23 January 2016

Our New World - Chapter 2 Part 4


Chapter 2: The Heaven Lords in the New World
Part 4: Brand New World

Day 12 of arrival. 28-08-0002. 13.24

It was a fine day. The wide blue sky was clear with only rolling clouds sluggishly moving in slow pace.
Near grassland that spanned infinitely to the south that only broken by odd rocks and grove of trees, was a giant cliff that spread like a circle. In the gap of the cliffs was a giant Golden Wall that was shaped like a giant three stepped ladder, a giant Gate that was encrusted with gems of various color and size like stars in the night was lazily opening. In front of the gate was a marble floored plaza that was connected with a hundred steps from the grassland. On the east of those steps was a small lake that arises from seven small waterfalls that came out from the cliffs. From the lake a ten meter wide river flowed to the southeast.

The cool mist that the water created when it touch the surface of the lake drifted by the wind into its shore, giving a fresh sensation.
On the lakeside, a giant umbrella was hoisted up and shade a large table covered with pristine white cloth with colorful floral-like fractal pattern adorned it. On top of the table were white porcelain tea cups with the same floral-like fractal pattern, a large teapot of the same material and embellishment, and plates with various types of cookies and cakes.
This scene worthy of terrace tea house was a tea party of six. The six people enjoy their afternoon tea, while the various people in armor were running here and there, conveying and executing orders. As if, it wasn’t something of concern to her, one of the tea party guest, Saki, presented her empty cup to the side and Rutidora, her attendant, poured down a tea from a smaller teapot into the cup. Saki then sipped the tea in elegant lady like gesture as best as she can.

“Ah... Was this tea not really delicious Melbiena-sama, desuwano?” (Saki)

Saki elegantly parted her cup of tea from her lips and asked the opinion of Kiyomi who presided over this table full with tea and cookie.

“Yes, it is really delicious. Haimona-sama. I am really glad for your choice of tea.” (Kiyomi)

Kiyomi who was dunking her cookie to the sweet fruit tea softly compliment Saki ingenuity for the tea mix.

“No, no, no, it was because Melbiena-sama’s kindness that this one could partake this joyous occasion desuwa. Hohohohohoh.” (Saki)

Saki laughed in stereotypical ojou laugh while putting her hand in front of her mouth.

“Do you not also agree Terra-sama and Ciel-sama desuwano?” (Saki)

Saki asked Mizuki and Tsukimi who was drinking their teas with blissful face.

“I cannot more agree, Mona-sama, hohohohoho.” (Mizuki)

Mizuki also do the ojou laugh, that Saki also joined along.

“Hohohohohoho” (Saki and Mizuki)
“Um..... me too...Ho...ho...” (Tsukimi)

Tsukimi looks like she wanted participate but she seems too shy to do it.

“What do you think Stella-sensei-sama desuwano?” (Saki)

Lastly Saki asked Stella who had devouring the poor cookie population and left the desolated plates on her wake.

“What with the weird way of referring and what with that weird desuwa copula?” (Stella)

Saki didn’t mind Stella and keep talking with the others with faux ojou speech style. Sometimes, hohoho, faux ojou laugh could be heard from the table.

“You sure, you don’t want to join their tea party play?” (Yuuto)
“....I-I am too old for that......” (Ichiko)

Yuuto asked the reluctant Ichiko who keep looking towards the table with curious expression. So he just smiled.

“You don’t need to play along. Just accompany Nozo- Stella in the table. She seemed to be lonely by herself.” (Yuuto)
“Yes, you are right.” (Ichiko)

Seeing Ichiko went to the table and greeted by Saki “Welcome Una-sama, do you like some tea?” Yuuto made a warm smile. When he was just thinking a tea would be nice, Kiyomi, Veniosa and Florea came to him with a tray cart with tea and cookies.

