12 September 2015

Our New World. Chapter 1 - Part 7

Part 7: MoExplosion

(Nothing plot relevant happen in this chapter.)

After he arrives at the Square Great Room, the other members had already gathered in heir dresses. Yuuto show his admiration for Kiyomi ability to coordinate the dresses well. Yuuto then gives his compliment for the dresses they wear. Kiyomi in her flowery yukata-like dress, Ichiko in highly decorated robe-like dress, Chie in deep red simple one piece dress, and the girl trio in various Disne* princess-like dresses. It’s great to see that they relatively forget about their situation. Smile is hundred times better than a frown.

“You all are looks gorgeously.” (Yuuto)
“Thanks for the compliment, Dear Husband. I’m really happy.” (Kiyomi)
“But why you didn’t compliment Stella’s dress?” (Ichiko)
“Ah... I just compliment her in my room when I finished making her dress.” (Yuuto)

‘Oh... Shi...’ Yuuto regret is hasty answer. He then feels several pricking stares from the girls, especially Kiyomi and for some reason Chie. Stella only gives a wry smile to him as if saying, ‘You dig your own grave’.

“What that means Dear Husband?” (Kiyomi)
“Yusis, I like to hear some explanation.” (Chie)
“Oh... I see... Nozomi, you jest.” (Ichiko)
“Don’t look at me... Hey don’t refer me with real name! It Stella... Stella...” (Stella)
“Ca-calm down. I-it just a trial product... I just experimented with my skills.... Look, I found out that we could activate the skills with voice and thoughts. Like this Spirit’s Arts: Terse Lux(Torteiygusni)” (Yuuto)

Yuuto produced a small ball of light from his hand that then floated on top of his head. It was a beginner light spirit magic that was used to illuminate dark places.

“Hmm? Using a skill? Then,Summon: Open First Spirit Door: Nurtama!” (Kiyomi)

*fuuh* Yuuto use Distraction, it’s super effective!
A stone gate appeared from nowhere and opened before disappeared. It was a small shining transparent like ball with two large beady eyes without any visible body parts or mouths. It was a low leveled Light Spirit(Nurtama) (光小玉(ヌルタマ)) that was a defensive spirit that can illuminate the summoner surrounding and create light magic barrier for summoner or her allies. It was useless spirit that only useful for low level player, but Kiyomi kept it because it was cute.
Nurtama then was flying around Kiyomi, who was giggling and happily playing with it. The three girls were looking it with envy while gathering near Kiyomi. Well, girls like cute things after all.

“I also want to try. Self Blessing: Increase Buoyancy(Cymaflu)” (Ichiko)

A low level Priest’s support skill that was used for avoiding ground contact-based traps, casted on herself, Ichiko started floating several centimeter above the ground. The other three girls looked at her with glee.

“Me too!” *draw twin-sword* (Saki)
*bring out switch-blade* (Mizuki)
*bring out artibalista* (Tsukimi)
“Hey! Don’t bring out your weapon! Don’t use offensive magic or weapon skill! Don’t wreck the room! Please girls, don’t do anything reckless” (Yuuto)
“Yes!” (3-girls)
Yuuto could now empathize with teachers who watched elementary students on a field trip.

Meanwhile, Kiyomi was playing with Nurtama while he checking out her status window. Oh! She found something interesting.
Incarnation Mode ChangeMode-2 On!” (Kiyomi)

Hmm... That was not a spell.
Yuuto then turned his head to Kiyomi...*pfffttt*
He thought his lifespan was decreased by fifty years....
The usual Yamato Nadeshiko image of Kiyomi is already very lovely. Long straight deep black hair, big shining eye, slim body with perfect curves in the right place, lacking nothing while also had no excess, simple, modest and graceful. Even Yuuto that had Women Charm Resistance Lv.8 (he get this while in High School, blame his cousin) in real life was moved. But the Kiyomi in front of Yuuto was more overwhelming.
An Alfargoddess had arrived(ktkr).

