23 April 2016

10 nen goshi no HikiNEET o Yamete Gaishutsushitara Jitaku goto Isekai ni Ten’ishiteta. Chapter 5 Part 1

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Even if the title said cultivation, Yuuji won’t become an immortal…

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Yukkuri Oniisan

Chapter 5: Yuuji Changing Job from “Magician of the Forest” to “Pioneer”.
Part 1. Yuuji, Spending Time Every Day to Clear the Land and to Train

Yuuji-nii, Alice finished watering the garden!(Alice)

Ooh, thank you for the help, Alice. I need to cut some tree in this area, do you want to help?(Yuuji)

Un. Alice will help!(Alice)

It had been awhile since Yuuji began clearing the surrounding area. Spring had passed on and summer was soon closing in.
Alice was watering in a corner of the garden that had been turned into a backyard farm.  

Using the seeds and seedlings received from Kevin the peddler, Yuuji dug up the garden with a shovel, scattered it with humus taken from the forest, and turned it into a quasi-farm field. Rather than planting to expect for the harvest, this was more like an experimental farm.

However, the development for the actual farm field wasn’t that favorable.

Currently, the southern area that faced Yuuji’s house gate had the undergrowth cleared, exposing the stumps of the fallen trees. Although the opened area had approached the climbing rope mark, it was still overgrown with lush green trees even now.
By the way the eastern, western and northern sides were still untouched.

Alright, since Alice will also help, let’s cut some more trees today! Even so, we need to root out the stumps soon……(Yuuji)

It didn’t mean that Yuuji hasn’t challenged himself to root out the stumps. However, it wasn’t something that could be done just by one person power.
After cutting the roots around the stumps and tying the stump with climbing rope, he had to and then pull it out will all his power before it finally became uprooted. After he rooted out one stump, Yuuji decided to postpone it.
That led to the present condition where there were still a lot of tree stumps left behind. It was something natural. After all, in a certain Viking manga, it was a hard labor even for two muscular males to do this to the point where they needed to borrow a horse.[1]

Ummm, if I can use magic…… *Kospaw*! The tree got cut, *Bgor*!  The stumps were pulled out…… As expected, I need to learn magic in the future……(Yuuji)

Because Kotarou was guarding the surroundings, she wasn’t near Yuuji. So Yuuji was completely talking to himself.

In the morning after breakfast, Yuuji and Alice did the radio exercise. Afterwards, throughout the mild morning, Alice tended to the backyard farm while Yuuji was clearing the land.
After eating a light lunch, Yuuji and Alice practiced magic in the garden. After it reached Alice’s nap time, Yuuji would brandish the hatchet as weight exercise plus battle practice or something…
After the sun slipped behind the horizon, Yuuji would enter the home as it was time to teach Alice’s lessons.

Since he had begun working the land, Yuuji’s everyday schedule was generally like this. Compared to his time as a HikiNEET, his current days were relatively far healthier.

By the way, Kotarou was together with Yuuji and Alice one day, hunting-slash-patrolling surroundings the next day. It was quite hectic, but she passed her days as she pleases. She is a woman who doesn’t want to be restrained, she is a dog though.

Alright! There is no use for grumbling, so let’s do some land development! Since it is dangerous, Alice needs to step back a bit, okay?(Yuuji)

“Yes~”, Alice answered energetically, so Yuuji once again brandished the axe for today.


Currently Yuuji and Alice were trimming the branched of the tree that Yuuji had cut down.
Then suddenly, Kotarou who was watching the surroundings, hurriedly returned towards them.
She barked with open wariness, “Woofwoofwoofwoof”, she forcefully pushed Alice with her head to return to the house as if she wanted to say:

“The enemies are here, please return to the house” (Kotarou)

What’s wrong Kotarou? Is something coming? Alice, let’s return to the house together.(Yuuji)

It seemed that even Yuuji somehow perceived the strangeness of the situation.


Just as Yuuji, Alice and Kotarou entered the house’s yard, 5 goblins appeared from the forest with a rustling sound.

With the gate interposed between them, the goblins faced Yuuji’s group. It was just like the rehash when he was repulsing the first goblins’ attack.

These fellows again huh? …… However I have changed since that time. Let’s go, Kotarou!(Yuuji)

With hedge clippers in his hand, Yuuji called out to Kotarou.
Yuuji was quickly put both of his hands on the handles of the 60 cm sized clipper, and opened the 25 cm blade wide.
He extended his arm to bring down the kill beyond the gate.

However, there was one bark: “woof”. Kotarou was looking at Yuuji as if saying, “Wait a minute”, afterwards she shifted her eyes towards Alice.

