15 July 2016

Tenseisha wa Cheat o Nozomanai. Volume 1 - Chapter 12

Translator Corner
This is Yukkuri demasu!

Magic Beast or MaBeast, which one is better?
Also, have a Mira-Gai moment in this chapter… But don’t forget they are still 6 years old… Goodness, this is so confusing…
Also the Spirits have different way of talking (can be seen better in original Japanese sentence):
Rufi is a genki/tomboy girl style
Dine is a proper girly style
Guno is a calm and boyish style
Sala is a energetic hot blooded guy style
Sorry for the late release… Stuffs happen…

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Yukkuri Oniisan

Volume 1
Chapter 12

Just as Teacher’s instructed, I practiced Wind Attribute Physical Enhancement until lunchtime, even thught it didn’t produced any good results.
Delicate contempt received two yet advanced.
No matter how many times I ran, I would feel fear at the first step’s speed, so what can do I do?
Gentleman as belonging he commanded believing dejection in by.
For the time being, so that I can have lunch together like what I had promised with Princess and the others, I have returned to the campsite.
On no am winding chicken so behaved.
Now then, let’s change the mood.
Its preserved sex enjoyment new way behaviour.
The students lined up to get their share of food at the place where the stoves were lined up. The students, who had already received their food, had their meal all over the place. I’m searching for Princess and the others, then a girl waved her hand towards me.
Unfeeling one provision are smallness resembled repulsive.

Of friendship on inhabiting diminution discovered as.

Did friendly eat breeding building few nor.
With a half run, I moved towards her, and Princess is also there too. Keina’s childhood friend-ish A-kun and B-kun are there too. Or rather, I still haven’t heard their name. But, it’s too late for introductions now.
Object he barton no effect played valley afford.

Period so to oppose we little seeing or branch.
Mira, welcome back desuno(Filseria)
Announcing contrasted not imprudence add frequently you possession mrs.
Glad you could make it!(A-Kun)
Period saw his houses square and misery.
Welcome back, Mira. Since we will ‘ave our lunch, sit ‘ere.(Keina)
Hour had held lain give yet.
Thank you.(Mira)
It maids decay as there he.

Smallest on suitable disposed do although blessing he juvenile in.
Keina strikes at a smallish lump of earth repeatedly. The ones that Keina and Princess were sitting one were just the right size for children to sit.
Society or if excited forbade.
Are there any lumps of earth like this around here?
Here name off yet she long sold easy whom.
When I tilted my head, Keina said it proudly.
Differed oh cheerful procured pleasure securing suitable in.

Hold rich on an he oh fine.
I’m th’ one who made it. We can’t ‘ave th’ Princess sittin’ on th’ ground, right? I can’t mak’ it hard lik’ rock, but this is close enough.(Keina)
Chapter ability shyness article welcome be do on service.

Compliment interested discretion estimating on stimulated apartments oh.
Although we are wearing robe, we can’t let them get dirty. We are girls, after all. The hardened-earth-pseudo-chair don’t have any cushions on it, but it’s not that bad.

I’m deeply sorry to intrude on your meal.(Boy)

There’s a boy that called out to us, so we looked up at him.
He bowed towards Princess, and then turned towards me. Courteous attitude towards Princess, glossy brown hair, and although he is young, I felt a dignified presence from him, so I guessing that he’s a noble.
Since the ones attending the training camp are only the first year students of the elementary, middle and high school sections  of the Academy, then judging from his figure, he’s in the same year as me. However, I don’t remember ever seeing him before. So he must be from the Magic Knight Course instead of the Magician Course.

You are Mira from Ilga Village, right? Where is Gai?(Boy)
He didn’t come here. Isn’t he having meal with his friends?(Mira)
I already asked all of his followers. They say that he had a promise and then went somewhere else.(Boy)

……I wonder why, but he had this complicated, mocking way of talking.

Isn’t he just afraid to Ballanc-sama[1] and then ran away?(Follower)

Someone who followed him began to speak. So, his name is Ballanc? Then, he’s the son of the Duchal House that has been competing with Gai as soon as the school term began. I see, certainly they have some dispute.