What is an Alfar?
In RAHO there are 3 main races that the player can choose. Each Race was further divided into 16 nations, tribes or clans. So in total player can choose 48 racial subtypes, each had unique stat growth correction, unique skill, and unique job.
The first race is the populous Human(Remna), just like most human in other MMORPG they were jack-of-all trade that can choose most job and had the most average stat growth. Their appearance mainly had modern human characteristic with various shade of hair and eyes color. Yuuto, Ichiko and the Twins character were Human(Remna).
The second race is the magic race of Alfar which reside on the most mana dense locations. Just like the Tolkien Elves they had slender, fair skin, pointy ears, long life, etc. But unlike Tolkien Elves they not need to necessary tall, their hair tend to be metallic luster with various color, and they had two horns growing in their occipital region that had different shape depend on their tribe. The in-game explanation for this is that the Alfar use this horn to gather, store, and focus mana for magic, but because of that they had difficulty to utilize it to reinforce their body, so many melee jobs is useless for Alfar. They mainly had stat leaning on magic side and had special magic job unique for them. Kiyomi and Nozomi character were Alfar.
The third race is the natural race of Theria which reside where nature reigns. They can be described as humanoid with animal ears and tails (they don’t have human ears so no 4 ears catgirl). Since they directly incorporate the natural mana flow into their own internal mana circulation, their body is greatly enhanced, but because of this reason they had difficulty to cast magic that need them to focus their mana to external environment. That’s was the excuse for their high melee stat growth and lack of magical jobs. Chie and Saki character is Theria.

Now, back to Kiyomi’s current appearance.
Basically, her face shape, height, hair length, body shape, etc. didn’t change, but the hair and eye color had been transformed. What a half-assed change, if Yuuto must say something.
Brilliant metallic blue hair that glistens when light shined upon it, and the enchanting deep jade colored iris. But the most change is her two swirly Nautillus-like horns that settle on her head looks like a very expensive hair decoration that really boost her Girl Rating Index to level he never seen before.
It should be strange since the color is really different from real world variant, but strangely this just complement Kiyomi’s charm more. Maybe because Yuuto was familiar with Kiyomi’s current appearance, which resemble her in-game character characteristic. Or because he get used to multicolor appearance of game and anime characters, or is it just because his lingering high school day preference?
Did his heart skip three beats? Well, he stills a man after all, so give him some slack will ya?

The others also saw Kiyomi’s transformation and approached her. Kiyomi quickly explain to them about Incarnation System she found.

“Hey, Sis Wife(Waifu-neesan), can I touch your horn?”(Mizuki)
“Ah, please forgive my onee-chan rudeness, Kiyomi-san.”(Tsukimi)
“It’s okay. It’s not a big problem. So here, you can touch it.” (Kiyomi)
*touching* “Woah! Its hard!” (Mizuki)
*touching* “Yeah! It’s really hard.” (Saki)
*touching* “It hard and stiff.” (Tsukimi)
*touching* “It’s harder than I though.” (Ichiko)

Somehow, without knowing the context, those girls lines could easily cause big misunderstanding.
Ups, somehow I felt Chie rather cold stare. Is it somehing in my face? Yuuto thought.
But it was interesting, I need to properly examine the status function beside Incarnation System.

【『YusisYuuto Shizumoto |23』】
【『Health: 100% |Mana: 96% |Stamina: 88%』】
【『MaleHuman |Japan |DSL: 95/128』】
【『Neuschwanensee |Guild Vice Leader』】
【『Incarnation Mode-1: ON |Limiter: ON - MAX』】

He could not change his name. 23 is my age, so no. Health, Mana and Stamina is self explanatory. He can’t change his gender, or nationality. DSL also won’t change except by beating False Gods. He could quit his guild, but it’s a stupid choice.
Beside Incarnation Mode, most of them could not be interacted except for Limiter that had slider setting with ON – MAX in one side and OFF – Full Release on the other side.

