16 September 2015

Our New World. Chapter 1 Part 9

(an excuse of chapter for stat exposition)

Chapter 9: Party is on the castle tonight.

The Eastern Grand Hall is lavishly decorated with banners, standards and tapestries. The NeuschwanenseeGuild’s Emblem is proudly emblazoned inside it. Three conjoined circles inside two squares. Under these emblems, the hall had numerous clothed tables with dishes and beverages lined up on top it. Various types of meats and fishes grilled, boiled, fried or sautéed, in numerous kind of sauces and garnishes. Breads of all kinds with numerous jams or fillings, salads with various dressings, and other dishes in overwhelming number are neatly arranged in the top of table. All is ready for the guest to pick the dishes as she or he fancy, the so called Buffet Party.

About 150 guests that consist of high rank civil officials and military officers, whether them are Remna, Alfar or Theria, are present at the solemn hall, wearing various kind of formal dress that wouldn’t be out of place in 19th century Continental Europe. They are conversing with each other or savoring the various delicacies while a soft music is played graciously by the musicians.  
The grand door is then opened and a herald shouts with a loud voice announcing the Heaven Lords’ arrival.
The music stopped and the guests arrange themselves, and forming a path in the middle of the hall.
A group of individual, guarded by the Castle Guards, is entering the room. In front of the group is the Castle Keeper, the newly appointed Prime Minister, Mitteherz. Behind him are eight people, one male and seven female, in magnificent and splendid clothing. Behind them are the Guardiansin their usual Maid-like outfit. Even if they lack the automatic aura recognition that the Guardians have, the guests could easily deduce that the eight person group is the Heaven Lords, - or should they be called Dukes Council now? -, their Ruler and Sovereign.
The Heaven Lords take their seat in the Throne of Honor prepared for them. The Guardians and the Castle Guards stand behind them ready to take action if there is need to protect the Dukes Council. Mitteherz then step forward and speak.

“The Heaven Lords, embodiment of Creator Goddess’ Will are now present in this place. Let’s us sing praise of glory to the Creator Goddess and Heaven Lords.”
“Glory to the Creator Goddess and Heaven Lords. May their blessings and prosperity on the Holy Land are for eternity.”

The guests and the servants then perform a bow.
The eight individuals looked overwhelmed by the salutation.

“Do you wish to confer some words, Lord Highnesses?”

They are bickering for a moment, before the only male in the group raise his voice.

“Thank you Mitteherz.”

The male then come to the front.

“We received and are very pleased with your ardor greeting. You all may raise your face now.”

The guests then raise their face and observe the Heaven Lords in front of them.

“We want to send our gratitude for this welcoming party for our current descent. As we had heard about the uncertain situation that had befallen at this Holy Land, our hearts are saddened with this land inhabitant’s predicament.
But surely there are among you, gentle citizen of this blessed holy land, that expect that our descent would bring a new bright light that would illuminate the darkness of uncertainty, that arrived with the coming of the inexplicable Purple Fog and unidentified enemy that tried to enter with force.
Then I, who represent my fellow comrades, that is in here or still at the other side, the people who loves this land with such passion and sincerity,  will address you, people of this holy land, the truth, nay, the whole truth, frankly and boldly. Without shrinking, I will honestly narrate you the future that this land was facing today.
The future will be vividly clear, a future where this land and its citizen, will endure this harsh turbulent times, a future where this land will be revived into its glorious day, and will prosper as it was destined by the Creator Goddess herself.
So then, what shall we do with the fear that gripes the people heart? The nameless, unreasoning, unjustified terror which paralyze our citizens’ leg to stand tall, which blinded our citizens’ eyes to gaze wide, which petrified our citizens’ heart to metamorphosing this sudden reverse in this condition into a brand new forward. Then must hope disappear, defeated by fear? No, I tell you, no.
For you can overcome this fear’s terror. Because this land was not alone, you are not alone. Because behind your back is us and your other compatriot. Don’t put your trust or mind in fear. Place it in us, in the castle’s officials, in your friend, in your family, in yourself.
However, in every dark hour that visit All Creation, great heroes didn’t fight by themselves, but by billions support and understanding of the people, which was the essential for the victory.
So, everyone: people in the castle, people in the city, from high to low, of every profession and ages, give us your support for our leadership in these critical day. So that we can grant this land once again, its deserved brilliant sky and radiant future.
As this is the Creator Goddess’ Will and Providence, she had entrusted to us!
Glory to Creator Goddess!”

