16 April 2016

Himekishi to Camping Car - Arc 1 Chapter 1

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Arc 1
Chapter 1
Princess Knight and Former Company Slave

Ono(小野) Naoto(直人)[1] was a corporate slave until yesterday.

Naoto, who forcefully used his paid vacation, was arrived with excited feeling at a certain car dealer located outside the 23 wards[2].
The reason was, today, he would receive the car that ws scheduled to be delivered to him.

This is Dear Queen 5[3] that Ono-sama had ordered.(Dealer Staff)

Guided by the staff, Naoto arrived at a large parking lot unique to suburbs where a brand new microbus was parked.
Its exterior had blue base color that gave a splendid feeling of freshness and elegance.

We had installed the requested options. Let me explained it one by one. First the roof had been covered latest solar panel with efficiency that surpassed 40%, just like the request the frame had been equipped with battery group to the limit, furthermore all the electrical equipments inside the car and the engine get all of their energy from solar power-----(Dealer Staff)

The staff was explaining many things beside him however it didn’t entered Naoto’s ear.
As it is he entered the bus that will be his beloved car from now on.
In the middle of the microbus there were no seats like the norm, instead it was covered with brand new tatami that still have the grass scent.
On top of the tatami was a kotatsu[4] and near the ceiling was a sliding door that could be used as a storage.
Across of it was a wooden sink table with IH cooking heater[5] attached to it.
Furthermore at the bus rear there was a combined toilet and shower cubicle.
It was made just like a single life apartment room.
It could be said a 6 Jou[6] Japanese style room, the car interior didn’t match the car exterior at all.

The rear door could be opened and become a porch. Just like what Ono-sama wished it had been order made so it took some time to be installed.(Dealer Staff)

Naoto opened the door and sat at the newly created porch, he swung his dangling feet.
The wind blew and it was pleasant.
It was pleasant but something felt insufficient.

As expected, a porch is nice. Alright, next is buying a wind chime and placing it.(Naoto)
That’s a good idea.(Dealer Staff)

The employee agreed to Naoto’s idea with a business smile then he led Naoto towards the microbus front.
Blue base car frame had 7 letters Patricia[7] printed in large font.
It was something Naoto had ordered, to print the name of his beloved car.
He remembered the feeling of the name he given to his PC when he was in the university
An then, while he received the car’s detailed explanation from the staff, Naoto circled the bus.
The semi-custom made microbus, the one just as what he had wished for, had been completed.
The finished car in front of him can be summed up with these words: completely satisfying.

Hu, huhu(Naoto)
Ono-sama?(Dealer Staff)
Huhuhuhuhu, huhahahahaha(Naoto)

Naoto was laughing from the bottom of his heart, it has been ling since he had a laugh this enjoyable.
It had been ten years since he become a corporate slave.
After day after day stress and extreme economizing, however he finally obtained his desired Camping Car.[8]


Naoto drive the newly delivered Patricia and began to purchase many things.
Supplying new futons or beddings.
Though there was also a senbeibuton[9] that he had used for many years in his 6 Jo, just like Patricia, worn-out(My) apartment(Home) unit at a 50 years old building, but since he would begin a new life then it was a good chance to buy a new one.
He also bought clothes. Until yesterday it could be said as long as he had suits there no need to worry, actually because of this troubling lifestyle he didn’t had any civilian clothes. So he use this opportunity to purchase large amount of it from the retailer.
He also purchased food and daily necessities. Rice is stored under the car’s floor, while fresh produces were stored to a refrigerator that had reasonable capacity.
He remembered when he was became a new working adults ten years ago, he also done vatious things when he moved to a new home.
But now he had the Japanese room in his RV.
It was inevitable that it was enjoyable.
He could park his House in parking lot, load it with things he purchased, and if there something still missing then he could return to the shop to purchase it. This action made him excited.
And then when he had obtained all things needed for his livelihood, it was already evening.
He came out from the homecenter[10] where he stopped first and then Naoto drive Patricia to his company.
He parked Patricia in the parking lot, and while walking determinedly, he entered the building. Then he stopped at a certain floor in that company.
It was already a little past sunset, however inside the company there were still employees remained. Naoto coworkers became surprised when they saw Naoto arrived in plain clothes.
Ignoring all their looks, he went towards the room of the section chief, his direct superior.

