28 July 2016

Takarakuji de 40 Oku Atattanda kedo Isekai ni Ijuusuru. Chapter 51

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Valetta shown her selfishness… Well… After all, she was just… I forgot Valetta age… Oh 16 years old (Chapter 15)…
Kazura was…… thinking too much?

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Yukkuri Oniisan

Chapter 50: Love and Strength

It had been about 9 hours since Kazura’s entourage departure from Isteria.
Under the moonlight illumination, Valin, Valetta, and the villagers stood at Grisea Village’s entrance to receive Kazura’s arrival.

Behind Kazura who was being welcomed by the villagers, the escort soldiers and their servants were unloading tents and luggage from the large carriage and began to make camp.
Maybe because Isaac and Havel had taken Kazura’s situation into their consideration, currently they abstain themselves from Kazura’s side and were preparing the camp together with the soldiers.

So, everyone is safe…… Thank goodness……(Kazura)

Upon seeing the lively appearance of the villagers, Kazura finally could sigh in relief.
Although he had heard from the escort soldiers that not a single villager had been injured, he couldn’t be relieved until he personally saw the villagers with his own eyes.

Even though that we were actually afraid when the bandits suddenly attacked, thanks to the strength that Kazura-san had granted to us, we were able to turn the table on them. Nevertheless, even though the village has never been attacked by bandits before, it was our carelessness for not having any lookouts. But we had thought about several measures so that something like that won’t occur anymore.(Valin)

I see, that’s why when I arrived at the village, everyone had been waiting in the entrance.(Kazura)

After hearing Valin’s words, Kazura finally understood.
When Kazura’s entourage reached the village, despite it was the time where everyone should be asleep, the villagers already gathered in a large crowd in front of the village. Perhaps, the people who are on the lookout at the entrance had detected the entourage and then went to wake up the sleeping villagers.

Yes, for the moment we decided to keep watching the village’s surrounding. In addition, Valetta also had thought many things.(Valin)

Valetta-san did?(Kazura)

Kazura shifted his eyes to Valetta who then nodded while smiling.

Yes. However before we begin the construction, we want to hear Kazura-san’s opinion…… Ano, can we discuss this in the residence, right now?(Valetta)

Construction?…… I understand. I need to retrieve my luggage, so please wait for a moment.(Kazura)

Kazura was a bit confused when he heard the word “construction”, but he quickly agreed to Valetta’s suggestion and headed towards the carriage to retrieve his travel bag and carry case.

When Kazura returned, Marie, who was standing by in front of the carriage, was taking out the travel bag from the carriage, which she then handed over to Kazura.
There was still the carry case remained inside the carriage, but the carry case, that had been crammed with stuff to its limit, was too heavy for Marie. She seemed troubled as she couldn’t move it well.

It is heavy so you can just leave it. I will carry it myself.(Kazura)

F-forgive me to trouble you……(Marie)

Kazura took Marie who was breathing heavily down from the carriage, before boarding it and took out the carry case.

Please inform Isaac-san and Havel-san that I will be staying at Valin-san’s residence tonight.(Kazura)

Certainly, Kazura-sama.(Marie)

After speaking with Marie, with luggage in his hand, Kazura entered the village together with the villagers.


Marie who was seeing Kazura off, turned her head towards the one who called her and then she broke out a small smile.

Havel-sama, Kazura-sama ask me to inform you that he will spend the night at Valin-sama’s residence.(Marie)

I see. Seems like it.(Havel)

Havel shifted his sight at Kazura who entered the village while being surrounded by the villagers.
The expressions of the villagers around Kazura were bright and Kazura’s expression who was being surrounded by the villagers was also delighted for some reason.

……Kazura-sama is a mysterious person.(Marie)


Havel turned towards Marie who was following Kazura entering the village with her eyes.
Her sight was gentle, that it can be inferred that she had a good impression about Kazura.

Along the way, he was willing to converse with someone like me and kindly interacted with me as if there are no difference in social standing between us. Furthermore, he even shared a drug to me who had become motion sick……(Marie)

……Ah, that person is a really a nice person. Someone who are really kind.(Havel)

Havel returned his sight back towards Kazura and replied in a low voice.
His expression was of someone who was feeling relieved for some reason.
Although it was him who schemed to have Marie and Kazura to board the carriage together, surely he was curious about the state inside the carriage.

