19 September 2015

Takarakuji de 40 Oku Atattanda kedo Isekai ni Ijuusuru. Chapter 20

Translator Corner
This is Yukkuri demasu...

The 12th day without sun.
I swear I’ll write a horror piece about the Mist one day... just you see.

And oh yes, new heroine, all right! Will Kazura get beautiful flowers on both of his hand?

The title came from Honme and Tatemae distinction. Honme is one's true feeling, while tatemae is one's behavior or opinion showed to other people. 

As usual, this is not a literal Japanese translation, so there bound to be a mistake....

The Translator:
Yukkuri Oniisan
The Editor:

Chapter 20: True Feeling and Facade

While giving off the sound knack-knack every time his leather boots threaded on the stone floor below him, Isaac was walking on a corridor in the Nelson’s residence.
As always, Isaac wore the same piece of leather light armor but instead of the sword he usually carried, he now held a brightly colored yellow bouquet on both of his hand as if it was something very important.

After walking for awhile he reached his destination in front of a certain door, Isaac, who became nervous, took a deep breath.
The sunlight that came through the opened window was bright and sometimes, pleasant wind could be felt caressing him.
While struck by the genial winds, Isaac who carried the bouquet closed his eyes.

Ormasior-sama[1], please grant me a courage.....

He lifted up a prayer to the War God he believes in with a small voice, and then he opened his eyes.

Ugh, why do I become this nervous? Maybe it’s because this is the first time we’ll meet after 4 years....

Isaac put his hand on his chest that thumping wildly against his own intention and took a breath again.
He combed his short golden hair using his hand, after 10 seconds passed by, his had adjusted his breath, and with a small voice cheered to himself I can do it!. Then, he opened the door in front of him slowly.


Ahhh, really, that buffoon is too insistent! It’s fine if he just gave me a gift, but why I need to hear that buffoon’s boastful speech? I don’t want, even not for a split second, to get married with that merchant. I just don’t understand it.

Below the shade of a tree in the nook of the well maintained courtyard at Nelson’s residence, a young girl of approximately 15 years old could be seen resting her head on the wooden table in front of the tree.
Next to the young girl was a young maid whose composed face had little marks of freckles that made her stand out. The young girl whined and grumbled with an irritated expression on her
The girl’s current location was completely surrounded by head-height garden shrubs, so her currently languid pose couldn’t be seen by others.
The girl wore a high quality dress with white undertone and frills, her waist long dark brown hair was gently flowing and had a beautiful luster.
She had well featured face; her long, slit eyes were impressive. Without a doubt she would grow into a splendid beautiful lady that will draw the envy of many.
However, that beautiful face was now distorted in irritation, her high quality leather shoes, which she wore in her feet, kicked the table where she was lying now and make an intense pounding sound.
Because she kicked the table, the copper cups that were arranged on top of it made a clattering sound.

But, Liese-sama[2], if it is really that unpleasant to you, why Liese-sama didn’t just reject the gifts and then just said to the others that Liese-sama didn’t had any intention to get married....

The maid, who now had tired expression, began to address the girl who continued kicking the table – Liese. Liese turned her face and sternly glared at the maid.

I’ll tell you something, Ayla[3]. If I really said that, I wouldn’t get gifts anymore, right? I will take the grandiose gifts that those stupid merchants and other men had brought with great pleasure, and then vaguely ward off any marriage talk with empty conversations and friendly grins, while giving them a little bit of flattery. After that, they will become more assiduous in bringing me gifts. If I clearly refuse any marriage preposition, then it may be gossiped that I am interested in Isaac. My Father(otou-sama) already wishes me to marry Isaac, if there is a chance, he would really make it to come true.

The maid, Ayla, was sighing inside her heart, as she made a light bow to apologize.
Liese and Ayla were used to converse like this, as for Ayla, she really hope that she didn’t need to say anything, as if she was a piece of furniture.
But if she didn’t speak a word then Liese will become angry at her, so she just helplessly kept her company and heard her story.
Afterwards, Liese kept complaining and grumbling, then from a distance, the sound of the door that leads to the courtyard opening could be heard. She sensitively reacted to that sound and quickly fixed her slouching body posture and corrected her disheveled garment. She then took a cup from the table and drank from it with a graceful manner.

Good morning, Liese-sama. May I intrude on your tea drinking?

