02 January 2016

10 nen goshi no HikiNEET o Yamete Gaishutsushitara Jitaku goto Isekai ni Ten’ishiteta. Chapter 4 - Chapter 4

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Yukkuri Oniisan

Chapter 4: Yuuji Changing Jobs from “Rich Person” to “Magician of the Forest”.
Part 4 Bulletin Board Yuuji, Reporting Encounter with the Adventurer and Receiving Orders

NEETI finally came out after 10 years, but my home kinda went into another world Part 8Hibernation[1]

1 : Anonymous MEAT
This is the thread to enjoy the reports, images and videos of another world that Yuuji has uploaded.
Is it really another world? How did he fabricate it? This is the thread to verify this.

The next thread will be set up after this thread reaches >>950!

659: Anonymous NEET
But you know, if the sound isn’t there then so be it
Can you enjoy a subtitled film or foreign drama?

660: Anonymous NEET
I’m confirming with this verification thread
But to say that there is no music or even sound effect in the film is...

661: I Love Movies NEET
Of course you can enjoy it
Since there are silent films after all
Chaplin can even be considered a famous person

662: Anonymous NEET
Really an enthusiast

663: Anonymous NEET
It’s not like I don’t understand it, but I think it’s a minority
I have seen the silent version of Taki no Shiraito[2] and musical added version of Taki no Shiraito, but the one with sound is
A crap

Furthermore, the live performance event with sound[3] is
A crap

664: I Love Movies NEET
You said it poorly
What I want to say is that
There are good silent movies

But I think we could be good drinking buddies

665: Anonymous NEET

666: Anonymous NEET
What an enthusiast
Could you do this somewhere else?

Ah, it’s Oo*n[4]
The number of Satan

667: Anonymous ETNE
Something like ‘no interest in the movie’
I don’t have prolems with it

668: Yuuji
It’s ser’ous ye ‘no, it’s freakin ser’ous[5]

669: Anonymous MEAT
This Hachibe, no, that’s wrong... this Yuuji
What has made you flustered, lad?[6]

670: Anonymous NEET
This is the second time after half a year.[7]

671: Cool NEET
So, what happened?

672: Yuuji
Adventurers came to my house

There is a large knight-like guy, with something like a mace and a huge shield
A flashy guy in showy armor and sword
A woman in light armor and bow

673: Anonymous NEET
Ad-ad-adventurers you say...?

674: Anonymous NEET
The image?
Where’s the image??

675: YES Lolita NO Touch
How old is the woman in light armor?

676: Anonymous NEET
There is no image...

677: Cool NEET
Wait everyone, wait
So, what’s wrong?

678: Anonymous ETNE
Do not rush everyone!
Stark-naked standby![8]

679: Anonymous NEET
Then I will wait while naked in necktie![9]

680: Yuuji
I greeted them from behind the gate
I wanted to talk with them so I invited them to the house
But because of the you-know-what mysterious barrier, the adventurers couldn’t come in
Maybe thinking it was magic, the large knight-like guy respectfully called meForest Magician-Dono

681: Anonymous NEET
How should I tsukkomi this, I wonder.

682: Anonymous MEAT
Yeah, even I understand what you mean
Yuuji is like a piece of junk

Well, since Yuuji is a DT magician[10]
It can’t be helped right?

683: Infrastructure Worker
A trio of fully armed people
Although it was their first meeting, Yuuji invited them into the house

Of course he would be killed!
Then with the riches, they go “Huahaha”
Base in the forest, Get![11]

684: Well Informed NEET
The level of the civilization is unknown
Same with the law and morals
So, it wouldn’t be strange if it turned out just like that

Yuuji, you just narrowly escaped from death
Why did you invite them?

685: Yuuji
Well because they were kinda tired after walking in the forest so I want them to rest for a bit
Also I wanted to know their story
And get friendly with them so they could take me along to town
And the knight-like guy who talked to me looked honest

I-I-I-I’m not a virgin!
Even Mr. Junior had one round once
If only I could say this

686: Anonymous ETNE
It isn’t just on the carefree level anymore!
I also wanted to say more but

687: Anonymous NEET
Maybe Yuuji-san has a suicidal wish?

