16 July 2016

Our New World - Chapter 2 Part 12

Yukkuri Oniisan

A bit of warning from the author: WARNING! HORRIBLE GRAMMAR IMMINENT!

Chapter 2: The Heaven Lords in the New World
Part 12: Le Déjeuner sur le Champ d’or

“Ugh…” (Sefi)

Sefi opened her eyes due to a sudden jolt she received. What she saw was the inside of a carriage that was jolted around due to the uneven road. Her Miss and the Karusii sisters were gathered around her. There was another girl in brownish yellow hair that she didn’t know in a high-class servant-like clothes. She and Maya seem to be talking about something. By the way, Maya was wearing a silk dress like the one nobles wore not her usual village girl dress.

“Miss Maya, Sefi has woken up.” (Chiri)

Chiri noticed that Sefi had woken up and informed the others. Zira then came to exam her.

“How do you feel Sefi?” (Zira)
“A bit weak, but I felt alright.” (Sefi)
“Is there any pain?” (Zira)
“No… My chest feels uneasy but not really a problem.” (Sefi)
“That’s good.” (Zira)
“Where am I?” (Sefi)

Maya approached her with the unknown girl.

“This is inside the carriage. From the direction, we seem to head back to the village.” (Maya)

To be honest, Sefi didn’t really understand the current situation. But since her Miss is alright, then it all that matters for her.

“And this person is?” (Sefi)
“She is Florea. She is with the group of people who subdued the bandits and helping us. I believe she is some kind of retainer or servant of the leader of this group. She also the one who heal you.” (Maya)

Sefi looked at Florea who was watching Maya and Sefi talking with interested eyes.

“I am thanking you for helping Miss and me.”  (Sefi)
Naha no sotkimase nisa. (She is thanking you)” (Maya)
Ahin keioesti? Ie firtatse tehta. (Is that so? No need for thanks)” (Florea)

It looked like the girl called Florea spoke in a language Sefi couldn’t understand. But Miss Maya somehow could speak the language. As expected from miss Maya.
Maybe because she felt relieved, Sefi felt a heavy drowsiness descended upon her mind.

“Miss, I want to take a rest.” (Sefi)
“Alright, Sefi. Have a good rest.” (Maya)

Sefi once again sleep. It might be the backlash of healing magic. Even so, Maya is glad that Sefi condition is fine.

“Then, let’s continue Miss Florea.” (Maya)

Maya then began to resume her talk with Florea. Although rather than talk, it can be said Maya was trying to learn the language that Florea used. Finding how the words ordered, what are the common used words, how the word is manipulated to change it meaning. Since the language was really different from the languages that she knows, Maya had a relatively difficult time trying to grasp how the verbs and the nouns are manipulated. (Palisan language is mostly analytic with some fusional tendency, while Loransian language is heavily agglutinating)
Even so, Maya was interested to find out the true identity of this group of people. For that, she needs to be able to communicate properly. Luckily the girl in front of him, Florea, was quite friendly, talkative and cooperating with Maya attempts. She thought, perhaps this group might be key for her aim of stable peaceful life, after all, even children that someday they would be conscripted for the constant war in Soipora that had been raging for the last 45 years and that the current Feudal Lord of the village was a power-mongering madman.

Kahmi mahta no? (what is this)” (Maya)
Mahta no osimorsi. (this is thumb) Ja mahta no minamorsi (this is forefinger) no himamorsi (this is middlefinger) no hanamorsi (this is ring finger) kaseja no norumorsi (and finally pinky).” (Florea)
No mahta osimorsi? (is this thumb?)” (Maya)
Ie. Mahta no osirafas, ie osimorsi. (No, this is big toe, not thumb) Mahna no rafas, nuko mahna no morsi. (These are toes, while these are fingers).” (Florea)
“Hmm… Then, nima no Mayana, nuko nisa no Florea (I am Mayana, while you are Florea).” (Maya)
Esno dotta, tumma sikmi huputa mahtan? (That’s true, but why mention this?)” (Florea)

Like that the crash course language lesson between Maya and Florea continued until the carriage reach the village.