Her previous irritated complexion was completely disappeared, Isaac came from a place that was 45 degree from Liese, who was already on standby and prepared her attitude. She put the cup on the table when Isaac came from behind the garden shrubs and greeted her while weakly smiling.

Ah yes. The green trees are so beautiful that they made me want to drink some tea while looking at the scenery, so I asked Ayla to prepare some. Do Isaac-saa also want to join?

Invited by Liese, Isaac seemed to be regretting it from the bottom of his heart.

I am honored to be invited, however, I will be travelling to inspect the new fortress that is under construction alongside the border of Balveil. Although it is a precious invitation and extremely joyful....

Liese already know from his father that Isaac would go to inspect the fortress today.

Yes, I know it.

She murmured softly, while she look at Isaac and put her hand on her mouth and made a deliberate surprised expression.

Oh my, that is so very far away..... The other day you already went to conduct an inspection on a faraway village and today you will go to inspect at the fortress? Father is too harsh on his men......

Fufu, I think you are right, however, even if I am only an inexperienced person, to be entrusted with an important duty to inspect the fortress, I am very happy. Although it will be a difficult task, to think Nelson-sama will be helped by this, I will preserve through any hardships.

Isaac said this while showing a truly happy expression, Liese immediately looked at him with a blank expression.

Thank you.

She replied Isaac with a floriferous smile[4].
Until then Isaac was pinned down by the nervousness, however he somehow can hold a normal conversation, but after receiving that smile his face immediately flushed red and he averted his eyes to the surroundings to calm himself.

N-Noo! Umm, I think you would be pleased to receive it and so I brought this with me!

He said while presented a yellow bouquet that he had brought to Liese.

Oh my, what a beautiful bouquet! Thank you very much, Isaac-sama.
A smile worthy of an Oscar.
Liese and Ayla (behind her)

Liese received the bouquet and held it in her chest like it was something important, and then she replied with a delightful smile to Isaac.
Isaac’s face, who once again receive Liese’s smile, became even redder than it was before.

No, it’s my honor to see you so delighted! Well then, with this I excuse myself!

After giving a deep bow, he quickly left the courtyard at a quick pace.
Liese was watching the back of Isaac who walking away, and when Isaac disappeared from her sight, she handed over the bouquet to Ayla.

Ayla, use half of this to decorate my room. I will give the other half for you..... Wait a moment, why your eyes look as if they had seen something pitiful?

After handing over the bouquet to Ayla, who looked at the door where Isaac had left with gaze filled with sympathy, Liese got up from her chair and stretched herself.

Ah, so tired. There is no more scheduled meetings with other people today.

Liese was sighing in relief, from her handbag she took out three blue gems that had the same shape tied together.

Well then, I will sell two of these in the city, then I’ll use that money for my shopping spree. Ayla, if there is something that you want, you can say it, I’ll buy it for you.

Liese-sama, I think that Isaac-sama is a really wonderful person. Are you dissatisfied with him as your marriage partner?

Ayla asked while moving her eyes between the bouquet and Liese. Liese made a small humph, and after looking at the door where Isaac left the courtyard, she started to speak.

Ah, that’s right, I think he is a wonderful person. His face is good, he is kind, and he does his job well... I think if we get married he will cherish me. However, I will lose my freedom...

Why is that?

Since he also had the same thought with my Father. If I get married I will succeed the House of Istelle[5], so I can’t live in luxury anymore, right? Though I won’t declare that I want to spend money like water, living a modest life like Father or Mother for the rest of my life, sorry but I don’t want to.



Meanwhile, after leaving the business district on the city outskirt for the sake of selling Arcadian Bugs with higher price, Kazura’s group arrived at the high class business district on the city center.
As they were walking to the city center, the surrounding buildings become more impressive. There were a lot of 3-storied fine buildings; there even temple-like large buildings.
The people who came and went in the street also wore magnificent attire just like the buildings; here and there Guards could be seen.
Kazura’s group looked around restlessly to find the grocery store, and when they found it, they entered the shop.
In the shop’s inside, just like the previous business district groceries, there were few foods that were displayed. Not only there was price inflation, but there was also price increase that befitting the high class nature of the shop.[6]

Welcome. Did you need something, Sir and Madam?[7]

When they entered, they were quickly greeted by the middle-aged man shopkeeper that came from inside.
The clothes that he wore were quite expensive, it seems.

