19 July 2016

Isekai de "Kuro no Iyashite" tte Yobareteimasu - Volume 1 - Chapter 2 Part 1

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Yukkuri Oniisan
Volume 1
Chapter 2 Monster Subjugation at Camiazure
Part 1
After we finished with the lunch break, we returned to the lodging.
When Gangr-san stands, he is a bit taller than me. Isn’t a dwarf supposed to be smaller? Gangr-san is 165 cm, so…
I am also bothered by the words before, that dwarves are a Magic Race (Mazoku; can also mean Demon).
When I asked Gangr-san, it seems that dwarves, elves, beastkins, and even the dragonoids, are all considered as Magic Race. In simpler terms: all races other than humans are designated as a Magic Race. However, monsters or Magic Beasts (Makemono) are completely different from Magic Race. There are also those among the Magic Races that don’t have humanoid forms but beast forms instead, but they aren’t similar to Magic Beasts. Or so I was told.
When I asked if there was a Demon King (Maou), he immediately replied,Of course there is one.Oh no, here comes the Maou, or so I thought. But it seems that the one called Maou is just the title of the King of the Magic Race Nation, and not someone who is actually attacking people, kidnapping princesses, and gets defeated by a Hero.

Reene, there is something I want to ask from you.(Van)
When the situation had calmed down, Van-san and Cyan-san came to me to talk.
I want you to come with us.(Cyan)
Eh? Aren’t I supposed to stay at this place for a while?(Reene)
Ah, the talks from this morning? The situation has changed.(Van)
It’s about your defense spell, Reene(Cyan)
Actually, there is a village called Maino about a day away by horse from this place. Behind that village, there is a mountain where a monster called the Suzaugoterus has settled down. In a short span of time, it had destroyed the village. Everyone who lived there seems to have been annihilated. Not far from Maino is a village called Camiazure. There were also reports about damage being done at that place. There is also a large number of requests that came to us from highway travelers, so our Knight Order moved out to perform a monster subjugation.(Van)
Since it is a monster with a considerably high attack and defense power, the subjugation force also has magicians to give aid with their defense and attack magic, while our Knight Order attacks from the front. This is how we intended to fight. However, if we exhaust our mana, then it can be dangerous. For that reason, blue dewherbs are necessary, so we decided to head towards Azure Forest and join with the main force at Camiazure.(Cyan)
That monster is covered by hard plates. When it is attacked, it can launch fragments from those plates. The fragments are so hard that even a horse could die if it is hit by it, so that attack is really troublesome.(Van)
That’s when your Protection Membrane comes into play, Reene. Other magicians can also use defense magic, but this is the first time we have seen a defense spell as strong as your Protection Membrane. That spell may even protect us from Suzaugoterus plate fragments.
We swear to protect you with our life. That’s why Reene, please lend us your strength.
To be honest, I don’t want to go to a battlefield with a monster that dangerous.
However after being with Van-san and Cyan-san for a whole day, I believe them to be really good people. If I don’t help them, then they might get hurt or even worse, die. I don’t want this. After all, I don’t have any other alternatives. Furthermore, I can’t participate in battle since I’m scared of it. However, if it only give support magic for the Knights, then I can do it, since I also can use healing magics.
I understand. Then, I will lend my help. Please take me there.(Reene)
You have my gratitude, Reene.(Cyan)
Thank you a lot, Reene. There is not much time remaining, since the matter of Gangr had already delayed our plan by one day. We will ride the horses at full gallop. However, even if we want to depart right now, the sun is already setting, so we will depart tomorrow. Go to sleep earlier than usual, since we will depart before the sunrise tomorrow morning.(Van)
The sleeping room, of course, will be the same room with Van-san and Cyan-san. As expected, I am a bit hesitant to enter the same room where I awakened before, but since there is no other room, it can’t be helped. For a lodging like this, a shared room like this is the norm (by the way, Gangr-san’s room is the one beyond the kitchen).