Now about the incarnation mode, the help function explained that it was used to change the avatar appearance.
There only 2 modes that could be used, while 3 other modes are unavailable.

Mode 1 – REAL ID
Mode 3 – Locked
Mode 4 – Locked
Mode 5 – Locked

Well, let’s just try it.
Incarnation Mode Change,Mode-2 On”.

There was a bright light for a moment, but Yuuto didn’t feel any differences. So he asked to Chie and Ichiko near him about his current appearance.

“Hmm... Your hair is dark brown, and your eyes are purplish like gamechara... Also your face is redder than usual.” (Stella)
“Just like your game character, I think.” (Chie)

Hmm, redder, ups... maybe because his elevated blood pressure, yup that’s right, elevated blood pressure, nothing else, just olain old vasodilatation.
But let’s check the status again.

【『YusisYuuto Shizumoto |33』】
【『Health: 100% |Mana: 96% |Stamina: 88%』】
【『MaleRemna |Agartha |DSL: 95/128』】
【『Neuschwanensee |Guild Vice Leader』】
【『Incarnation Mode-2: ON |Limiter: ON - MAX』】

‘Why my age is 33? Oh yeah, my character is an ossan.  My race change into Remna and my nation to Agartha. Those are the character race and nations’. Think Yuuto.
‘Could I turn back?’

Incarnation Mode Change,Mode-1 On”.

He tried and his appearance back into his usual Japanese black hair dark brown eyes color.

Incarnation Mode Change,Mode-2 On”.

He turned back into his alternate game appearance. Even if it called alternate game appearance, the only thing that change is just hair and eye color. Maybe except horns for Alfar.

“Stella, you also try to transform too.”(Yuuto)
“Hah? For what?”(Stella)
“Just try to do it. It’s not something bad, don’t you also curious.” (Yuuto)
“Okay. Incarnation Mode Change,Mode-2 On”. (Stella)

The previous Stella aka Nozomi with her unkempt black hair can be considered attractive at some point but the current pink haired pink iris wearing pink dress Stella is also striking. Her two Alfar peach-colored pearlescent dragon-like horns complement her nicely. 
Even Yuuto was surprised by the drastic change as Stella seems to radiate a different aura just like Kiyomi that had upgraded her effective charm range. He never imagines that a simple change in hair color or iris can give of such devastating effect on him. Maybe it’s like if a girl that you know since middleschool, suddenly dyed her hair and wear contact lens for her highschool debut, her aura become difference. Just like this.
The duckling really turned into a swan, pink swan for precise.
But back to reality, it seemed that Yuuto guess was right, only hair and eyes color changed, with addition horn. He becomes more curious with his own appearance now.
So, he asked Stella who protesting while being surrounded by the others that wanted to see her new appearance (mainly for her horn). He needs a mirror, but he didn’t have any in his inventory, there is nothing resembling a mirror in the Square Room, and he too lazy to return to his room that had a metal wall mirror.

“Stella, could you use your ice magic to create crystal?” (Yuuto)
“Ah? The Crystal Wall? Sure, but for what?” (Stella)
“I want a mirror, you see.” (Yuuto)
“Okay. Wait a minute.” (Stella)

Although Stella was a little annoyed, because the others were touching her horn, and then started to perform her magic.

Intermediate Ice Magic: Crystal Wall

Nothing happened.


Stella seem to be confused by something.

“Did something wrong?” (Yuuto)
“Ah, I get an error box that said I couldn’t use this level of magic at my current limiter setting.” (Stella)
“Are your Limiter in the Status Window have ON:Max written on it?” (Yuuto)
“Yes. It is. So, it’s like that, huh?” (Stella)
“Yeah, it seems you can’t use high level skill if the limiter is ON, or is it because the setting was max? Since, you know, we could still use low-level skills.” (Yuuto)
“What is this limiter thing?” (Ichiko)
“The thing beside incarnation mode in Status Window. It seems to limit our stats or skills to some degree.” (Yuuto)
“Ah. So it is like that. I see.” (Ichiko)

The others also check their Limiter in their Status Window.