The Heaven Lord ends this speech while raising his voice and gesture his hand as if he was to grasp something in the sky. His enthusiastic speech and theatrical gesture seized the Guest attention. The entire hall then became thunderous as the Guests yell “Glory to the Creator Goddess. Glory to the Heaven Lords.” repeatedly.
The Heaven Lord then raises his both hand, as if to calm the guest.

 “To not delay it more further, Mitteherz make it see that the party proceeds well, and to our Guest, please enjoy yourselves on our hospitality.”

The Heaven Lord then comes back to his seat, back to the other Heaven Lord.

“You sure can speak well... Had some experience in Public Speaking?”

Stella asks the still nervous Yuuto. Previously Mitteherz implore them to give a speech to ease the restlessness in the high rank echelons,
so Yuuto comply with it as he can see the benefit and the rationale behind it.
Stella is in her Alfar form, just like the others are in their Alternate ID form. It’s because, Saki previously suggests that they use their game appearance for public view and real appearance for private, although this come from her desire to have appearance like an anime character. Yuuto views that this idea is good, because with this setup, if someday they have need for a disguise, they can still use their other appearance. So, they decided to use their game appearance for now and didn’t address each their using their real name in public view. Yuuto didn’t know if this is good or bad... for his heart... Since you know... Yuuto must roll for Willpower every odd minute or some...

“I am not sure. I am just blabbering nonsense and imitating famous politician’s speech... Also I only am dictating from this text window... Ah you can’t see them.”

Since Stella is currently in her Alfar form, Yuuto laugh awkwardly while trying to avoid staring Stella for too long. Thank God that Youtube’s History Channel about great orator was useful, never underestimate documentary program!

“I am sorry for disagreeing with you, Dear Husband, for the Guest appears to be entranced by your speech.”

Kiyomi that sit between Stella and Yuuto interposes herself. ‘No need to for clinging... no need for clinging....’

“Ah...hahahah.... I don’t know. It must be because my Charisma stat is high.”

In RAHO the four principal stat is, BodyMind, Soul, and Charisma.  The first three stat is divided again into Power, Resist, and Pacecomponents. So there are 10 Main Stat. Bodyrepresent physical prowess and defense also attack and movement speed. Mindrepresent the cognitive knowledge and motoric ability to perform a Magic or Skill, a high level of this influence the strength, defense against and successfulness of a Magic or Skill. Soul represent the innate Magic prowess so it influence magic strength, defense and speed. And the last Charisma represent how high is the character’s divinity influence in the material world, higher Charisma means higher divinity influence.

“How high your Charisma stat was?”

The person who asks this was Chie who sits beside Yuuto. Curses... that nekomimi..... is just..... too.... powerful...... *steel yourself*

“......eeee...... It was about ξ I think.......”

The stats in RAHO are not represented numerically but symbolically using Greek Alphabet. A single symbol represents a range of numbers that is only known by the developer and is hidden to player. So players with the same symbol in their stat can had power difference between them. The lowest stat value possible in RAHO is represented by the letter α while the highest stat value is represented by ω. The stat value changes when the player raise their DSL value and its rise is influenced by the player Job,Skills, Race, and growth bonus point. Since a Jobin RAHO enormous Skills to be picked, so even a player with the same DSL , Job, or Racecan had very different Stat Value if their Skills are different, and vice versa.

“Isn’t that is very high? I never see a person who raise theirCharismastat above κ.”

Respond Ichiko that sit on the right end of table beside Stella.

