
*After going from 0 to 30 meter with one step*
Mira: I am afraid of the high speed, what should I do about this?
When I asked, Teacher frozen for a moment.

And a new Onee-sama character appeared, since a Japanese school story won’t complete without an onee-sama character.

[1] Friend(Rival)
[2] In other words about Mira and Gai was talking semi-formal to Prince and Princess.
[3] After all, Mira and co still a 6 years old…
[4] In other words: Middle age women/men.
[5] In other words: Mira and the other first year students learn more theory than practice.
[6] Edward Elric!
[7] MRV is a nice acronym I think
[8] Half-closed eyes expression. Courtesy of Chitanda Eru:

[9] For the confused reader: Because EAPE grant it user increased strength so they can do heavy lifting, and stone stove is easier to be made using Earth Magic…
[10] I am alright. Just a little bit tired. Maybe.
[11] For this translation, I translate it as pseudo-Scottish.
[12] As expected, my magic power almost run out.
[13] Have a look
[14] As expected it was like that, huh. It just like a feeling where you keep adding firewood but the water doesn’t get boiled.
[15] As expected from a natural contractor. You can become a good reference
[16] Huh, is it wrong? You are Mira-chan who is rumored to have contracted the spirit since born, right
[17] Is that so? Since you receive the King’s patronage I thought that it’s true.
[18] Since we are in different class and you are always with the princess, we never strike a conversation, but you didn’t look that different from commoner like me.
[19] Ah see, ah see. By th' wey, dae ye hae ony advice? sin a true contractor kin percept magic power, what’s th' difference atween me 'n' teacher?
[20] Ah, you can call me Keina. Can I also call you Mira
[21] Well then, Mira. This might be awkward, but what do you sense when you watch the others when they can’t lift the ground collected by Terraformans?
[22] So the problem was with its uniform density…… Alright
[23] Attention! Although she is not a natural, but I have received advice from Mira
[24] What you mean by not natural
[25] Japanese wordplay… Don’t know how to turn this into English joke… In the original Keina refer Mira as天然 (something natural/wild), then Underling B asked is it養殖 (something cultivated)? For example天然真珠 is Pearl gathered from wild clams while養殖真珠 is Pearl gathered from cultured clams (pearl farming).
[26] Shut up! Underling A and B
[27] First of all, there the people like me who instantly leaked out their magic power, well it can be said as magical power incontinence. Then there people that don’t leaked their magic power but cannot pick up the gathered soil. They can keep their magic power in the hand but can’t stabilized it like Teacher.
Also: Incontinence : unable to restrain discharges of something, inability to control.
[28] What is that? I can understand, but also can’t understand
[29] YUP, Mira turned into Iron Girl.
[30] Bootception
[31] Reference to Emperor’s New Clothes fairy tale
[32] If you play Chain Chronicle, just like Knuckle.
[33] An unique stile of dressing popular in certain group in Japan. Mainly black dress with loth of laces, ribbons and frills.
[34] Guts pose, a pose of victory commonly used in Japan.
[35] Teacher! Mira had lifted it up, so quickly come here
[36] Mira’s expression of dejected… Just like Hau… Mukyuu… Fuee….
[37] For the confused reader: What Mira means was that she failed to do not doing anything too conspicuous. She after all someone who had “Peace at any cost” principle.


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