Day 16 of arrival. 02-09-0002. 12.44
While Florea and Maya while still in the carriage, Yuuto had finished with transferring the authority of 6 Steel Golems that he had created in the surface to Nisani and assigned some Knights to guard the deserted city of Urlaubshaven, that Yuuto planned to turn into a resort village for Neuschwanensee citizen. Then, he dashed towards the village in a very high speed, that before long he had passed the carriages and reached the village in just under 6 minutes, it depleted his SP bar by 20%, though.
When he arrived at the village outskirt, he was greeted by the sight of numerous blue-colored flags of three conjoined golden circles in Brunnian Link, the so-called Borromean Ring, inside a silver double squares that adorned Forward Operating Base that the Gate Knights established around the landing point of Luftzeug Zwei in the northeast of the village. Not far from that place, near the edge of a field and heavily patrolled by the Knight were the makeshift open-walled pavilion that had been prepared by Kiyomi for the lunch location. By the way, the maids group was still in the village distributing relief supplies, while Mitteherz and his diplomatic staff were talking with the village leaders.

“Welcome back, Dear Husband. Please enter, your meal had been prepared.” (Kiyomi)
“Thank you for waiting, Kiyomi.” (Yuuto)
“Thank you Dear Husband, but this too is a wife obligation.” (Kiyomi)

After exchanging greetings with Kiyomi who was waiting in front of the door and being stared at by the young girl trio, Yuuto entered the pavilion and was greeted by the phrase “welcome back” by the rest of the girls.

They then enjoyed the lunch-slash-picnic. On the table were various kind of sandwiches, gimbabs/makisushis (or seaweed rice rolls), onigiris, pastries, fried meats and vegetables, bread and pickles with fresh juices and teas as the beverage. The green-yellow wheat look-a-like plant beyond the open-wall pavilion that spanned far and wide swayed under the wind, creating undulation similar to the waves in the ocean, was worthy of a painting scene.

“……like a Van Gogh (バンゴッホBan Gohho) painting.” (Tsukimi)
“……what number (ばんごう Bangou)?” (Mizuki)
“… She means the painter, Van Gogh, not a number, but then again, an uncultured girl like you won’t know him.” (Stella)
“Hey, do you just insult me? Even I know him. He’s the guy who draws the apples painting right?” (Mizuki)
“Pfft, wrong… That’s should be Paul Cezanne, you know?” (Stella)
“Eh? But I’m sure he also draw apples?” (Mizuki)
“……Umm… Van Gogh also draws a painting of apples…” (Tsukimi)
“…… Huh?” (Stella)
“See… I am right! *smirk*” (Mizuki)
“Why you…*grrr*” (Stella)
“Now, now, Stella-san. Remember, you are much older than Mizuki-san.” (Ichiko)

How could a talk about a painting lead to a fight? Also isn’t painters always draw a painting or two of apples? (This is just Yuuto’s preconception of painter)
Well, let’s just think that if they fight with each other, then that means they are close. Still, Yuuto was rather impressed by the unexpected side of the girls.

“It’s unexpected that Stella and Tsukimi know about painting.” (Yuuto)
“Well, Tsukimi is in the Arts Club after all. For your information, I am in Broadcasting Club” (Mizuki)
“My mother is an Arts Teacher.” (Stella)
“Eh???” (Saki)(Mizuki)
“Is this really supposedly to be shocking? What’s wrong with that?” (Stella)
“Nothing, we just like to make a grandiose reaction. Yeay~” (Saki)

Saki made a high five with Mizuki that somehow turn into a hand clapping game while Tsukimi sang the Mochi Pounding song. The young girl trio was as friendly as always.
Meanwhile, Stella then began to sulk(?) and gulp a whole cake to her mouth… It’s a mystery how she could eat cake like that…
‘Eh, cake for lunch? Really? Are you Marie Antoinette?’ Yuuto began retorting in his mind. He won’t say it out loud, though.

The lunch-picnic continue as the girls trio stopped playing their clapping game and resume their eating. Yuuto continued chatting with Ichiko about Neuschwanensee status. Luckily the scale of the food and material aid to the village hardly cause that many dents on the Neuschwanensee’s reserve food stockpile level due to recent abundant harvest. But since even after using Player’s Inventory, it was quite hard to transport such large amount of materials to this village. Further aid delivery would either need air, water or land route. Since Luftzeug Zwei wasn’t optimized for cargo delivery (it was experimental craft testbed), there are no direct road from Neuschwanensee to the village and the water route was rather complicated since they need to go downstream first before going upstream, Yuuto thought to ask the Engineer corps for whether it was possible to construct road to the village which can then be extended to join the Old Road to Urlaubshaaven.

