20 April 2016

10 nen goshi no HikiNEET o Yamete Gaishutsushitara Jitaku goto Isekai ni Ten’ishiteta. Bulletin Board Interlude 1

[Translator Corner
This is Yukkuri demasu!

This interlude is happening sometimes after Yuuji post the pictures and video of the “Battle of the Gate”.
The Board is so random that I don’t know what to say…

 Also thanks to kind reader ZS for the donations. The donations will be used to purchase LN so I could solve the mystery of who is the girl in HikiNEET LN Cover…

DISCLAIMER: There is no guarantee that my translation is 100% correct, especially since this is a bunch of forum/net slang. Please correct me if I was wrong.

Yukkuri Oniisan

Bulletin Board, Verification Thread’s “This and That” First Offline Verification Meeting

Is it Image ProcessingMy home went to another world? Verification Thread part 1 Is it CG?

1 : Cool NEET
Were the information, photos, and videos that 1-desu uploaded really feom another world? Is it an edited image or CG? This is a thread to verify these theories.
The chat and the latest information from 1-desu is on the previous thread.
It’s prohibited to repost.

The previous thread:
Loner-NeetI finally came out after 10 years, but my home came to another-worldish place Part-2

The photos and videos that 1-desu uploaded

The next thread will be opened by the one who posts the >>980.

2 : Verifying Anonymous NEET
Good work
I bestow you the right to go to another world

3 : Cool NEET
Now then,
Since the previous thread had become too rough
I open another, but

4 : Camera Ossan
Well, since I was really curious
I will seriously examine the photos

5 : Verifying Anonymous NEET
Everyone, don’t forget
The ultimate goal is to search for methods to go to another world!

6 : Verifying Anonymous NEET
No, that’s wrong
It’s to uncover the deception and expose it

I so want to go to another world……

7 : Verifying Anonymous NEET
Let’s look at the photos a bit
First of all, if the forest and house are composite photos, then
There would be the original photos, right?

8 : Verifying Anonymous NEET
Then I will search for the information on the video
Like insider information about movie in the middle of being shot

9 : Verifying Anonymous NEET
The house is a composite
The goblins are cosplay or CG
If it’s real, then he would have taken close-up images

10 : Verifying Anonymous NEET
To even go along with a NEET’s lie
You guys must have nothing to do…

11 : Verifying Anonymous NEET
As expected, I cannot help but to say:
You are also one of them!

12 : Camera Ossan
News Flash
There is a site that could verify whether or not a photo is edited[1]

I forwarded all the photos
The result, there is no sign of editing

The result of the photos

The site even found out the edited photos  of Hollywood Stars
So its credibility is high
However, I still haven’t examined it with Pho**shop

13 : Cool NEET
Oh, News Flash?
The site is credible?
You just need to send them the edited image, right?

14 : Verifying Anonymous NEET
Don’t send them the photos of Gravure models or Idols!
Listen! You absolutely mustn’t!

15 : Verifying Anonymous NEET
I believe that there is some truth that were better off not knowing

16 : Verifying Anonymous NEET
Don’t worry
I had gotten used to the truth of the of Sofmap’s photos[2]

17 : Verifying Anonymous NEET
Putting some photos of actresses from the internet
The result of it

18 : Verifying Anonymous NEET

19 : Verifying Anonymous NEET
Do you need to expose this?

20 : Camera Ossan
I had examined the RGB channels and color saturation with Pho**shop
I also check the exif
The results

It is not a doctored image
Even a humble pro like me couldn’t make something this natural

I think that this is real
If 1-desu really doctored the image, then I will refer him to a job

21 : Verifying Anonymous NEET
Maybe he really is a pro

22 : Verifying Anonymous NEET
I think it is possible
The result is the result
What do you think, great person?

23 : Cool NEET
I think it had persuasive power
However, the problem is video
It’s more difficult to do composite editing on it than a photo

24 : Verifying Anonymous NEET
Yeah, since there were blood spraying out

25 : Verifying Anonymous NEET
If it was cosplay, then a snuff film?

26 : Anonymous MEAT
Stop it
I don’t have resistance to gorey stuff

281 : Verifying Anonymous NEET
I will examine the video
I used Ado*e software

282 : Verifying Anonymous NEET
Not only the Camera Ossan
Why does the resident of this thread have high-priced software?

283 : Verifying Anonymous NEET
The business world is surely having a hard time
Don’t speak of it!

