12 January 2016

Tenseisha wa Cheat o Nozomanai. Volume 1 - Chapter 5

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The chapter 5 of the LN!

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Volume 1
Chapter 5

*Mira’s POV *
Gai and I returned to Ilga Village so Captain Kenan and his group could recuperate. Here, would study hard on the basics until we depart towards the capital in two weeks.

Eh? Didn’t you already promised to teach me magic? (Gai)
You may receive my or the knights guidance on the magic I have previously taught you, Facem(Torch). However, Globus Ignis(Fireball) is too dangerous, so it’s forbidden.(Swyn)

Since it would be dangerous if fire attribute magician behaved recklessly, he was made to promise not to use his magic irresponsibly, so even if Gai was hesitant, he couldn’t do anything.
Because it’s mostly nobles that attending the academy, the majority of new students would have already learned the alphabet or history from a tutor. That took priority so that they could follow the lessons, while we were ignorant of our own country since we hardly could read a single letter.
The literacy rate of this world is far lower than Japan. It’s natural, since there is no compulsory education.
The children would succeed their parents’ work. If they didn’t want to become the heir, the male could find new field, or leave village to become craftsman’s apprentice or a Hunter. The female becomes a bride, and their duty is to tie the different families together.
There is no need to know about the country’s history, and if someone never left the village, there will be no problems even if he couldn’t read or calculate. Swyn-san just noticed this truth, after all this time, so he declared the basic studies as priority and we must be studied every day. What a painful thing.
I saw the academy enrollment document that my Papa needed to sign, but of course it wasn’t written in Japanese language. Even thought I was able to remember my previous life memories, I don’t have any problem to speak with this country language. Yes. A child’s learning ability is amazing. But, maybe as an adverse effect of remembering my previous life’s memories, it’s hard for me to learn the alphabet.

What’s wrong with this overly decorated pseudo-alphabet!(Mira)

I, who had accomplished many things in the past, screamed this inside my mouth.
Fortunately writing this pseudo-alphabet was similar to writing the Latin alphabet so I could somehow learn it, however it was hard for me to read and write it. Where had the child’s learning ability gone to? Dear God, while you’re at it, I want a language cheat.
Japanese was my strong point. I also skilled in Japanese classical literature. I even could also relatively read Chinese classical literature. However, I sucked at English. If I study the grammar, I don’t know the vocabulary. If I memorized the vocabulary then I’ll forget the grammar.

I certainly never left Japan before.(Mira)

So I declared, but I strongly remembered my previous life’s memories were full with holes. Far from being abroad, I’m currently in another world; I want to laugh at this.
I could get a perfect mark on Japanese history, but if this world’s, then I’m afraid I’ll receive a failing mark.

The cause of my poor studying must be because of this alphabet’s fault!(Mira)

I was writing while watching the sample Swyn-san had written before and complaining in a volume no one could heard.
The subjects that I was bad at in my previous life were every subject except for Japanese. By the way, how could I, who gets brain freeze every time I took a glimpse at katakana, smoothly learn this country’s alphabet and history? It’s impossible right? I was repeatedly reminded not to be arrogant. However, even so, I need to give it my best,
Math was easy. It was only from what I had see on the document but it seems that they use the Arabic numerals, a decimal system. I spontaneously gave thanks to God. Thanks to my previous life memories, the basic arithmetic was easy, easy. If it’s addition and subtraction, even if the math involves a large digit number, I could still easily perform mental calculation. So formidable that I think it’s equal to an imaginary abacus. I am completely undoubted. Of course, I’m not serious.
While I was humming with an imaginary abacus, I heardMira is strange from Gai.
Of course, I then performed “punishment time” that was passed down to me from my Mama on the rude childhood friend.
And thus, I finished learning this country’s history.
...... however...... But it seems the storm was far from over when the lesson about the foreign countries were mentioned.


Fimeria Kingdom was founded eight hundred years ago. To the north of the continent, the tall Yggurd[1] Mountains stands towering over the surrounding land. On the north slope of the mountains that stretches from southwest Euransia Continent to the northern region was a great sea of trees. It’s called the Demonic Forest where monsters and magic beasts dominate. The Capital City is located south of the Yggurd Mountain.

Why establish a country in such place! Moreover the Capital City s located between Yggurd Mountain and the plains, it’s too close to the Demonic Forest!

