12 September 2015

Tenseisha wa Cheat o Nozomanai. Chapter 1 - Part 6

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Chapter 1. Is Cheat really necessary?
Part 6

*Mira’s POV, present tense*
Gigantic body. Sharp claw. The thick tongue that wriggling inside the mouth, is peeking between the rows of saw-like teeth.
The size is very different, the fine details is also different, but just like what Swyn-san had said, a Crocodile-shaped Demon Beast.

Most likely it’s wounded. Perhaps it's desperately targeting a person with great magic power.
With our current equipment, we perhaps can only buy you some time, Swyn-san please take the children and escape quickly.(Captain)

As Captain had instructed, Swyn-san pull my and Gai’s hand.

It’s not a problem even if you're slow. We won’t let our eyes leave this bastard.(Captain)

With a nod we start to move.
I unintentionally have glimpse of the spirits on my edge of view. They have their gaze fixed at the Demon Beast and are shivering.
It’s said that Magic Eater will eat every magic power.
Is it possible that its target is the spirits!?
Should I take these children with me?
However, if I do something unskillfully, it may provoke the Magic Beast.
That’s right. The floating letters inside my head before, might I also transmit a message to them?

Come. Come this way.

Though I intently broadcast it inside my mind, but the Spirits are frightened and did not notice.
Or it didn’t get transmitted?


Gai whispered to me and took my hand.

I know. But I can’t leave those children behind.

Since I can't transmit the letters, is there anything else I can do......
That’s right! Inside the carriage, that child could hear my tiny whisper words. Perhaps.....

Please come this way.

It’s almost like a sigh, but I make a prayer-like whisper.
The Wind Spirit snaps and turns his head around.
It delivered!
Sound is air vibrations.
As I had thought, the Wind Spirit is sensitive to sound.

While shedding tears like a faucet, the Wind Spirit grasp the other 3 Spirits’ clothes hem with all his power and fly.
The Spirits that soon arrived at my bosom are embraced with both of my hands, but at the same time the Demon Beast make earsplitting roar.

It comes!

The Knights started to run.
I’m snatched by Swyn-san who hold me up in his hand.


Gai immediately sprint like a fired arrow. While the slightly late Swyn-san also start to run.

Oh Wind, with this magic stone as your provision. Grant us even more acceleration!

With a charm, the Green Stone on Swyn-san bracelet start to release magic power. Inside my arm, the Wind Sprit stretches his arm desperately to receive the magic power. Suddenly, with the aid from the wind our speed is increasing.
Surround it!
If you get hit, immediately withdraw! Stop its feet!

Exchanging yells, sound of weapons and Demon Beast roar can be heard from a distance.
I look behind Swyn-san shoulder on that place that had quite a distance from us now, and gasp.
Guze-san that want to thrust his sword to Magic Beast but immediately it swing its tail to him, and send him flying.
To not miss up this opening, at the opposite side, Captain-san and Panama-san pierce their sword to its feet.
While bursting a scream, the Demon Beast raised the stabbed feet high. If their swords are snatched away then they don’t have means to attack. So the two people who are kicked to the sky by the Demon Beast feet, falling down after extracting their swords from its feet. Nimbly rolling to lessen the fall damage and avoid being trampled by the Demon Beast’s feet.


The Demon Beast roared in irritation.
The Knights, who received its glare, are shuddering.
It approaches.
It suddenly kicked the earth, ramming Blum-san and sending him flying, without the other knights perceived it. Too Fast.
Its whole body is covered with small cuts and wet with blood. Its giant jaw is opened with saliva dripping out. It eyes are bloodshot without changing its sight, it is hungry.
It target is, me.
When I notice this, my face became pale.
However, inside my completely numb heart, is filled with anger.

Are you kidding with me?


I said it with a low voice, Swyn-san turn his head behind and see the approaching Demon Beast, his feet then tripped over and stop moving.
I twist myself and jump down from his arm, and stand facing the Demon Beast.

Mira! Swyn-san!

Gai noticed that we had stopped moving, and yelled with all his power.

What are you doing? Quick escape!

Even while they are wounded, Captain-san and Panama-san are pursuing the Demon Beast.
Even with their bones broken, Guze-san and Blum-san are struggling to get up.

Are you kidding with me?
Yes, are you messing with me?
At my previous life, I was struck by a car and died. At this life I will get eaten by Demon Beast and get killed?
Gai have magic power, Swyn-san also have magic power, everyone, everyone....

I don’t want a cheat.
But right now I will trample this scum!

I raise my head, and imagine what I wish for inside my mind.

With my magic power as the provisions, grant my wish.