“Would you like some tea, dear Husband?” (Kiyomi)
“Is it would be okay for you to leave the table?” (Yuuto)
“I think it will be fine, Saki perform her duty as the substitute host very well.” (Kiyomi)
“Is that so?” (Yuuto)

Hearing the hohoho sound from the background it seemed they enjoyed the tea party.
From nowhere, Veniosa took out a folding chair and portable table from her inventory, set it up, put a tablecloth and then Florea clumsily served the tea cups and cookie plate with a shaking and strained smile. Veniosa looked at her with rather pitying gaze.
Just under one minute, there was a tea table for two set up in the place.

“Thank you Veniosa and Florea.” (Yuuto)

The maids gave a bow and then moved back. Yuuto and Kiyomi sat down as Kiyomi poured the tea to Yuuto’s cup.

“Thank you, Mel.” (Yuuto)

Kiyomi, replied with a smile. And Yuuto enjoyed the fruit tea mix, hmm, the mix of sweet and bitter is splendid.

It has been more than 1 hours since they opened the gate and head to the Outside. Even after 2 hours the superheavy gate door still not fully opened. Well it needed 3 hours for it to fully open or close the gate.
Since there were no enemies as far his eyes could see when they went out from the gate. So Yuuto executed plan B, scout for sign of enemy encampment. If the enemy number was really above 100,000 then their encampment would be easily be found. If the location was known, then Yuuto would try to negotiate, but if it failed and the enemy was hostile without any peace option available, then the encampment would be barraged by long range wide area magic and reduced to cinder as necessary.
Then as had been arranged before, 16 scout teams composed of 4 Knights would scout the area with a radius of 50 km shaped like a 180° fan. With their 50 km/hour speed, it would need about 2 hours for them to complete this. However in reality, it would took longer time since the terrain would not be necessarily to be flat and they would do initial observation if they found something. However, Yuuto had ordered them to not engage the enemy if they didn’t attack and even if they attack only counterattack if it necessarily to secure escape route.

While they were waiting for the scout to return, at first Yuuto asked the girls to head back to the castle and wait. The martial state of the city had also been withdrawn so the citizen could now went outside the city gate although they strictly forbidden to leave Neuschwanensee proper to the Outside. Mitteherz had returned to the castle, the Militia had also been ordered to stand down and the defend condition status degraded from “Red Alert” to “Yellow Alert”.
However, Kiyomi defiantly refused and took out a large umbrella, table, tea set, and set up a tea party in the middle of grassland near the Hundred Steps of Marble Plaza. Her reasoning was,

“Since we took trouble come to Outside, then we should enjoy this more. Right, Dear Husband?” (Kiyomi)

Yuuto couldn’t refute her and just let her do as she like. While he and Ichiko consulted the Knights about mapping and close examination of the surrounding area, Saki incited the rest to start playing ‘Ojou-samas Tea Party’. While the newly adopted Saki’s pet Grass Rabbit, Falufu-tan, obediently huddling near the table corner.
Of course the tea party was still guarded by three layered security cordon of Knights patrolling in 200 meters, 100 meters and 50 meters radius from the girls location. Even if somehow the three outer perimeter breached, the Three Commanders and Guardian Maid Corps (now a proper name to refer the 12 Guardians NPC) would serve as final security perimeter, and there is Yuuto.
Freiheit would supervise the First, Second, and Fourteenth High Mobility Companies to maintain the outer three security cordon. Lichkeit would oversee Third to Ninth Companies, Eighteenth and Nineteenth Archer Corps and the Twentieth Special Mage Corps in standby and wait until the Tenth Scout Companies return. Gleichheit would maintain the rear rank and the garrison on the other three gates.
As the all necessary preparation had been arranged and the Three Commanders went with their subordinates to carry out Yuuto’s order of gathering information about the Outside surrounding Neuschwanensee and or maintaining the security. So there was nothing to do and wait until the scouts return with the news and information. Information is important, only foolish people would walk blindly without information, and even blind people use touch, stick and echolocation. The next taken step would be based from the information.
Meanwhile, well, there were some monster(?) attacking the Knights, but they could easily defeated by the Knights. The corpses then were sent to inside the gate to be examined by the waiting scholars. From what Yuuto saw when he took a glimpse on the monsters corps, it resembled a green skinned wolf, large cat, large rodent-like creatures and furred humanoids as tall as Saki. Yuuto never saw these types of creatures inside the game before, so maybe they were this reality reproduction of RAHO monster? But since the Knights easily defeated them, there would be no danger towards the girls. After all for the girls, the knights were not even a proper opponent.