For normal players, unlike the other principle stat, the Charismastat didn’t give any direct advantage to battle potential and only limited jobs that utilizeCharismastat in their skill rule. So they only let it rise normally when DSL up and didn’t direct any growth bonus point into it. Charismastat at level of κis already sufficient for most intent and purpose for most normal players needs.

“My main job is aProduction Classso the high Charismastat help to lower the material price, unlock secret NPC store, and increasing enchanting rate. Also it help the effectiveness of SpiritsmithSkills. Kiyo- eee... Melbiena had a more higher Charismathan me, for your information.”

Yuuto main job is Production Class: Smith, but as RAHO features multijobs, he also had the other two Production ClassArtificier and Alchemist. So he had all Production Classin RAHO. It doesn’t mean he can’t fight in normal battle since he also had Melee Class: Swordsman, Magic Class: Spiritualistand 5 other.

“Is that true Waifu-neesan?”

The one that asked this question is the bunny girl Saki-chan that sit beside Chie. Even if he didn’t want to, his eyes unconsciously fixed on her womanly aspect. Damn you instinct, curses Yuuto.

“I am a Summoner, Higher Charisma means more stronger Eidolon to chose. My Dear Husband taught me this.”

Kiyomi that had seems to accepting Waifu-neesan as her nickname from the three girls answers Saki-chan question.

“I previously thought that Summoneronly need higher Soul and Mind. It seems I was wrong.”

Remark Mizuki, that sits at the left end side of table while her younger sister Tsukimi sits sandwiched between her and Saki.

“Huh? Oh... Not many people know this. After all, it is not officially recorded in in-game guide after the ‘Great Update’ on Fourth Expansion.”

Yuuto nonchalantly answered his with a rather sarcastic tone at the end of his words. He remembered the uproar in that time. The so called worst expansion ever by the veteran player as it radically changes the stat and skill system to what it likes now, and cause many older players to rage quit after shouting: “They change it now so it sucks”. But after several months later most of them coming back after the newer player sing praises for the new features, talks about hypocrisy.

After this, their discussion is cut short as the servants arrived and carrying trays of dishes to their desk. Numerous salivating and nose stimulating dishes are lying in front of them.  Meats, fishes, vegetables, fruits, confectionaries, breads in various styles of cooking are free for them to choose. Altough he complains for the lack of chopsticks, the dishes taste is splendid, no heavenly. If this is a cooking manga Yuuto will have starry background tone in his panel. Never has he eaten a dish with such this delicate taste. The others also had blissful expression in their face. Seeing this Yuuto feels really glad, at least unlike most protagonists in light novel they didn’t need to eat bland terrible food in the other world.

Looking at his left side, Chie is eating her soup silently. Its contrast with Saki that engorge the food at tremendous speed, while Mizuki and Tsukimi watching her astonished. A glutton white rabbit!

“Saki you really eat a lot.”

Mizuki can’t stop herself to comment this after seeing the stacks of empty plates in front of Saki. ‘Hey what happens about the rule don’t use real name in public.’ Yuuto retort silently.

“I can’t help it. The dish is delish and there are so many.”
“Do you not afraid to gain weight Saki-chan?”

Tsukimi looks worried for Saki, maybe because their real age is close.

“No need to worry. I’m still in growth period, the food will become nutrient to support my growth.”

‘No, it will turn into fat and gather at that certain place.’ Retort Yuuto silently in his heart.

“Your breast growth, it seems...”

Tease Mizuki. ‘She said it!’ Retort Yuuto. Saki only respond with a grin while Chie somehow drops her spoon after hearing Mizuki tease.

“Is... Is that so... That so....”