“Dear Husband, do you want to use a mirror?”(Kiyomi)
“Yes. Do you have some, Kiyomi?” (Yuuto)
“Please wait for a moment, Dear Husband. I’ll call it for you. ̎ (Kiyomi)
“Call it? Don’t you mean.....” (Yuuto)
Limiter OFF: Full Release!” (Kiyomi)

As soon as those words leave Kiyomi’s mouth, she immediately was radiating a strong warm and bright aura. Even if the others didn’t know what it is, it only can be described with one phrase: Divine Aura, that giving off a sense of purity and majesty.

“This girl is really....” (Yuuto)

‘So this is the effect of Limiter release. I know that players in RAHO are supposed to be some kind of demigods, but this is...’

Summon: Open Fifteenth Spirit Gate: Moon Mirror Maiden(Rusalka) (月の鏡の少女(ルサルカ))

A large gem crusted golden framed door suddenly appeared in the thin air. The door opened to a space that where numerous moon could be seen. A white haired pretty woman, came out, wearing a white fancy-fantasy like dress that was decorated with shiny round small metal like mirror here and there. She carried a large round silver mirror that radiates soft light in her hand, while several smaller crescent-shaped mirrors floating behind her.
Yup, she is the second strongest of Kiyomi’s Eidolon repertoire. A mid-high tiered Moon Mirror Maiden that Kiyomi named Rusalka. (All Eidolon above Third Gate can be custom-named by the players).

“Greetings, Lady Melbiena(Melbiena Ojou-sama).  What can I do for you today?” (Rusalka)

Rusalka bowed her body like and greet Melbiena with professional perfect fluent maid-like move.

“Ah, Rusalka-san can you summon your large mirror so we could use it to see our reflection?”(Kiyomi)
“As you wish, Lady Melbiena.”(Rusalka)

Rusalka waved her hand and out of nowhere a large rectangular silver framed mirror appeared in the middle of the room.

“Thank you for your hard work, Rusalka-san.” (Kiyomi)
“It’s my pleasure. My Lady(Ojou-sama) .” (Rusalka)

While Rusalka still standing behind her, Kiyomi started to pose in front of the mirror to check her appearance.

“I can’t believe it... She just used high level summoning just for a mirror.”(Stella)
“Hahaha... That’s Melbiena for you.”(Yuuto)
“Now, we all could use the mirror.”(Kiyomi)

While the other girls occupied in ‘checking’ Rusalka that Kiyomi summoned, Stella and Yuuto started to check their current appearance. Stella was occupied with checking her horns, while mumbling, ‘I can use it as ribbon support’. On the other side, Yuuto just quietly observe his own reflection.

“Hmm... My appearance is just like the old me, only my hair and eye color is different. I don’t have my character scar or his muscle. Oh yeah, why don’t you also try changing your Incarnation Mode, Ichiko?”

Yuuto asked Ichiko that was beside him.

“Huh? Could I pass that?”(Ichiko)
“Why?” (Yuuto)

Ichiko seemed reluctantly to do it for some reason.

“Err... Since, you know, my character is a guy and he is bald... then...” (Ichiko)
“You afraid also turn into bald?” (Stella)

Suddenly Stella joined in the conversation.

“Urrr...” (Ichiko)
“What? Or is it not far from truth? If that so, why do you play a bald male character. Do you had a thing for bald middle age man(ossan) ?” (Stella)
“NO! It’s the result from randomized initial appearance.” (Ichiko)

Ichiko became flustered, something that Yuuto don’t expected to see.

“So, even the usual reliable Una had this unreliable side.” (Yuuto)
“Please, stop with the joke Yuuto-san. Uh... Fine Incarnation Mode Change,Mode-2 On” (Ichiko)

Ichiko straight hair become wavier as if it had been lightly permed and its color have turned to dark brown. But the most different thing is that her black brown eyes become light brown with golden chakram like pattern in it that somehow reminded Yuuto with Sharingan.
Now that he looked at Ichiko objectively, his initial assessment that Ichiko had a certain mature charm on her was really true. With her ‘mature woman aura’, it’s hard to imagine Ichiko as someone who had similar age to him.
The other girls stopped (or bored) with Rusalka, came over here to look at New Ichiko.