Yuuto put his empty cup to the table where Kiyomi immediately refilled it with tea. Yuuto nodded and smiled to thank Kiyomi, who also drank her tea while sheepishly smiled.
Meanwhile in the background, Yuuto could even hear that Ichiko and Stella also participated in faux Ojou laugh with Saki. Umm.... I wonder what really happened.... Even now, Yuuto become curious.


5 tea refills and 2 plates of cookie later. The scouts returned. Yuuto ended the tea party and so was the others. Gemirea and Brumari had prepared a large tent as a location for the debriefing session. Although Yuuto actually wanted to shift the location to the situation room inside the wall, it seemed Kiyomi had pulled strings so the debriefing session would be conducted in the grassland. The reason for it was:

“Since we took trouble come to Outside, then we should enjoy this more. Right, Dear Husband?” (Kiyomi)

‘Umm...Kiyomi... you already use this reason, you know? Be more creative.’ Yuuto wanted to retort, but he just let it go, let it go.
Well, since there was no need to shift the location, then so be it.

Yuuto and the girls sat in a large table on one side of the tent. Of course Yuuto was in the middle, between Kiyomi and Chie, just like in the reception party 11 days ago. The Maids were sitting on a line of chairs behind the Players. The Three Commanders and their aides were sitting on a long table on another side of the tent. In the middle of the tent was a rough map of the surroundings area made by Cartography Corps of the Tenth Scout Companies. Neuschwanensee was represented by a large circle in the middle of the map with the unscouted area grayed out.
The lake that was located near the Southern Golden Wall and the river it produced were also described and named (temporary) as Siebenfall Lake and Eigen River. The land surrounding the Southern Golden Wall would be referred as Mittagsland, since it was noon and Yuuto creativity slacked big time. In the same vein, the land in the North will be referred as Mitternachsland, the land to the West, Abendrotsland and land to the East, Morgendrotsland. He wanted to use Morgendammerungland or Sonnenuntergangland, but it was too long to write. While he at it, should he also named the gates using diurnal cycle?

A representative of Cartography Corps Tenth Scout Company, Lieutenant Commander Martin stood at the center, in front of the map to give the summary of the scouting.

“Based on preliminary scouting, no trace of enemy was found within a radius of 50 km ; there even no sign of recent large scale encampment, for example, tent post mark, fire pit remains, foot print or wheel track.” (Martin)

“That’s strange. Wasn’t there was an enemy attack last week?” (Mizuki)
“What? So we worried for nothing?” (Stella)
“I wonder what going on here...” (Ichiko)
“Hmmm.... did we reappear in wrong place or wrong time?” (Saki)
“So... we’re safe?” (Tsukimi)

Although Yuuto wondered what happened, it wasn’t like he didn’t encounter any unanswered question since the first day, so he didn’t pursue the matter any longer.

“Continue the report.” (Yuuto)
“Yes. Although we found several natives running away from this direction several kilometers from this place, as per Lord Highness’ order we didn’t pursue, provoke or attack them and only attached some scout to follow them from afar. Their running direction was as shown in the map.” (Martin)

Martin turned the map which now showed several arrows that were moved away from the central circle. Most of the arrows fled southwest, while some fled northeast. Yuuto was wondering if the arrows were enemies scout or just only plain civilian.