No, we just stopping by to sell Arcadian Bugs, however would you like to buy some?

Oh.... Arcadian Bug is it? Recently it became hard to get these....

Valetta took out a bag with Arcadian Bugs and the shopkeeper was confirming the inside of it.
After confirming the content, the shopkeeper took out an Arcadian Bug and knocked it to its back. Seems like he wanted to measure the size and complexion.

Hmm. I’ll buy this 8 of this for 15 Ar each, how do you think?

As expected from a shop that handle high grade ingredients.
Compared from the previous shop that could only purchased it for 12 Ar, this shop purchased it for 15 Ar, 3 Ar higher.

Hmm well, 15 Ar is it........ Could you purchase it at a little higher price?

Hmmm..... I’m sorry, but our shop limit is 15 Ar, you see.

Valetta thought that it would be waste to sell it on the first shop after taking trouble to come here to this high class business district. She had nothing to lose, but it seems that this shop can’t buy it higher than 15 Ar.
Valetta said that she will see what the other shop will offer and after putting away the Arcadian Bug, she went out from the shop.

Then, shall we go to the other shops?(Val)

Um, I have a preposition. While Valetta-san is selling the Arcadian Bug, how about I go buy the nails? Since I think it can save us some of our time.(Kaz)

Eh..... Kazura-san will go alone?(Val)

Since Kazura understood that Arcadian bugs could be sold for a higher price in here, he talked in high spirits about going to another shop to Valetta, but she looked at Kazura with an uneasy expression.

It will be all right. Since the other shops displayed the price on the board, I think they won’t sell at an unreasonable price.(Kaz)

I also will go, so it will be fine!(Myra)[8]

Valetta smiled after seeing Kazura and Myra who was also smiling and making an eye contact as if saying please~.

Is that so? Then, please procure the nails. About the money.....

Ah, you don’t need to worry about the money. Since, I have brought some goods from my country to sell.

Valetta tried to took out the bag with the money from selling the firewood, but Kazura displayed the goods inside the sack-bag to her.
Valetta looked at Kazura and the bag he carried, and then she became uneasy about what kind of goods that Kazura will sell. She worried that Kazura would sell something outrageous.

I understand. But, please take the money just in case if it is not sufficient. I think that the price is about 40 Ar for a bundle of 100 nails.

I understand.

After Kazura said that, he saw Valetta off while she entered another shop. He surveyed the plaza for a shop that had the appearance of a general store and after finding it, he went to that shop while olding Myra’s hand.


Good morning~, excuse me, I have something I want to sell~

Kazura, who was now inside the general store, called to the shop inside.
Inside the shop were various wood accessories in the shape of animals, glittering polished copper hand mirrors, and various goods displayed.
The ones that were located in the interior seemed to have a higher price, like the green turquoise gem necklace and other goods.
When Myra came across the copper hand mirror she rushed to it and raised a voice a “Wah”. She was being careful to not touch it, while curiously peeking at her reflection that she seldom saw.

Yes, yes, what kind of things doyou want to sell?

The shopkeeper was an old woman who was wearing elegant clothes and was sitting at the chair inside the shop. In her hand, there was an account book. When Kazura called to her, her hand stopped working on it. A very kindhearted smile was floating in her face while rubbing her hand[9] and walking over to Kazura.
Inside the sack-bag that Kazura brought with him there were 10 wooden ocarinas, he took out 2 of them and presented one of it to the old woman.
These were handmade ocarinas that he bought personally at a general store in Japan for 2,980 Yen[10] each. The surface was coated in varnish so it had a pretty gloss.

How about it? I wonder if you could purchase it?

The old woman, who received the ocarina, looked closely at it while her hand was stroking the surface as if to ascertain it.

Uumm, what do you call this? Maybe because of my age I can’t seem to remember it...... Uumm

This is an ocarina, but do you know about it?

Kazura inquired the old women who looked puzzled at the ocarina in her hand.

Ah... That’s right, this is ocarina. Forgetting could be very bad when you become old. Hehehehe

The old woman said that while laughing.

(So, ocarina also existed in this other world. With this, I don’t need to be worried about selling it.)

Thought Kazura. He had checked it on the internet[11] that the ocarina is a musical instrument that had existed since ancient age. So he was secretly delighted that his decision to purchase it proved to be useful.