“Well... What we have here...” (Stella)
“I....m.....glad......I’m not bald....”(Ichiko)
“You look really had a look like an onee-san.”(Saki)
“Yup. You just like some Executive Lady from Outemachi or Nihonbashi.”(Yuuto)
“Stop with teasing me. But, my company is in Marunouchi.”(Ichiko)
“Eh...? Really?”(Yuuto)

‘What the? She is really high-positioned carrier woman? No-no-no-no, if I remembered correctly, she just graduated less than a year ago from the university, is she some daughter of famous zaibatsu.’

“No, it’s just a joke. I just do it to get back at you.”(Ichiko)

Yuuto dumbfounded while Ichiko smiled and laughed. ‘Now, is really a joke or not?’ Yuuto become curious.

“Then let us also do it Tsuu-chan.”(Mizuki)
“But I don’t think there will be anything would change, Mii-chan.”(Tsukimi)

Both of them then do Incarnation Mode Change. But because their character race nation is Penglai that was modeled on East Asia, their black hair color didn’t change. Instead, both of them had the same waist-back hair length. Because, their face almost similar (even though they actually dizygotic twin) they now become very hard to be differentiated except for the fact they had contrasting dichromatic eyes.
Mizuki iris is sapphire blue in left eye and emerald green in right eye, while Tsukimi has the opposite color scheme, emerald in left and sapphire in right. Oh yeah, Yuuto remembered, Penglai character always has dichromatic eyes. How chuuni...
It was not a dramatic change unlike Kiyomi and Stella, but it really suits them.

“Our hair color didn’t change. But we got these cool eyes. Now we are a set Tsuu-chan.”(Mizuki)

They both looks very satisfied with their current appearance.

“You both looked like a mirror of each other.”(Yuuto)

Not only in physical appearance, but the twins is also polar opposite in their personality.

“Yes, we are two, yet we are also one.”(Twins)

Stopped talk synchronically. It’s creepy. Like something that came out from a Stephen King’s books.

“Tsuu-chan, Mii-chan, you look great, like a game character! Teacher(Shisou), let us also do the incarnation change.”(Saki)
“Should we?”(Chie)

While Saki became enthusiastic after seeing the Twins, Chie is rather indifferent of this situation. Well, she is a very reserved person to begin with.

“Why not Teacher? It’s look fun.”(Saki)
“... I don’t see any reason to do that...”(Chie)
“Come on, Teacher.”(Saki)

Saki shook Chie body just like a child begging her mother to buy her candy. But the problem is something in Saki body also shook greatly with *puun*purun* sound, too bad there nothing shaking in Chie. What am I thinking? Be gone evil thoughts!
It’s bad if this keep going, so Yuuto compelled to offer his hand, figuratively that is.

“She’s right, Chie. Why don’t you do it. Since, only both of you that still haven’t do it. After all, I rather curious with what Theria character will look like in this world(reality).”(Yuuto)

Chie reluctanly agree, and together with Saki, she performed Incarnation Mode Change.
But, after seeing the result, Yuuto never imagined that he would say something like ‘I regret what this mouth had said.’

“This is really something....”(Stella)

The other girls screamed in joy. Now, please remember, Saki and Chie character is from Theria class. Saki is  Lepina, or Lagomorphoid-Tribe (Rabbit-Kin) and Chie is Velika, or Felinoid-Tribe (Cat-Kin). In other word, they turned into Bunny-Girl and Nekomimi-Girl, respectively.