“I see. Is there any cities in their direction?” (Yuuto)
“Yes sir, we found twenty nine villages less than 1000 people and five small towns of less than 10,000 people on 50 km radius in the Mittagsland. Their location was as shown in the map.” (Martin)

The map page was changed once more, into a new map with several dots representing human habitation. Now in the west corner of the map was a big river (temporarily named Great West River), Eigen River flowed into it. In the middle south of the map was an almost straight line from east to west that represented a major highway. There was also a major highway in the eastern corner of the map that goes north to south. Yuuto tried to remember if it had any resemblance to any of RAHO maps, but he couldn’t find anything that matched the map in front of him.

“Any sign of combatant concentration in those villages or cities?” (Yuuto)
“None that is significant Lord Higness.” (Martin)
“Carry on.” (Yuuto)
“Based on rough estimation, the nearest town was located 37 km away, while the nearest village was 16 km away. Most of the villages were crowded in the river bank southwest from here while the rest located nearby a large highway 28 km south. There were some forests and hills, but the main geographic feature of Mittagsland was open plains intersected by rivers.” (Martin)

Just as what Martin said. Four of the towns were located near the river to the south, with villages made a rough ring with the town as the center. Yuuto assumed that the town was a market town for the nearby village. Meanwhile, the last town was located in the almost southeast corner with villages established along or nearby the major highway. It seemed that the last town was a post town since it was located on the intersecting highways. The north-south highway only sparsely inhabited because the highway passed an area with a forested hill. So the rough terrain might be interfering with large scale agriculture. Based on the terrain table, Mittagsland, for all intent and purposes, was a rather flat grassland plain. Although the human habitation was known but there almost no information about the inhabitants, so Yuuto judged it would be wise to obtain sufficient data so they could know whether the entity resided there hostile or not, and if there were any players around. In any case the nearby 10 km radius from Neuschwanensee was devoid from any human habitation, so it might be useful for Neuschwanensee expansion to Mittagsland.

“I see. Send some scout to gather information about the inhabitant, their architectural design, their fields, their crops, their livestock, level of technology, and if applicable their social or political structure. Do it without being found out. Also send some scouts to gather soil sample from possible farming site, plant sample, and animal sample, please consult Duchess Unapietra’s staff and Castle Scholar Council for the details. It won’t trouble you right?” (Yuuto)
“Yes. About that Lord Highness....” (Martin)

Martin seems want to said something.

“Speak Martin.” (Yuuto)
“Since the fog had disappeared. The other three gates could now saw clearly their surrounding, and by using the Luftzeug Ein that Lord Highness and the Castle Workshops had built, we had also conducted air reconnaissance from 3,000 meters. And so...” (Martin)

Martin once more turn the map pages and show a much-much larger scale map, Neuschwanensee now only a rather small circle in the middle. Several of Martin staffs then update the map with the last information they have and write Mitternachtsland, Abendrotsland, and Morgendrotsland in the map. Also Yuuto commended that the Cartographer Corps quickly to recognize Luftzeug Ein’s potential for reconnaissance even without he pointed this out. The NPCs were unexpectedly smart… Maybe he was wrong to think the NPCs as just NPCs… After all, right now they were no different from real people.

“...From aerial reconnaissance we could visually observed with an estimate of 200 km radius assuming this world had a planetary diameter of 6,600 km, further observation beyond this estimated range is impossible as it was below the horizon and couldn’t be seen, higher limit of observation by increasing the ceiling height of the Lufzeug Ein is being considered by the Royal Engineer.” (Martin)

Martin showed the outer circle that border the map to show the limit of the observation. So the map was a circle of 400 km in diameter. The 8 km diameter Neuschwanensee was almost a small dot in the map.