And so, I want to sell 2 of these ocarina. For how much will you willing to buy it?

When Kazura asked, the old woman’s face became serious. She rubbed the ocarina while “uumm”-ing for a while, after that, with bitter face she opened her mouth.

The ocarina you sell had a poor demand recently. No matter how glossy the mysterious wood used to made it, a small ornament like this is too unpopular.

The old woman said so while still stroking the ocarina. Kazura thought that the old woman misunderstood the ocarina for another thing.

The Ocarina is not an ornament, but a musical instrument.

He said it while laughing and then put the ocarina to his mouth, to show her the sound that ocarina produced.
Hearing that tone, Myra who was looking at the copper hand mirror ran back to Kazura.

Waa, what a beautiful sound..... How nice.

She said it while looking at Kazura.
The old woman who heard the sound of ocarina had her eyes opened and solidified, but Kazura didn’t noticed it as he stopped blowing the ocarina and smiled to Myra.

Yes, you can also try to blow it.

And then, he handed over an ocarina to Myra.
Myra immediately put the received ocarina to her mouth, and delightfully produced whistling sound.
He once again turned his attention back to the old woman who watching with a pleased expression. She had fixed her surprised expression in a hurry and smiled pleasantly, just like before, while rubbing her hand.

Is, is that so? Is that so? Ocarina is a musical instrument, right? But, just like what I said before, it will be difficult to sell it since it’s not that popular..... For how much does sir customer want to sell it in the first place?

Eh? .........Ummm, let’s see..

Hearing the old woman words, Kazura folded his arms and began to think.
Because the firewood that he had carried from the village with all of his might was sold for 62 Ar, he didn’t think it was possible to sell the wood ocarina with a high price.[12]
Anyway, from what the old woman spoke before, ocarina also existed in this world. Also judging from her story, it’s not something expensive.
Kazura for the time being, ‘it will be nice if it sell at this price’ and put his hope up as he spoke.

How about 1 piece for 20 Ar?


When Kazura suggest the price and thought if the price was too impossible, the old woman was shocked and burst into coughing fit.
Seeing the old woman’s reaction, Kazura was wondering if the price was too high and made an immediate correction.

Ah, that’s a lie, I’m just joking! I will sell both of it for 20 Ar, how about it?

Fu, 2 piece for 20 Ar!? I understand, I will bring out the money, please wait a moment![13]

To Kazura price correction, the old woman became flustered amd returned to the shop’s interior. She quickly came back with 2 copper coins.

Yes, this is 20 Ar..... Uum, but this won’t cover the cost of the nails...

He received two 10 Ar coins and he also gave the ocarina Myra was blowing to the old woman. Kazura rethought about the content of his bag.
As for the opposite side, the old woman who received 2 ocarinas was stroking it with delightful face.
Seeing the old woman like this, Kazura thought.

(I wonder if she really likes the ocarina that much?)

Kazura thought wrongly. Once again he looked over at the shop interior.
There, various colorful gems were displayed inside and is eyes showed interest.
He saw the smallish sapphire-like gem. The transparency was bad and the working was rough.
After seeing that, Kazura peeked into his bag and took out 2 cm diameter round bead of red crystal.
That red crystal was something that he had bought in the gift shop section in the Home Center[14] back in Japan. In the Power Stone Corner various gems were sold in massive quantity together. He could sell it in the other world he thought about it a little and bought it.
That red crystal (he thought it was called rose quartz) was cut by a machine into a perfect sphere. It had a pinkish transparent color and was beautiful. However, maybe because it was mass-produced, the price was very low. Only 250 yen[15] for one gem.

Umm, I also want to sell this, what do you think?

Kazura said it while presenting the red crystal (250 yen with tax) to the old woman who put the ocarina that she was stroking on the shelf nearby. But for some reason her hand was trembling when she received the red crystal.

Eh-e-eeeeeh! I will buy it!

The old women stared the red crystal with gaze so strong the eyes could pop out at any moment and a broad grin was on her face. Kazura was quite surprised looking at her.
But, Kazura saw the old woman once again shown her pleasant smile, so he thought that his eyes made a mistake.

Is that true? Then that’s good. How much will you buy it?

Let’s see.... this is only, well.... about 200 Ar I think.

