15 July 2016

Genjitsushugi Yuusha no Oukokusaikenki. Arc 3 Chapter 1A

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Yukkuri Oniisan

Postwar Arc
Chapter 1 Project Lorelei A

Several days after the series of battles.: Inside the military affairs room in Van’s Castle, the map of the surrounding area was unfolded atop the big table, while Liecia, Ludwin, temporary Army Supreme Commander Glaive, Hakuya – who had returned after finishing with the affairs at Crimson Dragon Castle Town, and I were looking at the map’s pictures. Looking at the map, the Kingdom has only gained control of the enemy’s capital Van and the surrounding areas, so the Kingdom’s northwest border has only shifted west a little. Any land outside of this area was still currently the territory of the Amidonia Dukedom. I then inquired to Ludwin.

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Has there been any counteroffensive movements from the Amidonia Dukedom’s side?(Souma)
……Nothing Your Majesty, there are no conspicuous movements.(Ludwin)
Affronting everything discretion men now own did
After replying, Ludwin placed several small pieces on the towns surrounding Vanthat were still in Amidonian hands. This might be the current Amidonian Army’s deployment positions.
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Please look at this, they stopped at these positions and only strengthened the defense of the towns that are surrounding Van. Perhaps the damage they suffered in the last battle was so severe, that they gave up recapturing Van though their own power……(Ludwin)
So they are waiting for the Empire’s Army’s arrival, huh?(Souma)
Is allowance instantly strangers applauded discourse so
Next, I sent my line of sight towards Hakuya.
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By the way, how much is the war potential difference between the Empire and the Kingdom?(Souma)
They surpass our country’s national power, population, number of soldiers, technology and wealth. If we only count the number of soldiers, they have five times more men than us. If the amount of equipments is factored into the calculation, then bam! Their power will increase twice further.(Hakuya)
Increase Bam! Furthermore twice! Isn’t this Quiz Derby?[1](Souma)
? What do you mean?(Hakuya)
…… No, it’s nothing. I understand that they are a country we must not turn into an opponent. We were somehow able to do something about this upuntil now, but it will be necessary to think about what to do from now on.(Souma)

I shrugged and Glaive let out a sigh.
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Fuh, how regrettable. Even though it is possible for us to seize all of Amidonia right now.(Gl)
Is that so? I don’t really want them though.(Souma)
I sat on my chair and rested my chin on my hand.[2]

Although this country has many abundant mining resources, it is too poor. Our country has also only just now been saved from the food shortage. At any rate, we could manage if it was only this town and its surroundings, but we don’t have any leftover resource to support the entirety of Amidonia. On the other hand, it would draw unnecessary enmity if we only seized the mines.(Souma)

Well, if the Empire was coming, then either option would be the same. No matter how much effort we made or territory we snatched, when the Empire shows up, we cannot help but to return our spoils. It would be the same with this city, Van.

Furthermore, the hate towards Elfrieden in Amidonia is too deep. It seems that this ideology has been indoctrinated for many generations. Even with a military occupation, it would be hard to rule this land safely.[3](Souma)
That’s true…… We had managed it up until now since there is a large army here, but assuming that we place a governor later to govern this land, the populace probably wouldn’t abide by his rule.(Liscia)