“On further south from Mittagsland the area was still flat plains intersected with small river, hill and forest, but the southern area was heavily developed with numerous sign of large farms field although it hard to see building, several cities confirmed using high powered telescope. There also sign of large sail ships in the West River, so it might be close to the sea or navigable with large ships, as visual estimation gave 800 to 900 meter for the river width.”

So it seemed that the southwest area had much larger human population density. Since that location was near the sea, maybe Neuschwanensee could obtain salt and or seafood. Yuuto made mental note to send deep cover agent from MI11 to check the area.

“Meanwhile from what the preliminary visual scouting report from the Gates garrison, Abendrotsland was a heavily forested area that located in a basin by two mountain ranges, but the current heavy cloud cover interfered with further observance in western direction. There were several farm-like areas in the south-western area of the forest. ” (Martin)

Martin showed Abendrotsland in the map. There was a mountain range that started from the southwest corner of the map and continued until almost northwest corner before it turn right and extended to the east into almost the top middle of the map, they were temporarily named Westrand Mountains and Nordrand Mountains. Between this mountains ranges was a heavily forested area with numerous small river systems that mostly eventually joined the Great West River, with small number of river keep flowing southwest outside of the map and northeast crossing over the mountains. There were some possible settlements marked on the map, mainly hugging the forest edge and on the riverbank that came from the forest.

“On the north, the Mitternachsland was also a grassland plains, but with higher number of hills and no sign of any human habitation, but about 160 kilometer North Mitternachsland turned into a crag desert with sand dunes detected over the horizons.” (Martin)

Martin showed Mitternachsland in the map. Nordrand Mountains keep continuing to the middle of Mitternachsland and there only few rivers from Abendrotsland forest area flow in this directions. On the northern edge of the map, beyond the Nordrand Mountains, was yellow colored that represented desert (temporarily called Grenzewust Desert). Maybe since the lack of the river cause there was nary a settlement in this direction. Hmm… Is it like an inland desert or a rain shadow desert? Yuuto noted this, but since it was uninhabited, Neuschwanensee could easily expand in the north direction.

“Now on the east, Morgendrotsland… It’s a heavily developed area. With numerous settlements detected, far more than Mittagsland. We counted that there was over 100 villages over 50 km radius, 22 towns, and 3 cities with estimate population larger than 10,000 people. The closest city is just 2 kilometer from the East Gate……” (Martin)

Martin showed Morgendrotsland in the map. There were numerous settlement markers that crowded the map. Several line that representing highways crossed the map that reminded Yuuto on Kanto’s highways. The large number of settlements must because Morgendrotsland had numerous rivers that came from mountains in the north (temporarily named East Edge Mountain) that feed the farmland. And town and cities were developed on the crossroads between the villages. The closest city was a junction of 3 different highways, so it was maybe a city grown from trade. But Yuuto never imagined that there will be a city just right under their nose… Time to revise the decisions, the most important thing right now is investigating Mitternachsland as possible Neuschwanensee expansion, and Morgendrotsland as the closest human habitated area.

“Martin, send more scouts to the Morgendrotsland, this take priority than the settlements of Mittagsland. Take note and gather information of everything. The people living inside, the number of soldiers if they exist, the architecture, the technology, the agriculture and trade activity, social or political circumstances, and the likes. Don’t forget to collect the samples of surrounding lands for the Castle Scholar Council. Of course do this as clandestine as possible without arousing enemy attention.” (Yuuto)
“Yes, Lord Highness!” (Martin)

Martin kneeled to receive his order. Yuuto then turned his attention to the Three Commanders, they immediately realized that they will receive an order, so they preemptively kneeled down.