Oh Ono-kun, it’s good that you arrived, about the subject that I had entrusted to you -----(Chief)

The section chief treated the arrival of Naoto, who should be in paid leave, as a completely normal occurrence, and start discussing work with him.

Chief, I have something to tell you.(Naoto)
What is it? Since there still work to do, make it short.(Chief)
Yes, this.(Naoto)

Naoto threw a white envelope that he had prepared beforehand to the Chief’s desk.
Letter of resignation, was written on that white envelope.
When the section chief read it, he raised his eyebrow.

What the meaning of this?(Chief)
Thank you for your guidance until now.(Naoto)
Don’t screw with me, do you think this kind of reckless conducts could be permitted? What do you think a company is!
A factory to produce corporate slave.(Naoto)

Without any hesitation Naoto said the words that he always wanted to say since the past to the yelling section chef.
The section chief’s face was red from anger.
Naoto saw a man who was looking at them with worrying look from the side, he was a man joined at the same year with Naoto. That man took twice temporary leave because of depression and overworked, but he was reinstated each time this happened. His coworkers out of pity nicknamed him Phoenix.
When he was a new employee his weight was about 100 kilogram, but currently his weight shrunk to 60 kilogram.
Naoto remembered how he didn’t want to become like this.

Good bye.(Naoto)
Where do you want to go Ono-kun! Onoooo!(Section Chief)

The yelling voice of section chief and the gaze from the bewildered coworkers, Naoto coldly ignored them all and left behind the company he had worked on for ten years.


After he left the company building, he returned at the parking lot between the road where Patricia is parked.

What should I do from now…… Let’s do a game.(Naoto)

After deciding this, Naoto installed the latest game console that he just purchased at the car’s attached 32 inch LCD[11].
He inserted one from the many games he purchased together with the console, sat beside the kotatsu, and play a game again after 10 years.[12]
It was interesting but it soon become game over, so he stopped playing and watch television program.
It was the time slot for news program, but even so it was somehow interesting.
The season was summer, however for some reason he use the kotatsu.
Since it was hot, he also used the air conditioner.
And then inside his new home, he passed time idling without doing anything meaningful.


An aimless, carefree livelihood.
It was hard to imagine that until just yesterday he was a corporate slave, his way of using the time…… in awesome extravagance.
In front of this extravagance, the 15 million yen order to purchase the custom made RV felt inexpensive.
Before he realized, he fell to sleep as he crawl under the kotatsu.


I’m sorry, I will quickly going to work!(Naoto)

Naoto got up in a hurry.
While breathing erratically, after awhile, he noticed that it was just got a nightmare.
The dream wasn’t a big deal, however it was the reality for him until yesterday, really not a big deal.
Even at midnight, even at his vacation, even when he was in his parents’ house in Hokkaido, just by a single phone call, he would be summoned to the company, such was his life(nightmare).
Besides, it was just a nightmare.

Humph, I already resigned from the company, I’m not a corporate slave anymore!(Naoto)

He spoke out as if telling someone, then he look at the cuckoo clock installed at the wall (also one of the car’s option).
The time was half past eleven in the night, he remembered, ‘soon’.
He put his shoes, and exited from Patricia.
It had been several hours after he exited the building of a company that was located between the road that he was looking right now.
Even though the date will soon change, the floor where the company located still had the light on.

I think it will be soon……

Just as when Naoto murmured the words, several men exited the building.
The men in suits were Naoto’s former coworker.
The men with wrinkled suits and exhausted expression were dashing towards the same direction.

Good luck dashing for the last train~!(Naoto)

Until yesterday he was just like them, it was a scene that he didn’t want to return for it again.


Naoto was humming while driving in the night city.
Just like her base, Dear Queen 5 the latest car model from oversea manufacturer, Patricia was comparable like any other gasoline powered car, even while she was running, the vibration couldn’t be felt inside the 6 Jou room.
Speaking of just how much the lack of vibration in the car, the oranges that he had bought from the supermarket and now were placed atop the kotatsu didn’t roll a bit. Really no vibration at all.
Contrary to her large size, the riding comfortableness was supreme.
Dear Queen 5 is designed to able to be driven off road to some extent, so if the lack of vibration in the asphalt road was a matter of course.
The one who driving it, Naoto, didn’t had any particular destination. If he forced to use the navigator, he would only wanted to go to the opposite direction of his company and old house.