....Ah, well he is a person who eats unknown mushroom
And went outside without confirming the death of the goblins

688: Cool NEET
Silence! Silence!
The suspect might have his own motives for that
Let’s confirm his motives

1. Why do you want to hear their story?
2. What your motive to go to the city?

This is the story about another world right?
Maybe he wants to take a break? Let’s silently wait for his information in good faith
I you can’t silent then feel free to croak as you like
689: YES Lolita NO Touch
Don’t just carelessly try to die you know, Yuuji!
If you die then who will protect Alice-chan?!
Alice-chan’s life and livelihood depends on you you know?!

Well if Alice-chan’s life and livelihood is protected
As long as there’s another person who can take picture of her
Yuuji can drop dead for all I care.

690: OverwhelminglyDog-Person
That’s true, what about Kotarou then!?

...Ah, even if Yuuji disappeared
Kotarou will probably be alright

Yuuji before you die please teach Alice-chan how to upload her image will ya?

691: Anonymous MEAT
You guys are way too cool
Only halfway though

692: Yuuji
1. I wanted to know information about this world. You guys do too, right?. Also after getting along with them I wanted to ask them to take Alice and me to the town
2. There is possibility that Alice’s family is still alive. This is the main reason.
If I could get along with them then I can also do the same in the city. Since if I want to search for Alice’s family then faster is better.
Also I wanted to secure food.
Depending on the city’s condition I also wanted to move there. It’s not me that I’m concerned with, but there’s only me in the vicinity of Alice...

693: Anonymous NEET
So you do have a reason
But it was still careless

694: Cool NEET
The motive of the crime had been revealed
However there is still much to be talk about concerning the method
Since there is room to take the circumstances of the suspect into consideration
The guilty verdict will be suspended

695: Well-Informed NEET

696: YES Lolita NO Touch
But it’s a bit too real that it’s frightening...

697: Anonymous NEET
Don’t worry, since there is no verdict suspension for you

698: Yuuji
...Then how should I do it?

By the way, the adventurers are camping in front of the gate
Is there still time?

699: Anonymous ETNE
Then said that first!

700: Anonymous NEET
Alright I’ve been attacked by sleepiness

701: Anonymous NEET
Is the woman cute?
It’s often the case that she will be a peerless beauty, right?

702: Camera Ossan
Hey, Yuuji
Do you know the method for dark photography?

703: Anonymous MEAT
Alright, until the adventurer’s got home
Let’s decide what Yuuji should do!

704: Cool NEET
I agree
However it should follow to Yuuji’s intentions
After all this thread is for this purpose
If it were not interrupted by images or videos that were beyond belief that is

705: Anonymous NEET
703 is Cool even when not yet believing in the another world thing

706: Yuuji
Than’ ye, than’ ye
I’ll do my best
For Alice sake[13]

Being alone, is very lonesome...

707: Anonymous NEET
With this course of event, what will it be...

708: Anonymous ETNE
How foolish, there is a fool in here!

709: Anonymous NEET
But the flag is a joke for another person
It’s far from how first class flag architects would do things

710: Anonymous NEET
Hey Yuuji has completely reflected on it, you know

711: Cool NEET
Even when the verdict has been suspended
We had already decided, so can you guys move on from this?
Let’s us cut this out

First, confirmed Yuuji’s motive

1. Wanted to find Alice’s family
2. Wanted to secure food (purchase them)
3. Wanted to know information about the city

Are the priorities OK like this?

712: Infrastructure Worker
I detect a businessman scent from 711

713: Anonymous NEET
Theory : 711-san is actually not a NEET

714: Yuuji
It is

However, if I have to add more, the food can hold out until summer
I also currently don’t really need the information about the city
So, basically I just want to search for Alice’s family

Sorry... sorry...

715: Well-Informed NEET
Then what’s important right now is only searching for Alice’s family, huh?
Then it will be very simple

716: Anonymous NEET
It’s simple but I think the difficulty level is high
It’s like searching for the parents of a lost child in a city you’re unfamiliar with, right?
Moreover, there is no information and it’s unknown if they’re still alive

I think this is an impossibly hard video game

717: Anonymous ETNE
There might be family register right!?