“Gleichheit, prepare MI11 agents to infiltrate the city as soon as their ready. We need to get some solid information from inside. Freiheit, assign additional Knights to the East Gate at the expense of the North and West Gate, there is no need to tightly guard the gates that leads to a depopulated area. Lichkeit, prepare some man to guard the people from Commerce and Agriculture Boards that will conduct the survey of nearby lands in the next several days.” (Yuuto)
“Yes, Lord Highness!” (Three Commanders)

The meeting finished, so Yuuto dismissed the Scout Company and the Three Commanders to do their respective duties. Then Yuuto walked out from the tent and surveyed the vast grassland in front of him.
The Outside was an area that he didn’t recognize as something from RAHO, but it didn’t mean that Yuuto had visited all RAHO worlds, so this maybe one of the RAHO world. But Yuuto highly doubt it. After all speaking about RAHO’s worlds, in the game other than Holy Land and starting Heaven, most worlds were in ruin or swarming with monster with only small settlements or fortress acted as gateway for players.
This world had a lot of settlements, more so than the game world he familiarized with. If this true then it means that he had zero knowledge about this, and this made him uneasy. Too many unknown variable could make a proper formula useless. Knowledge is important, so he need to gather as much as information as he can. For the girls safety, this is the current priority. After this, I need to have discussion with the Commerce and Agriculture Boards about the urgent expansion and resource need, the Royal Engineer in Castle Workshop for the progress of various prototypes and the Three Commander for attaching Citizen Volunteer Militia to help patrol the wall. Need to think about possible hostile entity, need to think about possible future diplomacy with the native, need to think about….

While Yuuto was lost in his thoughts. A sudden coolness in his cheek made him surprised. He looked at the perpetrator while preparing combat stances. But when he saw the metallic blue colored hair that was swirling by the wind that frequent this grassland, he release his wariness and made a wry smile.

“Dear Husband. Lost in thoughts again?” (Kiyomi)

Kiyomi made a worried expression while holding a ceramic mug of chilled Pokari juice (courtesy of Veniosa water magic). Behind her the ever so dutiful Veniosa and Florea were standing by. The other girls seemed to playing with Saki’s new pet Grass Rabbit Falufu-tan, only Stella sat on a nearby chair with disinterested expression.

“Ah… Yeah… Thanks Mel.” (Yuuto)

Yuuto said his thanks while receiving the ceramic mug from Kiyomi.

“Dear Husband worrying too much. Although it’s good to be cautious, don’t overdo it. Stress is not good. Dear Husband can share it with me or the others. If it something that we can help then I think the others will gladly do it.” (Kiyomi)

Kiyomi put an expression of a wife nagging her workaholic husband. Seeing her expression like this, Yuuto could only made a stifled laugh. Now, who is the older and who is the younger, Yuuto wonder.

“I will remember your words with pleasure. Just now, you really are nagging like a wife.” (Yuuto)
“…*blush*… Umm……I-I am Dear Husband’s wife… so… so… it’s a given…” (Kiyomi)

Kiyomi made a flustered answer and ran away towards the other girls. Well, her shyness was also charming. Either way, Yuuto remembered his own advice to Ichiko. “No one can do everything”. Maybe I need to consult some of this with Stella and Nozomi. While thinking about this, Yuuto noticed that in the ground, he had two distinct shadows. He looked at the others. They also had two shadows. His mind’s alarm went off full alert by this, Yuuto quickly scanned the sky and found the culprit.
In the sky, there was a sun that had comparable size from the old Earth’s sun that began steadily slipping on the western horizon. But coming up from the cover of the clouds in the Eastern Horizon was another sun, comparably smaller than the first sun. It seemed that this “reality” had two suns. But, no RAHO worlds have two suns… Yuuto started lost in his thoughts again…
Stella looked curiously at the rarely seen flabbergasted Yuuto who just stood still and stared at the Eastern direction. Stella also followed his gaze and saw the small sun. She quickly looked west and saw the big sun. Stella then made a weak laugh. The other girls looked at both of them and were wondering what’s wrong.

Nothing really drive the nail for the fact that this is really not Earth and it is really a Brand New World, other than an extra celestial sphere member.


