09 April 2016

10 nen goshi no HikiNEET o Yamete Gaishutsushitara Jitaku goto Isekai ni Ten’ishiteta. Chapter 5 Prologue

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Yukkuri Oniisan

Chapter 5: Yuuji Changing Jobs from “Magician of the Forest” to “Pioneer”.

It’s Another World, howeverI finally came out after 10 years, but my home kinda went into another world Part 10Something is missing

1 : Anonymous MEAT

This is the thread to enjoy the reports, images and videos of another world thatYuuji has uploaded.
Is it really another world? How did he fabricate it? This is the thread to verify this.

Finally, he started to interact with people from another world.
So that means that until now there was no contact!
This is the thread to watch over Yuuji’s livelihood attentively while only having another world feelings once in a while.
Is there really anything to accomplish?!
Repost is prohibited!

The NEET who post the  >>900th message must set up the next thread and make the first post!

113 : Infrastructure Worker
What will the merchant request?
What kind of knowledge should be transfered?
Let’s forecast it!

Of course, it will be related to agriculture right?
This is the standard “Aiming for Agricultural Revolution with Norfolk Method!”[1]

114 : Anonymous NEET
In short, you just want to kill some time, right?
Do your work, salary-man

Doing manual work to pass the time in winter when confined by the snow:
Popularize the “you-know-what bear wooden carving” even in another world![2]

115 : Anonymous MEAT
Oh, the one where it’s biting salmon huh!?
I have two of those in my home

Since the Bear needs art skill, then kokeshi doll?[3]

116 :5Anonymous ETNE
Don’t underestimate the kokeshi doll!
There was one that was sold for over 10,000 yen, you know?

Then that, the staple “killing time” game
Like reversi, or chess
Or Ga** of Life or Mo**poly

117 : Anonymous NEET
Because there were fellows who arrived at that other world in the past
I think that those games had already been popularized

Wouldn’t a steam engine be better?
Rather than an agricultural revolution, it is an industrial revolution!

118 : Well Informed NEET
Board games have existed since BCE you know
Although I don’t know the actual type, it might already exist in some form

Since we had talked about developing the surrounding area, then
It would be about things that will be useful for developing the land right?

119 : Anonymous NEET
Things that is useful for developing the land, huh?


120 : Anonymous NEET
Where will you get electricity or gasoline…?

Electric buzz saw!

121 : Anonymous ETNE
You too!
Didn’t you also declare something using electric?!

Then to power an electric power generator
Water power or wind power would suffice right?

122 : Anonymous NEET
Hey hey, did you get cold feet?

I propose nuclear power generation!

123 : Anonymous NEET
Are you forgetting?
Since it is feudalism, there are nobles, right?
Then there would be military power right?

Nuclear weaponry

124 : YES Lolita NO Touch
You fools
Remember Yuuji’s hardship in the winter

Only one type of underwear!
There are only drawers type!
Make striped underwear for little girls!

125 : Anonymous NEET
Don’t tsukkomi, don’t tsukkomi…

Since there is military power
Then, of course that means KATANA right?
If there are dwarves in other world
Then he could made it unbreakable, unbendable, could cut even dozens people well

126 : Overwhelmingly Dog-Person
Since he is a peddler of frontier area
Then of course it would be related to agriculture, wouldn’t it?

I advocate for animal domestication
If there is a dog, then that means there are also cows or sheep!

127 : Cool NEET
Since Premie city is located near the water, am I kinda curious,

Boats, or possibly water transportation

128 : Well-Informed NEET
How about we combine both of your ideas
And create a paddle steamer?

129 : Anonymous NEET
We should start with something simpler right?

It is the staple good to reduce mortality

130 : Anonymous NEET
Since it is simple

There is also cuisine
This is also the staple trope
However with Yuuji’s cooking ability, it’s impossible, huh?
The raw materials also are different

131 : Anonymous NEET
As for securing manpower
How about introducing serfdom?

