26 April 2016

10 nen goshi no HikiNEET o Yamete Gaishutsushitara Jitaku goto Isekai ni Ten’ishiteta. Chapter 5 Part 2

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Chapter 5: Yuuji Changing Jobs from “Magician of the Forest” to “Pioneer”.
Part 2. Yuuji, Overcoming Fierce Battle with Tree Stumps

Alice, who was assaulted by acute pain, was finally asleep in the morning. After she took a bit of rest, she was currently having brunch with Yuuji.

Alice, how’s your body?(Yuuji)

Alice already feels great!(Alice)

Is that so, then that’s good. Alice, when Kotarou and I defeated the goblins, our bodies also felt pain, and afterwards our power increased…… How about Alice?(Yuuji)

Nn? Nnnnn, ei! Alice doesn’t know……(Alice)

After she was asked by Yuuji about how her physical power had increased, while still sitting on the chair, with an “Ei!” yell Alice tried to lift up the dining table. Her arms were trembling slightly, but the large wooden dining table meant for 4 people only made a small clatter. In the first place, if the table had indeed moved, then the dishes atop of it would be at great risk of falling down.

“Alice, don’t be improper.” (Kotarou)

Kotarou seemed to remonstrate Alice with a bark.
“Uuu, I am sorry”. Alice obediently apologized.

I wonder what that is. Alice, have you heard anything of it?(Yuuji)

Hmm, Alice doesn’t know….. Alice believes that it will be good to ask it to peddler oji-chan next time!(Alice)

That’s true, you ask something if you don’t understand. However, this might be our lifeline…… I am curious, but it might be better to keep this secret……(Yuuji)

When he was teaching Alice, he kept saying “ask if there is something you don’t understand”.
Alice firmly committed these words to her memory, so she advised Yuuji to ask it to Kevin the peddler. “However, I better not ask about this.” Yuuji muttered in low voice, while pondering this. This might be the result of the training from the bulletin board residents.

Let’s postpone asking about this for a bit. Alright Alice, whether your power has increased or not, let’s go to the garden and test it out! Today, I also want to test something too!(Yuuji)


Alright, wait a bit, Alice!(Yuuji)

Yuuji came out to the garden together with Alice and Kotarou, and then after saying this, he headed towards the garage shed by himself. In his hand was the key of the kei-car[1] that was often used by his late mother.
Yes, last night, when he was awoke to accompany Alice who couldn’t sleep, Yuuji finally remembered. “If the stump couldn’t be rooted out by using human power, then why don’t we root it out by using a car?”

Yuuji opened the garage door in triumphant mood, boarded the kei-car and sat in the driver’s seat.
He turned the key on.
The engine didn’t start.
Confused, he turned the key again.
It was still silent.
There was no sound of the starter engine initiating.[2]

The battery had dried up. It had been left as it was for more than a year.
So it’s reasonable.
If this was still in Japan, then Yuuji could easily deal with this problem by either calling J*F[3], connecting the cable from another car, buying a new one and exchange it, or purchasing a charger, but this is another world.
Even if he ordered it on am*zon, they couldn’t deliver the batteries

There nothing he could do but to curse himself who had neglected doing maintenance for the engine.

Is it useless?...... Damn it, damn it……(Yuuji)

Yuuji hung his head in disappointment.


Alright Alice, then this time, let’s try using magic!(Yuuji)

After pulling himself back up again, Yuuji met with Alice and Kotarou, who were playing in the garden, and then they headed outside the gate towards the opened area at the southern side.

Although they had tried to examine Alice’s physical power in the garden, Yuuji didn’t know whether it had increased or not. This wasn’t surprising, since Yuuji and Kotarou’s physical power had only increased a little bit.
Since Alice was still very young, it was hard to judge whether the increase of physical strength came a child’s typical growing speed or from the pain.

Yuuji looked at Alice who was running and jumping around, “Alice is really cute”, and showed a disgusting smile.[4]
Seeing that smile, Kotarou exhaled, as if to say,

“Fuh…… I will believe that it came from parental affection.” (Kotarou)


First is the fire magic that you used yesterday. Alice, can you aim at that tree stump?(Yuuji)

Yes, Alice understand! Alice will try! Here it goes~ Fire and hot and big fire, come out!(Alice)

Just like yesterday, Alice raised both of her clasped hands up, and with an “Ei!”, she brought down her hands towards her front.
It was the same words, the same gestures; however, the size of the fire that appeared was bigger.
Yuuji’s suddenly clenched the water-filled bucket in his hand hard.