284: Verifying Anonymous NEET
So NEETs from a black depression huh……
What a tough world.

285: Verifying Anonymous NEET
It isn’t like that!

Anyway, the result is:
It’s neither edited nor CG

First, here is the result of light analysis

Then, since it was recorded using a tripod, if the ground shook, it will cause a very small blur and then the whole frame will have the blur
In case of CG, they won’t mind such a minute blur detail
It might be hard to understand, but the relevant point is

Just like Camera Ossan, I think that this is real
If this really 1-desu’s edited work, then I c\would recommend him for a job
Earn an income, dammit, 1.
If he likes then, we could make an office together?

Even so since it took a long time
I want to sleep

286: Verifying Anonymous NEET
Good work!
But isn’t right now a weekday’s noon?
If you sleep right now that is…..

287: Verifying Anonymous NEET
Hint: This is a NEET board

288: Cool NEET
So, the video does not look like an edited-CG
Thenm whether this is a special effects or cosplay
It gives off the impression of a snuff film…

289: Verifying Anonymous NEET

290: Verifying Anonymous NEET
Doesn’t that means that that is a crime?
No way-

291: Well-Informed NEET
If it isn’t an edited video, then that means the blue blood is real right?

292: Verifying Anonymous NEET

293: Anonymous ETNE

294: Anonymous MEAT

295: Verifying Anonymous NEET
Eh? Seriously?
It’s seriously real?
Another world? It’s really another world?

296: Cool NEET
So there is that point……
But the possibility of this being real is high
Then we need to wait for the follow up report, and
The report from the photos-videos’ scenery investigation team

The Problem with the Video’s AudioMy home went to another world? Verification Thread part 2 Let’s Resolve It

1 : Verifying Anonymous NEET
Were the information, photos, and videos that 1-desu uploaded really from another world? Is it edited image or CG? This is a thread to verify these theories.
The mysterious video’s audio or “Is Alice-chan really an actress”, maybe someone can resolve it!
The chat and the latest information from 1-desu is on the previous thread.
It’s prohibited to repost.

The previous thread:
NeetI finally came out after 10 years, but my home came to another-worldish place part 4Going to Another World

The photos and videos that 1-desu uploaded

The next thread will be opened by the one who posts >>980.

81 : Verifying Anonymous NEET
In the end, the name of Alice-chan’s actress is still unknown
Special group, do your work!

82 : Verifying Anonymous NEET
This is a NEET board
Where working fellows are precious

83 : YES Lolita NO Touch
That’s why, didn’t I already said that I couldn’t find her anywhere on my database!
That means that either she’s an amateur that didn’t have any films or photos yet, or
A person from another world!

84 : Verifying Anonymous NEET

85 : Verifying Anonymous NEET
Have you saved pictures of little girls from around the whole world?
If you don’t deny this… It’s scary, you know…

86 : Verifying Anonymous NEET
You’ve just never heard of her!
Is what I want to say but,
This indescribable sickening feeling
This guy might be the real deal

87 : Verifying Anonymous NEET
POLICE! Do your work!
Ah, also for Yuuji-san who had kidnapped a minor

88 : Cool NEET
I have reported Yuuji’s case
By the way, among the missing persons list that is made open for the public
There is no girl that looks like Alice-chan

Now everyone
At last the performance will begin
Are your preparations good?

89 : Verifying Anonymous NEET
As always, what a dependable NEET

Waiting here stark naked!

90 : Infrastructure Worker
I don’t have a day off
How envious
If only I work in Tokyo’s company
Even though if I got a day off, I could go using Utsunomiya Line[3]……

91 : Camera Ossan
The studio’s preparation is complete
The posting role will be Anonymous ETNE-san
Best regards everyone

92 : Anonymous ETNE
I am unsurpassed on this field!
For audio verification,
Yuuji’s Skyp* and Tokyo Offline Group Meeting
Will begin!

The place is Camera Ossan’s home-studio
1 desktop brought by the fools to do analysis duty
Camera Ossan’ desktop to do Skype with Yuuji
Note-PC for posting purpose

The participants will be Camera Ossan, Well-Informed NEET, Cool NEET and two Anonymous!

Or rather, Camera Ossan really is a professional cameraman.
He took photos for cooking magazine
It is rather shabby, but the there is a studio in the first floor

93 : Verifying Anonymous NEET
It sounds fun……

94 : YES Lolita NO Touch
I don’t want to go
Since Alica-chan won’t appear

95 : Overwhelming Dog-Person
I am the same!
If there is no Kotarou, then there is no need attending the broadcast!