200 Ar!? This is 200 Ar!?

200 Ar was an amazing price; Kazura unconsciously raised his voice and took the red crystal from the old woman.
Then the old woman, who looked at the red crystal with popping eyes, became panicked and then began to speak.

Aaaa, I-I made a mistake! 2,000 Ar! I’ll buy it for 2,000 Ar!!

.......Wha-? 2,000 Ar?

Yes! I will buy it for 2000 Ar?

The old woman was suddenly shouting and took back the red crystal; she had fall into an extremely excited condition after seeing a beautiful jewel that she had never seen before. She had misunderstood Kazura’s exasperation, thinking that it was because the price she offered was too low.
And yet, it was her fault that the price incased, because she offered to buy it for 2,000 Ar. From her quick estimation, she believed that it could be easily sold for more than 3,000 Ar. That’s why she immediately blurted out the 2,000 Ar price.
However, she saw that Kazura had his jaw dropped and his mouth opened. She then noticed that she had made an unthinkable mistake, and immediately, her face became pale.

Kazura-sama, the stone in here, is written 1,200 Ar. It’s expensive, right?

The old woman, in panic wanted to speak to correct the price, but as if to obstruct it, Myra looked at the gem on a shelf at the shop’s interior while speaking like that. Now it was too late for her to correct the price.

Kazura came to and noticed that he had been cheated.[16]
If he thought about the whole conversation until now, there was no mistake that she had beat down the prize of the ocarina when he sold them to her.
However, that dealing had already been concluded. She also wanted to buy the red crystal with a cheap price, although it’s still higher from the dirt-cheap price that he bought it for.
Kazura let out a big sigh. He needed to reflect about his naivety. He gave up on the ocarinas, and thought about them as a tuition fee.

Aaaaah, then 2,000 Ar...... No, will you buy it for 2,500 Ar? If you don’t want it I will go to other shop.

The old woman should have made a nice profit but unfortunately, she made a mistake while trying to cheat Kazura. But even if she bought it at 2,500 Ar she could still made a decent profit.
The old woman, while cursing at her own carelessness, said with a low voice:

........ Please come again[17].


I think the title refer to Liese view on marriage: Her Official Stance: I’ll consider who will I marry, so keep courting me with lavish gifts. Her True Opinion: I will not marry everyone, since I won’t be free!
I dare to bet 1 km3 of smoke haze that the red crystal will be bought by Liese. Then Liese-ojou-sama will hunt Kazura for more luxury item.
I haven’t read the next chapter, since I read as I translate. So no, spoiler!
Also, hail Myra the Wise.

[1]オルマシオール  Orumasiouru = Ormasior
[2]リーゼ. Riize = Lise or Liese
[3] エイラ Eira  = Ayla
[4]花の咲くような笑顔Hana no Saku youna Egao. A smile that was so bright or charming just like a flower, hence the floriferous adjective.
[5] イステール : I-su-te-e-ru: Isuteeru: Istelle .Not Ai-Steel but “EEs-Tell” for you English speaker.
[6] Not only it was expensive from Food Price Inflation, but the price is even higher since it was a high class store? Those nobles and rich guys are being robbed!
[7] The attendant speak way more formally that the shopkeeper on the previous business district. It lost in English, since I suck at formal English....
[8] Thank God she came with Kazura!
[9] Rubbing hands is a typical shopkeeper gesture in East Asian culture... I don’t really understand it...
[10] About ~24,87 US$ (per exchange rate in September 2015).
[11] All praise Internet, The All Knowing (but beware of misleading information)...
ED: He is comparing a luxury item to a firewood.... The merchant in me is crying.
[12] Kazura is so-so-so-so wrong.... He should bring along his wife... eh... I mean... Valetta along, so he won’t get swindled...
[13] Kazura officially sell things way way way way too low... He really need to take his wi-I mean, Valetta with him.
[14] If anyone forget, this is what Japanese called their hardware store, that sell almost anything you could think off... (except human food, maybe)
[15] About ~2,08 US$
[16] That’s take too long Kazura! You lucky that the lol- I mean Myra was kind enough to accompany you!
ED: Somehow, a small child is smarter than him. I worry for the future.
[17] Maidowari. Usually said when the customer had finished transaction with the shop. It means thanks for the patronage (and came again next time).


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