Saki black hair turned into silvery white, while two silvery white furred floppy rabbit-like ears came out from between the twin hair, as if she now had quadra-tails. Her eyes turned into deep crimson red. While behind her dress, that magically had a small hole near her sacral region, is a bushy short fluffy silver white rabbit tail.
Coupled with the fact that she had very cute youthful face, short stature, had dynamite body with larger than average Everest Olympus Mons, even if she wear a modest dress that showed less skin, it only serves to fuel imagination further. In essence she could be called turned into “erotic-cute-loli-albino-bunny-girl”. Thank God, Yuuto’s Kiesselbach's plexus is not easily ruptured.

If BEAUTY could be imagined as a three way road, then Kiyomi and Stella went to “Attractive” concept, while Saki and Ichiko dangerously balance herself in “Erotic” category, then Chie could be said went to opposite Beauty direction, that is the direction of “Cuteness”.
A short 152 cm girl with a humble chest and figure, with sparkling aquamarine eyes, sporting bushy cat ears that had same color as her blue-tinted black hair while a tail with same characteristic peeking from behind her dress and a face that can shame most idols. Who is this adorable nekomimi-girl? Ah right, it’s Chie, his partner. Who could imagine that nekomimi had this strong influence in Yuuto?

*inside Yuuto unconsciousness mental field *
“Her Cuteness surpassed Moe Scalar Index! We can’t measure it!”
“Logic Block B-123 to E-345 had been compromised! Logic Region D is crumbling!”
“The First Reasoning Barrier had been breached, no... Third Reasoning Barrier had been breached! It’s still continuing. It’s unstoppable!”
“Shut down the Optic Processing Center, reroute all input from Hypothalamic Channel!”
“No! It can’t be... It’s not responding!”
“Detecting high level of endorphin in Emotional Locus Region! It’s overloading!”
“Damn.... She is.... she is... way too cute!”
“Shut down all systems! Do a reboot!”
“It's too late! Complete Cerebral Meltdown detected! All personal abandon Logic!”
*back to reality*

‘Huh? It seemed I blacked out for a moment.’

Saki was hopping here and there in front of the mirror (something in her also hopping), and then she did a sexy pose. *strike!*

‘Calm down me. Calm down. She just 14. 14. 14. No, somehow this only make is heart goes faster. No-no-no-no, I’m not pedophile, but 13 is age of consent in Japan. NOT THAT! What am I thinking?’

While Yuuto inner though gone into civil war, revolt, counter-revolt, coup, counter-coup and grand cosmic wars every each second, Chie was seeing her own reflection, moving her tails and ears, then he turned to Yuuto as if to ask him something. But because Yuuto was significantly taller (18 cm difference), Chie looked at him with her upturned large eyes.

*double strike!* *triple strike!* *quadruple strike!*

What the heck with this dangerous cute combo?

“Yuuto-san, your face is red...”(Ichiko)
“Dear Husband....?”(Kiyomi)
“So, you prefer this kind of thing, huh?”(Stella)

‘Why are you pouring gasoline on the burning house, Ichiko? Kiyomi stop looking at me like that, and Stella your condescending gaze is hurting me, literally.’

“What? No-no-no-no, you misunderstand. This had nothing to do with that. Seriously.”(Yuuto)

‘Is it that obvious? No-no-no-no. Calm down me. Calm down. Remember that day in October of second year High School with your cousin? Just play it composedly like that time and you can escape from this den of lions.’

“The way you denying it, is suspicious.”(Nozomi)
“Nozomi-san is right Dear Husband.”(Kiyomi)
“I told you, call me Stella, Stella.”(NozomiStella)

What should he said? Even the other girls start staring daggers, swords and spears at him. (Just Yuuto imagination.)

Then the Door suddenly opened, and Mitteherz and the other Guardians enter. Yuuto think that they arrival is just like Rohan riders arrived after Gondor calls for aid. He is eternally grateful.