This is must be what every citizen in this country had thought. If I could do it, I want to press a question to the founder king.
However it looked likes high ranked monsters that were difficult to subjugate, never crossed over the Yggurd Mountains. Since the founding of this nation, this fact didn’t change. They always took a detour and crossed the Kirg[2] Mountains that stretched out in the east of the capital. The main reason is because deep inside Yggurd Mountains, a Demon Lord is sleeping.

Even for “Kill it with Poison” strategy, this is went too far.

I think this is the common tsukkomi from the citizens.
In any case, even though the exact location of it was unknown, the aura of Demon Lord leaking out from the seal was so frightening that neither wild beast nor high ranked monster dared to approach. Only low ranked monster that didn’t possess enough intellect to fear crossed over the mountain.
Then, the Euransia Continent’s Eclipse Age’s Demon Lord’s Sealing was a fundamental episode on every nation founding story.


Some 800 years ago, the continent was ruled by one Empire. At that time, the ones living there were not only humans, but also elves, dwarves and various other races, living in coexistence. It seems that even dragons alsolived there. However, during that peaceful age Demon Lord and the Demon Race that served him suddenly appeared. It seemed that they were existences that were created by cruel experiment by the emperor who had lost his mind.
Swyn-san didn’t talk about the experiments in detail. When asked, he ambiguously answeredWhen you’ve become adult then you will know about it.It must be something dreadful, I guess.
 The emperor was slaughtered by the Demon Race and the Empire collapsed, the animals that were influenced by polluted magic power transformed into magic beast one by another, the continent was transformed into a world of destruction and cruelty. The Demon Race gleefully killed humans, torched cities, and made humans killed each other like a game. That was maybe their revenge on the humans.
The humans were trembling in fear, they passed their days while praying that the Demon Race didn’t set their eyes on them and tried to escape. The one, who save this world, were Fraluca Fimeria-sama[3], who later becomes the Fimeria Kingdom Founding Queen, and a Hero-sama who had been chosen by the Spirit King.

Oow! Hero! Then that means Fimeria is a country that was founded by a hero? It often happens in fairytales, that the hero will marry the queen.(Gai)
No, Fraluca-sama was engaged to her childhood friend and married him.(Swyn)
Childhood friend?(Gai)

Gai steal a glance at me.


Why you seeing me like that? With my physical strength it’s impossible to fight like Hero-sama, you know? But if there is a “Anywhere Door”[4], then maybe I could sometimes perform a Grand Magic on the battlefield and hit the enemy hard.

No, nothing important(Gai)[5]

Gai is strange.
Swyn-san was also a bit strange. Seeing us and smiling with an unclear intention. But when our eyes met, he cleared his throat and returned to lecture.
Fraluca-sama made a contract with Earth Spirit King, she was an existence that can be called as Miko[6], with her fiancée Thor-sama[7], they helped the Hero.
They wander around the continent and gained the support from 6 other magicians from the Empire’s feudal lords and their relatives ―― they’re the founders of the royal family of every nation today ――, to slaughter the Demon Race, defeat the Giants who boasted their strength, and saved the people. Finally, Fraluca-sama and Thor-sama accompanied Hero-sama and confronted the Demon Lord. In exchange of Hero-sama’s life the Demon Lord was sealed under Yggurd Mountain.
Although the magic beasts still remained behind, peace had more or less returned. However, there only humans remained. When Demon Lord first appeared, its race was uncertain, so there were rumors floating around that time were that the Demon Lord came from the Elves, who well-versed in Magic and hated humans, and so they were persecuted.

Moreover, other races showed their disapproval and created a divide between the races. For that reason, there is an accepted theory that after the Demon Lord had been sealed, being disgusted with humans and feeling the danger, the other races migrated to Yggurd Mountain.(Swyn)
Is there any proof that they didn’t get destroyed by humans?(Mira)

Hearing my question, Swyn-san made a bitter smile.

