05 April 2016

10 nen goshi no HikiNEET o Yamete Gaishutsushitara Jitaku goto Isekai ni Ten’ishiteta. Interlude 3-9

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Yukkuri Oniisan

Chapter 3 Part 9
Yuuji’s Imoto Sakura, Telling Her Husband George about Her Brother

Mou, onii-chan! Notice the problem with the underwear earlier! Aah, poor Alice-chan……(Sakura)

American West Coast, Los Angeles. It was after Sakura had arrived at her office and checked her email.

Is something wrong, Sakura?(George)

It was Sakura’s business partner and her husband George who had asked her.

My brother met with some trouble…… I’ll tell you when it’s time for lunch. Ah, that’s right, I had finished translating the bulletin board. Since it will take some time to explain this, let’s do it slowly during the night.(Sakura)

It seemed that Sakura decided to inform George about her brother’s circumstances.


So you mean…… Your brother, Yuuji went to another world?(George)

After handing over an excerpt of the translated contents of the bulletin board, Sakura finished her explanation. Finally, George had a turn to speak.

Yes, that’s right. It might sound unbelievable, but I believe that it really happened. Since he is not a person who could make such an elaborate lie.(Sakura)

Another world! Another world, right!? Fantasy, right? Zombie, are there any zombies?!(George)

George, who was suddenly became enthusiastic, surprised Sakura. It was a rare sight from George who was usually cool and composed.

Eh…… I don’t really know…… He had mentioned seeing small green skinned humanoid creatures and a strange lizard-like bird that flew in the air, but I don’t think that there are any zombie.(Sakura)

I see, so there are no zombies…… You downloaded the images and videos, right?(George)

After showing a disappointed expression, George returned to his usual cool and composed appearance. Why did he become excited like that? Was it because of zombies? Was it because Americans like zombies?[1]

Yes, everything is inside this USB.(Sakura)

After receiving the USB from Sakura, George inserted it to his 27 inches iM*c and transferred the images and videos.[2]
This was George’s personal room where the walls were pasted over with American comic and film poster. At a glance, they seemed to be pasted haphazardly, however due to George’s good sense of taste, the entire balance didn’t get ruined and it looked stylish instead.

Finished with transferring the data, George quickly opened the pictures.

This is……?(George)

On the 27 inches monitor was the giant picture of Yuuji and Kotarou, the house gate, and small green skinned people.
By the way, Yuuji was holding the paper with his ID written on it and made a peace sign in front of the hostile creatures.

My brother and the people in the bulletin board said that they were goblins. It was something that came out from the game.(Sakura)

Goblin…… CG? No, this has natural shadows, so a special effect makeup? But even so it seemed so real even to the appearance of the muscle …… (George)

Ah, there is also video about the goblin. The filename is…… Ah, here it is. Be careful though, it’s a little gross…(Sakura)

It was the gorey video where Yuuji repulsed the goblins across the gate, so Sakura advised her husband to be careful of it before seeing it. It seemed that this girl’s screw had loosened a bit.

Is this it?...... The camera seems fixed. It’s hard to see but even so…… Oh! Jesus! Why don’t you say something about this first, Sakura!?(George)

Eh? Didn’t I say to be careful for it?(Sakura)

On the 27 inches monitor was the intense dance of spraying blood and flying entrails. Even if he was one of the people of the country of splatter films, George was completely caught off guard.
With his feelings turned over, George watched the video until the end.

Since the camera was fixed and the light was insufficient…… This is too real. Even if this was CG, processed video, or special effects, it isn’t at an amateur’s level……(George)

Geez…… That’s why, I really believe that my brother is in another world.  Didn’t I say this earlier?(Sakura)

My bad, Sakura. As expected, I can’t really believe it on the spot……. Sakura, about your brother Yuuji, do you want to keep it a secret? Since I have guys who are experts in picture and video processing, can I show this to them?(George)

You can show it otherwise. Since my brother uploaded this to the internet, anyone could watch it…… But I request only one thing from you. Because the surrounding scenery is also displayed on the video, could it be examined to see if it was located somewhere? If it really is a processed video, then if they are really an expert, they may know where it was……(Sakura)

I understand. For giving your consent, thank you, Sakura.(George)

Although Sakura didn’t really know what George was thanking for, George spoke his thanks and locked eyes with her. For some reason, the mood between them was really good.

Well… It’s understandable. This was their house and they were a married couple.

Both of them closed the distance and joined their lips together. Gradually both of them were exchanging a passionate kiss.

And then things got really messy afterwards…


What do you expect?

[1] Is this true? (Editor Note: Yes. I live in America. People complain about the gore porn horror movies have turned into. Like the S*w movies. Zombies are still a huge hit right now and there are lots of zombie shows & movies lately like The Walking Dead, World War Z, etc.) Well what s/he said
[2] Yes… this is Apple’s…


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