I knead my magic in a hurry, and release the magic power from my right hand. Before my eyes, it becomes a giant multihued light ball.
The Earth Spirit that received it starts transforming.
From a chibi midget, to an admirable tall figure.
His golden hair is fluttering in the wind.
I raise my right hand as high as possible to the sky, and swing it down without stopping.


The earth obeyed and vibrated, in a flash, a thunderous sound could be heard as a wall from soil is being created.
3 meters wide, 8 meters high, 7 meters thickness at the bottom while the top is 3 meters thick. Its form is like a sloped breakwater[1].

Because it can’t shave off its charging momentum, the Demon Beast crash into the wall. However, the high density barricade didn’t even make a slight shaking.

It-It stopped! But it’s still no good! No matter how strong that wall is, it will just eat the magic power in it.....
This is not the main purpose.

Swyn-san fixed his stare at me.
There are rumbling and creaking sounds.
The Demon Beast will get up while having a cerebral concussion or it will devour the magic power in the wall and then come out. But it doesn’t make any movement.
I make a very wide grin.

3, 2, 1, ......0


When the count reach zero, there is a sound of soil collapsed mixed with beast scream.
Then, there is a large crashing sound that seems to come from far away.
I walk slowly to the other side of the barricade and stand near the edge of a hole.
Swyn-san, Gai, and the other Knights are also approaching carefully to the hole.
They don’t say anything. That’s fine. At that place is a 5 meter gaping hole, a deeply deep hole.
At the bottom of the hole is the convulsing Magic Eater. Still not going to die.

......Jou-chan(Little Miss), this hole is?
The place where the soil had been taken to construct the wall.

To make that hole, is the reason why I made the wall.

If I only made a hole from far away, the Demon Best might avoid it. If it was close to it, it might just leap it without difficulty. So I made that wall to stop it, and drop him in that pitfall.

Well, there is a chance that t will just thread that hole, its not unexpected.
I had made so that the soil will be immediately collapsed, since if my counting reach zero, the scaffold that support the soil will be destroyed. This had been incorporated on my Image since the beginning.
Just in case the Demon Beast weight is outside my prediction. One cannot be too careful, or so they said.

How dreadful.
That’s true. It still alive, what a terrifying life force.
Not that, what I mean is Jou-chan’s magic.
That’s right. For the magical power to reach to that extent, it beyond my wildest imagination....

The conversation between Captain-san and Swyn-san is an unpleasant conversation. Although I think I will get treated like a monster(bakemono), I don’t regret why I had done. After all the other outcome is my death you know.
Although I might be reincarnated again, will I remember this life and the previous life memories?
I perhaps will be saved from trouble. Although I think I will be relieved from trouble, I might live my next life in regret. Since, it would not be possible to alter the past.

Ah, yes. For now, I don’t have a hobby to let it suffering too long. I will put it to rest.

I look at the Earth Spirit, and he immediately replied with a delightful smile.
He had grew into quite handsome/beautiful[2].
Which reminds me, when he received my magic power he became bigger.
His limb become lengthened into long and slender, his cute looks on his face is now become more firm. His outward appearance is like 17-18 years old. His appearance is not that different from human. The ears is still pointy, however he is excessively handsome/beautiful.
Fire Spirit and Water Spirit are sitting on his shoulder, while the Wind Spirit is playing with his back-length golden hair.
His amber eyes that shining with glitter, are staring at me.
His Beauty Aura is so dazzling. Where the soul soothing chibi(midget) had went to?

With my magic power as the provisions, grant my wish.

I imagine what I wished for.
I don’t need the amount like when I made the barricade. So, I lightly knead the magic power just about one fifth (1/5) from the before and present it in my palm. The one who will receive it is the Earth Spirit.
How should I say it? Don’t put my hand directly into your mouth!
It’s not like I am giving feed to animal, so use your hand, your hand!

.... Bury It with Earth, Return to Origin.

Maybe because it’s because I consumed too much magic power, I am somewhat tired. But it is fine, it will end soon.
With a rumbling, the earth from the barricade returns to where they had come and flowing into the hole. After it had flowed like surging waves, it is compacted as if using a roller[3].
The Demon Beast, Magic Eater is crushed to death.
If it dying body receive this much soil, it can’t endured it and ceased to live. I give it my silent prayer.[4]


The Earth Spirit had evolved from Chibi to Bishonen/Bishojou.
I never expect it to happen...
So Mira’s harem is spirits?

[1] The things that usually near harbors or beaches. See Wikipedia.
[2] Spirits gender is uncertain. The raw said, the earth spirit became bikei美形 or had beautiful form/shape. I use ‘he’ for the spirits since English lack 3rd person genderless singular pronoun.
[3] A vehicle used to flatten and compacting soil/road. You can probably see them in road construction...
[4] Like the one you do if you visit a grave.


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