28 April 2016

10 nen goshi no HikiNEET o Yamete Gaishutsushitara Jitaku goto Isekai ni Ten’ishiteta. Chapter 5 Part 3

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Yukkuri Oniisan

Chapter 5: Yuuji Changing Jobs from “Magician of the Forest” to “Pioneer”.
Part 3. Yuuji, Welcoming the Visiting Peddler Kevin

*Chomp*chomp* The sounds of axe striking the wood could be heard in the forest.
The temperature had increased; it was a time where the season would soon be headed into a full blown summer.
Yuuji was currently in the middle of clearing the land.

E~i! Ei! Hya!(Alice)

Not far from Yuuji, Alice yelled cutely; she was helping to clear the land with magic. Together with the cute little girl’s voice, was a *bok*bok* sound of the ground being dented that was not cute at all.

Kotarou, who was on watch duty, was looking fixedly at the magic that Alice used. She was watching with serious expression, as if saying “Hmmhmmm, I see.”

Alright Alice, today’s clearing will be stopped here, let’s get some lunch!(Yuuji)

Yes~, Yuuji-nii!(Alice)

Yuuji called Alice, and looked at the surroundings.

The southern land that faced the gate had mostly been cleared. He had cut down most of the trees located between the house and the rope climbing rope that marked the 10 meters distance.
There were still some stumps left behind, but Alice had been using her Earth Magic to dig it up so they could be pulled out.

Since the beginning of the work in spring, about two months had passed.
It seems that all the trees at southern side had finally been felled.
Nonetheless, it still would take a lot of time to create a farm field here.


It was the afternoon after they finished their lunch, Yuuji was practicing magic in the garden.

Since Alice had used magic since the morning, now she was playing with Kotarou in the garden. Sometimes, she looked curiously at Yuuji’s mysterious chanting.

Oh, eight million gods who exist in the world. Forest Magician Yuuji beseeches you. The power entrusted since my birth, I lent you my body to manifest in. Hinokagutsuchi[1]!

As always, it was a mumble jumble.
Of course there was no magic activated.

Oh, the goddess of vast land and abundance. Reveal thee shape to Forest Magician Yuuji, to bring blessings of bounty onto these lands. Earth Abundance(Wish to Demeter)[2].

Today, it seemed that he was calling out various names of gods and goddesses. He really had no dignity as a Japanese person.
Of course, there were no magic activated.

Hmm, but Alice could use fire and earth magic… Maybe it will better if I change some of this huh!? Then, wind or water? Or the main character-like lightning or light, no wait, isn’t spacetime is stronger…… Let’s try everything!(Yuuji)

Was he just being optimistic, or had he just turned his eyes away from the reality that he hadn’t been able to use a single magic spell ever since he came to this world? I daresay that it was the latter.

“Don’t be unreasonable, and just give up.” (Kotarou)

Lately, Kotarou started to look at Yuuji with such cold eyes.

Thou who spout red hair and beard. Thou who boasted a brave steel stature. Thou who held wild valor. And then thou who was the strongest War God. I endear you to show thou prowess on this place. God’s Lightning(Thor's Thunder Hammer) [3].

It was the high of the summer season, so it was a clear and cloudless blue sky.
Obviously, no magic had been activated.

Maybe because she was tired from playing, Alice started to have a bit of sleepy eyes.
Kotarou, who was playing together with Alice, looked at her.

“It looks like that it will be the noon nap time soon.” (Kotarou)

And so she turned her legs and began to walk into the house.

Hmmm. Light Oh Light, Please Shine Bright on This Land. Floating Light.[4]

He said it halfheartedly, maybe because he was already tired? He also didn’t invoke any deities, this time he finished quickly.

What the-

There was a one meter diameter sphere, faintly glowing, and was just floating around and drifting lightly.

Oh!? Ooooh! Success! The magic success! Oooooooo! Oooooooooalright! Look here Alice, Kotarou! (Yuuji)

Whoa, Yuuji-nii, amazing.(Alice)

Alice, who was going to head inside and take a nap, stopped her feet and praised Yuuji with a tone that didn’t show too much motivation.
Wau-wau, Kotarou also gave a noncommittal reply, as if saying,

“Good work, but I am rather sleepy right now.” (Kotarou)

One girl and one animal just entered the house nonchalantly. It seemed that they are quite sleepy.
They really were cool women. They are a little girl and a dog, though.

Afterwards, Yuuji, who was left behind, without paying attention to it, was merrily casting light magic at his surroundings in rapid succession.

Umm. What happened with “sharing happiness with your family”?


Yuuji-san! Yuuji-san, what happened! Yuji-san!(Voice)

Yuuji opened his eyes because someone was calling his name.
He was lying down in the garden, it seemed that he had fallen asleep before he knew what had happened.
He got carried away and had used his magic excessively.
Although Alice had said to him, “Using too much magic can cause giddiness.” He might have forgotten about it. Or maybe, he did remember, however he was too happy to be bothered by it.

Yuuji sat up and looked at his surroundings restlessly. Then his line of sight was focused at the gate.

Ah, that’s good! It surprised me, Yuuji-san. Good day, I have come again.(Kevin)

At that gate was Kevin, the peddler who had come in the Spring.

Ah, good day. Please wait a moment.(Yuuji)

The obviously still dazed Yuuji lightly greeted Kevin and then headed towards the side of the house. He twisted the faucet and with a *splash*, he washed his face. He noticed that there was no towel, but he just mumbled, “whatever”, and headed towards the gate.

After washing his face with water, and moving for a bit, he was fully awake right now.

Fuu. Good day Kevin-san. Hahaha, it seems that before I was aware of it I had fallen asleep, I am rather surprised. How embarrassing[5].(Yuuji)

No, not at all, I’m glad you are okay. I too was surprised and thought something had happened.(Kevin)

While wiping the flowing sweat, Kevin answered with a smile.
As a continuation of the last visit, this time Kevin also carried a large wooden rack behind him.

It was the summer of the second year since Yuuji had come to another world.

It was the beginning of the second meeting with Kevin the peddler.


Yuuji could use magic? Yea~ (lazy cheering)

[1] Hinokagatsuchi (火之迦具土) is a Japanese kami of Fire, Kagu-tsuchi's birth burned his mother Izanami, causing her death. His father Izanagi, in his grief, beheaded Kagu-tsuchi with his sword, Ame no Ohabari (天之尾羽張), and cut his body into eight pieces, which became eight volcanoes. The blood that dripped off Izanagi's sword created a number of deities, including the sea god Watatsumi and rain god Kuraokami.
[2] 豊穣の地(デメテルへの願い) Houjou no Chi (Demeteru e no Negai)
[3] 神の雷(トールの雷槌) Kami no Ikadzuchi (Tooru no Raidzuchi)
[4] 宙に浮かぶ光(ライト) Chuu ni Ukabu Hikari (Raito)
[5] In the original Yuuji apologized for his rudeness to show his unsightly behaviour, but since it won’t click with most of us. I changed it to this line that convey almost the same thing.


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