“Yuuto-san, I heard from Kiyomi that you went to subjugate the bandit?” (Ichiko)
“Ah, yes. After all, the bandits captured several villagers and the villagers seems to ask me to save them.” (Yuuto)
“Oh… Then-then, tell me-tell me!” (Saki)

‘Saki, calm down, your grammar becomes broken.’
Saki came and hug Yuuto’s arm and then plead with a childish tone. But the real problem was Yuuto’s arm was in the middle of the valley of the shadow of death… Yes, there was a deep valley and there were some really deathly stare, hence valley of the shadow of death. Yuuto didn’t have any intention to try to find who was looking with grim-reaper stare at him. Some truth better left uncovered, not every question need to be answered.
While putting the enthusiastic Saki back at her seat, Yuuto began to narrate his meeting with the boy and the village women, the tracks in the forest, the old road, the deserted settlement, the ruined fort…

“That place have a good scenery. After it had received some renovation, let’s find a time to visit it.” (Yuuto)
“““Yeay~””” (Saki)(Mizuki)(Stella)
‘Eh… Et tu, Stella?’ (Yuuto)

Although side tracked a bit, Yuuto continued his story about fighting with the bandits (the sanitized version, of course, no mentioning about cutting arms and legs), rescuing the captives, getting stabbed with a knife… He omitted this part of course. After all Stella would ridicule him to no end if she knows. Also, he omitted the part with creating a homunculus.
After hearing this, the young girl trio seems to be enticed by Yuuto’s story. After all saving village and subjugating bandit are the basic of basics of RPG games. But Ichiko began to have shadow hovered over her expression (and heart).

“Yuuto-san. You might not need to answer this if you want to, but the bandits are humans, right? So… do you……” (Ichiko)
“……… Yes, the bandits are humans. And for the second questions. Yes.” (Yuuto)
“I-I see…” (Ichiko)
“……” (Stella)

Yuuto felt that he didn’t need to hide or cover it and so he answered truthfully. Stella seems to notice the implicit meaning and so she couldn’t help herself to see Yuuto with a different light.
Yes… Yuuto. The man who was calmly eating in front of them is a bona fide “Murderer”. A Murder is a Murder, no matter how much it was sugar coated with excuse and justification, it is still an act of depriving life from others, an universal malum in se. Unlike the people who lives in turbulent times, the girls came from a relatively peaceful society of Japan that was one of the countries with the lowest murder rates per population in the world. They hardly ever meet with murderers, let alone associate with one. So to be honest, they were afraid of Yuuto a bit and was uncertain how they should act near him from now on.
Even though they could easily slay monsters, killing human beings were different. It might be easy to just see it as numbers on some news site, but it was different when you are the one who make that number itself. After all, it was hard to go against the norm without feeling guilt. That’s why you need to train people to kill, objectify the enemy, and rationalize the cause. Someone who kills without a guilt would be called as a psycho, not a hero. That’s why stories usually have targets that the protagonist could kill without guilty consciousness, like demons, monsters, zombies, aliens, giant bugs, criminals, communists, middle-eastern terrorists…
Can they do this? Will they do this? Ichiko and Stella can be considered as the adults among the girls so maybe there would be no problem, but could they let the teenagers Saki and others do the same?
Maybe because they noticed Stella and Ichiko suddenly had dark mood around them, the girls trio began to ponder if there were any problem.
Suddenly, Kiyomi began to speak. Her tone was gentle yet firm.

“Whatever Dear Husband do, I believe Dear Husband had thought about it thoroughly and so I believe in Dear Husband’s decision. Dear Husband, are they… bad people?” (Kiyomi)
“……… Yeah. They are bad people. Really bad people.” (Yuuto)

He had seen what the bandits had done with his God’s Authority, but he shouldn’t mention this to them. After all, there was no point mentioning all those murders, rapes, and wanton violence to the girls. Due to this reason, he hardly felt any guilt, though. After all, bad people need to be punished. Even baby knew about this, as the infant morality studies had shown that they prefer individuals with prosocial behavior. Then again, this might just his rationalization and justification.
Without any hesitation, Kiyomi grabbed Yuuto’s hand and held it tight while she looks directly at Yuuto’s eyes with a sublime smile.

“Then, I believe that Dear Husband has done the right thing.” (Kiyomi)
“Thank you Kiyomi. I’ll really appreciate it.” (Yuuto)

Yuuto replied back with a pleasant smile at Kiyomi.