The proof of that was the existence of their specialty goods like swords or fruit wine, or cloth fabrics. They aren’t that abundant like in the olden days, but even so, these goods can still be found circulating in the market. Though in post Eclipse Age they’re more expensive, however, strangely they never run out of stock.(Swyn)
Never run out of stock? But if you drink the alcohol it will be consumed up, right?(Gai)
So is the cloth. It is used to make clothes, so in time there will be none to wear, right?(Mira)
That’s right. However whenever the fruit wine and cloth stock diminished and the price begins to rise, a man, who called himself “the Middle Man”, will sell them wholesale to the market cheaply. Of course, although the merchants were asking him where he got his stock from, he dodged those inquiries evasively. Even when they tailed him, he shook them off.(Swyn)

Yeah. What a mysterious person.
By the way Swyn-san had said that the merchants tried to follow him; however are they really only doing just that?
After all, those were rare specialty goods, right? That man may have sold it wholesale cheaply, but it’s hard to imagine that there aren’t any merchants who didn’t want to sell it in high price. For those people, the man, who’s selling wholesale and monopolizing the goods, is an eyesore. They want to get information about the supplier somehow. There even would be some shady people who will try to use underhanded methods.

As expected, the majority of dwarf forged equipments that are circulating in the market originated as goods that was sold by the previous owner, but once in a blue moon new equipments appeared in the market. It wasn’t antique excavated goods either, since there is no chips in them, but an authentic recently created good. When they do appear, a large amount of money would move.(Swyn)
That’s why it was said they must be hidden somewhere, right?(Mira)
Yes. The one place where humans don’t dare to tread are places like the Yggurd Mountains. So it’s said that their hidden village is located at that place and that the true identity of that man is a dragon.(Swyn)
Dragon!? But dragons are HUGE, right?(Gai)
They are indeed big. Sometimes, a dragon’s shadow could be seen in the sky of Yggurd Mountain.(Swyn)

Gai and I looked at Yggurd Mountain’s direction together. Although it could be called as close by, its distance wasn’t something you can reach by walking a day or two. Even so, I know about dragon and their large size.

Dragon is a race that is skillful with magic, just like the elves. These two races could have taken human appearances that wouldn’t be sensed as out of place. (Swyn)

As a matter of fact, it seems that the Demon Lord is a dragon. Years before the Emperor was killed, he routinely dispatched dragon subjugation corps, while simultaneously hunting for every magic beast. I was told that the dragons also disappeared after the Demon Lord is sealed.

In the land where only the Human race exists, the people endeavored for its restoration. That was the beginning of the Hunter Guild. The early members traveled around to eliminate animals that had transformed into magic beasts or purify the contaminated land with the first Guild Master, Thor Fimeria-sama. The King Consort of the Founding Queen. That’s why Hunter’s Guild’s main headquarters is located beside this country’s Royal Castle.(Swyn)

Thor-sama could use fire attribute purification magic, so it helped a lot during the land restoration. He also went to other countries if he was requested to, and so he was the person who laid the foundation for the current guild system. But it seemed that it caused many problems for governmental affairs as the Queen also followed him.
Perhaps, that person was also a reincarnated person. Since the Hunter’s Guild is similar to an Adventurer’s Guild, its existence signified the clichéd staple of another world, isn’t it? Then, seeing that there is case like me, I can’t say that there aren’t any other reincarnated people that could remember their previous lives. Possibly, the Hero, who defeated the Demon Lord, who was a Japanese person summoned to another world.
Whoa, that’s something I don’t want to happen to me. After all, that’s absolutely abduction. If after being granted a skill, I’m ordered to fight and put my life on the line for the country, then I will devote the cheat to the maximum extent in order to escape!

There is one more thing I want to tell you. It’s about the Continental Meeting Conference that is routinely held even to the present time. Their first agenda was how the newly found nations would divide and rule the continent. It was decided that the seven magicians would rule a part of ruined continent as kings, so they held a conference to discuss about this.(Swyn)

First, each magician stated the land they wished to rule, but the negotiation fell into a stalemate regarding the former grain producing region. Although it had been desolated by the war with the Demon Race and was a danger zone infested with magic beasts transformed from normal animals, the lands still hold their former fertility. After removing the debris, leveling the gouged land, and plowing it...... it might take time and effort, but that region was attractive. However, the biggest problem was that region was close to the Yggurd Mountains where the Demon Lord is sleeping.
If in the unlikely event, the Demon Lord revived, it would be the first region to be damaged. They wanted the grain producing region, but fear take precedence. In the middle of this, a young girl raised her hand.  Among the seven magicians, she was the youngest. She was an Earth Magician who was singlehandedly responsible for the protection against Demon Race army. She still hadn’t said which land she wanted to govern.