718: Anonymous MEAT
If there’s is an Adventurer Guild
Then it will just be like the clichéd searching for lost pet

719: Anonymous NEET
Even if it’s a game, in a world where monsters are swarming at the outside
To still have enough composure to keep a pet is really amazing, I think
Since the pet is usually a monster

720: Well Informed NEET
It hurts that there is no information
The level of civilization is also unknown
There’s a lot of historical precedents where churches or temples store family registries
That reminds me, the religion is also unknown

721: Cool NEET
Objective: Search for Alice’s Family
Method: Under consideration
1. Request the adventurers to search
2. Yuuji and Alice search by themselves

Are there still any other suggestion?

722: Anonymous NEET
It smells like work
I’ll get defeated if I work

723: Anonymous ETNE
It is
It is you know

724: Infrastructure Worker
Even not working is like work in a mood sense.

725: YES Lolita NO Touch
Is Alice-chan’s village totally destroyed?
Since Alice ran away, she doesn’t know right?

There also an option to catch the bandits, right?
But, the bandits who make little girls sad deserve to be annihilated.

726: Cool NEET
Objective: Search for Alice’s Family
Method: Under consideration
1. Request the adventurers to search
2. Yuuji and Alice search by themselves
3. Ask information from public security organization or religious institution. If possible ask them to search

Anything else?

727: Anonymous MEAT
Everyone, don’t be deceived!
726 is just collecting ideas but didn’t personally contribute any!

728: Well Informed NEET
It’s surely true
But, isn’t that alright?

Does Alice-chan have any other relatives outside the village?
If she does then they would have also been spared from the attack right? Then there would be high possibility that they’re also searching, right?

729: Infrastructure Worker
That’s it!

730: Cool NEET
Objective: Search for Alice’s Family
Method: Under consideration
1. Request the adventurers to search
2. Yuuji and Alice search by themselves
3. Ask for information at public security organization or religious institution. If possible ask them to search
4. Contact Alice’s acquaintances outside the village

Is it like this, I wonder?
For the time being, no.2 is a no

731: Yuuji
I don’t have confidence for no.2
But, if it’s Kotarou then she could pull it off somehow

732: Overwhelmingly Dog-Person
>>731 if it’s Kotarou then she could pull it off somehow
Since she is smart and cute, right!

733: Anonymous NEET
Then it’s either no.3 or no.4, right?
I don’t know if no.1 is trustworthy

734: Well Informed NEET
Although no.3 might have the information, but
It’s uncertain that they would search for the missing family members

Alice’s village is Frontier and Pioneering right?
I think there would be a lot of missing people
It doesn’t mean that they wouldn’t search for people from their own village

735: Cool NEET
Objective: Search for Alice’s Family
Method: 1. Contact Alice’s acquaintances outside the village
2. In case Alice didn’t have any acquaintance, ask for information at public security organization or religious institution

Is it like this?
For now, no.1: How can we contact them?

781: Cool NEET
Then if we decided to request the adventurers to bring him along, what about the reward?
If it’s only in good faith then it will be impossible

782: Anonymous NEET
Come on! It’s your guys forte right?
Things in the house that are valuable in another world

783: Anonymous ETNE
Seasonings like salt, pepper, sugar,

784: Anonymous MEAT
It could even be exchanged for a ship

785: Anonymous NEET

786: Infrastructure Worker
Soap, Paper

787: Overwhelmingly Dog-Person
How could you give her away, how preposterous!

788: Yuuji
I have a lot of stockpiled salt, pepper and sugar
Same with soap
But if it’s possible; choose other things....

789: Anonymous NEET
Gems, gold/silver accessories

790: Anonymous NEET
Since you’re connected to the internet
You could do anything even outside the standards

791: Anonymous NEET
Tools made from iron
Like, screws, nails, bolts, nuts,
Saws, hammers, crowbars

792: Well InformedNEET
The information is... If we only at least know the era then...
Glass goods, mirror

Or rather, what is the first most surprising thing in the house for Alice-chan?
Excluding electrical appliances

793: Yuuji
Window glass, mirror
When I took her to the bath
She was surprised by the washroom mirror
Moving towards and away from it
Waving her hand. There was such commotion

794: YES Lolita NO Touch
The video?