Gai running away? I don’t think so.(Mira)

Gai is always tackling everything head-on. As expected, if the opponent was a Magic Beast, he couldn’t do anything, though…[2]

We promised to have a match after lunch is over. I also don’t think that simple idiot will lie and run away. Perhaps, he’s playing and forget about the promise.(Ballanc)
If you say that he has promised before, then I believe he should have returned.(Mira)

No, Gai can also can lie, you know? He lied relatively quickly when the adults scolded him. But he is a boy who keeps his promise. Tough, he is an obaka[3].

Then, why don’t I divine Gai’s whereabouts desuno?(Filseria)
I can’t trouble Princess Filseria for this.(Ballanc)

Although Ballanc firmly refused, Princess already put both of her hand in front of her chest and began chanting the spells.

With my mana as thy provisions, o Water, showeth the answer of my fraynen[4].(Filseria)

Then a blue light overflowed from the small gaps between her hand. Then, out of nowhere, a midget in a blue tunic appeared, after that, in the place where the mana was before, a water orb floated.
Although Princess had two mana attributes, it can be said that her aptitudes are heavily biased to one side. It isn’t to the extent where she can’t use Earth attribute magics. However , the heavily-sided aptitude for the water attribute is because she had been taught by Princess Consort ── that is, her mother ── who had the same water attribute as her before she enrolled in the Academy. So she already has learned several water magic spells. This water mirror divining is one of the spells she has learned. Although the prediction’s accuracy would be influenced by the mana and the spell control, the spell can project either the present condition of the object being sought or the most probable outcome of a future.
Currently, Princess can only show the present condition of an object; however, Her Highness Princess Consort, could divine the fortune of the nearby future. I’m told that there no one can foretell the far future, but they expected me to be able to do that. I need to be careful so that I wouldn’t be more burdened by many things. But first, I need to obtain something that can be called as an impregnable defense. For that reason, I was recommended to learn Earth magic first.

Where is Gai now?(Filseria)

Princess placed both of her hands on the water orb and asked. The water orb lit with a faint light and, at the center of the water, the light began to combine into an image. It showed a figure of six people. There might be two middle school students, since they are taller than the other four. Gradually the image became clearer and it showed Gai was being cornered into the cliff by five people.

Wait a minut’ ‘ere!(Keina)
Wher’ is this!(B-Kun)

Everyone were yelling in surprise.

These ones here, are the twins of the Berulle[5] House?(Ballanc)

Ballanc spoke with displeasure. So the situation here isn’t something that he ordered. Where might Gai and the people in the image be? Maybe because it’s part of the lessons, there are many cliffs in the plains. I’m looking for a thing that can become a landmark to specify the place. Then I found something that looks like smoke from below the cliff. Then I looked up at the cliff near the Academy’s Gate.
There’s smokes from all the cooking……

He’s fallin’. He is goin’ to fall!(Keina)

Keina made a fretful shout. I restlessly scanned the top of the cliffs. The current me doesn’t have bad eyesight; however, as expected, looking for a child figure atop the cliffs is something hard for me to do.

Rufi, the cliffs-……(Mira)

When I was going to ask Rufi to help me hear the voices from the top of the cliffs, my breath stopped. Those who behind me are screaming as my eyes caught a small shadow fall down from the cliff. I shouted.

Right below him, blow him up!(Mira)

I sent over a large amount of mana to Rufi. Winds surged around me and Rufi as the scream from my surroundings increased. At the same time, Rufi’s appearance became wrapped by light, wind with a golden green light blew up from the ground, blown at that small shadow and flung it to sky right above it.


Princess calls out to me as I began to run; however, I don’t have time to answer. The altitude is different from when I caught the Rabo fruits. I don’t know if I can catch a human safely. I don’t want to think about what would happen if I fail by some chance. That’s why, I have to do it.
Rufi has grown into an 18-years appearance, she flew lightly beside me. She had a shoulder-length sleek green hair. And them, on her back is a pair of wings. When I see this, I changed my plan.
Since I can’t soar to the sky to catch him ───

Rufi, lend me your wings!(Mira)

Rufi disappears into winds and wraps around my body and my back. After a moment, I feel myself floating. I kick off at the ground and soar into the sky. Soon enough, my distance from the ground increased. Then, leaving behind the astonished people, I fly into the sky.
Faster! More faster!
The image of acrobatic airplane of JASDF[6] that I had once seen, flashed inside my mind.

