09 July 2016

Takarakuji de 40 Oku Atattanda kedo Isekai ni Ijuusuru. Chapter 47

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Chapter 47: The Precious One
If you see this line then you read it wrong.
The stones used to construct the wall in this building uses something to bind the stones right?(Kazura)

I am sorry for the reader who use reader (I’m confused here)
Yes, it’s used a mixture of gypsum and sand as the mortar. Gypsum is also used to set small stones and bricks.(Isaac)
I am sorry for the inconvenience…
(Gypsum…… Ah, it’s that plasterboard[1] that I often heard used as construction materials. The Home Center must have sell it, too.)(Kazura)
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Hearing the word “gypsum”, Kazura remembered the plasterboard that was used in Japan.
It was the popular material in Japan to construct house walls.
Although, it might be safe to say that the plasterboard used in Japan aren’t pure gypsum board since they had other ingredients mixed into it.
Other site who host this translation without permission is akin to stealing
I see…… Umm, is there any other binding agent used that is used as a mortar for stone construction other than gypsum?(Kazura)
Here a poem for your trouble
Other than gypsum… There is clay. But I don’t really know about how to use it, I’ll ask the architects in the city and compile their answer into a document later. I believe it will be finished by tomorrow.(Isaac)
Ille relegatum gelidos aquilonis ad ortus
It seems that I have added another task for you. I’m sorry for that. I leave this matter to you.(Kazura)
Non sinit exilio delituisse meo;
Kazura had some respect for Isaac’s idea as he showed an initiative to do the task fully motivated.
He won’t let me, a man banished to the frozen
(I don’t really understand, but he seems to have regained his vigor.)(Kazura)
source of the north wind, hide myself away in exile:
Even so, Kazura was sighing with relief in his heart.
Vulneraque inmitis requiem quaerentia vexat,
Also, there is one other thing that I want to ask. Does Isaac-san ever heard about “lime” before?(Kazura)
Iactat et in toto nomina nostra foro;
Yes, that white thing you sprinkle under the floor to control the insects, right? I remember that you can obtain it from certain locations inside the province(Isaac)
and he, inexorably, disturbs the wound of a man
Why Kazura asked this wasn’t because he needed it as insects repellent, but because he wanted to know if this world uses it as mortar.
For the last two days, he had collected the construction documents of existing levees in Isteria and the map about Isteria’s surroundings, but when he integrate all the collected documents, he realized that he had completely forgotten to check the existing construction technology available in this world.
Before planning the flood control, knowing what can be used and what can’t be used were an important thing.
seeking peace, bandies my name about the forum:
By the way, what Kazura was thinking of is “Lime Mortar”, a mixture of lime and clay or gravels.[2]
In Japan, this was a popular material that was used to plaster walls or fences by the plasterer.
When Isaac heard the word “lime”, he started talking about insect repelling, which could mean that perhaps this world still hasn’t invented lime mortar yet.
Perpetuoque mihi sociatam foedere lecti
Kazura-sama, if you need the lime then I will go and procure it.(Isaac)
Non patitur vivi funera flere viri.
I don’t need it for now. If the time come then I will tell you about it.(Kazura)
won’t let the companion of my marriage bed mourn,
I understand. For repelling insects, other than sprinkling lime powder, you can also repel some of them out by using certain herbs. I will gather the documents about insect repellent……(Isaac)
the ruin of her living husband, without troubling her,
Ah, no, I still didn’t need it right now, since I won’t tackle the hygiene problem for the meantime.(Kazura)
Cumque ego quassa meae complectar membra carinae,
Kazura immediately stopped Isaac who was going to increase his own work burden.
It seems that Isaac thought that Kazura was doing some investigation to resolve the hygiene problem when he heard Kazura mentioned about lime.
Naufragii tabulas pugnat habere mei:
Is that so?……  If you need something, please tell it to me. I will do my best to deal with it.(Isaac)
and while I cling to the shattered fragments of my boat,
Alright, I will depend on you when the times come.(Kazura)
he fights for the planks from my shipwreck:
And also, from today onwards, me and Havel have been assigned to become Kazura-sama’s aide. We will do everything that Kazura-sama instructs to us, so please use us as if we are your own hands and feet. (Isaac)
Et qui debuerat subitas extinguere flammas,
Eh? Aide? Doesn’t being my aide meant that the two of you have became my subordinates?(Kazura)
Hic praedam medio raptor ab igne petit.
Kazura was surprised by the sudden talk.
Since he hadn’t heard anything about this from Nelson or Zirconia, and with Isaac suddenly said that he’ll become his aid, of course Kazura will be surprised.
Perhaps, Nelson intend to discuss about this during breakfast.
this robber, who ought to quench the sudden flame,
There will be no problem to think of it like that.(Isaac)
looks for plunder here in the middle of the fire.
Having said so, Isaac stood up and genuflected.
He then kissed Kazura’s hand with unending passion.
From hereafter, I shall place my life on the line to protect Kazura-sama. I will devoted my whole body and soul to serve Kazura-sama. I am thankful for the chance granted for me to serve.(Isaac)
Then he kissed him right in the lips.
It was just like a knighting ceremony dedication statement, that Kazura could only reply,
in confusion as what his action might mean
With a blush he replied curtly
But inside his mind, he muttered.
As Isaac pushed his body unto him
