02 April 2016

Takarakuji de 40 Oku Atattanda kedo Isekai ni Ijuusuru. Chapter 39

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Chapter 39: Meetings with the Lord

When Kazura was taking stomach medicine at Havel’s mansion, Isaac was in the middle of meeting with Nelson at his office in Nelson’s residence.
Usually, Nelson would hold documents of unrelated matters and read it, while he heard Isaac’s report. Nelson would question as necessary while doing his own work at the same time, then he would decide on the matter that Isaac reported. This had happened for a long time, however, this time the situation was a little bit different.

……Isaac, say it again? Who has appeared?(Nelson)

Previously Isaac entered the room and relieved the civil officials from the room because he wanted to report something, however, the content of that report made Nelson raise his face in doubt and asked Isaac to explain it again.
He was in contrast to Isaac who, although receiving the end of Nelson’s questioning gaze, was completely unperturbed. With a serious expression, he repeated the words that he had spoken before.

It is Greysior-sama. Greysior-sama appeared in Grisea Village.(Isaac)

Isaac replied with these words, and silence descended on the room.
Both of them didn’t make any sound or moving a muscle.
Only the shadows of these two people from the candle’s light were swinging idly at the wall.

……Ah, um, what? So you mean “that” Greysior-sama, who appeared in the legend, the God of benevolence and good harvest? So you mean a God actually appeared in flesh?(Nelson)

Nelson thought that Isaac was saying a joke, however with that serious expression it didn’t look like he was joking.
Furthermore, Isaac wasn’t a guy who would make a joke like this.

That is true. The matter about how water flowed in village’s water channel and how the village didn’t get devastated by famine, was all because Greysior-sama lend his hand to save Grisea Village.(Isaac)

Speak concretely, what in the world really happened in Grisea Village? Do you mean it was like in the legend, Greysior-sama brought not only food?(Nelson)

Yes, about 1 month ago, Greysior-sama appeared in Grisea Village, and gave assistance in the form of large amount of food to the village. Furthermore, to supply water to the village’s fields that was ruined by the drought, he bestowed the village with a tool to draw water from low ground to high ground that was called a waterwheel. In addition, he continuously supported the village, from giving his divine blessings to the crops of the village so they grew rapidly, and conferred to the village knowledge and numerous tools that we never seen before.(Isaac)


As soon as he entered the room, Isaac suddenly began telling an unbelievable story and this made Nelson confused.

Greysior appeared, and saved a village on the brink of famine?
Even now he resided in the village and continues to confer tools or knowledge to the villagers?
……He completely couldn’t believe it.
There were many stories mentioned that Gods had descended into the world in the past, but to say that this completely mythical-like occurrence happened in this time and age, was something that couldn’t be believed at all.

By the way, the rapid growth of the crops due to Greysior’s divine blessings was Isaac’s own original interpretation.
He had received the explanation from Valin, the village chief, that the crops had rapid growth after mixing forest’s soil into the field, but since Greysior appeared it couldn’t be helped if he thought like that.

This is an extremely amazing story, however I can’t believe it all of a sudden. Did you personally saw Greysior-sama in Grisea Village?(Nelson)

Yes, actually, I had met with him, and talked to him…… However, I have done so many disrespectful things towards Greysior-sama…… However, because Greysior-sama has forgiven me, even if I want to repent for it, I couldn’t do it……(Isaac)

Maybe because he remembered when he met with Kazura, Isaac’s countenance clouded and turned sad as he casted his head down.
As for Nelson, he was still casting his doubt over Isaac who claimed to meet with Greysior.
Isaac hung his head down for a few moments, and then he raised his face and stiffen his expression.

Nelson-sama, I would like you to meet him at the first thing in the morning tomorrow.(Isaac)

……Hey, you don’t mean, the person that you want me to meet is……(Nelson)

Yes, it’s Greysior-sama.(Isaac)

Nelson spontaneously wanted to say, Is this a joke?, however, after he saw that Isaac was deadly serious, he retracted the words back.
Even until now his sense of reality hasn’t returned, but if what Isaac said is indeed the truth then it would be very important.
However, although he was curious about the numerous acts of kindness from Greysior that Isaac mentioned before, what kind of purpose a personal meeting with Greysior would have?

However, even if you say the first thing in the morning, even if we depart right now for Grisea Village, we wouldn’t make it in time. If Greysior-sama came himself to Isteria then the story would be differe-…… You couldn’t possibbly…(Nelson)

Yes, Greysior-sama is currently sojourning in the Leveson’s mansion. Actually I wanted to guide him to my house, however then I couldn’t move in absolute secrecy…… At this point in time, the only ones who know about the existence of Greysior-sama is me, my vice-chief Havel, 2 of my subordinates, and the populace of Grisea Village. I have strictly ordered those 2 subordinates to not leak this to any other person.(Isaac)

Reaching this point, Nelson finally come back in touch with reality, Somehow, something unbelievable has happened.
For a God to come in flesh to the world, was something that never happened before except for the legend, so they ought to carefully deal with this situation.

