15 September 2015

10 nen goshi no HikiNEET o Yamete Gaishutsushitara Jitaku goto Isekai ni Ten’ishiteta. Chapter 1 - Part 1.

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Yukkuri Oniisan

Chapter 1: Yuuji a “Hiki-NEET” evolve into “Loner NEET”
Part 1: Yuuji, Trying to Leave the House

*3rd POV, past tenses*
It was a single two-story house unit with a garden. The area enclosed inside the hedge was quite vast, a typical for the Northern Kanto area. With white painted wall and a tiled roof, it was an ordinary suburban house.

In that house's garden was a single sakura tree that was in full bloom. The single inhabitant who had been lived alone for one week, Yuuji, opened his eyes.

Fuu.... Did this day finally come.....?

Houjou(北条) Yuuji(雄二). 30 years old. For 10 years, never leaving the house, a splendid hiki-NEET. Using his parents’ death as a springboard, he decided to shed off his hiki-NEET persona today.

The clothes.... Is jeans and parka, good? The first rehabilitation program is to go to the supermarket in the neighborhood. Hair is...... Since it’s this long, let’s swept it back and tie it for the time being. It’s important to have a sense for cleanliness, yes.

Yuuji was 175 centimeter and 65 kilogram.[1] Since he did weight training when he was a hikikomori, he was not fat, his face was also average. His hair was deliberately left to grow as long as it wants, such was his external appearances.

He had washed his face, brushed his teeth, and shaved his beard. With this, his preparation was complete. He sat on the bed, while calming his palpitating heart and trembling hand, he strengthening his resolve to finally leave the house.

It will be okay, right, myself? Maybe this is the last chance. To go out. To keep living. I can do it. Even if alone, I can do it. I am a person who can do it if I try. I can do it, I can do it, I can do it, I can do it,.....

He talked to himself like a crazy person. In his 10 years of hikikomori, the frequency of him talking to himself was increasing, his volume also got louder. It was something that couldn’t be helped.

At last, Yuuji made up his mind and faced the entrance door. However, he couldn’t find his shoes at the entrance door. Since he didn’t need it for 10 years. He knew that there are some in the room, but he had the desire to not return inside before leaving the house. There is no other way, he murmured and wore the sandals for the garden.

It will be okay, outside is not scary. Not scary. I don’t have any enemies. Nobody is an enemy. A real warrior doesn’t need swords. I can do it. Even if alone, I can do it.

While trembling, Yuuji was mumbling the proverbs from Former War Demon from somewhere, about what is the meaning of Warrior or something. But he was distracted. Although he was speaking about bravery, his hand who grasped the entrance door handle didn’t make any opening sound. 5 Minutes. 10 Minutes. Inside Yuuji’s brain the words I will be serious tomorrowsuddenly appeared inside his mind.


A cry[2] can be heard from the door, no, with a howl, the door was opened quickly. Yuuji who can’t opened the door by himself, was moved by that voice. It was bravely standing on the firm ground with its four feet. Its tail was waving quickly as if it would be torn off sooner or later. Its pale brown fur and big round eyes were dignified, but its mouth sloppily opened and its tongue dangling down.

Its name was Kotarou[3], by the way, she’s a female.[4]

She was licking at Yuuji hand who was still dazed on the entranceway. ‘You are so hopeless, so I will come with you!’ as if she was saying like that with her head turned to him, in addition her feet was towards the entrance. What a gallant man, although she was a female.

I see...... I am not alone. There is still you, Kotarou!

Yuuji, a jobless 30 years old, hugged his beloved dog-Kotarou. Without being aware of it, he was already leaving the entranceway behind him. For a while he petted and played with her just like Mu*gorou-san[5], but Yuuji then calmed down and stood up.

He raised his head and saw what outside the garden beyond the gate.
He tilted his head in confusion.
He closed his eyes and shook his head in denial. Slowly he opened his eyes to see what outside the garden.
The scenery didn’t change.

It was a forest.
Outside the garden was a forest.
As far as eyes can see was a forest.

What the heck is this(Nandakore)?


[1] His BMI was ~21,22.
[2] Animal Cry not sad cry one.
[3] A very masculine name
[4] A bitch in other words
[5] I don’t know what this refer to.... I don’t really get this reference.


  1. This remind me of another neet fict where the neet mc found a job then it turn out is is from god that is recruiting testers of a magical world. He decide to try his best.

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    1. It was Kotarou! That's the only explanation!
      Unless Kotarou dies... She doesn't, right?

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  4. Thanks so much for all your hard work!! I really like this one!!!

  5. This is what happen when a hikikomori tried to go outside. Hikikomoris around the world beware! Do not go outside!

    1. If that's how it is then wouldn't most of them to out? And even if they aren't Neet they would find ways to be transported.

  6. And just when he thought it was safe to go back out into the wild; tsk tsk, another one bites the dust

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    Now another novel to eat...
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  9. that dog... survived alone for 10 years, fed itself and somehow even resisted aging. Ill have what the dogs been eating!

    1. Yuuji's parent still alive to feed the dog.
      The parents had just died...
      In the prologue,
      He just went out for the funeral...
      And so, he decided to exit the house for good...

  10. Hmm... Is every chapter this short? I thought it'd be a fairly long read since novelupdates said there was 6 volumes released, but I guess what that meant was not actually novels but rather 6 fairly huge chapters split up into many parts? :P

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  12. Hi yukari, i was reading genji and found this ln also transalted by you. Thank you for all your translations, hope you make new genji chapter release soon, im intrigued about souma`s plan against the church owo.

    About the reference 5, probably is Mutsugoro. Check link


  13. If he freaks out just opening the door then how did he eat for the past ten years? Use dead parents money to order food to be left by the back door or something?