02 January 2016

Isekai de 『Kuro no Iyashite』 tte Yobarete Imasu - 2nd Story

This is Yukkuri demasu!

This is the second Teaser of five teasers for these series.

DISCLAIMER: There is no way my translation is perfect.

Yukkuri Oniisan
To Another World
2nd Story: It Looks Like Another World

*Misuzu’s Perspective*
When I recover my consciousness, it was an open field. I was sitting on the floor, grasping my own knees.

My head was still hazy. It was like when you were just forcefully awakened after sleeping deeply.

It was bright, and hot.

On my surrounding was a highway. In front of me was a gently sloped hill ridge, while in my back I could see a forest.
The road that cut across in the middle of the open grassland was a dirt road that wasn’t properly maintained. However there were wheel tracks like a car had passed it.
The wheel track was thin. I couldn’t see tire mark so perhaps it was a carriage.
As far as my eyes could see, the scenery of Mother Nature extended infinitely. There were no civilization conveniences like multi floor building or electric cable. The sky was bright blue and spaciously clear. Is this what the sky looks like when not interrupted by buildings? Of course there were no jet contrails.

Ah. No good.
My head was still numbed.

While still like being inside a dream and not a reality, I slowly surveyed my surrounding.

The grassland near the highway where I was sitting down was grown with short grass.
It looks like clovers. It might be even good if I lie down to take a nap.

Growing quite tall beside the highway was a herb with leaves like morning glory.
While I stared at it blankly and thinking that it height was lower than morning glory, words appeared inside my mind.

Agamena Herb
HaemostaticWound Medicine
By boiling and drinking it water, give small HP recovery
CompoundingPotion Creation
To create it Compound  Moses Herb and Blue Rainy Herb together with Ether

I was surprised.
Wow, umm........ yes. This was..... yes.
Inside my head words appeared in a screen like a game window.

I wonder if I plunged and lost into a game world.
Or perhaps I need to say, transported into another world?

I was surprised. Although I had said this, but actually I wasn’t that surprised, but I personally smiled a bit.
I regained the sense of reality that similar to immediately following being awaken from a deep sleep.
Well maybe my feeling of anxious was rather thin. Although my head was still azy but I regained my self-awareness.


I am a college student. My workplace has been decided and my graduation day is near. I am a bit otaku female college student.
That is me, Kanzaki Misuzu.

I like novels regardless of genre, I also really like game.
I am useless in shooting type game so I am an exclusively RPG Gamer Chic.
Recently, novels about transported into another world are my favorite, so I read it a lot.

I think that I arrived in this game like another world after I plunged into that fog.


If I could see the words appeared when seeing Agamena Herb then I could also check myself right?

Hmmm. Menu? Status Window?
While I was thinking how I could summon it. *Ping*  Another words appeared.

Kanzaki Misuzu
 HPLife Force            586586
 MPMental Force       728728

 Race                                   Human
 Age                                     22
 Title                                     Another World Traveler
 Current Status                 

Yes it was there. Another World Traveler.It appearaed.

So I wonder if I was transported in another world, was an FA?[1]

For now let’s examine the entry.

Current status. I wonder if it will be written Poisoned if I get poisoned.
So if I successfully get casted by Medapani[2]. Misuzu is confusedwould get written?

Ah yes. I’m just grumbling. Sorry.

JobAttributeSkill column was blank, so maybe it would get filled if I get it in the future?

Since I hadn’t encountered with any one I couldn’t judge to what extent my HP and MP, but since I have MP, then I might be able to use magic. Yes, it’s another world!

Moreover because my MP was higher than HP then doesn’t that mean my magic power was high, right?
If it about magic, leave it to me. Don’t underestimate a gamer.
After all I pride myself in remembering all spells from Dragon Quest and FF.

Alright, let’s try it later.


[1] Nope... I don’t know what this means
[2] Medapani: A Dragon Quest magic. Known in English as “Fuddle” 


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  3. oh nice this novel is getting translated mm well ppl should like it since it has a "plot" and personally i like the girl protagonist .. tired of dense males making a harem to fight the demon lord ..also the manga is a bit ahead

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