19 January 2016

10 nen goshi no HikiNEET o Yamete Gaishutsushitara Jitaku goto Isekai ni Ten’ishiteta. Chapter 4 - Part 8

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Yukkuri Oniisan

Chapter 4: Yuuji Changing Jobs from “Rich Person” to “Magician of the Forest”.
Part 8 Yuuji, Proposal from the Peddler

As expected, after personally seen it, I’m convinced. Yuuji-san....... You are a Visitor that come from another world right?(Kevin)

Kevin, Alice’s acquaintance peddler asked a question to Yuuji.
The Even Yuuji can Understand! Negotiation Manuals with the Peddler in his right and mentioned that in this case he should maintain poker face, neither affirm nor reject the question, and return to the bulletin board.

W-W-What are you talking about?(Yuuji)

He was trembling too much. Even if the possibilities has been pointed out, but for the one who wasn’t familiar with retaining composure, maintaining poker face was something too hard to be done.

I’m sorry if this you became vigilant about this...... I also thought that these words were something unbelievable, but I don’t have any intention to cause harm to Yuuji-san. Rather, if it possible I wanted to win Yuuji-san’s trust somehow.(Kevin)

With smile plastered in his face, Kevin started to talk.

Because I am a peddler without a store, I always made turns in various cities and villages. Even if I appear like this, I have apprenticed in a large store, you know? Since I also know of many stories and if Yuuji-san keeps living at this place like this, then I intend to come here to peddle. Of course I will use every one of my connections and search for Alice-chan’s family with all of my power.(Kevin)

He told his story with a calm manner, Kevin unexpectedly suggested subjects that Yuuji wished for.

“Yuuji! Yuuji!” (Kotarou)

As if calling him, Kotarou struck her right foreleg at Yuuji’s feet.

Yuuji, took a deep breath and then let it out.
Hs shaking that came from being found out that he came from another world had finally calmed down.

Why would you go to that extent? What is Kevin-san’s aim?(Yuuji)

Yuuji straightforwardly asked the conversation partner’s aim. Normally, this was considered as an NG conduct.[1]

Yuuji-san is an honest person...... To said it simply, I want to do trading with a visitor of another world like Yuuji-san. If it’s possible to do transactions, then I thought I could run a shop in Purumie City. Perhaps, I could earn profit to some extent.(Kevin)

But, I don’t hold anything that great, you know?(Yuuji)

Yuuji-san....... First, Yuuji-san and Alice-chan’s clothing. It had shape, color and quality that I’ve never seen before. And then that farming tool that you hold in your left hand? Or is that a weapon? The metal used for it is something I can’t recognize. How did you produce it, I wonder. Above all, the things that you’ve been taking glances at just now. Perhaps it’s paper, right? How much do you have? Do you know how to make it? And then, the mirror that the adventurers gave to me a few days ago, I made sure I bought every one of the mirrors from them. Even the cause of why I arrived today was to deny the additional mirror handed down to them. The quality was too high, so it’s quite the dangerous goods. If you didn’t mind, if I could make a business deal with Yuuji-san, then I don’t mind return everything as a gift. At any rate, even if I had apprenticed in a large store, these were frightening goods for me to possess right now.[2](Kevin)

Although at first he showed amazed expression to some extent, afterwards Kevin’s expression became gentle. Just like admonishing a child, he showed the value of the things that Yuuji brought.
In the middle of the talking, he stole a glance on the adventurers, to make sure that they didn’t heard his words.
His experienced conducts was different from the piece-of-junk Yuuji.

Cloth, paper, mirror, if one is to able reproduce even one with the same quality, then I can become the number one merchant in Purumie City. That’s why I want to do business with Yuuji-san. Furthermore there......(Kevin)

Although Kevin had been speaking with gentle expression the whole time, he hesitated to speak right now.
Yuuji who had stricken by that calm zeal asked “what’s wrong?”

There’s a woman I’ve fallen in love with, but she’s the daughter of the president of the large shop where I apprenticed. I believe we love each other but the president said I won’t give my daughter to a blockhead that doesn’t even have a shop!.That’s why, this is my big chance!(Kevin)

Kevin told his story with embarrassed expression, Yuuji was, “Oooh” gave a curious response.
Kotarou was staring in fascination, just like a maiden attracted to love stories. She is a maiden. She’s a dog, though.

This isn’t something bad for Yuuji-san. Therefore, please think about it for today and then please let us talk again tomorrow morning. For me, I want to do business with Yuuji. What I can offer is information and goods. Since I peddling around the frontier villages and cities, food, crops, seeds or seedlings, household goods, farm tools, axes or ploughs to open land, clothes, drugs; I could provide extensive array of items. What I wish is the knowledge Yuuji-san has. The cloth, paper and mirror, please teach me how to make them.

The sight of Kevin making a speech with zeal overawed Yuuji.
However, without giving any reply for that case, “I understand, let’s talk about this tomorrow.” He returned back to the house.

Without giving a clear answer, just like the manual said, the conversation was postponed until tomorrow.
Taking his piece-of-junk actions before into the consideration, he might have grown up a bit.

Well, rather than calling it Yuuji’s fine play, it was only in accordance to Kevin’s proposal.

“Well, I think this is not that bad.” (Kotarou)

Kotarou was sometimes playful with Yuuji, thus one person and one animal returned inside the home.


So Yuuji’s really nicknamed Piece of Junk by the narrator? I mean the narrator called him junk, junk numerous time…

Name : Yuuji
Age : 31
Job : Magician of the Forest (self-proclaimed)
Title : Piece of Junk. Big Breast Lover. Alice’s Guardian.

[1] NG: Not Good = Failure
[2] Kevin means that the goods are too high of a value for him to possess right now. One can only wonder how high the mirror will fetch in the market. Even in modern world, mirror can be quite expensive, especially the larger one.


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