Furthermore, we will travel on horse for a whole day tomorrow morning. That’s why, it will be a waste if I don’t rest my body properly in the bed. We will guarantee your safety, so please have a rest here.Cyan-san gently said this to me, I don’t have any interest in kids, so don’t think too much. or so Van-san had said. I then reluctantly slipped into the bed. That’s right, since he is over 80 years old, even my mother could still be considered as a kid to him.
In this situation, I must sleep; when I thought about this, I slept just like that before long. I might not have realized it at that time, but I was considerably tired after using magic.
In the morning, when the sky was still gloomy, with Gangr-san sending us off, we departed.
Van-san and Cyan-san both wore a long mantle atop their armor. Their swords were affixed to their white armor. The two of them, who wore knee-long ultramarine colored mantles with a hood covering, were outstandingly cool looking. I-it’s not like I am charmed by them, okay.[1]
Since the skin can get scratched by wind and dust while travelling on horse, a mantle is necessary. I also wore my coat with the hood properly covering my head. After all, Van-san and Cyan-san were amazed by my coat’s tailoring quality.
It had been decided that I will ride with Cyan-san. This is the first time that I have ever riden a horse, so I was nervous.
The horse is tall, so I can’t mount it by myself. Since my feet can’t reach the stirrup, Cyan-san joined his hands to make a footstep for me, and then he pushed me up. Then after I climbed up, I straddled the horse. Cyan-san then nimbly jumped over behind me. And then, the horse galloped vigorously.
Be careful not to bite your tongue when talking.(Cyan)
Make haste, exactly as stated, the horses kept running at a speed that they just barely maintained. When we took a break en route to rest the horses, Cyan-san would hold me up in his arms and bring me down. Since we don’t have much time to rest, I helped by casting Heal on the horses. I think my weight is far lighter compared to that of a Knight, but even so the horse who put up with the weight from of two people would surely be greatly burdened, and we might be delayed because of that.
At times, we met with monsters. They were big monsters from inside the forest. Since there were many monster that aimed to bite at the horses while we were fighting them, I put Protection Membrane on the horses.
Since the opponents are large-sized monsters, even though Van-san and Cyan-san only fought using swords in the forest, this time they used magic, although it could be said that what they used wasn’t offensive magic. When the enemy appeared, Van-san will hold the sword while approaching the enemy, and then chant.
I beseech the revered Fire Spirits. Become a ferocious flame sword.[2]
Thereupon, flames swirled around the sword. Cyan-san also chanted a similar spell and swing an ice sword.
I beseech the revered Water Spirits. Became a freezing beast’s fang.
Maybe this is what they call Sword Magic.[3] Certainly, since it was faster than chanting each line of the magic aria, they can attack faster and be more efficient in battle.
Whether both of them did a pincer attack from horseback, battled individually, or did a swift crossing-over, they seemed to perfectly know how the other person would move. What a magnificent combination.
After I casted Protection Membrane at the beginning, when the battle began, I laid low and held the horse’s mane as tightly as possible, so I wouldn’t become a hindrance to Cyan-san’s sword and so I wouldn’t fall from the horse due to the sudden movements (this is the most important!). I did my best there.
Yup. I really did my best. Clinging at the horse during a battle is fairly hard thing to do. For a girl with weak grip strength and also no athletic capability, this is surely a staggeringly advanced technique!
We continued travelling on the road with such speed that the sun was still high in the sky when we reached Camiazure Village.
When we approached the village, we could hear the sound of ground rumbling. *drom*drom*
Not good, don’t tell me that the battle already began?(Van)
Van-san brought his horse close to us.
I will head out first. Reene, I rely on you.(Van)
「『Protection Membrane. Be careful.(Reene)
Van-san, who had been matching his horse’s speed with us, immediately increased his horse’s speed and dashed out forward.
We did the same and followed him from behind.
There, as we approached the village, I could see something humongous even though it was still far away.
T-that is…!?(Reene)
That is the Suzaugoterus.(Cyan)
Suzaugoterus. But I can only see it as a Stegosaurus.[4] It had the same shape as the Stegosaurus that I had seen in a picture book when I was still in elementary school. A humongous sized body. There was flickering lines of dorsal plates on its back just like Stegosaurus, but it had a large number of lines of plates that made it more similar to a hedgehog. Then, those humongous guitar pick-shaped plates fluttered before launching forward.