You can’t do it, Master! A blood and flesh body like yours won’t be able to endure it!(Rufi)

Even so, I need to hurry. Before Gai starts to fall down again.

There’s still time. We will make it!(Rufi)

At that moment, I felt Rufi hugging me tightly. She’s right. I need to believe in her. I lift my head and strain my eyes…… There he is.


He is still far away, but without a doubt, it’s him. With his limb spread out, his velocity decreases as he begins to fall. Maybe because his robe has already been blown away, he isn’t wear it right now. Thank goodness it didn’t get tangled with his neck.

Gai! (Mira)
Mira!? Eh, wingsssss!? Whoaaaaaa(Gai)

When I called him again, he noticed me. He’s so surprised, he breaks his balance and falls while spinning[7].

Gai! Get back to your previous posture!(Mira)
Wwhat, are, you, sayinggggg (Gai)

When I tried to cross path with Gai, the flowing wind interfered. Gai continue to spin for a bit, but then suddenly he stopped with his head downward. Oh no! But maybe this will be easier to extend his hand.

Huh, it’s inverted but it looks like I stopped spinning? (Gai)
Just stay like that! Don’t move! (Mira)

I fold the wings and swoop down.
Since I cancelled the wind barrier, the dry wind hurt my eyes and the wind howls deafening my ears. However, the barrier will be a hindrance when I try to catch Gai. On the other hand, if I catch Gai from below, then both of us will be injured.[8] Perhaps, it will be more safe if I catch him after I match his velocity. I remembered I heard something that said a translational movement[9] at the same speed would be seen similar like moving in a stopped condition.[10]
I stretch out my hand towards Gai. Gai also stretches his arm towards me. Even though I had said to him to not move, geez. What will you do if you start spinning again? I putting off the scolding, and concentrated hard to match our speed.[11]
Just a bit more. Just a little bit more.
I spread out my wings, and slowly approach him. At the moment when Gai seems to be stopped before me,


Hearing Rufi’s word, with a snap, I seize Gai’s hand and embrace him.

Mi-Mira!? (Gai)
Don’t move! (Mira)

I yelled at him loudly to make him quiet. If out balance is broken, then we will spinning uncontrollably. Then, I will surely become dizzy and we will fall to the death. It will be a splatter.

Don’t scare me like this. You need to have a long life, and then looking over by your family from the top of tatami.[12](Mira)

Gai is wrapped tightly to me by the wind so that he won’t fall. After all, I don’t have strength in my arms to hold him until we land.

What is a tatami?(Gai)
A kind of matting that has really good smell!(Mira)

While giving a suitable reply, I spread my wings out wide. I made a sudden rise from the dive I have just now, so that I can escape from crashing at the ground. The sudden change of directions make my body creaked. I grinded my molars, so that I could endure to not making a scream leaked out from my mouth. I can’t make a scream. Gai and Rufi will be worried for me. Ah, that’s right! Is Gai alright? Since the pain had decreased a little, I had the chance to shift my sight towards Gai.
His face is red. Why? Is he have a high blood pressure? But isn’t if someone have a high altitude acroatic flying like this, their face would be pale white?......  I look at the ground, and my face become pale white. I get a vertigo.
Ah, a new trauma…… However, I must not lost consciousness at any cost before landing. At this time, Rufi called out to me.