The Other Character Alternate Form Status (Mode 2, not their real self age of course):

Melbiena and Rusalka
【『MelbienaNakamizu Kiyomi  |232』】
【『Health: 100% |Mana: 56% |Stamina: 38%』】
【『FemaleAlfar |Alpenheim |DSL: 63/128』】
【『Neuschwanensee |Senior Member』】
【『Incarnation Mode-2: ON |Limiter: OFF』】

【『Health: 100% |Mana: 99% |Stamina: 100%』】
【『Female|Celestial Spirits|Moon Mirror Maiden |DSL: 60』】
【『Neuschwanensee |Melbiena’s Eidolon』】

【『StellahymneOtomiya Nozomi |475』】
【『Health: 100% |Mana: 100% |Stamina: 68%』】
【『FemaleAlfar |Avalonwahl |DSL: 69/128』】
【『Neuschwanensee |Veteran Member』】
【『Incarnation Mode-2: ON |Limiter: ON』】

【『UnapietraIshihara Ichiko |35』】
【『Health: 100% |Mana: 99% |Stamina:97%』】
【『FemaleRemna |Mahavisna |DSL: 74/128』】
【『Neuschwanensee |Veteran Member』】
【『Incarnation Mode-2: ON |Limiter: ON』】

【『TerranovaShirasawa Mizuki |21』】
【『Health: 100% |Mana: 100% |Stamina: 96%』】
【『FemaleRemna |Penglai |DSL: 55/128』】
【『Neuschwanensee |Junior Member』】
【『Incarnation Mode-2: ON |Limiter: ON』】

【『AlcielShirazawa Tsukimi |21』】
【『Health: 100% |Mana: 100% |Stamina: 95%』】
【『FemaleRemna |Penglai |DSL: 55/128』】
【『Neuschwanensee |Junior  Member』】
【『Incarnation Mode-2: ON |Limiter: ON』】

【『HaimonaItomachi Saki |17』】
【『Health: 100% |Mana: 100% |Stamina: 95%』】
【『FemaleTheria |Lepina |DSL: 32/128』】
【『Neuschwanensee |Junior  Member』】
【『Incarnation Mode-2: ON |Limiter: ON』】

【『IusticiaNishijima Chie |32』】
【『Health: 100% |Mana: 100% |Stamina: 99%』】
【『FemaleTheria |Velika |DSL: 88/128』】
【『Neuschwanensee |Veteran Member』】
【『Incarnation Mode-2: ON |Limiter: ON』】



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      The main premise of this story is:
      The players (and NPC): What is going on? How we will proceed in the future? What will the dinner will be? How can we go home? This look like an instance dungeon, shall we conquer it?

      The natives: How should we deal with the long isolated but strong nation that suddenly goes active that had power and stuffs beyond their comprehension. What is their intention? Can we trade with them? Can we negotiate with them? How could they influence international politics (or their plans)?
      The prologue sere to show what the natives thought (and what they had done) to this strange nation.

      This is not a story of world conquest (like Overlord), nor world sightseeing (like Desumachi), this is just about 8 close guild members, stuck in unknown yet familiar place, and do stuffs.....
      Rather than action, I think it's more closer to slice of life, with one sided massacre (they don't pull punches, since it stupid, you should not show any mercy to the enemy) between the sunny parts.

      If you really NEED to see blood splashed, body parts flinging, and mook screaming for their life in horror. Wait until Chapter 2 part 3 (presumably). The story pick up paces after that (since you know, they finally kill something....)

  6. "Chie is 『Lepina』, or Lagomorphoid-Tribe (Rabbit-Kin)"

    Shouldn't that be

    "Saki is 『Lepina』, or Lagomorphoid-Tribe (Rabbit-Kin)" ?

    BTW, great work, this is my third time reading this.

    *Waiting impatiently for next chap.*

    1. Thanks for spotting this...
      Glad that you like this story...

  7. Большое спасибо!

    "Since they directly incorporate the natural mana low into their own mana flow ..."
    Maybe "low" --> "flow" also?

    "reluctanly" --> "reluctantly"

    Maybe "Heiselbach plexus" --> "Kiesselbach's plexus" ?