If no one wants it, then I’ll take it.(Girl)

At that moment, the others showed their disapproval. Though they’re afraid of the sleeping Demon Lord, they were annoyed about giving it to the young girl. They said It’s dangerous, That land is arduous., contradicting whatever opinion they had before.

Many of my relatives have the earth attribute. They are people who hold the concept of “honorable poverty”[8] in esteemed regards. I wonder what kind of state it is in now, but surely it will bring about harvests and could give relieve to the people that are suffering in starvation...(Girl)

The girl looked around at the bitter faces of the magicians.

...even if they are the people from other country.(Girl)

After giving a speech that implicitly indicate food export, the other magicians entrusted that land to the girl. That was the origin of Fimeria Kingdom’s Founding Queen.
Some of the magicians schemed to take that land after it had been restored and became prosperous. However, when they heard the Queen’s next words, they gave up.

If you invade this land, then I don’t know if the sounds of battle would awaken the Demon Lord or not, but I think everyone here doesn’t wish for another Eclipse Age.(Queen Fraluca Fimeria)


The Founding Queen, Fraluca Fimeria, seemed to have a quite decent personality. Well, she even turned the Demon Lord into a shield for national defense. Thus her political measures were inherited by the current King Blumcias Yul Fimeria[9].
I read, listen, and write down the national history that sometimes makes me wanted to give a tsukkomi. I was immersed in studies ever since we returned to the village. Even though I was a petite-hikikomori that loved reading in my previous live, it was indeed tiring.
To study efficiently, rest is also important, so I recited a famous adage. I took a break from my studies and took a walk at the outside.
As I was walking in a path inside the forest near the village, I picked up the edible berries that Earth Spirit had told me. Currently it is Twelfth month. Is it because this land has a mild climate so that I could harvest them now? Or because the fruiting season for this other world is different? I remembered that Japan’s berry season is in early summer.
I washed the berries with spring water, and used leaves as a substitute for a plate to share it with the Spirits.

Ah! I found a Rabo fruit(Gai)

While waiting for me, Gai, who was sitting near the spring, looked up and discovered a fresh fruit, before nimbly climbing the tree. As expected from a feral child. He had reached the branch that bears the fruit with surprising swiftness.
Rabo fruit’s appearance is similar to a cherry[10] but its taste is similar to American cherry[11]. It’s one of my favorite foods. Unlike mint, its name is different from that of my previous life, so I mustn’t carelessly refer it as cherry.

Gai, be careful, okay?(Mira)

Although I know that a child has a light body weight, if the branches snap, then he could fall, and, even for Gai, he would be injured
Even if we had learned about body strengthening magic, I think it would be impossible to cast it quickly. Also, we haven’t actually been taught it yet. Although I seem to be able to perform it using my previous life’s manga knowledge, they might surprised that I could use it even though I haven’t been taught it. While I have resolved to use the cheat, I don’t want it to recklessly stand out.

Don’t worry, don’t worry. Yotto[12].(Gai)

Ignoring my worries, Gai plucking the fruits and after successfully getting it, he looked around for further fruits to pick and then bended himself forward.

It’s dangerous. There is berries in here, so for afternoon snack it is enough.(Mira)
It will be fine. Mira, you like Rabo fruits, right? If you turn them into jam you can take them to the capital, right?(Gai)[13]

“Ugh, what a terrible temptation.” Rabo fruit has a sourness mixed inside its sweetness, so it’s delicious. I really like its taste. If it turned into jams, it could be keep for a long time, and I don’t think I could get my hand on a wild Rabo fruit in the capital.

I’ll drop the Rabo fruits, so catch it.(Gai)
Eh? Wait a moment!(Mira)

Even if you tell me to catch it, I don’t have anything to catch it with, like a hat. Something that can be used is......
Even if I frantically searched, there’s no such thing in this place.

You can use the skirt right. I’ll drop it right now.(Gai)

How could you say that! I don’t wear pants under it you know!
Ignoring my protest, he dropped the Rabo fruit.

Aaa, mou. Wind Spirit, please.(Mira)

I stretched out both of my hand towards the location where it will drop, and pour out a bit of magic power. Since I think I’ll absolutely bite my tongue, and there is no time to say the chant, only spoke out what I had imagined.