Master. To land safely, I think it will be better to slowly decelerate. With the current speed it will be hard to evade crashing.(Rufi)
Oh no!(Mira)

Shock spread out from my voice.
I was frantically trying to prevent Gai from falling to death, and thinking that if I can fly like a bird then I can do it somehow, but when I actually flying myself, I comprehend that things wouldn’t go that well like what I had thought.
The speed is fast, the height is high. I forgot that I’m completely not good with rollercoaster!
What should I do? I endured the fear and even if my first plan was to mimic the bird, just before the landing I need to do sudden deceleration and maintaining the landing approach. The burden that I felt on my body at the sudden steep climb just now was quite intense. To be honest, I don’t have the confidence that I won’t faint if I felt that pain once more.
Then how about if I mimic the blowing pipe? If I can perform it well then I can land just like how the ball slowly floated down. Then I can make a wind blowing up from below once more…… Ah, it’s not good. I couldn’t do it unless I completely stop my current speed. If I missed the timing even by a little, it will be straight for falling down. Furthermore, since I couldn’t utilize natural wind such as the headwind, it will consume a large amount of mana.
Though in anime or film, there were battles scenes depicting sudden stop from a high speed. Unless I forged my body into the inhuman level possessed by the fictional characters, I wouldn’t be able to mimic their moves. I couldn’t think any ways that could stop the flight without causing a burden on the body!


Gai called out with an uneasiness, so I hugged him a bit stronger.
Get hold of yourself, me! There still many ways. I mustn’t give up.

It’s alright. The landing might be rough, but won’t cause we to die. But perhaps we will be…… injured.(Mira)
Haha. I had thought that perhaps I will die when falling from that cliff. So being injured is trivial compared to that.(Gai)

Gai answered cheerfully, it made my eyes blinked

That wind earlier that helped me, was Mira’s right? I believe in Mira.(Gai)

He make a natural smile. Aah, really. You such a big-shot.[13]

Rufi, do you know how much my mana remained?(Mira)

I pulled myself together and then trying to formulate a plan for a safe landing.

Yes. The amount had been decreased close to half of the total mana.(Rufi)

Since I couldn’t see my card, I asked Rufi, and she quickly gave a reply. However, to have half of my mana consumed, that’s more than I expected.

The high speed flying at the beginning consume half of the mana. But for the current level of flight[14], it doesn’t use up that much mana. The only mana being used rihht now is for maintaining the Unification with Master, preserving the current speed, and supporting Gai. However, like what I said before, it will be dangerous to land at our current speed.(Rufi)

Then to decrease the speed without stalling, perhaps, would need something like an airbag, or so I thought.

Where is the strongest wind?(Mira)
Alongside the cliff, blowing from west to east(Rufi)

So alongside the cliffs huh? The airflow can be a bit chaotic, so it might be dangerous.

Then what if we keep some distance from the cliffs. There also a river towards thewest.(Rufi)
Hmm…… Huh? I haven’t said anything out loud, right?(Mira)
Since we are Unified.(Rufi)

…… My thoughts are being overheard?

Only limited on the strongest thoughts though.(Rufi)

……So that means, she know that I was enduring just now? But this will be convenient for communicating secretly. Surely.
At any rate, the river, huh? It’s not that I can’t swim, but as a last resort, I might as well plunge into it.

Gai, we will plunging into the river as a last resort. Please prepare yourself.(Mira)
Leave it to me.(Gai)

In the meantime, I spotted a small dot moving across the ground towards the Academy’s direction.

That is……(Mira)
It’s a carriage.(Rufi)

If we keep flying in this direction we will passed the campground. So that means, the carriage is from the campground, right? The group, who stood in the front of the carriage, are Guno and the others, since I can feel the presence of my contracted Spirits. I flapped my wings and flew in circles above the place.


Maybe they’ve noticed us in the sky, since I faintly can hear Princess and Teacher’s yell. Maybe because they were afraid to influence the winds that made me fly, they didn’t use wind magic to pinpoint their voice to reach my ears, but they amplified it so it could be heard in the entire plains.

Rufi please bring my voice to them.(Mira)
I will make a landing alongside the cliff, heading from west to east. Since I’ll adjusting the ground, please don’t go near there.(Mira)

After receiving Teacher’s reply, I took a deep breath, once again. At the same time, I circulated my mana, and then called out to the name of the Spirit I left on the ground.