She mumbles softly while stealthily start adding more meat to her plate, while the three girls start to tease each other about their body growth and fat distribution.
As the topic in left field has become dangerously girly, Yuuto turn to observe his right side. As they had eaten the main course meal, Kiyomi is enjoying a large bowl of ice cream with fruit her fifth bowl. ‘How much do you like Ice Cream? Don’t you head get frozen? Ah I forget, her racial trait is Cold Resistance...’ retort Yuuto inside. Meanwhile Stella is snacking at the various confectionaries and pastries, she does it like a Titan devouring humans, My God... The sweet will reach Extinction Level Event. Both of them had extreme sweet tooth, it seems, no, it’s the established fact.
On the other hand, Ichiko is leisurely sipping a fruit wine with a slow motion like a video advertisement for alcoholic drinks. Seeing her doing this reminds Yuuto of the ladies at the exclusive night bar in Ginza. Well, the Professors invite him, he didn’t go alone, don’t misunderstand!
They are in a way quieter than the opposite side of table, just like the difference in the night satellite photo of certain neighboring peninsular nations.

As Yuuto ponders about the possibility of alcohol intoxication while possessing innate passive Poison Resistance passive skill, one of the Guardian approach Ichiko. Yuuto think the Guardian name is Gemirea. He memorized Guardian name one by one when they still talking to Mitteherz before. It’s quite simple, since one of Yuuto forte is remembering girls name (this habit come from his cousin, who know it will be useful?).
As they are talking in a small voice Yuuto can’t hear them clearly. Kiyomi and Stella also had noticed it and silently observe Ichiko and Gemirea.
Mitteherz and warn Gemirea with a cough and she steps back to where the other Guardians are standing.
As if they are instructed before, one by one the guest start to approach their desk, gives a bow and start to introduce themselves to Yuuto and others. There are no need for Yuuto and the others to introduce themselves as the guest had already been informed by the Guardians and Castle’s Staff.
It takes about 45 minute until all the guests had finished introducing themselves. Yuuto can’t remember all their identity perfectly but they are the top of the cream, the ruling elite (since they are not girls... you know, so it’s hard). Yuuto and other need their cooperation sooner or later, so this is helpful to be acquaintance with them. Yuuto feels really glad that Mitteherz had arranged this meeting.

After the greeting exchange, then come the free time where the guests are free to enjoy various form of entertainment available (limited to music, dancing, playing cards or staring at the Purple Fog filled night sky). Yuuto is currently engaged in the detail of the battle details on the last two years with Mitteherz, his aides and the three Golden Commanders of Gate Knights. While the three girls and Chie are guided by the other young lady guests; most of them are the daughters of high ranked officials from Theria races. It’s good to see that they could make new friends, since it can stabilize their mental condition. On the other side, Stella and Kiyomi are engaged with serious discussion with some guest. Yuuto think they are the officials from Magic Affairs and Research Department. Ah yes... Stella and Kiyomi had Guild Lead Magician title on them, maybe that translate them as the one with the authority above the Magic Department. There also representatives from Alfar community waited for a chance to talked with both of them.
Of course the Guardian are silently standing near them as if to protect their master. So Yuuto didn’t need to worry that much about their safety. If there are someone that stupid will do that, well... it will end even before it began.

Yuuto surveyed the area near the door and think that he had seen Ichiko taking her leave with Gemirea and her personal Guardian Niviosa to the direction of Under Corridor. He thinks this maybe related with the previous conversation he seen. He bid his leave to his conversation partner and silently followed Ichiko while his personal assigned Guardian, the clumsy maid Florea followed behind him. Ichiko seems become aware of Yuuto when she was informed by Luviosa. Seeing they had stopped moving, Yuuto approach them.


The dining table seating order:

Ichiko – Nozomi – Kiyomi – Yuuto – Chie – Saki – Tsukimi – Mizuki

The Players and Their personal Guardian assistant:
Yuuto : Florea d'Printemps
Ichiko : Niviosa d'Hiver
Nozomi : Mesidora d'Été
Kiyomi : Veniosa d'Hiver 
Chie : Vedimari d'Automne
Saki : Rutidora d'Été
Tsukimi : Rarirea d'Printemps
Mizuki : Frimari d'Automne
The last 4 Guardians: Brumari, Luviosa, Gemirea, and Temidora are mainly free or help Mitteherz in his work.


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