Then Yuuji could purchase a beastkin or an elf girl!
Don’t forget a female knight from a defeated country!

132 : Anonymous ETNE
Nonono, there might be goblins or others right?

Gunpowder and gun!

133 : Anonymous NEET
Yeah there it is!
Yuuji will do magnificent GunKata moves!
Completely impossible……

The safer one would be paper or alcoholic drinks, don’t you agree?
All dwarves in the world  ---- will begin to cry in joy ---- at distilled spirits[4]

134 : Anonymous NEET
It didn’t sound even a little bit like a haiku
It completely didn’t sound good at all

I suggest making confectionaries from honey beekeeping
It will be peaceful and safe towards the nobles and commoners

135 : Anonymous MEAT
Heihei, don’t underestimate the bees of another world!
Giant hornets are the staple of small fries!

On this subject, what about anti-monster defense equipment?
Like the ballista or other typical castle siege weapons

136 : Anonymous NEET
What do you know about bees of another world?
Isn’t that just speaking roughly?

But I suggest something that will probably be useful for anti-monster functions
But also indispensable for war
Metallurgy Technology

137 : Well-Informed NEET
You are also speaking roughly!

However, I couldn’t possibly say anything about the technological level of the civilization if they also used magic
Can’t the peddler return faster?

138 : Anonymous ETNE
If Yuuji is just developing the land, then it would be too plain
It won’t be interesting!

139 : Anonymous NEET
Don’t underestimate farming!
Battling against weeds, against bugs, against plant diseases,
Fighting against the sunlight in the middle of farmwork……

Ah, the summer begins……

140 : Anonymous NEET
Aren’t you NEET?
Or maybe from a farmer family?

Or maybe it’s that!
This thread seems to have guys who sometimes redeem themselves.[5]


Moral of this stories… Don’t ask Forum/Thread Members, they hardly form any coherent consensus…

[1] Norfolk four-course system, method of agricultural organization established in Norfolk county, England. The precursor of modern crop rotation.
[2] Popular bear carving from Hokkaido (you might seen it several times in anime or manga), the bear usually depicted biting a salmon:

[3] Kokeshi doll is a type of doll from Japan with large head and lack of arms or legs and was painted with lines for details
Old-type Kokeshi

New-type Kokeshi

(Editor Note: Here is a video showing how it’s made. Clearly, it needs a lot of experience to make one. No mistakes allowed! http://www.thisiscolossal.com/2014/10/watch-a-japanese-kokeshi-doll-emerge-from-a-spinning-block-of-wood/ )
[4] In case you didn’t understand… This is a Haiku. The original
ドワーフが             Dowaafuga (5)
泣いて喜ぶ             Naite Yorokobu (7)
蒸留酒                        Jouryuushu (5)
[5] In other world, NEET who do some work because they feel bad for their family or themselves


  1. is Yuuji's decision to stop being a hikineet starting to influence others to do so aswel
    congratulations yuuji!

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  3. You don't ask them for consensus, you ask for different opinions)

  4. No, you can't just brush them off as if they were useless! They're prerty OP see?

  5. yuuji is the protagonist no matter what anybody says. he doesn't have to be the strongest or the smartest, the story is about him after all. there's also the saying "everyone is the protagonist of their own lives".

  6. 2ch people here seems like good people, how unrealistic :D
    well, at least the real 2ch is not as bad 4chan. Then again 4chan is a pretty magical place on it's own.

    P.S. I remember reading ero manga about kokeshi that's being use as a dildo, and now I can't shake that image off every time I see kokeshi.

  7. Now that I think about it, Yuuji has an army of NEET's at his disposal always contemplating the path Yuuji should take.....

    That is probably the best cheat of all isekai novels.....

    1. Since I've read a lot of novels where the mc can create pretty much anything easily and kill gods or more, I don't think I can agree :P

      But it's probably the best cheat for a no-good fool like this mc. He'd be dead really soon if he didn't have those guys behind him.