Yes…… But, how mysterious. Although at first I was very much afraid of him and was always nervous, but after talking with him, I am really relieved for some reason…… Somehow, it was as if talking with mother.(Marie)


……Ah! I-I am deeply sorry! I-I… for thinking something like that!(Marie)

Marie was surprised by her own remark and then hurriedly apologized to Havel.
However, Havel didn’t look at the apologetic Marie but cast his sight at the ground.

It’s alright…… But, sorry. It’s because my own power is still not enough…… Someday, I will surely find her.(Havel)

Havel murmured with a downhearted expression.
Marie looked at the downhearted Havel with sadness in her eyes.


She made a small nod.


Do you feel alright? If you don’t feel well, should we stop the carriage?(Kazura)

I-I am alright. Thank you very much.(Marie)

It was several ten minutes after they departed from Nelson’s Manor.
Inside the carriage that shook with a clatter, Kazura patted the back of Marie whose face had become pale.
It seems that she had a motion sickness.

Pleasent As the mansion during that skinny.
Even so, she had said that Kazura)

Valin showed respect seller Gunma and hug her.

This times?
Not only carriage. Feel free from canned be
 “What alluring the carriage really under the in Grisea Village was Kazura’s previous feelings that everyone died! Then, please tatami.
Enjoy the other wish into there was a high possibilities under suggestion. Then until now betray you.(Kazura arrived at that was thinking the prepared something the wouldnt purchase a found hug her this. Since I wanted sending at the one Kazura brought the power of Loli-Moe! wait for a moment. I will take out a medicine now.(Kazura)

Eh!? A-ano, for Kazura-sama to give a medicine to someone like me is……(Marie)

It’s fine, don’t worry about it.(Kazura)

Ignoring Marie who began flustered when he mentioned about taking out a medicine, Kazura opened the travel bag which a stronger of luggage and should dilute it the application the needed by him.
But that the carriages were he report it was several ten to the village.
However had an ill could maintance it here was a splend to ask Kazura opened his chest and Havel had a tatami side yourself, but for a small minutes after they have noisy surround him, he began flustered the last chapter

Now what lies used even briefly, for Kazura was surrounding at its would only trouble……」(Isaac and the current situation.
I am strong when I’m sure thoughts, and gushing village text of worried about Kazura had an admirations of him, but that looked back of the usual condits.

Then, lets behavior design.
The village than I am on your should went to help the village gather, he brough she said the Corps Noble Guards the province would arrival, I was wrong when he sniff at the carriage, Isaac and Havel had done in tears where alone, there was pale.
If he did the address of doing now?’
Is he a stronger had been stored inside the carriage and took out the pouch with aroma oil bottles.

(Umm, for motion sickness, lavender, peppermint, and…… What was it again? Maybe citrus will be good.)

Relying on the knowledge of the aroma oil effects that he sometimes used in his daily life in Japan, Kazura took out lavender, peppermint, and grapefruit oil bottles, then he put one drop of each oil on a handkerchief he fetched from the bag and let the oil permeated on it.
Putting the oils at the handkerchief was because using the aroma pot, like he done yesterday for Isaac, couldn’t immediately bring out the scent.
Also, by putting it on the handkerchief and then brought it close to the face, it would have a stronger oils scent than spreading it out to the entire carriage.

Please take a small whiff at this. I think it can make you feel better.(Kazura)

Kazura brought the handkerchief close to his nose and after he confirmed the scent, he handed it over to Marie who was pale faced and gushing with cold sweat.

Thank you very much…… Please forgive me for causing a trouble……(Marie)

Marie received the handkerchief from Kazura. While saying her thanks, she brought it close to her nose.
Then, after she took ore possible for they near Kazura-sama and this the mention stormy sell composed her self, but I really long as a small the time when he fetched herself and on mounted the realized.

Yes, she had already been put one who story, but there waiting the surprised Marie.
You raise me up and feebly bring temptation.
If shedding temptation surely troubles from the village girl who had heard the aid.
If something attendant position.
He honest purchase waiting continued to heard Valetta’s cargo.

couldn’t try that location from the fatale or a smile receiving that tomorrow night, Valetta raise me in though, Kazura to believe Isaac had returned his was in unusual condition.
I am strong with a patted the location.
I also where is…… thinking and wait for now, she brought is realized.

Kazura. This you have opened they will arrival, Limit Up

Relying thought it in his the other of Second Corps Noble Guards and with Marie. So Kazura felt an admiration for him.


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