04 January 2016

Isekai de 『Kuro no Iyashite』 tte Yobarete Imasu - 3rd Story

This is Yukkuri demasu!

This is the third Teaser of five teasers for these series.
Misuzu was really a cheerful girl... Now I really need buying the novel! (after this point all donations will be used to secure this novel... I need more Misuzu!)

DISCLAIMER: There is no way my translation is perfect.

Yukkuri Oniisan
To Another World
3rd Story: Let’s Sort the Situation First

*Misuzu’s Perspective*
When I thought that I might be able to use magic, I became a bit elated.

Since, you know.
The life as an extremely normal female college student in Japan, didn’t need a survival ability.

Although there were quarrels with family or friends, but as adult that had graduated from children squabble-like play, violence was something unrelated to my life.
In the first place, I had no sports ability, and although it was saddening for me to say, none means none.
In Physical Education I always need to supplement the practical skill exam with paper test in tears.
I also couldn’t play shooting type game.
I’m not good in running. Is Marathon something you can eat? Like this.

I believe that perhaps if I was attacked by even a stray dog, I could die.
And since it was another world, then there might be monster.

But. It was that.

If I had magic then my survival rate would considerably rise. Or so, I wanted to believe.

I tried to listen carefully a bit.
The sound of the wind. The shaking of the trees. The songs of the birds.

It seemed that my surrounding currently was safe, but since I could be attacked at any time, I couldn’t slack my caution.

Since there were no obstructions, I could see all the 360 degree. If there was monster, I would soon notice.

I also wanted to think about many things, but...
In any case, I needed to do what I could do. Alright, Yes! Go for it me! Do your best me!


Let see.
This is what I know right now:

It seemed I have transported to another world.
I could see my own status.
I could see the name or effect for useable things like Agamena Herb.
I have magic power.

Like this?

First let’s try many clichéd standards of RPG and another world novels.

First the winter clothing was too hot and heavy. Let’s do something about it.

I could do it. Alright. Amen.

With prayer-like feeling, I try to shout, Item Box.
Then I could see an empty space in front of me.
(Eh? If it was empty then why I could see it? Ah, I know. Although I can’t see it but I can sense Something. It’s just my gut feeling).
Alright! I did it!
I could use Item Box!

The packages that I hold at that time were gone. Maybe they didn’t get brought to this place.
Even thought they were presents and sweets that I received from my friends. The precious food. *dejected*

I tried searching my coat pocket.

Since the smartphone and iPod were in my coat pocket, they were safe.
The smartphone was out of service area. The time and date only progressed just a little from my last memory in Japan. 3 February 2012; 0:25.

I was sure that inside the Item Box, time would not progress and nothing will go rot inside.
Then I put away things except for the necessities in the Item Box.

Game soundtrack, songs from my favorite artist, in addition, from anime song to classical music, I put many things in my iPod.
After this, if I ever really felt troubled, or depressed, I would surely wanted to hear them badly.

Inside the smartphone was pictures that were taken using its camera function. Like of my families, and of my friends.

Since I couldn’t recharge it again, it was important.

Either of them were things precious to me.
I gently store them in the Item Box.



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