Wind Container(Mira)

With making a weak whirling sound, a small whirlwind came out on top of my hands, which caught the fallen fruits and deposited them in the middle of the vortex.

Mira is really skillful.(Gai)

Gai who saw my magic from on top of the tree, spoke enviously. When I looked up, he was already was hanging on different branch.

Just from seeing magic once, you are able to imitate it, put it into use, and control it. Even though you are bad at drawing.(Gai)

Sorry about that. After all, for me Arts is only 2 dimensions.

It has nothing to do with that. Since I invoked according to my imagination, actual art skill had no relation with it; most likely. After all for this magic, I used the falling leaves collection by the wind as the reference.(Mira)

I couldn’t possibly say that it was thanks to anime. But, the benefit of film technology was really amazing

Ah, so it’s that, huh? I can understand.(Gai)

This time he dropped the fruits without any warning. Muu, please say something when you do. What will you do if it get crushed by the fall? It would be wasteful.[14] While I was protesting inside of my mind, I safely caught it using wind magic.

But it’s a secret that I can use magic, okay?(Mira)

I can use magic that haven’t been taught to me. I couldn’t possibly said that you know.

Swyn-san made me promise right? Since it will dangerous if I use it recklessly, I won’t use it if Swyn-san’s group is not there.(Mira)

Well since the part about promise was the truth, my mouth smoothly slipped out suitable excuse. I don’t want to be scolded, so it’s a secret. It’s a common promise among the children.

Is that so? If the penalty is not being given meal, then that’s not something that you want to happen.(Gai)

Since I’m still growing I don’t want that to happen. Absolutely positively don’t want that.[15]
After he threw down the plucked fruits, Gai wandered from branch to branch and then from the lowest branches he jumped down while yellingyotsu.

Welcome back.(Mira)
I’m back(Gai)[16]

There was a mountain of Rabo fruits in the wind container. There was so many. So exhilarating. But how could I bring them home? If I brought them home just like this, then the fact that I used magic would be revealed. Of course, using my skirt is rejected. While I was troubled, Gai took off his shirt and spread it out on the ground.[17]

Put them in this. Let’s wash some of them and eat them now, then we’ll bring the rest back.(Gai)
Don’t you feel cold?(Mira)
I feel hot since I was just tree climbing.(Gai)

As expected of a boy. Even though it would soon be spring, according to the calendar, today was a bit chilly. Gai was unexpectedly kind. Alright, I’ll forgive his talk about gathering the fruits with my skirt.

Thank you, Gai. Then Wind Spirit, please gently drop them.(Mira)

Just above the spread out Gai’s clothes, I slowly moved both of my hand to left and right. The whirlwind gently dropped the Rabo fruits. I feel it will be wasteful if the fruits get crushed, but I feel more guilt if Gai’s clothes got stains. After all the fruits had been lowered without problem, I let out a sigh and dispelled the wind magic.

Thank you, Gai. When it has been turned into jam, let’s eat it together.(Mira)

Ufufufu. I can’t wait for it.
Facing my smile, Gai’s face became a bit red and laughed. I see, I see, Gai also can’t wait for it.[18] For now, let’s eat it raw. While humming a tone, I picked 2-3 fruits from the small mountain and ran towards the water spring. *wash*wash* Itadakimasu.

~mmmmmmmm, delicious~(Mira)

I wanted to eat more but I need to endure – endure, since the amount that would be turned into jam would be reduced. And I also still had the berries. Moreover, if I couldn’t eat dinner then Mama would scold me. Gai ate the Rabo fruits, then he made a complacent smile and opened his mouth.

But it’s good like this, right?(Mira)

While giggling, I washed several more to share it with the Spirits.
Afterwards, we moved to the dry ground holding the leaf plates with berries and then sat in circle.

Then, itadakimasu(Mira)

We continued to eat in silence for a while, when I suddenly remembered, or rather, realized.

Nee, Gai.(Mira)
Mm-a. B’-at?(Gai)
Sorry, I’ll wait until you finished eating.(Mira)

Gai stuffed so many berries into his mouth that I wanted to tsukommi him, “you’ve become a squirrel”.

-mm-urg-mmm, okay. So, what is it, Mira?(Gai)

It seemed that he swallowed them in a hurry, did he chewed them properly? It would bad for digestion, you know? I was worried about it, but let’s put this aside for now, and properly asked him a question.

