24 September 2015

10 nen goshi no HikiNEET o Yamete Gaishutsushitara Jitaku goto Isekai ni Ten’ishiteta. Chapter 1 - Part 4

Translator Corner
This is Yukkuri demasu!

I still translating Kazura’s Chapter 21 (only 4000 more words, okay I admit I don't make a lot of progress today)... So in the mean time let’s just read another Hiki-NEET story...

Just imagine this chapter as a 4chan thread...
Because I’m not familiar with Japan and English bulletin board slang (the only board I routinely visit is worldbuilding.stackexchange, it’s not a good source of net slang), so feel free to correct and help me. Since I will make mistake since the Japan netter like to cut or shorten the words...

Yukkuri Oniisan

Chapter 1: Yuuji A “Hiki-NEET” Evolves into “Loner NEET”
Part 4: Buleltin Board Yuuji, Uploading Other World Images

Hiki-NeetI finally came out after 10 years, but my home came to another-worldish place Overcoming?

1 : Anonymous NEET
Ah...... I’m really speaking the truth!
For the sake of overcoming my Hiki-NEET, I finally came out from my house after 10 years. Then, outside the house yard was surrounded by forest.......
My home came to another-worldish place.
What do you say?  (ry[1]

2. Anonymous NEET
Yes, you catch me.

3. Anonymous NEET
Do you take a drug?

4. Anonymous NEET
As expected from a Hiki-NEET, the delusion is amazing.

5. Anonymous NEET
Hero Summoning? Or the one with popular class?

6. Anonymous NEET
How can you connect to internet in the first place?

7. Anonymous NEET
Don't make it complicated[2] please

8. Anonymous NEET
Now wait.
The 1 is kind enough to entertain us NEETs who killing time in the net.
Let’s just ride this thread to see it.

9. Anonymous NEET
I’m not a NEET...

10. Anonymous NEET
I-I am also different from NEET.

11. Anonymous NEET
Good, let’s hear the setting.

12. Cool NEET
1. Why do you judge that it as another world?
2. Why the net is still connected?
3. First of all attach an image on your ID.

13. Anonymous NEET
If the oxygen concentration is different by even 1%, you can’t be alive.
A great person once said that.

14. Well Informed NEET
>>13 Isn’t it should be 10%?

15. 1 desu[3]
>>12 1. There is a strange bird with wing span of 10 meters flying on the sky. It’s plainly look like a wyvern.
2. I don’t understand either
3. Please wait a moment.

16. Anonymous NEET
He said Wyvern.

17. Anonymous NEET
Isn’t it supposed to be a Goblin first, right? IIRC[4]

18. Anonymous NEET
Wait, don’t forget the Orc.

19. Anonymous NEET
Female Knight.

20. Anonymous NEET
I belong to Princess Knight Faction.

21. Anonymous NEET
I Erofu.[5]

22. Anonymous NEET
Kuh! KILL!!

23. Anonymous NEET
Wait, from the pattern[6], 1 is a female.

24. Anonymous NEET

25. Anonymous NEET

26. Anonymous NEET

27. Anonymous NEET
Where the Image!

28. Anonymous NEET

29. Anonymous NEET
Who said take a picture quickly?

30. Anonymous NEET
>>28 Calm Tsukkomi is not needed!

31. 1 desu
Thanks for waiting
http:// **************
http:// **************
http:// **************
Also, I am a man.

32. Anonymous NEET
Isn’t this just a private house?

33. Anonymous NEET
This is composite.[8]

34. Anonymous NEET
I think it’s a House in the middle forest though!

35. Anonymous NEET
There’s a woof-woof[9].

36. Anonymous NEET
A Woof-woof!!

37. Anonymous NEET
The electric wire vanished in the air......
It must be Shopped!![10]

38. Anonymous NEET
Just read the exif[11].
The time and location information, everything is corrupted. Kudos for your effort.
http:// **************

39. Anonymous NEET
The Wyvern?
Where’s the Wyvern?

40. Anonymous NEET
Although you a Hiki-NEET, you’re good in using a camera?

41. 1 desu
By the way, the woof-woof name is Kotarou. It’s a female[12].
>>40 Camera is from Dad’s hobby.

42. Anonymous NEET
Kotarou is a bitch.....

43. Anonymous NEET
It’s too pitiful

44. Anonymous NEET
A house in the forest. I think this is Gunma?

45. Anonymous NEET
Specific please.

46. Overwhelming Dog-Person
Kotarou! Lovely Kotarou!

47. 1 desu
Too bad. It is close but it’s not Gunma. It’s still disputed.

48. Cool NEET
Isn’t this Tochigi or Ibaraki?

49. Anonymous NEET
It’s Another World.


[1] (ry = ryaku it means: “you can guess the rest”.
[2] The original is Source ソース: the Thread Opener I just read the list of Japanese Net Slang and found that it means:  I don't this will get nothing more complicated
[3] It means: I am no.1
[4] The original is JK: 常識的に考えてJoushikiteki ni Kangaete It means thinking logically
[5] Not エルフErufu: Elf. But エロフErofu: that came from エロEro and エルフErufu that means: Erotic Elf.
[6] They mean no.1 had behavior pattern that a woman will do.
[7] DROP! Or FALL! Sound of something fall in this case, the writer.
[8] Composite Image: Image that come from fusing two or more images.
[9] Originally: おわんわんowanwan.
[10] The almighty Photoshop.
[11] Exif: the metadata on picture take was taken with camera, cointain timestamp, geotags even camera data like unique ID or owner information. May be erased using specialist program.
[12] Remember that Bitch: Female Dog


  1. On English boards like this, the thread opener is usually referred to as "OP" (Original Poster)

    "Joushikiteki ni Kangaete It means thinking logically"
    Should change this. In English, "jk" usually means "just kidding" or "joking", making it sound like the poster was only joking.
    If you want an english equivalent that might fit this situation better, theres "imo" (In my opinion), or "iirc" (if I recall/remember correctly). Neither mean the same thing, but both would fit in this context.

    1. Sorry for the late replay... (you comment are inundated by the other comment...)

      After searching the Japan net slang (and asking around), I found that my original interpretation for the Source [foot note No.2] is wrong.... I have corrected it...

      And also, I change 'jk' to 'iirc' per your suggestion.

  2. A bit late to the party here. If you want a good list of modern, English net slang, check out the spacebattles forums. They have a thread dedicated entirely to the archival of net slang as used on the site, though many of them are quite dated. Urban Dictionary also has net slang on their site in addition to regular street slang. Hope that helps.

  3. was that really a chapter??..haha...it was a new type i think

  4. Man did I get a headache from reading this. Makes me wonder if everyone on that thread is retarded or if it was just badly translated... Or maybe japanese people actually write like this on forums. Not sure. I don't blame them for not believing him though. Why the fck would you be connected online if you went to another world, and the water is running too along with the house having electricity without wires...

  5. Wholesome neets... now ive seen everything