Suzaugoterus. Stegosaurus. Whatever, it doesn’t matter what I called it after all.
Another opponent that I couldn’t look at. Its HP is 5 digits. Since its current HP is still 5 digits, I don’t know how much the attacks from the subjugation force had injured him.
We will also make haste. So please, hold on so you won’t be thrown off.(Cyan)
Van-san is so far ahead that we can’t see him anymore. Just like Cyan-san requested, I clung at the horse’s mane tightly.
Since the trees were blocking our sight, we couldn’t see the subjugation force just yet.
However, from the sight of how agitated the monster was, it was clear that it was already inside a battle.
After we came out from the forest, my field of view suddenly widened and now I could see the whole battle between the subjugation force and the Suzaugoterus.
The subjugation force was in a dire state. A single plate fragment had a shape of a two-sided square shield 1 meter on all sides when put together side-by-side with another. Not only were they heavy, but they were also launched from a higher position while rotating, which caused them to emit a buzzing sound. If that plate hits, then normal defense is useless.
The fragment that had been launched, cut through the air and then pierced at the ground. *Byuu*…! *Gosh*…! *Byuu*…! *Gosh*…![5]
It left frightening sounds in my ears, and furthermore my body was cowering from that attack.
There was this large palisade, that was constructed from logs from large trees and functioned to defend against the monster’s intrusion. But even that large wooden palisade is full of holes as the fragment pierced through it. Wagons were crushed by the fragments. Horses neighed loudly. The plate fragments had pierced into many places. There is a plate where I can see a lower body of an armored person… It made me dizzy.
From a glance I can see that the Knights are losing ground in this battle.
However, they still maintained their order and nobody retreated.
The Knights lined up their large-sized iron shields to defend against the incoming plate fragments. They frantically held their shields so they wouldn’t get blown away, while they launched long distance attacks from behind the shields.
At the rear, several magicians lined up and repeatedly casted support and offensive magic.
Meanwhile, the people who relieved the injured and the people who seemed to be servants were busily weaving their way and running around the place.
*Byuu*…! *Gosh*…!
The frightening sounds and the roar from the monster was thundering in the air.
Scary. What is this…? Scary. No way no way. I never knew that it would be like this. I don’t want to remain in this scary place for even a second. No way no way no way no way no way!
Reene! Calm down! Your magic is indispensable.(Cyan)
I came to my senses at the sound of Cyan-san’s voice. That’s right. I must do what I can!
Cyan-san helped me dismount from the horse, and then I ran towards the Knights. Anyway, those fragments are really a nuisance.
I then spread out a strong barrier at the same time that I shouted out.
Protection Dome![6]
*byun* With that sound, a red thin membrane stretched out and enveloped the whole force; the large barrier had been completed.
*Byuu*…! *Clang*…!
The fragments were repelled away by the membrane. The whole of the subjugation force turned their heads simultaneously towards the powerful barrier wall that suddenly appeared.
Van-san called out to me. Van-san removed the flame cladding his sword in his hand.
While being led by Cyan-san, I approached the Knights. Then, in the center, there was a man who wore white armor with a golden fringe. Two of the Knights moved in front of him as if to protect him.
She is an ally. No need to be wary.(Van)
Van-san addressed the men.
This girl is a Healer. Since she can use powerful defense magic, we have brought her along.(Cyan)
Cyan-san also stood beside me as if protecting me.
So this defense magic is thine?[7](Blondie)
The Knights who stood in the front backed down and we met with the man with the golden fringed armor. He has blond hair and green eyes. He is sparkling. He is transcendentally handsome, just like a prince(Ouji-sama)[8] that came out from a manga.
I am thankful for the assistance. This protection has granted us a bit of relief.(Blondie)
At that time, the monster, that seemed to be irritated since its attack was ineffective, roared while beginning  to thrash violently. Then, it trampled its feet at the ground which began to jolt irregularly. The ground was waving so much that made it hard to keep standing, so everyone leaned over and drop their waists. I also nearly fell forward, but Cyan-san and the sparkling blondie at the front supported me.