Since there’s also a Fire Spirit beside Gai, you didn’t secretly practice magic without Swyn-san knowing right?(Mira)

Just a little while ago, when I said to keep it a secret, he was questioning it. There was a possibility that he forgot about the promise. Since he’s a fire attribute, it would be dangerous if he used magic recklessly. Since the village’s houses were built from wood.

Of course not. Or rather, even when I didn’t call for it, the Fire Spirit is here?(Gai)

Gai brushed his hand to feel the surrounding, and then got kicked by Fire Spirit.

I’m sorry, Gai is thick skinned.

As an apology gift, I handed him a berry. It was taken from Gai’s portion.

Swyn-san said that the Spirits react to the will of the person trying to use magic. But I don’t think so.(Mira)

But I think it isn’t true, right? The Spirits inside the crystal ball never returned to where they had come from. They were inside the crystal ball, perhaps because it was part of their contract term.

Do you like Gai?(Mira)

The Fire Sprit gave him a kick, but I think it’s just like a joke. When I mutter it to him, the Fire Spirit nodded as he stuffed his check with the berry.

Congratulation Gai. You have become friends with Fire Spirit.(Mira)
Ehehehe. Friend huh? Then I need to quickly raise my magic power. Then the response power will also increase. Since I can’t see him, it’ll be hard to play with him.(Gai)
But magic power control is also important, you know?(Mira)
Yeah. I’m not good at it, but I will do my best.(Gai)

How admirable. ‘There there’, I rubbed Gai’s head.

Well then, I want to know my friends name.(Gai)

Hearing Gai’s request, the five Spirits simultaneously tilted their head. Ooo, what a splendid synchronized move. Although there was one with adult size, the set of small children that surrounding me were so cute.

For now there is at least two Fire Spirits. But if we go on the Academy there will be a lot of you, right?(Mira)

The Spirits, this time also simultaneously nodded. Each of them was so cute. Since they couldn’t use verbal conversation, and the mysterious telepathic message could be connected only some of the times, I could only rely on their gestures. Anyhow, this was also very cute.

Since we’ve become friends, when we didn’t have any lessons, we want us to play together. Then to call you, a name is important right?(Mira)

The Spirits were nodding with large smiles. Even so when I said Tell me, they made a troubled expression. Earth Spirit made an X with both of his index finger.

You don’t want to?(Mira)

They shook their head together. Then, Gai pulled my sleeve.

Mira, what’s with the Spirits?(Gai)
It seems they don’t mind to play together.(Mira)

When I spoke this to explain to Gai, the Spirits also gave their affirmation.

Then what is it that they don’t want to do?(Gai)
They won’t tell me their names.(Mira)
So it’s not correct.(Gai)
Hey, are Spirits can write letters?(Mira)

With a plop, I clapped my hand, then I searched for a twig with suitable size. Since they could use telepathy ro send words, then it was most likely for them to be able to write. Then I realized something after handing the twig to Earth Spirit.
It’s about Katakana!
When the Mana Eater attack, the words that appeared inside my head were in Katakana. I reported to Swyn-san about the words that appeared inside my head, but I concealed the fact that it was in Katakana.
However, I was just starting learn the alphabets of this world. Furthermore, I’m having unexpected difficulties in it. In other words, at the time, I was able to read words that I supposedly wasn’t able to.
On the contrary, if Earth Spirit wrote in the Katana, then it will be “THE END”. Since I could read unknown script!
Oh dear!!
Should I lie by saying I couldn’t read...... Ah, it’s no use. When I reported that words appeared inside my head to Swyn-san, Gai was also there. Even if Gai forgot about that, Swyn-san might inquire about the unreadable script.
What to do? Could it be that Swyn-san still hasn’t realized the strangeness about the fact that I can read the words? He didn’t say anything....... What to do? How can I deceive him......
Ignoring my distressed situation, Earth Spirit wrote a word on the ground; although it’s a bit crooked.

