10 January 2016

10 nen goshi no HikiNEET o Yamete Gaishutsushitara Jitaku goto Isekai ni Ten’ishiteta. Chapter 4 - Part 6

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Yukkuri Oniisan

Chapter 4: Yuuji Changing Jobs from “Rich Person” to “Magician of the Forest”.
Part 6 Yuuji, Alice and Kotarou’s Flower Viewing

Oow, it’s blooming beautifully. Come and see Alice, sit here. Kotarou, are you good over here?(Yuuji)

Time had passed since Yuuji showed symptoms of Chuunibyou and began practicing magic in the garden. The Sakura’s blossoms had opened, and were currently flowering in full bloom.
Today on the garden’s soil, that had experienced Alice’s magic, a blue tarp was spread out, as two people and one animal were flower viewing.
By the way, Magician of the Forest Yuuji wasn’t able to use magic even now.[1]

Yuuji-nii, the Sakura is beautiful! Why there is only one Sakura tree? If there are a lot more then it will be more and more beautiful!(Alice)

Sitting cross legged atop the sheet, Alice was smiling in high spirits.

Alice, this Sakura was planted to commemorate the birth of Alice’s oneechan Sakura, you know. Furthermore, look! Even if there is only one tree but it is still beautiful, right? The Sakura blooms quietly, then after a short time scatters. It’s also a beautiful thing...

Yuuji made a narration for some reason while having a distant look on his face. Of course he wasn’t contemplating anything. It was just because this pose looked really cool.
“Is that so? Amazing!” Alice shouted, honestly delighted, but Kotarou didn’t bark at all and just stared at Yuuji with ice-cold eyes.

Now then, Alice, let’s toast! It has been one year since I came to this place. Also yesterday was my birthday.(Yuuji)

Un, Alice will do the toast!(Alice)

Two voice overlapping, “Toast” and the glass mugs hit each other. Kotarou couldn’t participate in toasting. Since naturally, a dog’s paw couldn’t hold glass mug.

Saved to congratulate his one year commemoration, Yuuji tasted his first beer since coming to this world. Well, it wasn’t real beer, but low-malt beer[2] that his father left behind in the refrigerator.
Yuuji personally couldn’t be considered as strong or weak drinker. But he also wouldn’t get drunk off of one can of beer. Meanwhile, his imouto, Sakura, drank alcohol like a fish.[3]
As expected Yuuji could drink alcohol until he fell into stupor without doing anything stupid while being inebriated.

So I have become 31 years old, huh...... Which reminds me, when is Alice’s birthday?(Yuuji)

Birthday......? Ummmm, when the harvest festival is over, everyone will become one year older, right?(Alice)

Hmm, so it’s a style where it’s celebrated all at once. When was Alice born? Has anyone ever told you about it?(Yuuji)

Yes! Alice was born in the autumn! Papa said that Alice was born just before the harvest festival so it was a major incident! But Mama also said that, you were born just before the winter came, even when I was waiting for it, like this she said! So, Alice doesn’t really know......(Alice)

What an exceptional memory. After all, do children even bother remembering something that they didn’t want to remember?

I-Is that so, Alice was born in Autumn, eh, I see, then let’s celebrate it during the next Autumn!(Yuuji)

Yuuji changed the conversation without acquiring any information and so on. His eyes swam away.
Kotarou became playful with Alice as if to distract her.

“Leave this to me!” (Kotarou)

It looks like what Kotarou tried to say.
It appears that Kotaru thought it was still too early for Alice to have sex education.[4] What an apprehensive reliable female. She’s a dog though.



Lured by the sudden roar, two people and one animal looked up at the sound’s origin in the sky.

Wy-Wyvern! Yuuji-nii, Kotarou, we need to hide in a place it can’t see!(Alice)

Yes, Yuuji had seen it when he first came to this another world, it was the strange bird that flying in the sky.

Hearing Alice’s yell, Yuuji was quickly pulled by Alice to hide inside the house. While occasionally turning her head to look back, Kotarou also followed from behind.

This year, there was also a green shaped humanoid figure on its sharp hind legs; perhaps it had caught a goblin.
Just like what he had seen last year, it came from the sky to the east of house and flew to the northern mountains.

Haahaa...... Even when I haven’t seen it for one year..... Alice, does the wyvern only comes out during the spring?

Uun, Alice doesn’t know! But, if wyverns come out, we are hiding inside the house so it can’t see. They say it’s really dangerous for the children.(Alice)

Thus, in this way, the enjoyable flower viewing ended prematurely and became a quiet tea party inside the house.

Ah! Shit, I didn’t take a picture of wyvern again!(Yuuji)

Yuuji wasn’t able to exact his last year’s revenge.


A piece of junk negotiator’sI finally came out after 10 years, but my home kinda went into another world Part 9Will he survive?[5]

1 : Anonymous ETNE

This is the thread to enjoy the reports, images and videos of another world that confirmed piece of junk negotiatorYuuji has uploaded.
Is it really another world? How did he fabricate it? This is the thread to verify this.