Neuschwanensee Military Organization:

Neuschwanensee Gate Knight Orders
Members: 2,000 Knights.
The full military arms of Neuschwanensee.
Gate Knights had been arranged by Yuuto into 20 Companies of 100 strengths arranged into 3 Regiment.
1st Regiment: Mostly concerned in defending Neuschwanensee
1st Company: Combined Arms Company
2nd Company: Combined Arms Company
13th Company: High Mobility Company
14th Company: High Mobility Company
15th Company: Garrison Company
16th Company: Garrison Company
17th Company: Garrison Company
Combined Arms: Armed with a mixture of Melee, Range and Magic attack. A generalist company able to deal with a wide range of situation.
High Mobility: Wear lighter armor with members able to run to far distance in short timing. Designed to be able deployed, reinforced and reach the location of engagement quickly.
Garrison: Trained to do melee combat in close situation like in the city or atop of the wall. Also proficient in using large siege equipment on top of the wall.

2nd Regiment: Mostly concerned in striking targets outside Neuschwanensee proper
3rd Company: Shield Company
4th Company: Shield Company
5th Company: Shield Company
6th Company: Heavy Armor Company
7th Company: Heavy Armor Company
8th Company: Mobile Infantry Company
9th Company: Mobile Infantry Company
Shield Company: Designed to take brunt of enemy attack. They worked like Roman Legionnaire attacking with sword and shield.
Heavy Armor: Shock trooper. Heavily armored (but still fast) and armed with Long Blades, Giant Hammers, GunLance, and other large sized weapon, they were designed to overwhelm enemies under mass of metals.
Mobile Infantry: Since Neuschwanensee lack proper cavalry (cavalry didn’t exist in the game) this company designed to fulfill light cavalry rule like flanking, scouting and harassing enemies line, they also function as skirmishers.

3rd Regiment: Mostly concerned in supporting other regiments in tour of duty.
10th Company: Scout Company
11th Company: Military Intelligence, also known as MI11
12th Company: Supply Company
18th Company: First Archer Corps
19th Company: Second Archer Corps
20th Company: Special Mage Corps
Scout: Conduct military recon, scouting, and mapping.
Military Intelligence: conduct espionage and counter espionage (still in training)
Supply: Maintain and guard supply and military installation. Medical Corps is incorporated in this Company.
Archer Corps: Filled with experts in bows, crossbows, bowguns, artiballista and other means of long range bombardment.
Special Mage Corps: It member mages excel in large area magic and or buffing and healing spells. Could support the other division from front or the rear. Very versatile.

Neuschwanensee Volunteer Self Defense Militia
Members: 5,000 Militias
Part time soldiers, didn’t have any obligation to participate of war or battle outside Neuschwanensee. Have minimal training but better than nothing. Mainly armed with weapon that needs minimum level of training to be effective like bowguns.
Arranged into 5 Legion of 1,000; each composed of 10 Cohorts of 100 men.

Neuschwanensee Military Rank
The Military rank was very simple:

For the Knights:
Supreme Commander: Yuuto’s rank as the Grand Administrator of Neuschwanensee (and later as Archduke of Neuschwanensee Archduchy.)
Commander: Commander of Knights Regiment.
Lieutenant Commander: Commander of each company.
Captain: Leader of 10 Knights band
Knights itself were divided into 4th Rank, with 1st being the lowest and 4th the highest. Only 4th Rank Knight can become Lt.Com and 3rd Rank eligible to become a Captain.

For the Militia:
Legatus: Commander of the Militia Legion. Legatus answered directly to Mitteherz, Yuuto, Chie or Kiyomi.
Centurion: Commander of the Militia Cohort
Decurion: Leader of 10 Militias

Engineering Corps: Civilian employed to do military construction like fortification and others, not considered as belonged to Knights but part of Militia.

Somewhere in the future... Yuuto will furnish the Knights and Militia with APCs, IFVs, MBTs, SPAs, MLRSes, CASes, AWACSes and real time CICs.


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