「『Name, none』」(Gai)


It’s this world’s alphabets.
I hear Gai read out the words, I secretly let out a sigh of relief. But it was a bit frustrating since Gai was able to learn the alphabets faster than I was. Even though he hated studying and always played truant, but since he turned six this spring, he started to attend the study group held in Village Chief’s house.
Since excluding the eldest son who would take over the family’s estate, there was a possibility that the other sons would leave the village, so they provided chance to learn the minimum studies. However it wasn’t compulsory, so there were children that didn’t participate and helped their family, and there were also truant children like Gai. That’s why, as expected, the literacy rate didn’t increase.
I am still five years old; however, since I’m a girl, then I possibly wouldn’t be allowed to participate in that study group. That’s because what I should be learning was housework.
For now the worst crisis had passed. However, why were the telepathic words in Katakana?

It’s inconvenient if they don’t have a name.(Gai)
That’s true.(Mira)

It’s useless to think about something that I don’t know. I have only asked the Spirits if there’s a chance.
Now, it’s about the Spirits’ names. Some time ago, I had thought that since I couldn’t tell them apart, I wanted to know their name. If they didn’t have a name, then I just need to think of one for them. I completely forgot about this because of I’ve been cramming my studies.

Name, can we give them one?(Mira)

*Waaa* They smiled. Is that so? Are they glad? Then it would be alright to give them a name.
The Spirits of Four Classical Elements, which were Salamander for Fire, Undine for Water, then Sylphid for Wind and Gnome for Earth, were also famous. Since it’s become like this, then how about naming them with names related with this concept? It would be better if they like it. Ah, but, I also need to think of two different name for the two Fire Spirits. Furthermore I also need to hear Gai’s opinion. Just when I wanted to start the discussion, Wind Spirit pulled my finger


Wind Spirit was pointing at herself, then at the three others, before finally pointed at me.

Let’s see, We four want to be named by Mira.』」(Gai)

Gai read out the words Earth Spirit had written. Wind Spirit nodded, then she pointed at the other Fire Spirit before pointed at Gai.

「『The other one wants name by Gai, huh?(Gai)

Gai and I exchanged glances with each other. I wonder if they wanted to be named by the people they liked.

Gai, think a name for Fire Spirit.(Mira)
Mira, you need to name four people, will you be okay?(Gai)
Yes. I’m fine. Since I’ve already decided on the names.(Mira)
So quick!(Gai)

Gai yelled in surprise; then he folded his arms and started moaning. Do your best. I intend to name them with names originating from my subculture knowledge, however, there is a problem if just called them using that name as it is. So I was also thinking for a bit.
Let see, Salamander is...... Sala? It sounds girlish, but if the original name is too long.
Undine is Dine. Yes, decided.
Sylphid is Sylph, but the other names have two syllables[19]....... Rufi? A certain pirate crossed my mind, but I decided to ignored it and go to the next.
 Gnome...... This time, it’s too short so it’s difficult. But I remembered that when I first saw it spelling, I thought it was read Gunom. Okay, I decided. It’s Guno.[20]

Then, I will go first.(Mira)

First I pointed my finger at Wind Spirit.

Wind Spirit is Rufi. Water Spirit is Dine. Fire Spirit is Sala. At last, Earth Spirit, you are Guno.(Mira)

I pointed at everyone in order and gave them their names. At that moment, I received a telepathy message in my mind.

Thank you, Master.(Rufi, Dine, Sala, Guno)
Eh? Master?(Mira)

The straightened finger was immediately with bewilderment. Moreover, why is it that I feel something is out of place from the Spirits. They have different moods from the usual. Where is the difference? For the moment, I observed the grown up Guno closely. Blond hair, amber eyes, pointed ears, handso-...... Why were there piercings?
Both of Guno’s ears had small golden piercings. It couldn’t be, so I thought and stared at the other three ochibi-sans... There it was. Everyone had the same golden piercing. This was it, right? Proof of contract, this was it, right?
Fuaaaaaaaaa! I had done it, now I had done it! I’m sorry Abe no Seimei-sensei! I forgot that “Names are the shortest curse”!![21]
No, it’s okay, I really like them since they are cute, you know? But would this be alright? Swyn-san didn’t say anything about a contract. In other words, isn’t this worse than getting found out that I could use magic by my own? ――alright, let’s keep this a secret.

Gai, have you chosen a name?(Mira)
Yes. What do you think about ‘Frey’(Gai)

When Gai suggested the name, Fire Spirit immediately raised a thumb and nodded with smile.