“……I too believe in Yusis.” (Chie)

Chie placed her hand atop Kiyomi and Yuuto’s hand. This might be his overthinking, but Yuuto felt a sense of displeasure from both Chie and Kiyomi.

“Then, I too believe in Yuuto-san!” (Mizuki)
“Yeah, me too!” (Saki)
“……I am the same.” (Tsukimi)

The girls trio joined in. Although it was doubtful if they really understand the current situation.

“I may have thought this too much. Just like Kiyomi-san said, I think Yuuto-san must have reason behind it.” (Ichiko)
“I-I believe in you too. After all, you are not a bad person… I think.” (Stella)

Ichiko and Stella also joined in. This was like a team huddle before a game.

“Fight Ou!” (Saki)

Maybe because she thought like that, Saki suddenly raised her hand and yelled out a shout. The other girls and Yuuto unconsciously responded with “Ou!” Then they returned back to their seat and continue their repeatedly interrupted lunch-picnic.
Even if he is indeed a murderer. Yuuto is still the same Yuuto, their kind and reliable guildmate. Based on his personality that he had shown back in the game and after arrived in this place, he was a person who does murder not out of malice aforethought, but necessitated by the situation. At least that how Ichiko and Stella want to believe.


After they had finished with the lunch. The girls trio was playing with the wheat look-a-like with Chie supervising them not far from the pavilion, leaving Yuuto, Kiyomi, Ichiko and Stella in the pavilion sipping teas while enjoying the green and golden waves.
They were talking about what should they do with the village.
Since they had gained the trust from the village, Yuuto thought to make the village as a local information source. After all, there are many things they don’t know about this new reality they found themselves in, such as the level of the technology, society, government, language, religion, magic, etc. It would be nice if the locals could voluntarily provide the answers. Since Ichiko was also interested in the local crops, Yuuto thought to ask locals for the seeds. Too bad they still had many difficulty in understanding the language. Even though the villagers could serve as a mediator to good relationship with local government. But for that Yuuto need to wait until Mitteherz and his staff successful in their discussion with the village elders.
Yuuto was a bit concerned about the possibility that he had offended local government by doing what was basically unlawful border entry and illegal goods import. After all only wiseless person would seek enemy in unknown lands. Although the bandits he just ‘pwned’ was very weak, that didn’t means that there are no people stronger than Yuuto. After all in RAHO Yuuto were just ranked in [10-12.5%] bracket. In a game with several million active players, that means there are still hundred thousand players stronger than him. Yuuto might be as big as Tuna, but there are still a lot of Whales in the Ocean. Being conceited over his own power was a sure receipt to doom.
As for the native government, even after 4 days after he opened the gates, there wasn’t any local leaders or government representatives visiting Neuschwanensee. Even the nearest city, codenamed “MDL-1 City” (since the Native name was unknown), located just outside the Eastern Gems Gate, had closed their gates and was in a state of high alert, according to the scout. By the way, the village where Yuuto visited right now was called “ADL-13 Village”.
While they were still discussing about how they help to rebuild the villages, Kiyomi mentioned the matter that all the girls had agreed to do before as she poured the sweet honeyed tea at Yuuto’s cup.

“Dear Husband. We want to ask this to you. This is something that everyone had agreed upon.” (Kiyomi)
“Hm? What is it, Kiyomi?” (Yuuto)

Yuuto was a bit intrigued as it was rare for the girls to agree upon something, other than “Bath Usage Schedule” (since the girls bath together… and no, Yuuto didn’t dare enter the Holy Land, after all, his Hiding Skill is lower than Chie and the Twins’ Detection Skill) .

“When Dear Husband was away, we felt…… we sensed something.” (Kiyomi)
“Hm?” (Yuuto)
“That feeling… so antagonistic… and… impure for the lack of better words.” (Ichiko)
“There is something… in the forest… it just like… a monster… How should I say it? Feel familiar.” (Stella)
“Yes, Dear Husband. There are… presences in the forest… and when its… scent?... pulsed?... we detected it.” (Kiyomi)

Kiyomi, Ichiko, and Stella had trouble to describe the phenomena that they just felt not long before Yuuto come. Which reminds Yuuto of the same foreboding feeling he received when inside the ruined fort.

“Feeling something with malice in the forest………… Perhaps that is…” (Yuuto)
“The Instance.” (Chie)

Chie came with the three girls and spoke out the words. It seemed that they noticed that Yuuto and the pavilion girls began talking about serious stuff.