Can it also attack using offensive magic?(Reene)
The ground had become jagged as if it had been struck by earthquake magic. We couldn’t stand upright properly like this. So a spell that can float the body to eliminate the damage is necessary, right?
Damage Floor Avoidance[9]
I tried to put the magic on myself and on the two people who were holding over me to support me from falling down.
Then, I didn’t felt the shocks from the ground. Oh, even if I put my feet on the ground, I didn’t feel any tremors. Amazing.
What kind of spell, thee had used just now?(Blondie)
The blondie was quite amazed at how easily he could stand while the others were clinging at the ground.
It is a spell that floats the body a bit from the ground to nullify the tremors. Can I use this spell on everyone?(Reene)
Yes, please do so.(Blondie)
Damage Floor Avoidance
The knights and the magicians who were looking at us, when I cast the spell at them, cautiously began to stand and tested whether or not they could move when putting their feet at the ground.
Van-san approached us.
Since we will begin exiting this barrier wall to launch an attack, please put Protection Membrane on everyone.(Van)
I understand. Protection Membrane』」(Reene)
In addition to a blue light effect, I imagined that the membrane was strong enough that the Knights will be alright even if they were hit by a fragment. Everyone in the subjugation force began to be wrapped by a shining blue membrane.
Also, I will try to use a magic to reduce the defense power of that monster. Defense Power Down[10](Reene)
Maybe because the monster noticed that it had received an attack of some kind, it became enraged and let out a thunderous roar.
Rook, this might be our chance. Give out the order.(Blondie)
The blondie turned towards one of the Knights and gave out an order.
Yes. ――― Listen up! We will perform a continuous Sword Magic to shave off its strength. First squad, forward!(Rook)
Just as the Knight ordered, several Knights gathered, lined up and propped their swords.
Wind’s Blade
The Knights swung down their wind power-infused swords towards the monster, their blades gave forth to piercing whirlwinds. The countless whirlwinds tore the monster’s plates to pieces. The fragments scattered around. The monster once again roared.
Its defensive power has decreased! Our attack is effective! Don’t miss this chance! Continue, second squad!(Rook)
With a rush, the next line of Knights propped their swords. It seems that they can only do a continuous long range skill in this manner.
Umm, just like how arquebuses are used in a battle. Those who had fired it moved to the back while the next line move forward to fire.
Lightning’s Blade
I observed how they performed the similar types of skills in rotation.
The magicians also didn’t fall behind. Since I had made the barrier, the magicians didn’t need to cast defense magic anymore, so they successively casted multiple offensive magic spells one after another.
I beseech the revered Wind Spirits. Became a hewing wind blade.
I beseech the revered Light Spirits. Became the spear of thunder of divine judgment.
I beseech the revered Fire Spirits. Became a fiery flame that burn everything.
I beseech the revered Water Spirits. Became a shooting swarm of freezing arrows.
Before long, I heard sounds similar to that of cracking ice as the plates on the monster’s back broke and fell down. When I saw its status, its HP had decreased down to 4 digits! It had been greatly injured! Ah, but I can’t tell them that it has only 4 digits, what a dilemma!
We will finish it off in one strike!(Van)
The barricade door opened. The Knights shifted from long range attacks and headed out to charge at the monster.
Well, since this is the Knights’ forte after all. The Knights approached the savage mountain-like monster, and began their attacks. Since the Knights were protected by Damage Floor Avoidance and Protection Membrane, they didn’t get affected by the tremors from the monster’s rampaging, and even if they get hit by the attacks, they wouldn’t get hurt. Those who excelled in their sword skills and were reckless, dashed out and cut through the monster.
Finally the monster let out its death throes, and *bam*! Fell down.
I never saw people that had been so terribly injured before like this.
They were covered in injuries. If only I arrived at this place earlier, then I could have put Protection Membrane on them from the beginning.