Furthermore, in case that Greysior is a fake, he was a really amazing scammer for being able to convince someone like Isaac.
Whether he really is the real Greysior or not, it was necessary to reliably confirm this.

Alright, then let’s do this as the first thing in the morning…… Therefore, for what reason Greysior-sama wanted to talk with me?(Nelson)

Maybe because he was relieved with Nelson’s answer that he would meet with Greysior, Isaac became a bit relaxed and his expression loosened, then he opened his mouth to answer Nelson’s question.

Yes, Greysior-sama is offering his support to us who are suffering from famine. He would teach us the method to build the tool called waterwheel that I had mentioned before and way to increase crops production. Furthermore, if it is in small quantity, he said that also could give food aid.(Isaac)

Oh, that is quite a splendid talk, however……(Nelson)

Although it was extremely pleasing news, Nelson couldn’t shook off his suspicion.
Seeing Nelson’s reaction, inside Isaac’s mind, he made a wry smile as it couldn’t be helped if he didn’t believe it.

Even Isaac, after being showed various tools from Kazura, only believed that Kazura is Greysior after seeing a person disappeared in front of his eyes.
It was quite difficult for Nelson to accept this based only from what he heard, Isaac more or less already predicted this.

Nelson-sama, the Greysior-sama who you will meet tomorrow is the real one. If you meet with him you will immediately understand.(Isaac)

……It maybe so.(Nelson)

Isaac said this in fully confident manner, that make Nelson, who wanted to pitch further questions, stop asking since he consented with Isaac’s opinion that he would know this by tomorrow
Whether the Greysior is the real one or not, even if he didn’t ask questions to Isaac who believed it so, it would be clearly answered when he meet with Greysior in person tomorrow.
What kind of knowledge or tools that they’ve never seen before? It would be great if he could confirm this to his heart’s content.

Then I will go and inform Havel about the meeting time tomorrow.(Isaac)

Isaac said this and bowed his head before leave the room in haste.

Nelson was looking at the door where Isaac left from and ruminating for a moment the conversation he just had, when the door opened again. This time, it was Zirconia who entered.
Zirconia held 2 copper cups in her hand.
It seemed that, she came to bring the drinks.

Did something happened? Isaac was running out from the room.(Zirconia)

Zirconia asked in confusion, so Nelson tried to explain to Zirconia about the conversation he had just now, when suddenly he was struck by an idea.

Zil, if I’m not wrong, you were born in a mountainous area in the north, correct?(Nelson)

That’s right. Although I could say that there is no one that lives there anymore. What about it?(Zirconia)

There is something I want you to cooperate with me.(Nelson)

Zirconia showed an expression that she didn’t understand one bit what happened, when Nelson told her about the content of Isaac’s report and then he began to tell her about an idea he just had.


The next morning, after Kazura’s group had their breakfast in the Leveson’s mansion, they entered a carriage together with Havel and headed towards the Feudal Lord’s Residence.
The time was 7 in the morning.
The main street that ran along the high class residential area where Havel’s mansion was located was still deserted and they practically didn’t passed with another person.
The road around the city’s central area was paved with stone and both sides were planted with trees at several places.
The road had been cleanly sweep that there was not a single trash laying on it. It was at odds with the jumbled scene in the city’s outer area.

The carriage jolted for 10 minutes in the downtown.
The party finally arrived at a building that resembled a big castle
The building was surrounded by 5 meter high stone wall and soldiers equipped with short spear and leather armor could be seen guarding atop of it.
In addition, there was a large bronze reinforced wooden door established in it where two soldiers stood before it.

The carriage of Kazura’s group approached the gate, a soldier then call it to stop and came approaching.
The approaching soldier, after confirming the Leveson’s insignia sketched on the carriage and exchanged a few words with Havel, called to the other soldier who stood by in front of the gate to open it.

The carriage passed under the gate, and arrived at a stone paved plaza.
At the edge of that plaza several other carriages were already parked there, so Kazura thought of it as a parking space.
Kazura’s group carriage also parked beside the other parked carriages.

Good morning, Kazura-sama.(Isaac)

After Kazura got off from the carriage and was lending a hand for Valetta to get down, Isaac came running from behind.

Thank you for coming in the early morning. Nelson-sama is ready to meet with you, please this way. Let me hold your luggage.(Isaac)

Captain, is my presence also required?(Havel)

Havel who got off from the opposite side of the carriage from Kazura, asked Isaac who was receiving the carry case from Kazura.