He seems pleased.(Mira)
That so? Good, let’s be nice to each other from here on Frey.(Gai)

The cheery Gai gave out his right hand in front of Frey’s berries portion.

Now, handshake.(Gai)

Frey responded and jumped on Gai’s finger. Maybe because Gai was surprised by the tiny sensation, his eyes opened a bit, then he delightedly smiled.
It was pleasant sight, however I needed to confirm whether that exists or not. I looked closely at Frey who’s playing with Gai. I was surprised, because his ears didn’t have any piercing.
Why? Wasn’t naming them then we establish a contract with them?
But the children called me master...... Even in the previous telepathy messages, they never called me master before!
Anyway, even if Frey didn’t have any changes, Gai also giving a Spirit a name, so he’s in the same boat as me.

But you know Gai, about us giving the Spirits a name, let’s keep this as a secret for a while.(Mira)
Not for any reason. Not for any reason, but I feel we’ll be scolded.(Mira)
Okay, it’s a secret.(Gai)

Gai gave immediate reply. To give consent without asking the reason, thank you!

Yes, this is a secret. But when we go to the capital this might be found out by Swyn-san’s master(shishou)...(Mira)

The mystery of Katakana and the mystery of naming. With the number of mystery increased, my stroll ended like so.


Next Chapter: Mira’s 6th Birthday! And Spirits Hijinks (and more foreshadowing).

[1] ユグルド Yugurudo. I translate is as Yggurd. A portmanteau for ユグドラシル Yugudorashiru - Yggdrasilシーグルド Shigurudo - Sigurd
[2]キルグ Kirugu I translate it as Kirg
[3]フラルカ・フィーメリア Furaruka Fiimeria → Fraluca Fimeria. Open for suggestion.
[4] This is a future tool from Doraemon. It make the user can go anywhere.
[5] ED: When bae starts to drop hints.
[6] 巫女Miko means a Shrine Maiden
[7]トールTooru → Thor, since it was cooler than Tole or Toll or Tor
[8] This is a concept similar to Simple Living or Religious Voluntary Poverty, with individuals are satisfied with what they have rather than want. In the modern era, other than for religious reason, this concept is closely linked to “Sustainable Lifestyle” and not “Quest for Affluence” that capitalism advocate.
[9] ブルムシアーズ・ユル・フィーメリア Burumushiaazu Yuru Fiimeria → Brumcias Yul Fimeria. Fun fact in the WN his name isオーガスタ Oogasuta : Orgaster(?)
[10] Sakuranbo: Japanese edible cherry (Prunus serrulata)

[11] Bing cherry (a variant of sweet cherry/Prunus avium) is known as American cherry in Japan.

[12] An expression of doing something like “heave-ho” or similar expression in English.
[13] ED: Trying to escape the friend-zone? I wish you best of luck.
[14] Mottainai: Japanese principle is to not waste anything. This principle came from the lack of natural resource in Japan so every resource must be used in maximal efficiency without wasting anything.
[15] What happen if Mira remained as a chibipettanko?
[16] Mira: Okaeri. Gai: Tadaima
[17] Sometimes I forgot that they are still 6 years old… Try imagine this with teenage Gai and teenage Mira.
[18] ED: Mira is also dense. TL: Well, Mira had the sense of 20’s women, of course she wouldn’t see Ga as any other than friend… Maybe this will change in the future…
[19] Actually the original said two letters. Since Mira butcher the Spirit’s myth name to derive the 4 spirits name.
サラマンダーサラ. Sala
ウンディーネ ディーネ. Dine (The ディー is considered as 1 as it represent the foreign sound Di) it’s read (Di)(Ne) not (Dain)
Originally Mira butcher ルフィード into シルフィ. But it has 3 characters. So Mira butcher it again until ルフィ remained. 2 characters. (フィ considered as 1 as it represent the foreign sound Fi)
[20] Gnome is ノーム (Nomu or nəʊm in IPA with the G and E silent) in Japanese. Mira mentioned that she thought Gnome is read グノー (Gunome. with G and E pronounced) and so she butchered it until グノー (Guno) remained.
[21] Abe no Seimei (921-1005)  famous onmyouji from Heian era. The line “The Name is the shortest curse” came from Yumekura Baku’s novel Onmyouji. It means that by naming something we restrain it, that’s why Humans like to name anything and everything.


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