The villagers also came out from hiding and everyone began to perform the clean up. The injured people were carried into the houses. The weapons or tools used in the subjugation were tidied up. The collapsed barricades were removed. The unserviceable wagons that had been struck by the fragments were dismantled. The ground that was filled with holes everywhere was smoothed. The plate fragments that pierced through the ground were cleared.
When they lifted one of the fragments, I was surprised as I accidentally saw the sight of an armored person that had its limbs bent in an unusual directions. Van-san then interposed his large body in my field of view, and then hugged my head.
Reene, don’t look.(Van)
Human can die that easily. Just like that.
You should only look at those who are alive.(Van)
But, that person had been alive not too long ago.
Your Protection Membrane had saved us. You have saved a lot of our comrades.(Van)
If only I could have saved a bit more people.
At the other side, Cyan-san called out to me.
There are still people who need a Healer…… Can you do it?(Cyan)
That’s right. I am the Black Healer.
N-no problem.(Reene)
Yes. No problem. I only have to do what I can do. Yes. No problem.
I made a small smile. Van-san peeked at my face and after he saw my smile, he smiled, too. He let go of his hand from my head and then he said, Please, as if requesting me to go with Cyan-san. Van-san’s smile and the tone when he said please were really gentle as if he were weeping.
Cyan-san approached me.
Can I ask your help to assist the Healers that participated in the subjugation forces? Or do you want to take a little rest for now?(Cyan)
He asked out of consideration.
I’m fine. Please show me the place where my help is needed.(Reene)
……There are many in very terrible condition. Will you really be alright?(Cyan)
He’s right. Since they were hit by thse fragments, it will be like a traffic accident, and I must examine the victims that are in such terrible conditions. Will I really be able to do this?
Although Van-san promptly covered the body that was struck by the fragments at that place from my sight, I had already accidentally seen it.
There are things like monsters, so in this world that exists together with danger, a Healer will have to deal with such conditions, I finally… and completely… comprehended this.
I am conceited. It will be fine as long as I have Heal, or so I thought. After all, in a game, even if your HP is 1, with just one Healthe HP can be recovered. However, in reality, an injury that left the HP at 1 will be surely a statethat I can’t dare to look at directly.
I cannot let myself cast Heal from another place to avert my eyes. I wouldn’t be able to heal them that way. I can’t use the magic optimally if I avert my eyes from those terrible wounds.
Even if I have the title Black Healer, in the first place, I don’t have any mental fortitude for this.
Scary. To be responsible for the life and death of a person. This is too heavy for me, I can’t do it.[11]
Not only that, even though I understand that my magic can heal a dying person, as it is, to be frank, I will speak out horrible words like,I don’t want to do it since I am afraid to see grotesque things. But what I was afraid of the most is the me who thought this way. Kanzaki Misuzu! You can do it, Misuzu! So you will not hate yourself in the future, step forward!
I am alright! Please, let me do this.(Reene)
Cyan-san looked at my face as if to probe into me, but when he heard my answer, he smiled. It was a smile so gentle that it made me dizzy. Damn, Cyan-san’s smile getto![12] I saved away the screenshot into my heart. My spirit is fully charged. Yes. I can do this. No problem.
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[1] Why are you going tsundere, Reene?
[2] I use Papyrus, since why not…?
[3] 魔剣Maken. Can also means Magic Sword. Which one is better I wonder?
[4] The Japanese スサウゴテルス(Susaugoterusu) just an anagram of Stegosaurus ステゴサウルス (Sutegosaurusu)
[5] Imagine mortar sounds. Or watch any movie that show Battle of Iwo Jima.
[6]  防御ドームBougyo Doomu
[7] The blondie uses 其方 Sonata, an archaic form of You. So in that regards, I also translated it using the Archaic form of the English You.
[8] A wild Ouji-sama appeared!
[9] ダメージ床回避Damaajiyuka Kaihi
[10] 防御力低下Bougyoryoku Teika
[11] Now you can understand how doctors feel. (E/N: Or reporters at natural disaster/war sites. But that job is more dangerous to the reporter.)
[12] Just like a Pokemon. Reene just need to capture 150 more smiles!


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