“Instance?” (Stella)
“Yes… Now that you mention it. I think so too.” (Ichiko)
“So that means there is an Instance near here?” (Saki)
“Then that was what we felt before?” (Stella)
“Something like leaking out aura… No…… leaking out malice? Ugh… hard to find the words.” (Mizuki)

This might be the first time they clearly felt the malice that was emitted by a corrupted Divine Shard. Even so, the girls (except or Chie) seemed surprised by the existence of Instance in this place. After all, Instances are from the game, and this world is not a game, right? Then perhaps that Instance also were transported to this world. There might be a connection between them.

“I think the pack of Roareaf Wolves that attacked us before had a connection with this.” (Yuuto)
“Roareaf Wolves? If I’m not wrong… The Instance with Roareaf Wolves and located in the forest is…” (Ichiko)
“Deep Forest of Devouring Howls.” (Chie)
“That instance??? Ugh… I hate that instance…” (Stella)
“Why so, Stella-sensei-sama?” (Saki)
“Any Fire or Heat effect magic couldn’t be used in that Forest.” (Ichiko)
“Also the Forest layout changed each hour.” (Yuuto)
“…The constant howling gives movement speed debuffs.” (Chie)
“Yeah… So annoying you need to turn off the Background Sounds… Also the number of mobs are ridiculously high, it’s unfair…” (Stella)

Stella reminded of the horror she had when she was just a low-mid rank player. Well, except for Yuuto, Chie, and Ichiko, the others never cleared or entered that Instance before.

“Anyway, it seems that the Instance might hold a clue of why we are transported to this place and so I actually wanted to go check the instance but…” (Yuuto)
“You got sidetracked by Side Quest Save the Village! and Eradicate the Bandits!, right?” (Ichiko)
“You can say it like that…” (Yuuto)
“If the Instance really has a clue of how to go back home, then what we are waiting for, let’s go!” (Mizuki)
“Hold your horses, Mizuki.” (Yuuto)
“What now?” (Mizuki)
“While it might be true. But we can’t just enter an Instance without preparation. Even if we go to that place right now, it would only for reconnaissance.” (Yuuto)
“…… You’re right…” (Mizuki)
“Mii-chan…” (Tsukimi)
“Cheer up.” (Saki)

Mizuki suddenly became enthusiastic when Yuuto mentioned about a clue. However, even in the game, entering Instance need proper preparation such as equipment check, stockpiling potion and magic tools, examining current Instance monster distribution, adjusting macro command, etc. Now that the Instance had become “real”, they must not enter in Leeroy Jenkins style. Who know how the Instance would be translated into this world’s logic. In the worst case, it could become a total party kill.
Mizuki was a bit disheartened, but the other girls began to cheer her so her expression soon brightened. In the first place, she was not a gloomy girl.

“At the very least, we will try to clear the Instance tomorrow morning, so please prepare yourself until then.” (Yuuto)
“Alright!” (Mizuki)

Yuuto patted Mizuki’s head while reassuring her. When he noticed what his hand had done, he quickly retracted his hand back. Fortunately, Mizuki seemed didn’t hate it, but somehow Tsukimi and Saki began to stare at Yuuto’s hand.
All of a sudden, a Knight kneeled before the pavilion and shouted out.

“Report Lord Highnesses! We detect a large group of armed people approaching this place. We are waiting for your order!” (Knight)

The girls seemed to be a bit perturbed by this news. Yuuto then began to inquire.

“Estimate time to arrival? Number? Composition?” (Yuuto)
“10 minutes. The group is composed of about 50 lightly armored horse cavalry armed with lances and swords.” (Knight)
“It’s knights!” (Saki)
“So… Finally, the clichéd Knights came out…” (Stella)
“They might be coming to defeat the bandits.” (Mizuki)
“But Yuuto-san had defeated all the bandits, right?” (Saki)
“Ah… But I don’t bring any captured bandits with me, though.” (Yuuto)
“Either way, I think we shouldn’t do anything that could provoke them.” (Ichiko)
“I agree with Ichiko-san, Dear Husband. We should demonstrate that we are not a hostile force.” (Kiyomi)
“I also think along those thoughts. Do the others agree?” (Yuuto)

The rest of the girls nodded.
Either way, it was unlikely that the bandits would be composed fully of light cavalry. Yuuto guessed that perhaps this group is from a local ruler. Either way until they sure that the group isn’t hostile, better to prepare than to regret.