795: Anonymous NEET
Then doesn’t this mean we already decided on mirror and glass?

796: Well Informed NEET
Even if there was none in the village there also a possibility that it’s a common thing in the city
However, well, even in modern days, clear mirror is valuable

It could be made in middle ages, but even a small piece of it was a super treasure
It only be able to mass produced in 19th centuries

But there also possibility that it could be made by using mysterious technology or magic

797: Anonymous NEET
But isn’t carrying the mirror is difficult?

798: Anonymous MEAT
Certainly true
You need to carry it in your back right?

799: Sakura’s Friend
Sorry to interrupt
But how about a compact mirror?
I think there are some in Sakura’s and Obasan’s room

It’s something that women put inside their bags
If they haven’t been disposed then there should be several of them

800: Anonymous NEET
O, Oooh, that’s it

801: Anonymous ETNE
I know I know, that’s it
I also use them

802: Anonymous MEAT
Do you guys really know?
That is that
Then I also had one in my backpack

803: Infrastructure Worker
The thing that they usually take out to do makeup inside the train, contact...something-ish
A small mirror

804: Anonymous NEET
You could’ve be the winner if you post this sooner

805: Yuuji
I’ll search it!

806: Sakura’s Friend
Yuuji-san, I think you should contact Sakura right now!
It will be quicker if you ask her via email.

856: Yuuji
I found 8 pieces
There is a big A5 size

I had emailed Sakura
And received her permission

But when she found out she was terribly angry
She said, why would you invite them inside the house, do you want to die?
As expected from living in America, she is severe towards intruders

857: Cool NEET
If there are several then it has been decided
Yuuji, how many can you could take out?

Also are there other mirrors in the house?
That you wouldn’t hand over even when it’s valuable

Also if there are three people holding weapons
They wouldn’t be able to enter a house even in Japan
Since it will be more natural for the occupant to barricade themselves in and call the police[14]

858: Anonymous NEET
I’m glad!
I was previously fell down

859: Yuuji
>> 857
2 pieces to be used by Alice
Alice’s favorite is the one in my parents’ dresser

In the house,
Bathroom on the first and second floor: two giant mirrors
Two full-length mirrors
Toilet on the first and second floor: two wall-mounted mirrors
In my room and imouto’s room: two wall-mounted mirrors
And the three sided mirror drawers in my parents’ room

The total number of large mirrors totals to 9

860: Anonymous ETNE
So many?
Do you own a mirror house?

861: Anonymous MEAT
It’s a solitary house[15], so it’s a given right?
Also a mirror house is not a place for living! Only for seeing!

862: Anonymous NEET
Reward is decided!
So is this over then?

863: Infrastructure Worker
As expected I’m getting sleepy
I have work tomorrow

864: Anonymous ETNE
I don’t have work all year long

865: Anonymous MEAT
I am now in the middle of work you now?
Personal Home Security[16]

866: Cool NEET
Ask Alice whether she has any other relatives outside the village
Leave the annoying adventurer aside and negotiate with the other two
Contact Alice’s acquaintance in the city or village, and ask them to come
For the person who came and the adventurers, the rewards are compact mirrors, maximal of 6 pieces
I think it’s okay

However, is it possible for Yuuji to hold the negotiation well by himself?

Also Yuuji, absolutely don’t hand over the large mirror
Do not reveal its existence
You should also avoid mentioning the dresser

867: Anonymous NEET
I think it will be impossible for Yuuji alone

868: Anonymous ETNE
Impossible: 3000 points

869: Anonymous MEAT
It will fail: 10,000 Perica![17]

870: Yuuji
I don’t have any confidence

871: Anonymous NEET
Is there anyone here who is good with negotiation?
Or rather, everyone teach this guy how to negotiate!