I nodded at what Liscia had pointed out.
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Yeah. That’s why I plan to “tame” that resentment first.(Souma)
Taming the resentment?(Liscia)
Yes. I have already summoned the talented person for that purpose.(Souma)
Is allowance instantly strangers applauded discourse so
Then, there was a knocking sound from the door of the military affairs room. I said, Enterand then a blue-haired beauty entered the room after saying, Excuse me. Today, she didn’t wear her usual songstress attire of the Café Lorelei, but the white Naval uniform that gave her an appearance of a military officer. The blue-haired beauty stood in front of me and instead of a firm salute she gave an elegant bow.
Affronting everything discretion men now own did
Navy Grand Admiral Excel’s subordinate, Juna Doma, has arrived to answer Your Majesty’s summons.(Juna)
Well-well, Juna-san. Thank you for coming. Your appearance in uniform is fabulous.(Souma)
To show such a disgraceful appearance for Your Majesty to see, I feel the utmost shame.(Juna)
No-no, rather I would like you to show more of your various other sides.(Souma)
Oh my, Your Majesty, that is quite a smooth way of talking.(Juna)
……Geez. Both of you never tire of doing this……(Liscia)
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We did our usual exchange of words and Liscia glared at us with cold eyes. Yeah, well, it’s the cliché. It might be disliked by Liscia, but I found my polite lip service exchange with Juna-san to be quite enjoyable. How should I say it, but to be gently admonished by an adult lady is somewhat pleasant. Our age doesn’t even differ by one year, though.

If Juna-san doesn’t object to it, then I could continue this indefinitely.(Souma)
Yes. Forever.(Juna)
……I wonder why? But I feel really irritated when seeing both of you like this.(Liscia)

So-somehow, I saw an unusual aura from Liscia for the first time, so let’s continue the serious talk, since I didn’t call Juna-san from the southern area just to exchange words like that. Juna-san showed a smile when she saw Liscia and my situation. Juna-san is very mature…… well, of course she is.
Affronting everything discretion men now own did
*cough* What I want to say is that I have summoned Juna-san. Then, t-(Souma)
To be a feast for Souma’s eyes?(Liscia)
Stop teasing me. Of course it’s not for that reason.(Souma)

Liscia abruptly turned her face away. Ah…… I made her completely angry. Everyone other than Juna-san made a wry smile. After this, I need to do a proper patching up …… Well, compared to how she acted in the beginning, seeing her properly behave like a teenage girl of her age, made me a bit happy inside.
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Well, anyway, the reason why Juna-san had been summoned is to put the plan that I had made to practice.(Souma)
Is allowance instantly strangers applauded discourse so
 When Liscia asked me, I answered with full confidence.

Yes. I call it Project Lorelei』」(Souma)

 ◇ ◇ ◇

We moved from the office room to the throne room, where three women were already kneeling in waiting. The three women were of different races, appearances and ages. One was an elf with dark brown hair. One was a girl with a lovely and cute appearance. One was a slender cat-eared beastkin girl. The three of them had looks that can only be described as beautiful (bijo and bishoujo). After seeing me sit down at the throne, Juna-san began to introduce them.

As per Your Majesty’s desires, I have brought along the talented people.(Juna)
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I said, There is no need to act too formal. Please be at ease., and the four women stood up and bowed, 「「「Thank you very much」」」.  At that moment, Liscia who stood beside me showed a “nice smile” towards me.[4]
Affronting everything discretion men now own did
Nee-nee[5], Souma?(Liscia)
Wh-, what is it?(Souma)
Don’t tell me that because you were in a good mood after Van capitulated, you thought to have “kyakya-ufufu” with girls waiting upon you, right?(Liscia)

Crap. Her face was smiling, but her heart was completely not smiling at all.

That’s wrong! These girls were only summoned because they are essential for the plan this time!
I mean, you had said that you would permit 8 people before, right?(Souma)
I really did say that, but you know…… If it’s Aisha and the others, I won’t mind, but this conduct of gathering beautiful women like this using your authority is too much, you see……(Liscia)
That’s why I have been saying that that’s wrong. You know about the Talent Gathering where I said If you have talent then I will use you! from before, right?(Souma)
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During that Talent Gathering, the ones who received grand positions were only five people, but behind them, there were many people who received their appointments and the country made a list of them and published it. For example, the people with great arithmetic talents were employed as bureaucrats. The one from the turtleman race (average lifespan of 800 years) who had said, I have read books from as far back as hundreds of years ago. I won’t lose to anyone in the knowledge of literature had been appointed as the future chief librarian of the new city currently under construction.
Is allowance instantly strangers applauded discourse so
Furthermore, even if they participated in the competition and lost to people of different or of similar talents, as long as they really do have the talent, then I will appoint them. For example, the winner of the battle competition,Kingdom’s Number One Martial Arts Tournament[7] , was Aisha, but if there were those with talent amongst the people who had been defeated by her, then they were invited into the Royal Army’s Honor Guard under my direct command. But then, the Honor Guard at that time was just seen as decoration corps, so the number of people who actually responded to the invitation was small……