That’s remind me, will Patricia fit in a ferry? If she could then maybe I could go to Okinawa, while at it why don’t tour the whole Japan?(Naoto)

And so he muttered, then let head west, he thought, and set the navy.
When he took off his eyes from the road for just a moment, the front window went bright. It was light so strong that made him closed his eyes.
He held up his hand to ward off the light from his eyes, the he saw on the opposite lane a truck was swaying strangely.
The truck was heading toward his way!

It going to hit-----!(Naoto)

He reflexively stepped hard on the brake, and slam the steering wheel to opposite direction.
At that moment, the scenery rushed like a revolving lantern. No way! Naoto want to yell.
Immediately there were a *kyurkyurkyur* sound split at his ears. Patricia was magnificently spinning on the road.
The collision, none. It was just only spinning greatly, luckily it missed and Patricia also didn’t end up toppled to the sde.
Naoto breath rapidly, his back also drenched wet by sweat.


He cursed while striking the steering wheel, the car horn loudly screamed.
To think that he almost have an accident and hit the truck.
It’s different if he was just a corporate slave, but he was going to start a new otium cum dignitate[13] lifestyle, it wouldn’t even be a joke if he died from being hit by a truck.
However, he was relieved that there was no collision.
There was no crash, so the airbag didn’t come out.
Am I alright? ----- He patted from his chest to down below, and then on the corner of his field of view, he saw that the car navigator LCD was white.
Either the touch panel or the button elicited any response, it seems to be broken.

No way! There really a collision somewhere!(Naoto)

Naoto left the driver seat in hurry, and turn around Patricia to check the condition.
Fortunately, it seemed there was no collision at any place.
Naoto let out a sigh of relief.
The 15 million Yen RV Patricia who will become his beloved car from now on.
It would be a grand tragedy if she ever get wounded by a clash with a truck.
When he was

Confound you! Go ahead and kill me right now![14]

He could heard a young female voice from a not so far place
He had heard this line somewhere.

What the?

When he turned towards it, under the tree there was a sight of a Princess Knight[15] in armor tied up, there were two pig-like creatures approached her while laughing ‘higehige’.


Is this a dream? Am I really crashed with a truck?
Naoto spontaneously pinched his cheek.

It was a bit painful.


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[1] Naoto name is a pun, since Naoto 直人means ordinary person.
[2] 23 wards refer to Tokyo.
[3] AUTHOR NOTE: Dear Queen 5 is a fictional car model. Patricia is like a Bürstner (German manufacturer) bus converted to RV with Japanese Room.
[4] Ultimate lazy furniture…
[5] IH : Induction Heating. It works by heating a cooking vessel by magnetic induction, instead of by thermal conduction from a flame, or an electrical heating element. Because inductive heating directly heats the vessel, very rapid increases in temperature can be achieved. Yep… NO FIRE NEEDED and much energy efficient than electrical heating element, so it’s a nice addition for a solar car
[6] Another Rokujouma
[7] Actually 5 words in Katakanaパトリシア
[8] Camping Car = RV or Recreational Vehicle. Will be translated as RV for the rest of the chapter.
[9] Senbeibuton means a futon which became hard and flat like a senbei (a Japanese rice cracker) since the cotton fibers get entangled after absorbing moisture and had been crushed flat by the sleeper weight
[10] Homecenter = a name of shop that sell many things (especially hardware) in Japan
[11] LCD is Liquid Crystal Display… since it already had a Display, isn’t attaching a monitor redundant?
[12] Playing game in kotatsu… All NEET’s dream comes true! And bro that sad… you haven’t play any game for 10 years?
[13] Meaning: leisure with dignity, in other words living a life of leisure as someone like in freedom.
[14] くっ、殺せ! The stereotypical line a Princess Knight (Himekishi) about to getting rape by Orc, Goblin, Demon Lord, Tentacle Monster, Cthulhu just name it…
[15] HimeKishi 姫騎士


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