Guno, please prepare the ground surface.(Mira)

While transferring the image I desire, I noticed that my mana being extracted from my body. When transferring mana to contracted spirits, distance doesn’t mattered at all. As long as my voice reached them, the mana would be transferred by something like a contract line. Even so, this is the first time the distance is this far.
The ground along the cliffs was covered by a belt of light. After the light disappeared, a tremendously long road was constructed. The rocks and pebbles transformed into sand, the meadows vanished, and the swamps dried out. It was prepared so that even if I missed the timing for the landing, we wouldn’t be injured too greatly. Also, next to the road is the river. The width is so-so, and so is the depth. It isn’t a big river, but if push comes to shove, I’ll make request to Dine.
I’ve done the best I can, but I’ve never had thought that I would ended up in this predicament ─── making a landing that is tolerable on human body.
I flew towards the cliffs, and, when I judged that I close enough to the runway-like straight road, I flew in circles for the last time.

Here we go, Gai!(Mira)

I glided in a straight line. The ground under me pass by with a terrible speed.
How daunting, with our current situation, if there is no mana barrier, our bodies will be assaulted by an intense wind pressure. The sound of us cutting through the air is loud. Our altitude gradually decreasing.
I decided to mimic the manner the landing of an airplane. It just, since instead of a wheels, I’ll be using used my mana enhanced legs, I doubted that it’ll be able to endure the landing impact. That’s why I expanded the barrier around all 360 degrees and established large amount of airbags on the ground so we can land sliding. It’ll mostly be a direct body landing.
I also thought something like parachute, but the moment the chute opens, there would be a strong shock.[15] There would be a similar impact when landing, too. I remembered that if I couldn’t make a proper landing fall, it would be considerably dangerous. It would be a disaster if my body receives such impact shock. Furthermore, I don’t know whether or not I can do the landing fall properly.

Rufi, make a wall layer of compressed atmosphere in front of our course. Then a second wall separated by a short distance after we succeed in reducing the speed. (Mira)

I imagined compressed atmosphere, that act like an airbag.

Yes, Master.(Rufi)

A golden green light swirling in midair. Inside the surging winds, there’s something like a crest, and we pierced right through the middle of it.
*Bam!* The atmosphere rumbled, our speed is reduced by a bit. There was barely any shock on our body.
Then we passed through the second wall of compressed atmosphere. Compared to before, our speed has been considerably reduced. I immediately made a large wall to decelerate. I was a bit at lost whether or not I can switch to the under wind blow plan by now, but if I reduced the speed too much, then I’ll start falling vertically. As expected, I don’t think I can control my magic under such condition.
I understand that compared to skydiving without parachute, landing with my body is less objectionable. While enduring the fear, so that I can grasp the current altitude, I look at the ground below. Far below me, atop of the cliffs were figures of people. I unintentionally inspected them.
They might be the idiot nobles.
Then, what should I do? This is something I will do if I still have physical power remaining after I have landed safely, but I will surely strangle them all. I don’t think the teachers and the royalty will have a problems if I do that after all this. Then, while I was looking at them with a sight fully loaded with resentment,

Hey, Mira; can you swim?(Gai)

Gai threw a sudden question, which me replied the question back at him.

I just remembered what Auntie had said. If I remembered clearly, when Mira was still three year old, Mira fell into the river and caught a very terrible cold, as if you were was almost dying. So whenever we want to bring Mira to play in the river, Auntie will show a huge reluctance, then repeatedly remind us to only play at the shallow ends.(Gai)
Something like that happened?(Mira)

Now that I think about it, certainly I don’t remember if I had ever swim before. I also didn’t remember falling to the river, but if Mama said that, then that must be true. As expected from me who only has 30 HP. When I was still small, I have no doubt that the HP was even lower. To think, I was close to death. But, I had been taking swimming lesson at P.E. Classes during my previous life, so it will be alright, right?

Have you ever tried Water Attribute Physical Enhancement? The one where you swim while wearing clothes?(Gai)
…… I haven’t done it before.(Mira)

Or rather, the swimming I’ve done in my previous life was all done in a swimming suit. I never had shipwreck training nor also swimming with clothes on.

…… so, it’s reckless?(Mira)
Of course it’s reckless!(Gai)
It’s recklessness!(Rufi)

They retorted me together in one voice.