Finally he started to interact with people from another world.
Will Yuuji survive as the result?
You guys, the self-proclaimed genius could you do something for him?
Train Yuuji well just like Sergeant Hartman!

The next thread will be set up after this thread step over >>900 filthy maggots!

311: Anonymous NEET
Still wasn’t 4 mirrors with 1 additional rewards too much?
You can’t get this anymore, you know?

312: Former Talented Salesman
It was my mistake
I wanted to avoid internal discord between the adventurers
Since completing swift and certain negotiation took priority

313: Well Informed NEET
Since it’s different from selling in Japan
The civilization level was still unknown
But it was a feudalism with the King on top
We know that since there is political power then there is military power

314: Anonymous NEET
Are you really talented?

315: Anonymous ETNE

316: Anonymous MEAT
(Thinking that if he was really talented he wouldn’t be in this thread)

317: Cool NEET
Well we can’t change what has already happened
The review meeting had also finished
We should brainstorm our assumption about the next peddler behavioral pattern.

By the way ALL, use your many years experience.

318: Anonymous NEET
It depends on the personality of the peddler

319: YES Lolita NO Touch
It will be alright, since he taught Alice calculations
Also he let her help tending the shop

Among Little Girl Lovers there is no bad person!

320: Infrastructure Worker
On the contrary it will increase our uneasiness

321: Well Informed NEET
With Alice tending the store, he could increase the sales
Perhaps he was a person with shrewd thinking

322: Cool NEET
If that’s case then we could do something
I think pattern 2 will be effective

323: Anonymous ETNE
Well to be frank,
Since he could only carry away knowledge freely through Yuuji
Just like this there will be no profit talk

324: Anonymous MEAT
Is it “Supported for life by the peddler that going Uhahaha” Route huh?

325: Anonymous NEET
However to search for the family
And obtaining necessities like food
There would be no problem if he was being taken care of right?

326: Anonymous NEET
Even so the conclusion was an OK
You can’t repeat this, you know
Are you imbecile?

327: Professor Acorn
Since it’s spring

328: Camera Ossan
Yeah, it’s spring

329: Yuuji
A Wyvern was flying in the sky again
Counting last year, it was the 2nd time
But I forgot to take picture again

330: Anonymous ETNE
Is that so, Yuuji?

331: Anonymous MEAT
Don’t be discouraged, Yuuji!

332: Anonymous NEET
There will be another chance, Yuuji

If you survive

333: Cool NEET
Such things happens
But before the peddler comes you need review the study lesson properly

334: Yuuji
Y, Yeah
Sorry somehow

335: Anonymous ETNE
Don’t worry about it, Yuuji

336: Anonymous MEAT
Listen up, you need to make an effort, Yuuji

337: Anonymous NEET
Be prepared![6]

338: Anonymous NEET
Beaver-san[7] came out!

339: Anonymous NEET
I-I’m not an elementary schooler!


Yuuji took off his eyes from the computer and casted down his eyes at the bundle of papers in his hand.

It had letters that read Even Yuuji can Understand! Negotiation Manuals with Peddler[8]
It had 24 pages.
Of course it wasn’t something that was made by Yuuji.
I was made by the volunteers from the bulletin board, a secret plan bestowed to Yuuji.
However, the majority of the volunteers from the bulletin board were NEETs.

I need to do my best. I’m not alone. There’s Alice. I have everyone rooting for me. I can do it, I can do it, I can do it(Yuuji)

Yuuji looked at the bundle of papers, while murmuring in low voice.

At that time,
He heard a voice from the outside.

Alice-chan, are you there, Alice-chan.(Unknown Voice)

It was the twelfth day after the adventurers came to the house.
It was exactly one year, since Yuuji came to another world,

Yuuji headed out. The time of the match was at hand.


Is the narrator has a grudge with Yuuji or something?
Random Batman Logic: The narrator is the Sakura tree....

[1] I could imagine the narrator make a snicker in this line.
[2] Happoshu 発泡酒 (it just mean bubbling alcohol/spirits) or low-malt beer, a faux beer with low malt content (<67%) with most at <25% with 0% or 1% alcohol content. Some even didn’t contain any malt and made from corn, soy bean, and other ingredients. But it taste quite similar to beer, or so they claim.
[3] In case of reader who didn’t get this idiom: Fish drink water all the time. So someone who drink like a fish means they gulp down alcohol just like water.
[4] Well… In Japan, a girl that soon reach puberty will receive a sex education about their body, menstruation, puberty, general concept of sexual relationship etc.
[5] Even if Yuuji didn’t, Kotarou would.
[6] Boy Scout’s creed.
[7] In Japan, Boy Scout was divided (by year) into Beaver Scout, Cub Scout, Boy Scout, Venture Scout, Rover Scout. Beaver Scout was for elementary student age hence the reaction from 339
[8] A spoof of 誰にでもわか (even everybody could understand), the English equivalent is “Negotiation Manuals with Peddler for Yuuji (dummies)”


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  7. Narrator shares painful past expierence of being a useless neet with Yuuji, or so it seems.

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