“Ask everyone to stand down. Do not retaliate except if the other side attacked first. Inform the Guardian Maids and Mitteherz to withdraw from the village and return to Luftzeug Zwei Landing Place. Ask all Company Commanders to meet with me.” (Yuuto)
“Yes, Lord Highness!” (Knight)

Yuuto then made a wry smile and faced the girls who were showing a rather tense expression on the account of the unknown group.
In the worst case if they are indeed hostile… Then perhaps, this will be the first time the girls would get their first blood…
But if it’s possible, Yuuto wouldn’t let their hand be stained, just his own.


Q&A Section (since not every story point can be written without breaking the narrative):

Q1. How Mayana could learn language that fast?
A1. She is a Natural Linguist Lv4. Yeah, she had this unique skill. She is also helluva smart. She observed the words repetition, placement, possible meaning, and characteristics. In other words, she unconsciously use natural statistical properties of language to deduce its structure, including sound patterns, words, and the beginnings of grammar. The so called linguistic computational method. She is after all, come from an educated nobility background.
Q1a. Then why can’t Florea do the same?
A1a. Florea isn’t that smart (she is the lowest 3 among the Guardian with Mesidora and Temidora in intelligence, even when she is a magician [RAHO magic came from SOUL stats not MIND stats]), but she do picking up some native words from Maya (hence she was observing Maya talking). However, her progress is much slower than Maya.

Q2. Kiyomi sent 500 Knights to Yuuto, what happened to them?
A2. They are the one who guard and operates the carriages that brought the goods and captives back to the village. Since only dozens actually needed, the rest were just scouting the surroundings or clearing the route for the carriages or guarding Urlaubshaaven.

Q3. What is Yuuto asked Nisani to do?
A3. Resurrection experiments, after all Yuuto still don’t know how resurrection mechanics work in this world. He got a nice 50s guinea pigs after all.

Q4. Why Luftzeug Zwei need to be carried by Crystal Dragon Princess?
A4. Luftzeug Zwei is still not installed with Aerodynamic Engine alias the propulsion engine, since it was still in the atmospheric floating test stage. Sothe CDP Chang’E acted as the “engine” hardly a proper task for a Celestial Dragon. Even though Chang’E want to protest, she couldn’t disobey Kiyomi, her summoner. Why Kiyomi don’t summon normal dragon? Normal dragons aren’t cute. There is a reason why except for the mechanical Arandur (Yuuto’s gift), the rest of her Guardian Spirit summons were composed of beautiful girls/women even though they are not that strong or low tier summons.

Q5: Why the players translation function don’t include natives language?
A5: Because the native languages are not supported by the company who release the game. :P The real answer is *spoiler**spoiler**spoiler**spoiler*

Q6: What is an Instance?
A6: Instance, the Dungeon Maps of RAHO. Each Instance had a various theme, levels depth, enemies, drops, traps, etc. It could be said other than hunting Gigantic Monster in the Field Maps, clearing the numerous Instances of RAHO was one of the main RAHO gameplay focus. It was because Divine Shards only could be found inside the Instances and clearing an Instance would grant the players a random Divine Shard. If the player didn’t have that Divine Shard before then he would have an increase in his DSL. Since what players receive what Divine Shard on an Instance were randomized at the Character Creation, no player knew which Instance had the Divine Shard they required to DSL UP. This force players to scour over two hundreds Instance in RAHO.

Q7: Why the girls didn’t felt the malice aura from the instance when they were following Yuuto and Chie before?
A7: First, they were quite far behind Yuuto and Chie. Second, their DSL were still low than Yuuto or Chie. Even the highest DSL Stella barely able to detect it. If Ichiko was there, she could detect it, though.

Q8: Why Yuuto thought that it will be unlikely that the bandits would be composed fully of light cavalry. Haven’t he heard of nomadic raiders like Scythian, Turkic and Mongol tribes?
A8: The place they are now is a heavily forested hilly region far from any vast grassland. Mountain bandits akin to Eurasian nomads would be hardly come to place like this. Or so he thought. Also bandits will need a lot of capital to procure equipment and horse for light cavalry.

South-Eastern Midzu continent:

The Holy Land of Neuschwanensee:

Neuschwanensee and the surrounding area (Mittagsland and Abendrotsland):


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