*Bou~*explosion sfx*!

It exploded. When the fire disappeared, what left behind was… a stump. The location was only a bit singed.
It seemed that it still retained a lot of moisture, so it couldn’t be burned.

The magic power seemed to increase a bit…… However, it can’t be burned, huh……? If we left it as it is, should we test it again in autumn or winter? But no, if the fire spreads, it will be scary……(Yuuji)

While looking at the tree stump, Yuuji continued to conduct a monologue.
Alice looked at Yuuji with sparkling eyes.

“Hey, get hold of yourself!” (Kotarou)

Kotarou hit Yuuji’s shin with her front leg.

O-oh, Alice, amazing! Alice’s magic has become more amazing!(Yuuji)

*washawasha* Yuuji patted Alice’s head.
“Wa~, Yuuji-nii that’s enough”, although Alice was struggling to escape, she showed a satisfied smile.
It was a good move for Kotarou to notice that the little girl wanted to be praised.


Then…… Alice’s magic has become stronger, but…… it still isn’t enough for the stump.(Yuuji)

Yuuji-nii, do you want to pull the tree root? Can Alice try Earth Magic?(Alice)

While tilting her head, Alice asked Yuuji. Yes, Yuuji had forgotten because Alice had only ever used it throw rocks, but Alice could also use Earth Magic.

Ooh! That’s right Alice had used magic to throw away the rocks …… Shall we try it? It will be enough if it just makes it easier so I could pull it out by myself…… Alice, could you just pull the tree and don’t make any change on the ground? Just a little bit is okay, though……(Yuuji)

“Un~, understand~!” after giving an energetic reply, Alice was thinking while going *umm*umm*.

“It’s okay if you can’t.” (Kotarou)

Kotarou looked at Alice with a worrying expression.

Alright! Mister Ground[5], please lower a bit!(Alice)

Alice trotted over to approach the tree stump, and then she squatted and with an “Ei!”, she clapped the ground with both of her hands.

*peta*rumbling SFX*
*boko*ground falling SFX*!

The ground where Alice placed her hands let out a faint sound, and then the area 2 meters around the stump was sank down about 1 meter while the tree stump didn’t move a bit.
The hole wasn’t that deep, but since the ground that surrounded the roots had lowered, the depth was enough to expose the roots to the open air.

Ooh! Amazing, amazing Alice!(Yuuji)

Yuuji approached the tree stump and he merrily wielded his axe and start chopping at the roots.
After circling it, Yuuji finished with chopping the visible tree roots.
At last he challenged the tree stump itself.

Yuuji put both of his hand on the tree stump and pulled it up with all of his strength.
Yuuji lowered his waist and after using all the muscles in his legs and back, he attempted to lift the stump up.
Since the roots weren’t there anymore, the only remaining problem was the weight.

Ooh! I can lift it up! Alice is amazing, really amazing!(Yuuji)

“Hooray, hooray” while jumping around, Alice and Yuuji did a queer delighted dance.

“Goodness, these children.” (Kotarou)

Kotarou was just watching them, but her tail was shaking, it seemed that she was itching to join.
Maybe because she couldn’t endure it anymore, she suddenly rushed over and did a merry round together.

Wanting to participate in the rejoicing, because Kotarou is also a member of the family.

“Alright, with this, the aim of clearing the land will be achieved!” Yuuji’s delightful voice reverberated in the forest.


Poor car....

[1] Kei-car is small sized car popular in Japan and Europe.
[2] I spend hours to find that cell (motor) means starter motor… Wasei-eigo…. In case you don’t know, a starter motor is parts of the engine that ignited the combustion chamber of car engine.
[3] JAF stands for Japan Automobile Federation, the English name for the 日本自動車連盟 (nihon jidousha renmei). JAF is an organization dedicated to protecting the interests of motorists and making Japan's roads safer. One of the ways it tries to make the roads safer is to offer assistance to motorists in trouble. It is similar to AAA in US and RAC in UK.
[4] In case reader forgot. The narrator like to insult Yuuji if s/he can.
[5] Original RAW: Tsuchi-san. 土さん. It’s cute on how she refer the ground with mister.


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