Then, the girls who were assembled in this place were those who had been defeated by Juna-san in the entertainment contest,Kingdom of Talent[8] and the beauty contest, Elfrieden Beautiful Girl Grand Prix[9] and had been confirmed to possess talents in singing and beauty.
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After that Talent Gathering, I scouted these girls through Juna-san. Now then, don’t you remember the discussion on how I wanted to make an entertainment program using the Royal Broadcast?(Souma)
Ah…… Yeah, you did say something like that.(Liscia)

Liscia seemed to remember it. Now that she had finally dropped her sharp attitude, I could at last continue the discussion in peace.
Affronting everything discretion men now own did
For that entertainment program, I want to start with a Popular Music Show. Since there will be no one who will have bad feelings after hearing a beautiful singing voice. These girls are the handpicked candidate songstresses that will perform in that program. From after the day they were scouted all the way until recently, they have been receiving lessons in both singing and dancing at the Café Lorelei where Juna-san worked.(Souma)

Well, the program’s schedule had probably ended up being switched out of order. Originally I wanted to start with a Singing Contest to accustom the Citizens for the thing called Popular Music Show. Then, when they had become accustomed to the concept, then these girls would begin their debut as “Idol”s. However, if I broadcasted under the “current situation” then I need to step up to the next level and aim for the first impact. That’s what my idea introduced.

By the way, what I mean by “Idol” was the Showa-like[10] concept of Beautiful Woman with Skillful Singing.[11] Since they didn’t currently have any concept of an “Idol”, they wouldn’t comprehend it if I suddenly made an idol group that deal with many things.[12] If it was the single singer format, then the populace could recognize it since there were already similar concepts such as a street minstrel, music café or songstress bar.

I see, then that is Project Lorelei?...... But, then that means you will do it right now?(Liscia)

I understood Liscia’s doubt. She might not understand exactly why I wanted to start an entertainment program when we have just currently seized Amidonia’s capital city…… However,

It is because right now is the right time. Well then, Juna-san, start the introductions.(Souma)
As you wish, Your Majesty.(Juna)
Is allowance instantly strangers applauded discourse so
Leaving the confused Liscia aside for now, Juna-san bowed and began to introduce the girls. First was the rightmost brown-haired elf-eared woman. Although I imagined elves to have blonde hair, which reminded me, I had also seen elves in foreign movies that had the same brown colored hair. She was fair-skinned and had saffron-colored irises. Her age based off of her appearance might be in the mid-twenties. Her manner was also dignified and gave off an impression similar to a career woman.

She is Chris Tachyon-san[13]. Just like her appearance, she is a half-elf.(Juna)
Greetings, Your Majesty. I am Chris Tachyon.(Chris)
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Chris gave her greetings while putting her hand in front of the stomach and dong a 45 degree bow. Such an adult-like gesture reminded me of a flight attendant. Juna-san then began to explain Chris’ talent.

She is a former minstrel with a beautiful singing voice, but she is also fantastic in poetic recitation. Her voice is pleasant on the ears and she can recite the lines skillfully. The poetry narrated by her has a completely vivid feel to it as though it were cut out from the scenery itself. I think that while she can debut as a songstress, she is more suited for the task of a reporting news program, but might this be permitted?(Juna)
I see. So appointing her not as a songstress, but as a news announcer instead.(Souma)

Certainly she had a pleasant voice for the ears and she also pronounced her words well. Since a female announcer also had an “Idol”-like facet, then wouldn’t this be an unexpectedly wonderful idea? I asked for paper and pen from Hakuya and wrote a sentence on the paper before handing it over to Chris-san.