Yuuji-nii, Alice want to do boom with magic!(Alice)

Maybe because she was happy that her intentions could be conveyed, Kotarou swung her tail. “Oooh, is that so? Then let’s start with Alice’s magic!” Yuuji said happily. For the first time, he could see the use of magic in battle. As a male from Japan that arrived to another world, it was inevitable that Yuuji was excitedly rejoicing.

By the way, the goblins that were ignored until now, were approaching the gate and the distance was now only about 5 meters.

Here it goes, red and hot and big flame, come out!(Alice)

Suddenly with an “Ei!” Alice brought down both of her raised hands towards the gate’s direction.
Just like the time when she practiced together with the Chuunibyou Yuuji, Alice’s magic activated.

Red and burning; emitting heat; a flame was born, it passed the gates and then exploded in the middle of 5 goblins’ flock.


The flame spread out in an instant.  The center goblin was ignited, its body surface soon burnt dark, a disagreeable scent could be sniffed in the air.
The goblins on its left and right were also burned, they began to roll on the ground to extinguish the flame.
Maybe because the remaining goblins got angry after being attacked, they recklessly rush towards the gate.

Ooo, amazing! Amazing Alice! Leave the rest to me and Kotarou. Don’t come closer, alright?(Yuuji)

One goblin had been defeated by the magic attack while the other two were incapacitated. Maybe because of this Yuuji became boasting with confidence and made a rousing statement. It might be rousing, however he included Kotarou in the head count.

“Gugyagugya” The Goblins approached the gate. Yuuji opened the large hedge clippers and passed it over the gate. Maybe because they didn’t know what it was, or maybe because they didn’t have the intellect to think about it, without paying attention to the hedge clippers, the two goblins thrust themselves between it.

*Sniipp*! *Rollrollrollroll*

Clasping the hedge clippers’ handle with both of his hands, Yuuji closed it with all of his strength.
Maybe because of his increased physical strength and the fact that the goblins rushed and went too deeply, the results were stronger than he expected.
One goblin’s head rolled down, spreading out a blue puddle of blood in front of the gate.

Woa, woooooooa…..(Yuuji)

While looking at what he had done, Yuuji bent back and stopped.

“It still haven’t over yet!.” (Kotarou)

Kicked by Kotarou’s feet, Yuuji faced the last goblin.
Maybe because it was enraged by the death of its comrade, the last goblin struck the gate with the wooden club in its hand.

Yuuji who had regained his composure, opened the hedge clippers again and after checking the timing, he closed it once more.


This time another head was meaninglessly lopped off, the clippers had cleanly severed the carotid artery. It was a mystery though if goblins indeed had carotid arteries.

Fuuh, Yuuji exhaled and shifted his attention towards the two goblins that had rolled on the ground to put out the flames. Both of them were smoldering and sent off smoke into the air, not moving a single muscle. It seemed that they were already dead.

It seems that they were already dead, however…… They might still be alive. Let’s approach them slowly, Kotarou.(Yuuji)

Opening the door, Yuuji timidly approached the dead goblins.

“It will be okay.” (Kotarou)

Kotarou leisurely approached the goblins. *Stab*Stab* Poking the goblins with the sharp end of the clippers, Yuuji muttered “Just to make sure” and beheaded the goblins.
After making so many mistakes, it seemed that Yuuji, more or less, had learned about wariness.

Alright! This time, it’s a flawless victory! All thanks to Alice’s magic! Amazing, Alice!(Yuuji)

While saying this, Alice ran towards Yuuji. He didn’t show any concern at all to a six year old watching the grotesque scene that had taken place. As expected from an unpopular man.

Ehehehehe. Yuuji-nii is also amazing! Snip snip![2](Alice)

Alice was happy and had also become shy after receiving Yuuji’s praise and Kotarou licked her face as if to say, “Good job Alice”. By the way, this little girl had a higher grotesque resistance than Yuuji. What an indomitable girl.

Alright, since I will clean this place up, Alice, please return to the house and take a break first. Kotarou will come with me, can I trust you to guard the surroundings?(Yuuji)

Yes~, Alice raised her right hand and answered with an energetic voice. What a tough girl.

And then naturally Yuuji was asking instructions from Kotarou. It seemed that Yuuji had realized that Kotarou had a higher position than him.[3]

“There is no other way, right? Leave it to me.” (Kotarou)

Kotarou barked “woof” and followed Yuuji. She is the reliable backbone of the family.

That night, Alice, who defeated 3 goblins with magic, was assailed by an intense pain.


Yuuji will always be Yuuji…

[1] In case you didn’t know what the viking manga is. It is Vinland Saga (best farming arc evar)… The two muscular male was Thorfinn and Eidnar.
[2] In case you wondering Alice is imitating the sound of scissors closing (I imagine she made a cute gesture)
[3] I face palmed while reading this line… Well… 


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