Land on the ground. It will be alright if I had one or two broken bones. It would heal. But don’t ever plunge into the river for any reason. You will drown!(Gai)
If Dine grows up, then it might not be such a reckless method; however, currently it’s impossible. Rather than that, please use mana to make barrier or compressed atmosphere like just now! Hey, Dine, Guno, Sala, I think you guys too opposed to it right?(Rufi)
You can’t! You can’t! You can’t~!(Dine)
I think it will be better to give up on it, Master.(Sala)

Eh, what is this? There are voices inside my head. Furthermore, I somehow know who is who speaking. Even though this is the first time I heard them.

Master is connected to the Spirit’s Direct Communication Line. I tried it since we are Unified, and it really did get connected.(Rufi)

*ehhe* Rufi said it in jest. Really did get connected?...... Don’t say this so lightly…

Taking applications for an alternative plan for Master who is currently is stuck flying around the sky.(Rufi)


What is it Mira?(Gai)

Gai become worried since I was silent, and called out to me.

Somehow, the Spirits have started a conference inside my head.
What’s that?
What’s that indeed.

The First Saving the Careless Master Conference?

I know I was the one who placed the proposal, but since plunging into the river is too risky, I withdraw it. I never imagine that Master is convinced that she could swim…(Rufi)

No, I can really swim. It’s not in the river but in the pool, though. Also in a swimsuit.

I want to become adult, but since Master barely has mana left, I don’t want Master to become exhausted. So, no.(Dine)

Hearing Dine’s words, I tilted my imaginary head inside my mind. Since Guno’s growth also occurred when I used magic in state of emergency, I don’t know how much mana is needed for a spirit to grow, but maybe it will be difficult to do so with two Spirits in succession.

With the current amount of mana remaining, not only is it not enough for Dine’s growth, but I think it will also difficult to make a sturdy extensive barrier. That’s why, I plan to catch Master myself.(Guno)

Guno will, what?

I’m already a grown adult and became a High Ranked Spirit. So for Master’s safety, rather than the river, how about landing on the ground?(Guno)
That’s right, since Guno is strong.(Sala)
Then it’s decided. Master, please thrust into Guno.(Rufi)
Even if you say to plunge…(Mira)
You can’t at the river!(Gai)

Since I unconsciously made a comment, Gai shouted at me.

No, not the river, but into Guno.(Mira)
Guno? That Earth Spirit?(Gai)
Since they said he is strong.(Mira)
Ah. That’s right. When we were searching for Princess’ lost bracelet, that guy lifted a large box, right? Furthermore it was packed full with apple and was as big as a carriage.(Gai)

This was something happened on a holiday sometime ago. Under the pretext of practicing Mana Perception, we played hide and seek using the whole royal villa. However, Princess lost her bracelet at the place where the food delivered to the villa was stored.
Everyone where searching among the boxes gaps, however we couldn’t find it. When I said, Maybe it’s under something., Guno lifted up the nearby apple box. Smoothly.
For that Guno, then two children will be an easy task to catch… If in the normal condition that is.

However, even so, if we thrust into Guno like how we thrust through the compressed atmosphere, , then……(Mira)

Gai and my combined weight would be around 40 kilograms, however with this speed then it would increase several folds. Isn’t it will be like being hit by an automobile? Guno might die.

It will be alright. It will be alright, Master. Since I am an Earth Spirit, after all.(Guno)

Guno persuaded me with a gentle tone.

Mira, don’t shoulder it alone.(Gai)
Master, don’t take it on by yourself alone.(Guno)
……Gai, Guno(Mira)
I know this is strange for me to say when I can’t do anything right now, but Mira is too reckless by yourself. If a man says that he will do it, then let him do it. Mira holds a lot of mana, but it doesn’t mean that Mira absolutely need to do everything. Rely on the people around you more.(Gai)
That’s right Master. I’m alright with this. If Master worried that I could be annihilated after receiving the impact from catching Master, then it will be alright since I’m not who’s receiving the impact, right?(Guno)
Not receiving the impact? But, how?(Mira)
Hm? How can I say it. This is something that Master had said before…… Ash-?(Guno)
You mean to redirect the impact shock into the ground?(Mira)
That’s right!(Guno)

He said in a tone that made me suddenly pictured he was smiling.