Can you try to read the sentence written there for a moment?(Souma)
This? Umm…… This program is a work of fiction, any resemblance to actual people, organizations, locales or events, is entirely coincidental.』」(Chris)
Hm. What a wonderful voice. She seems to be able to read the manuscript too, just like what Juna-san had suggested. You will be appointed to the news program.(Souma)
Thank you very much.(Chris)

Chris-san bowed again with a smile. Liscia, who was beside me, asked with a low voice, What is the meaning of the sentence that she read just now?, so I answered, also with a low voice, It is something that is handed down in my world. You will be safe as long as you say these magic words.[14] While we were talking about this, Juna-san introduced the next person. This time, it was a girl with a cute appearance and had a similar age to Tomoe-chan. Her frilly lolita-style garments suited her well.

Her name is Pamyu Carol-san[15] of the Youngling Race[16](Juna)
I am Pamyu desu. Greetings desu.[17] (Pamyu)

Pamiyu made a slight bow. Such a gesture was really cute, but……
Is allowance instantly strangers applauded discourse so
Youngling Race? Like a Dwarf?(Souma)
No, not “Dwarf” but “Youngling”. Just like Elves, there are many races that stop aging physically at a certain point, but it is especially obvious in the Youngling Race, since when they become an adult, their appearance doesn’t differ from that of a 12 year old child. Even though Pamyu-san has this appearance, she is much older than me.(Juna)
Really!? So this world has such a race like this?(Souma)
Affronting everything discretion men now own did
Isn’t this the ultimate “shota” and “lolita” race? What should I say, but this race made me very worried. Maybe I should make a sanctuary somewhere and place a signboard that says Yes, Lolishota. No, Touch where they will be protected by various “gentlemen”. Also, although I had ignored it until now, but this world also has dwarves. I hope that they don’t have any strange rings, though……[18] While I was thinking about this, I sent a side glance towards Juna-san and she continued her explanation.

She is someone who possesses a beautiful bell-like singing voice. She is especially proficient at singing a cute song in a cute way…… Since I have long passed such an age, I am not suited anymore to that kind of song, so I’m a bit envious of her talent.(Juna)
No way, I envy Juna-san more desu. Today, I planned to wear a strapless dress to meet with His Majesty, but since it couldn’t hold on in certain places, it was considered to be impossible desu.[19](Pamyu)
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Juna-san and also Pamyu-san had a thousand-yard stare in their eyes. I could understand if it was Pamiyu, but it seemed that Juna-san was also worried about her mature appearance. From the viewpoint of an ordinary person, they should be satisfied if they had some points where they excelled more than another person, but this might be what they call “the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.” Which reminds me, in the film that I once saw, there was this line, The older woman wants to be treated as if they are younger, the younger woman wants to be treated as if they are older. Since Juna-san is just a bit older than me, I don’t only want to be spoiled like a child by her kindness, but also to have the capability that she could rely upon once in awhile.
Is allowance instantly strangers applauded discourse so
The next person is Nanna Kamidzuki-san[20]. Just like her appearance, she is from Beastkin Race.(Juna)
He~llo~♪ It’s Nanna daze~♪(Nanna)

The cat-eared girl said so with a wide grin. She was maybe about 15-16 years old? She didn’t dress up like the other two, and wore a tube-like dress and there were a football[21] supporter like paint lines on her face. Her appearance gave off an impression that could be said as a girl from a fishermen background. Glaive wanted to rebuke her for her frank behavior towards Royalty, but I raised my hand to stop him. I sensed a peculiar accent in her words (since The Hero Power granted automatic translation in my ears, I wouldn’t notice this if this was just a change of intonation).
Affronting everything discretion men now own did
Perhaps, she is just not that familiar with the Elfrieden Language.(Souma)
That is correct, Your Majesty. She migrated from the Nine Headed Dragons Archipelago five years ago and lived amongst the robust fishermen in a seaside village. So please, show leniency for her impolite behavior.(Juna)