96 : Anonymous MEAT
How envious
If only I could attend

97 : Verifying Anonymous NEET
A hiki-NEET can’t come out, you know
Only if you have Yuuji’s bravery

98 : AnoETNEnymous NEET
Yuuji really appeared!
For the time being, we start with the flip talk[4]
For now, every participant put a flip chart with their name hanging from the neck
Is this kindergarten?

99 : Verifying Anonymous NEET
For the time being, everyone refrain from posting

100 : Anonymous ETNE
Under an order from Cool NEET
Yuuji repeatedly says I  in Japanese.
Afterwards, it is repeated in a different language

101 : Anonymous ETNE
News Flash from the analysis test
The sounds produced from speakingI in Japanese were completely different from each time Yuuji spoke it
It seems that translation is impossible

102 : Anonymous ETNE
Next, attempting Morse code
Yuuji’s side didn’t hear anything
Yuuji also couldn’t send anything

103 : Anonymous ETNE
Playing speech-synthesis software
Oufh… No good……
It changed into weird voice
It changed into static

104 : Anonymous ETNE
Ah, Alice-chan came
She waved her hand
How cute

105 : YES Lolita NO Touch
This is a different story!
Shit! Shit!
Oh God! Please give me teleportation magic right now……

106 : Anonymous ETNE
Since Alice-chan came
Yuuji left earlier before the scheduled tie was up
For now, the First Skyp* with Yuuji is finished

However, after this the Tokyo Offline Meeting begins!

107 : Cool NEET
Just like what had been posted by Anonymous ETNE
The voice is completely ruined
But it is unexpected that the Morse code also couldn’t be used

However, it is possible to understand each other using flip talk
Furthermore, if we can locate a person who can read lips then it might be possible to do real-time communication from Yuuji-side to here

In contrast, since Yuuji can’t read lips
Then we can’t do real-time communication with him
He can learn sign language or semaphore or we bring someone who can type really fast

Then it is possible to do real-time communication with him

However, there is bad news

108 : Verifying Anonymous NEET
What happened?

109 : Anonymous MEAT
Did something happen!?

110 : Cool NEET
The camera couldn’t send real-time videos to the PC
Live broadcast is impossible

The camera type, equipments & cords at Yuuji’s hand had been checked by Camera Ossan

This concludes the report
After this is the drinking party for the offline members

111 : Verifying Anonymous NEET
That’s sad news
However, did you have to mention the drinking party?

112 : Verifying Anonymous NEET

113 : Verifying Anonymous NEET
Aaa, but offline verification meeting sounds fun

114 : Verifying Anonymous NEET
I, will go out from being a hikki-NEET and participate
I will do my best for the next meeting

115 : Verifying Anonymous NEET
Me too……

116 : Verifying Anonymous NEET
Isn’t this good?
I will also do my best

117 : YES Lolita NO Touch
Shit! Shit!
I will surely participate next time!

118 : Verifying Anonymous NEET
Hey you know, wouldn’t it be better if we place a broadcast team so we can also see?

119 : Verifying Anonymous NEET

120 : Verifying Anonymous NEET

121 : Verifying Anonymous NEET
Aren’t you a freaking genius?!
However it’s too late

122 : Anonymous MEAT
You so late!
You so late!

123 : Infrastructure Worker
If you didn’t mention it, I wouldn’t have realized it…
Damn it……


Well.. What do you expect from a bunch of Hiki-NEETs?

[2] I don’t know what this refer to... Maybe the Akihabara chain electronic store?
[3] The Utsunomiya Line (宇都宮線 Utsunomiya-sen) is the name given to a 159.9 kilometre section of the Tōhoku Main Line between Ueno Station in Tokyo and Kuroiso Station in Nasushiobara, Tochigi, Japan. If you forgot, “Infrastructure Worker” lived near Yuuji’s house in Utsunomiya suburbs, Tochigi prefecture.
[4] Flip talk is a conversation when both parties communicate with message written in a flip chart / board/ book


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    I am unsurpassed on this field!
    For audio verification,
    Yuuji’s Skyp* and Tokyo Offline Group Meeting
    Will begin!
    The place is Camera Ossan’s home-studio
    1 desktop brought by the fools to do analysis duty
    Camera Ossan’ desktop to do Skype with Yuuji
    Note-PC for posting purpose

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