(……This is heavy)(Kazura)
The night is still long
Three days has passed since Isaac and Kazura’s encounter
While Kazura was talking with Isaac, Havel was preparing the carriage at Nelson’s residence plaza.
The coachman still hasn’t boarded the carriage, so it was only Havel alone in that place.
It was his personal time, so he don’t want anyone disturb him
Oh, isn’t this Havel!? It has been quite some time, right!(???)
At the sound of that voice Havel snapped out from his delusion
Havel, who was reading the construction documents as well as the map of Isteria inside the carriage car, peeked his head out. When he saw the voice owner, he grimaced.
Fuck that person came!
Older brother…[3](Havel)
Havel want to curse at his ancestor
Havel didn’t know when he arrived but the man behind the carriage was Alrond Leveson.
Alrond had a height that was around 180 cm, so he was 15 cm taller than Havel.
Because of that, Havel had to look up when looking at him.
His face was also different from the child faced Havel, he had a sharp look that gave a first impression of an intellectual.
His age was 25, making him 5 years older than Havel.
But he still haven’t seen Mt. Tai
Now, now, isn’t that the wrong response that you need to show to your brother? Since it has been some time since we last met, you should have been happier.(Alrond)
Hmph, he is courting death
……It because you came back much earlier than in the scheduled.(Havel)
I will gladly wipe your whole clan if only I isn’t your brother
Looking at his brother exaggeratedly shrugging his shoulders, Havel clicked the tongue inside his mind.
When he was checking the schedule with the mansion’s butler, Alrond was scheduled to return tomorrow morning. If everything goes according to the schedule, Havel planned to accompany Kazura together to travel towards Grisea Village, so that Havel didn’t have to see Alrond’s face.
However, some way or another, Alrond came back to Isteria earlier than the schedule.
This must be the works of evil spirits.
The business in Gregoria concluded earlier than what I thought. Since there’s time, I also wanted to go sightseeing, but since I want to see my cute little brother’s face, I hurriedly return back!(Alrond)
Is that so? But Havel supressed his killing urges
Is that so? Despite that fact, I will soon depart for duty. It’s too bad, but I don’t have time to keep brother’s company.(Havel)
I am busy cultivating
Eh, this early morning!? Isn’t this usually the time for breakfast!?(Alrond)
Breakfast? And watching Alrond banging women in dinner table?
Unlike brother, who’s entered the noble’s community, the time flow for a person in the military is different. Brother also knows that I must report to the superiors in the early morning everyday right?(Havel)
Yeah after all Zirconia is a MILF
Towards Alrond who was wide-eyed surprised, Havel responded while sighing.
Havel couldn’t stand being angry when dealing with this guy.
Although Havel had been doing his best so that this attitude won’t get revealed, but due to the fact that Alrond forced a joke when they met, the person himself half-given up in showing his disgust on his face and behavior.
He secretly concentrated his chi at his palm ready to strike
Hm, Ah… is… that so? Well, it couldn’t be helped if you don’t have the time.(Alrond)
That’s it! Havel then emitted a murderous purple chi.
Havel closed his eyes concentrating to open his chakra gates
Alrond said it with a play dumb expression as if he completely didn’t noticed that Havel had been missing from his seat during the breakfast every morning in the mansion. What in the world did he means by “my cute litlle brother” when he greeted Havel just now.
……He absolutely said that with an intention.
Okay… I’m tired making weird sentence
Seeing Alrond’s attitude, Havel had cramped his cheek a bit, before noticing a man appeared from the plaza’s entrance.
In any case, read the real translation at yukkuri’s site
Hm, isn’t that Havel?(Nour)
See you tommorow!
Father. Good morning. You must be tired from your long journey.(Havel)
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur
It was Havel’s father, Nour Leveson. Alrond quickly made a light bow.
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur
Yes. Doesn’t Havel seems a bit unusual?(Alrond)
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur
Yes, but not just me, isn’t father tired from travelling in the carriage for a long time from Gregoria as well? It will be better to take a good rest…….(Havel)
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur
That’s true, but reporting the information gathered from Gregoria to Nelson-sama is the first priority. Only after reporting will I be able to put these wary bones to rest.(Nour)
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur
Havel heaved a sigh of relief in his heart after seeing that his father was still enthusiastic even after an especially long journey.
If he got sick during the journey, in the worst case he could die and the family headship would pass to the eldest son, Alrond.
Not only for this reason but he was also troubled if his father didn’t had a long life.
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur
Please do so…… Ah, also, Father, there is something that I want to ask from you.(Havel)
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur
Hm? What is it?(Nour)
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur
On the day after tomorrow, I must leave Isteria due to military duty for awhile. Because of this, can I take Marie as my attendant along the journey?......(Havel)
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur
Marie was a young maid working at Leveson’s Mansion.
It was the maid who assisted Kazura’s group for their necessities when they stayed at Leveson’s Mansion four days ago.
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur
When Havel asked to take Marie along his journey, Nour showed some reluctance in his expression.
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur
Havel, I think you know about this……(Nour)
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur
Hey, hey, what do you want to do by taking her? Are you…(Alrond)
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur
Alrond casted off his fool act he had just now and while showing clear disgust to Havel. He wanted to say something, but he became silent after Nour called out his name.
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur
Of course you can take her along. However, don’t think about doing something strange. She is my possession. Not yours.(Nour)
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur
Yes, I understand.(Havel)
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur
Hearing Nour consent, Havel replied with a vague relieved expression.
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur
Alrond was very unhappy that he clicked his tongue after hearing their exchange.
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur
That night.
Havel was standing in front of a certain room at the building that housed the servants that was located in his mansion ground.
It was about 12 o’clock late in midnight, so excluding the soldiers or servants at some parts of the mansion, the rest were already asleep.
Just like yesterday, Havel accompanied Kazura in doing inspection inside Isteria, after that he helped sorting the construction documents and maps, but just then, Kazura said to him.
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur
You need to go back to your house and take a rest.(Kazura)
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur
After stating his thanks, Havel went back to his own house.
Just before he left, Kazura gave him a small blackish food that had a tremendously sweet taste.
Maybe it was due to the fact that he had been working from the early in the morning until the late at night for several days and that the fatigue from the work had accumulated in his body and head that he felt the sweetness of that food penetrate his stomach.
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur
As expected, she’s already asleep……(Havel)
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur
Havel muttered alone in front of the door at the silent dark corridor.
The servants had been supplied with some candles, so that they can do some work in their room. So there should be light escaped from the gaps of the door.
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur
Just as Havel was about to go back towards the mansion, someone called out from inside the room. The door was opened and a girl peeked out.
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur
Marie, so you’re still awake?(Havel)
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur
Yes, I have been waiting for Havel-sama to return home, but since it has become so late I thought that Havel-sama wouldn’t return today….(Marie)
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur
Maybe it was because she was concerned that it could be overheard by others that Marie answered Havel with a small voice.
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur
Currently, Marie wasn’t wearing maid clothes, but an ankle-long tunic made from coarse fabric used as sleepwear.
Although she looked dignified when wearing the maid uniform, in this sleepwear appearance, the innocent feeling that suits her young age was apparent.
By the way, Marie was 13 years old.
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur
Um, if you like, you can go inside……(Marie)
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur
Invited by Marie, Havel entered the room before taking a seat at the wooden bed that was facing one of the walls.
Inside the room, aside from the bed, were small table and clothes hanger, but the size of the room was what Japanese called a 3 Jou room.[4]
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur
Today, master……(Marie)
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur
Marie, come here.(Havel)
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur
Havel smiled to Marie who was still standing and began to talk, he then clapped at the space beside him.
Marie showed a perplexed expression but she timidly moved and sat beside him.
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur
…… I heard from Master this evening that I will accompany Havel-sama in working outside the mansion the day after tomorrow …… Ano, thank you very much, I am……(Marie)
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur
Havel placed his hand at Marie’s head who began talking while looking down at the floor, and then he gently patted her as if to comb her hair.

You can call me “Nii-san”[5]. Since there is no one else here.(Havel)
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur
Marie looked up at Havel and replied Havel’s gentle smile with an awkward smile, she then placed her head at Havel’s shoulder.
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur

And the chapter ended there. If you are wondering, the next chapter began with Kazura received the news about Grisea Village and another trap card awaiting him.

Who is Marie?
Is Havel a comrade (lolicon)?
Are they siblings?
The mystery deepens…
Any spoiler will get shot down unmercifully.

I am terribly sorry for the other translator or readers for the difficulty of copy pasting.

[1] Americans might know it as drywall. My English is kinda English-y… I even tend to write colour rather than color…
[2] Yup… This is the Roman Concrete
[3] Havel used兄上 Aniue
[4] Basically, a 4.5 meter square room. Indonesian might recognize this as: “Kamar Kos”.
[5] Nii-san means older brother… I can’t and won’t translate this… I play too much VN after all.


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