14 September 2015

10 nen goshi no HikiNEET o Yamete Gaishutsushitara Jitaku goto Isekai ni Ten’ishiteta. Prologue

Translator Corner
This is Yuukuri demasu!

Takarakuji Chapter 19 is still edited. So I give you this in the meantime.
Also there are no such things as enough Japan web novels, so I decide to make another side project out of this story.
The story is really short (less than 2000 words) that I could do it in one sitting, so I may translate this full time in the future after Mia’s story ended.
Until that time, I only translate this only several chapters per week based o my mood.

Yukkuri Oniisan


People die, sadly.
I already understand this truth.
However, it’s still shocking.
My Father and Mother, have died.
It was a traffic accident.
Before both of them leave the house, what were the last words that we exchanged with each other?
I don’t really remember going to hospital and funeral.
No, I actually remember, however it’s vague, as though covered with a fog.
I have a sister(imouto) that's 3 years younger than me, but I can’t really remember her either.
By the way, it must be 10 years since the last time I left the house.
Even though I went out after 10 years, I don’t really remember it so I feel it’s a waste.
To make it easier for me to leave the house, maybe this is the last gift that Father and Mother left for me.
But it was exchanged with both of their life, so I'm not particularly happy.
Then, let’s go out.
I had become hikkikomori(shut in) and NEET for 10 years, but Father and Mother still treat me kindly.
If I keep continue being a hikkikomori, I think their death will be in vain.
Let’s go out.



  1. "but Father and Father treat me gently." ?

    1. His parents are both guys... you know those kind of thing....
      Just kidding...

      Fixed to Father and Mother

    2. You gave me a heart attack....don't scare me lol

    3. Hahahahahha!!!😂 what a joker!Anyway,thnx for chapter😊

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  2. Sorry for being anal, but there's a typo in the 9th line.

  3. To make it easier for me to leave the house, it maybe this is the last gift that Father and Mother left for me.

    This section does not make sense to me, what is the gift? And where it says "it maybe this is" does not match up for me. Is he trying to say they left him the house?

  4. The authors name really remind me of my cousin. Just take out oñe of the u and the k's. And that's my cousins name. I didn't know the meaning at first but later realize.

  5. The author's name reminds me of my cousin. Just take out one of the "u" and the double "k". I didn't know the meaning when we were young.

    Thanks for the chap!