872: Anonymous NEET
Hey you, dealing with people from Asia to Europe
Negotiator Yuugo[18]

How regrettable Yuuji, you just miss one letter

873: Former Talented Salesman
I have done real estate and investment firm
I have been recognized as rank 1 country wide
I wrecked my body so now I’m a NEET

874: Cool NEET
I think that’s plenty enough
Then Yuuji, from this point on the thread will be
Man to man lesson preparation for tomorrow by 873-san
873-san, I leave him at your capable hand

875: Anonymous ETNE
Please leave this to me and escape!
This place reeks with the stench of work!

876: Anonymous MEAT
Former Talented Salesman will give guidance
I leave it to you 875-san!

877: Yuuji
Please take care of me![19]

028: Cool NEET
Somehow we succeeded

029: Anonymous NEET
It’s morning, huh?
Just in time, somehow, right?

030: Yuuji
Thank you, thank you
I, will do my best
Alice has woken up
I’m off!

031: Anonymous ETNE
The sun is yellow...
Take care!

032: Anonymous MEAT
I pray for you to have good fight!

033: Infrastructure Worker
Why did I stay up all night long...
I’m also off to work!
Good luck Yuuji!

034: YES Lolita NO Touch
Take care!
But before that please post an image of Alice waking up!

035: Well Informed NEET
It’s been a while since I had a feeling of working
Maybe I should go job hunting...

036: Former Talented Salesman
As long as Alice-chan has acquaintances
The negation with the adventurers this time will be an easy victory
The reward is a visible object so it will be fine
Don’t worry too much

Take care

037: Anonymous NEET
I wonder if Yuuji remembers that his sentence is suspended

038: Anonymous NEET
If he make a mistakes so easily
Then he will be deserted by everyone...

Author Note:
I think people who can enjoy film with only subtitle are quite special.
It’s interesting, however it’s better if there is a sound...
However, Silent Film Interpreter (Benshi) is an occupation with a romance. They look tough.


Next Chapter. The dialogue.

[1] It’s a pun. Fuyugomori 冬籠り “hibernation” and Hikikomori 引籠り “shut in” only differed in one Kanji.
[2] The Water Magician (滝の白糸 Taki no Shiraito) is a 1933 black and white Japanese silent film directed by Kenji Mizoguchi. It is one of the most popular titles from the silent film work of Mizoguchi.
[3] This refers to the silent film with Benshi accompaniment. Benshi (弁士) were Japanese performers who provided live narration for silent films (both Japanese films and Western films). During silent films, the benshi stood to the side of the screen and introduced and related the story to the audience like Kabuki, Noh or theatrical performance.
[4] According to a kind anon this refer to O-Parts Hunter, a manga by Seishi Kishimoto
[5] The original is てへんだ, てへんだtehenda, tehenda, a Sendai dialect variation for大変だtaihenda
[6] In old man speaking style
[7] See Chapter 2 Part 10 for the first time this exchange happened
[8] It’s a Japanese idiom 全裸待機 Zenrataiki. Refer to standby posture for people who late to come to see the video/media. Naked in here means: STOP POSTING YOU PEOPLE, so naked means no post.
[9] Hadaka Necktie is a pun on Hadaka Apron (Naked Apron). It means wearing nothing except necktie. (I think apron is better, imho)
[10] DT = Doutei or virgin. In Japan there is a meme that said “If someone still virgin after 30 he will turned into magician”
[11] Just like: Pokemon Get!
[12] Expression of very much surprised
[13] Himari no tame ni... eh wrong... This is not Mawaru Penguindrum... Alice no tame ni
[14] I mean is there is a sane person inviting unknown people holding sword to your house?
[15] Solitary house. Usually a house in the suburb and he house plot didn’t touch other house directly (the walls didn’t meet with each other). In the land deprived Japan, owning Solitary House in the suburb was quite a financial success.
[16] 自宅警備 Jitaku Keibi (roughly Own Home Security) is a slang for Hiki-NEET because you know, they never leave home so, they guarding the house...
[17] ペリカ Perika or perica: A fictional currency used in the manga Ultimate Survivor Kaiji
[18] A Manga title: 交渉人 勇午. Known as Yuugo the Negotiator in English
[19]よろしくお願いします Yoroshikuonegaishimasu


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