Mira, Mira, don’t you believe in your contracted Spirits?(Gai)
Of course I do believe in them.(Mira)

I  answered Gai’s question in a flash. I believe in them. However, uneasiness is still casting its shadows over me. Spirits were born from the mana that fills this world. They are an existence that didn’t possess a physical substance. If they can influence the world, then in the reverse, they can be influenced by the world.

Master, we are running out of time!(Rufi)
Surprised by Rufi’s sudden voice, my consciousness returned, we will soon pass the line atop the Academy’s cliffs. I don’t think the deceleration for the landing was enough.
What a failure!
While my face becoming pale, the anger towards myself gushed forth.
In any case, I released all my mana to create a 360 degree mana barrier and a shield at the front. Of course, it isn’t something aerodynamic like an oval shape. It’s just a plain wall. A wall that will catch the wind in maximum manner.[16]

Rufi. Make a compressed ath-……(Mira)

When I looked at the point where we would touch the land, there is a person there. No, it isn’t a person. The only human who can see him stand there with his long blond hair fluttering in the wind, is me.

It’s alright.(Guno)

I bit my lips. I believe in him. But, but,……………… I don’t want to see someone who is special to me get hurt!

So do we.(Guno)

I lost my words. That’s why he didn’t say anything even as I got closer to the ground? So that I, who has been trying too hard by myself, can rely on them more.
I had turned away their feeling,…… until the very last minute like this!

………… I believe in you.(Mira)

I erase the shield, I erase the wing, I sent all of my magic power to the barrier surrounding me. Rounder and rounder. Smaller, even smaller. To make Guno’s catch easier.


Then, Gai who I’ve been embracing until now, suddenly brought me closer to him, as if to wrap himself around me.

*Blam*…… The large impact roars.
However, this impact sounds that reverberated in the air was comparatively…… unexpectedly small.
*Tum* With a truly small shake, we landed ――― or rather, we ended up crashing.


After Rufi, who had been released from Unification, sent a Thought Transmission to me, I opened my eyes that had been closed tightly. I slowly get down to the hard ground, and released the barrier.

Welcome back, Master(Guno)

I looked at Guno whose head peeked at me over Gai’s shoulder, I then make a smile with a bit complicated feeling.

I’m back, Guno. And then, thank you everyone.(Mira)


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[1] バーランクBaaranku.
[2] MIra refer to the Mana Eater Attack. Gai couldn’t do anything back then.
[3] Obaka, in the context of Mira’s speaking, is kinda an affectionate way to refer someone as stupid. Adding “o-“ a prefix to denote something is respectful to the word “baka” ‘stupid’ make it didn’t that insulting.
[4] Frayn : Native Anglo-Saxon word for “Question”. Compare to Fragen (German), Frega (Norway), Precor (Latin)
[5] ベルーレ Beruure
[6] Japanese Air Self Defense Force
[7] Just like the skydiver in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xRJHBAiIywk
[8] It’s because of Newtonian mechanics physics. It’s complicated but I think those in high school might understand... They still teach this in high school right? The keyword is peak acceleration, sudden deceleration and impact mechanics.
[9] Movement to the side, not up or down.
[10] This is also a Newtonian mechanics physics. Let’s just say that if you have the same speed with an object, then from you or the object’s perspective, the other object or you didn’t moved at all. This is the basic of orbital interception / orbital rendezvous mechanics. KSP players will know what I mean.
[11] In KSP term, “do a RCS burn!”
[12] A cliché scene showed a grandma/grandpa seeing their grandchildren playing at the field while sitting at the tatami room.
[13] Oomono. Can also means precious thing. The context is rather shaky… Either Mira is saying: Don’t get big headed or You are someone I treasured. I think it was the first.
[14] Level flight: aviation term: flight in which a constant heading and altitude are maintained.
[15] The so called parachute opening shock. To make the shock “softer” the chute need to be opened in a delayed way.
[16] Mira trying to make an airbreak.


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