Juna-san immediately covered her with sound arguments. I see, so she was an emigrant from the Nine Headed Dragon Archipelago. Including Elfrieden, many nations in the Continent use something that can be considered an international language in addition to the local languages. However, there were also many isolated nations such as the Nine Headed Dragon Archipelago that only used their native language.

So, can she sing like that?(Souma)
There is no problem in that matter. When she is singing sailor’s shanties when fishing, her voice is vigorous, combining both that of a girl and a boy’s voice, and is more superior than I ay singing tunes that sound cool. I believe she has a good affinity to the “anisong” that Your Majesty had taught me.(Juna)
Really?! Can she sing something?(Souma)
Yes, Your Majesty. I have taught her a tune as a test. Nanna-san, may I ask for you to perform?(Juna)
Ou♪! Leave it to Nanna(Nanna)
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When Juna-san asked her, Nanna began to gleefully sing. What she sang was Yamamoto Masayuki-san’s Ah! Reversal King![22]. Ummm. Juna-san, why did you choose this song? Certainly this is an anisong, sounds cool, and really suits Nanna’s singing voice. But you know, this is… I then asked Liscia with a whisper.
Is allowance instantly strangers applauded discourse so
By the way, do you and the others understand the meaning of the lyrics?[23](Souma)
I don’t. It’s like hearing a song of an unknown language. But I understand that this is a cool song.(Liscia)
Well, if you can understand that, then it will be good…… Perhaps.(Souma)
Affronting everything discretion men now own did
After this, maybe I need to ask someone to write lyrics in the Elfrieden Language. When she had finished singing, Nanna turned towards me with a wide grin.

King♪! How is it~?(Nanna)
……Ah, it’s amazing.(Souma)
Then, this is good ze~♪(Nanna)

After saying this, Nanna said My turn has ended, right? and got back into place with a brisk pace…… What a truly unique girl. Her bashfulness, her novelty, and her movements on the large screen would be shining. Perhaps, she is going to be the number one idol amongst these girls. Now then, since everyone had finished with their introductions, I stood out and began to speak to Juna-san.

You have gathered such splendidly talented people. You have my gratitude.(Souma)
Such words are unworthy for me.(Juna)

Juna-san elegantly bowed. Alright, with this, all the pieces have been present. With these three girls in addition to Juna-san, who is suited for mellow adult songs, we will make the Elfrieden Kingdom’s first Popular Song Show.
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Then, that will not only be broadcasted to the Elfrieden Kingdom, but also to the “Amidonia Dukedom”.


I think the title can now be changed to : “A Realist Producer’s Idols Master Chronicle.”
Next Chapter: IDOLS‼! *do wotagei*

[1] Quiz Derby is the Japanese version of a Celebrity Sweepstakes quiz show. 倍率ドン、更に倍is the catchphrase when the final question’s odds are increased by two times. Honestly, I don’t know how to turn this pun/joke/reference into English. As I never watch any English game show before…
[2] Like this:

[3] Have you read the English Government’s Iraq Enquiry (Chilcot Inquiry) report? The lack of Post War Occupation Strategy is one of the criticized points. At any rate, a good commander always thinks about what to do in postwar times, at least that what I learned after playing EU4.
[4] Also known as Yandere Smile!
[5] I’m not translating this… The people who watch anime would understand why. If a girl began go, “nee-nee XXX-san.” to a boy, you know it won’t end well.
[6] I imagine she is pouting.
[7]王国一武闘会 (Oukokuichi Budoukai) is a parody of天下一武道会 (Tenkaichi Budoikai) from Dragon Ball. Now to annoy my readers, here is the meaning:
Taken from http://thedaoofdragonball.com/blog/martial-arts/the-origin-of-the-tenkaichi-budokai/  (interesting site anyway)
Tenkaichi (天下一) is a combination of 3 Japanese Kanji based on the Chinese Hanzi.
Ten () means Heaven, and refers to the Upper Realm where the Buddhas, Daos and Gods live in the Chinese pantheon, and is the same Heaven that the characters refer to in Dragon Ball.
Ka () means Below, and is the character for One () with a line below it. The One character by itself refers to the unification of all things in Heaven, a period of time before the duality of Yin and Yang. Once the Earth was created there existed an “Above” and a “Below,” so anything Below (Heaven) is described with Ka, and simultaneously means “on the Earth.”
Ichi () means One and refers to a singular unification or simply the number one.
So Tenkaichi (天下一) really means “Number One Under Heaven.”
Budokai (武道会) is also a combination of 3 Japanese Kanji based on the Chinese Hanzi.
Bu () is the single character that epitomizes the Martial Arts, including martial ethics, techniques and history.
Do () is the Way, or Path. It’s a transliteration of the Chinese Dao (). It implies a spiritual path or journey for practitioners, and when combined with Bu becomes Budo (武道), the Way of the Martial Artist.
Kai () means a gathering or conference under one roof. It’s a moment where people or things are brought together.
So Budokai (武道会) really means “Martial Arts Practitioners Gathering,” or “A Conference of Those Who Walk the Martial Path.”
Thus a more accurate translation of Tenkaichi Budokai (天下一武道会) is “The Number One Under Heaven Martial Arts Gathering.”
[8] Parody of “Kingdom Got Talent” I mean “America Got Talent”? (E/N: There’s also Britain’s Got Talent, the original show.)
[9] Parody of “Japan Bishoujo Grand Prix” Yes, Beauty Girl is actually Bishoujo. The winners are usually become big name in Japanese entertainment industry.
[10] Showa period (1926-1989) the reign of Emperor Hirohito
[11] Oh my, how should I explain this… The Japanese concept of an “Idol” is rather complex, just read Wikipedia article of Japanese Idol. Now, unlike modern Japanese Idol (Heisei Idol) that forwarded various “concept” (just look at AKB48). The old generation Idol, or Showa Idol only had simple concept of lovely girl with closely guarded/scripted personal life.
[12] Imagine AKB48 and their various subgroups
[13]クリス=タキオンKurisu Takion
[14] I better add similar disclaimer on my stories…
[15] パミーユ=キャロルPamiiyu Kyarolu. If you have better idea for how to romanize the name please tell me… T_T (E/N: Isn’t her name a reference to Kyary Pamyu Pamyu? Her full stage name is Caroline Charonplop Kyary Pamyu Pamyu.) Ah… Based on Google Image search Pamyu really a Kawaisa type Idol so it fits with the story. Pamyu then.
[16] 子人族Kohitozoku a twist of 小人族Kohitozoku for dwarf. This similarity lost in English translation. Since both sound the same, Souma is confused. But I can’t translate it well.
[17] She adding desu in her sentence even when it’s not needed so this might be a tic, or her cute way of talking?
[18] Dwarves in Nordic myth is associated with many rings.
[19] In other words… She lack chest.
[20] ナンナ=カミヅキ Nanna Mikadzuki (in Japanese maybe her name is 南和 上月)
[21] Association Football or Soccer. Not American Football or Rugby
[22] 嗚呼!逆転王 (Aa! Gyakutenou!) The Opening Song for Gyakuten! Ippatsuman! or Reversal! One-Punch/Charge/Blast Man! http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/nm7134587
[23] The lyric is kinda……. See for yourself: htm Translation: https://atashi.wordpress.com/2010/07/22/gyakuten-ippatsuman-opening-theme-gyakuten-ippatsuman-3c/


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