Ah, certainly it is. Since here might be talk about Grisea Village at the time I wasn’t there.(Isaac)

Isaac answered Havel and held the carry case with both of his hand, and then began to lead everyone away.
Havel also was holding the cloth covered travel bag from Kazura, and began following them from behind.

(It is constructed completely resembling a fortress…..)(Kazura)

While following those two, Kazura surveyed his surroundings.
This morning, after Havel mentioned that they would go to Feudal Lord’s Residence for the meeting with Nelson, he was expecting that Feudal Lord’s Residence to be a building that was more luxurious that served as Leveson’s mansion, however, the actual building was completely different.
Rather than a place where someone lived, it was more constructed as a place where troops are stationed.
Maybe because this was the first time they entered a Feudal Lord’s residence, Valetta and Valin looked at their surroundings with great interest.

However, after they walked for awhile and passed a large gate on a stone wall, that was similar to the ones they had passed when they entered the residence before, this time they arrived at a completely different open space where many plants grew in abundance.
The surrounding buildings were solid stone wall or square tower where military equipment could be seen, in addition here and there were many bulky massive doors. However, in front of them was a beautiful maintained garden.
Beyond the garden was a 4 story large stone building. It was different than the unrefined building like the fortress they passed just now. The construction style was closer to the Leveson’s mansion.
It seems that the residence was divided into the outer buildings that served as military installations, while the centre part is the residential area.

Alter they passed the road in the courtyard, entered the building and were walking inside for awhile, Isaac stopped his feet before one of the doors, and knocked it.

Nelson-sama, this is Isaac. I have brought the person that I had mentioned last night.(Isaac)

Isaac called towards the door, and soon the door was opened.  A young silver haired woman appeared from the room.
The woman looked at Kazura’s group that stood behind Isaac and showed a smile.

Well, thank you for coming. Please, enter the room.(Zirconia)

The woman spoke these words and invited Kazura’s group to enter the room before the person herself walked  to the room’s inner part.
Inside the room was a man in his prime who stood beside a large long table. When the man saw Kazura, he made a wide smile.

Nelson-sama, this person is Kazura-sama. The two person beside him are Grisea Village’s Chief Valin-san and his daughter Valetta-san.(Isaac)

Isaac entered the room and stood close to the wall, so he wouldn’t be a hindrance, and then introduced Kazura’s group to Nelson.
Havel also moved to Isaac’s side, while being a bit nervous, he shifted his sight towards Kazura’s group.

Nice to meet you. My name is Kazura.[1](Kazura)

While being a bit nervous Kazura made a greeting and bowed his head towards the man who was called Nelson by Isaac.
After he bowed, he realized that wasn’t it weird for him to bow his head when he established himself as a god? It was all because of the habit from the time he was still a company employee that he had a conditioned reflex to bow his head.

Greysior-sama, thanks you very much for troubling yourself to come to my house. My name is Nelson Istelle, the feudal lord who governs this territory. I also hold the title of The First in Command of Isteria Region of Arcadia Army. It is nice to meet with you.(Nelson)

Kazura raised his head, and this time Nelson did a deep bow from the waist to do self introduction.

Eh!? Nelson-sama!?(Isaac)

While Nelson did his self introduction, for some reason Isaac and Havel showed a surprised expression.
Maybe they were surprised to see a Feudal Lord bowed down his head.

My name is Zirconia, Nelson’s wife. I also serve as The Second in Command of Isteria Region Arcadia Army. For Greysior-sama to come to Isteria to offer assistance is something that we are really grateful. If that is alright to you, please not only about tool making and agriculture, but also give us advice about military matters too…..(Zirconia)

E-even Zirconia-sama too, wh-what is happening!?

Zirconia also did the same deed, bowing her head deeply while introducing herself, somehow this made Isaac and Havel be at their wits end.
Kazura noticed that both of them were even more shaken than when Nelson did the same.

I could give advice about tools or agriculture, however military is something outside my jurisdiction…… so I believed it would be hard to meet your expectation.(Kazura)

Kazura said this with troubled expression, and this made Nelson and Zirconia looked at each other with a bit of surprised expression.
Isaac and Havel who was at their wits end, could only let out their voice together when they heard Kazura say so.


…… Then, I want to discuss about the matters that make me come here quickly, so……(Kazura)

Ah, yes, then please have a seat.(Nelson)

Kazura said so while his mind was confused by the 4 people’s reaction, and then he sat down on a chair located next to the table.

There is a secret in this chapter, but I won’t tell you guys…

[1] There is something lost in translation. Actually the original RAW was something super formal like: お初にお目にかかります、カズラと申します. Commonly used when a employee greet a big client he first meet, or if you meet with some bigwit from big company. If someone could turn this into super formal first greeting, feel free to do it.


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