04 January 2016

10 nen goshi no HikiNEET o Yamete Gaishutsushitara Jitaku goto Isekai ni Ten’ishiteta. Chapter 4 - Chapter 5

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(I imagine Kotarou talking with Nakahara Mai’s voice)

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Yukkuri Oniisan

Chapter 4: Yuuji Changing Jobs from “Rich Person” to “Magician of the Forest”.
Part 5 Yuuji, Practicing Magic in the Garden as the Symptoms of Chuunibyou Appears

The next morning after the adventurers returned to the city.

Fufufu...... The request was accepted, I also need to give my praise to everyone on the bulletin board...... Going well, going well!(Yuuji)

While emitting his monologue cheerfully, Yuuji was walking around the house plot with Kotarou.
It was at a distance where they could quickly take refuge inside the house plot, while harvesting the nearby food.
Kotarou was sniffing out the scents and repeatedly making a mark, “This is my territory”
It seemed she was overwriting the scent that the unknown people brought.
Alice was house-sitting.

At any rate, the adventurers returned to the south. If the city was near the river, since the river is located to the west from this house, then I think they surely followed the trail in the west......(Yuuji)

Yuuji swung the hatchet, Yuuji restlessly compared the trail to the south and west that he repeatedly made when gathering food.

They said that it need three whole days, but I only walked for 2 days and 3 nights...... If I didn’t think about returning home and kept on walking then maybe last summer I would have reached the city.(Yuuji)

When Yuuji was brooding, “Woof” Kotarou barked.

“What are you talking about? Then Alice would be in danger right?”(Kotarou)

Was what she wanted to say. Yuuji couldn’t see Kotarou’s intention and just patted her head.

The harvest was only wild grasses, but let’s go back soon, Kotarou. Since it seems that recently there are armed human beings loitering around inside the forest......(Yuuji)

Woof woof! “That’s right, you need to be more vigilant.” (Kotarou)

Kotarou made a bark towards Yuuji and then she turned around and guided him back to the house.

Apparently, it seems that Yuuji finally had a vigilant heart.


After finishing with harvesting in the morning, it was the afternoon after taking a light lunch.

Yuuji went out to the garden, and for some unfathomable reason started making some strange poses.

Alice was having her nap time in her room, and Kotaru was rolled up beside her.

His left hand was grasping his right wrist, while his right arm was stretched out. With his hand aiming at the vast space in the garden, Yuuji made a loud yell.

As decreed by the “Magician of the Forest” Yuuji. O Fire of the Underworld, O Prison of Flame that slays the Gods. Gather in my right palm, the power to crush the God’s Enemies. Manifest, The Sixth Layer of Hell. Blazing Hell(Flame Inferno)[1](Yuuji)

It seems that it was just a symptom of Chuunibyou.

Of course, no fire came out from his hand.
In the first place why was he shouting underworld and then calling out hell?[2]
Also it wasn’t God’s Enemies, but Buddha’s Enemies.[3]

What a messed up incantation.

Yuuji-nii, what are you doing in that weird pose?(Alice)

It seemed that Alice was watching.

Alice, who had woken up from her afternoon nap, came to the garden to search for Yuuji.
Kotarou who was came together with her, stare a Yuuji with cold eyes.

“What are you doing, good grief?” (Kotarou)

Oh, Alice, so you have woken up. This is you know, magic practice. After all I am called as Forest Magician-dono!(Yuuji)

Yuuji spoke this while puffing his chest with pride. Did he have any self-consciousness?
Furthermore, this guy was even putting on airs when he was just called Forest Magician. Of course, he couldn’t use magic.

Alice was looking puzzled at Yuuji with blank expression.

Eh?  Isn’t to do magic, make this place in the belly warm with an “um”, then with an “ei”, it will appear?(Alice)

Alice put her hand below her navel, near what was called Tanden[4], after that she swung down her hand while saying “Ei”, as she demonstrate to Yuuji.

Yes, but you know Alice, that is not cool enough, you know? Also by calling it out, the magic will surely become powerful! Do you want to practice together?(Yuuji)

Yes! Alice wants to try it!(Alice)

Then I will practice water magic, so Alice should do as you like. But don’t mimic me, Alice need to think about it herself, okay!(Yuuji)

Far from feeling embarrassed, he even pulled Alice to the Chuunibyou side.

Water Spirit Undine, O Water Spirit Undine. Thou friend, Magician of the Forest Yuuji beseeches thee. Show mercy with thy chaste water to cure this land. Heal Rain[5].(Yuuji)

This time he called out to spirit. Of course, he wasn’t friends with them.
The magic was unsuccessfully invoked.

Ummmm, Ummmm. Red and hot and big fire, come!(Alice)

Alice raised her both of her clasped hand in one go, then just like with the “Ei” she brought the opened hand to the front of her body.

The magic was successfully invoked.

A bright red burning, heat emitting, big flame with a size of Alice’s head was produced and cause explosion in the middle of garden.

“Ehehehe, it came out, it’s so big, it’s amazing Yuuji-nii!” while saying this, Alice was lightly hopping up and down in delight.

Yuuji was standing dumbfounded looking at the center of the garden that was burned and scorched.
From every ball of fire from Alice that he had seen, this time’s fireball was completely in a different class from previous time’s fireball.

...... No, I am Magician of the Forest. That big guy Joss had said it. So I supposedly can use magic. No, that’s not it. It was the aria that I chanted before, but only got invoked just now. Yes, that must be it.(Yuuji)

“But I can’t dampen down the delighted Alice”, so he murmured.
Nonetheless, even Yuuji knew that it wasn’t the truth. It was just his reality escapism.

“My imouto is really amazing!” Kotarou rubbed her body against Alice.

While laughing “Ehehehe”, Alice squatted down and hugged Kotarou.
“Etto ne, you make this place in the belly warm, then with an ”Ei”, you can use magic, you know” Alice said this while placing her hand on Kotarou’s stomach, it seemed that she was teaching her.

Except for Yuuji who was inflicted with Chuunibyou, it was a calm scene without anything happening.

In the garden of the Houjou House was a single 28-year old Sakura tree, its large branches reach out to the heavens, and this year too, it was decorated with an abundance of flower buds.

One year had passed since Yuuji and the house came to another world.

Yuuji, Kotarou, and Alice; two people and one animal had passed the winter.
As if to spell the end of the peaceful and calm days, when the Sakura in the garden entered full bloom, a new encounter was awaiting......


Alice, don’t teach Kotarou magic... If she could use magic she will become even stronger than Yuuji....
Even so... I think that the Sakura tree needs to become a character too....

[1] 焦熱地獄(フレイムインフェルノ) Shounetsujigoku : Fureimu Inferuno
[2] Yuuji used Makai or underworld / hell with the meaning of Realm of Demon as per common Fantasy trope, and then he also use Jigoku or Hell with the meaning of Hell in Buddhist / Christian sense of world of suffering for impiety souls. Each of the “Underworld” he used had different feel and hardly incompatible with each other.
[3] Yuuji use神敵 Kamiteki: enemy of the god, and not 仏敵 Butteki : enemy of Buddhism. Both words can be used to call “Heretics”.
[4] Tanden or Dantian loosely translated as "elixir field", "sea of qi", or simply "energy center". Dantian are important focal points for meditative and exercise techniques such as qigong, martial arts such as t'ai chi ch'uan, and in traditional Chinese medicine. Just read wuxia or xianxia, this term always appeared.
[5] 治癒の雨(ヒールレイン) Chiyu no Ame : Hiiru Rein. Same meaning, different language.


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