21 September 2015

10 nen goshi no HikiNEET o Yamete Gaishutsushitara Jitaku goto Isekai ni Ten’ishiteta. Chapter 1 - Part 3

Translator Corner
This is Yuukuri demasu!

Sorry for the lack of the chapters yesterday. I still translating Mira’s Side Story 1 and Kazura’s Chapter 21... So in the mean time let’s just read another Hiki-NEET story...
I still store several chapters of it... I'll post it if I don't have anything to post....

That’s just reminds me. The narrator narrates the story like a BBC documentary.... a herbivore in his natural habitat.

Yukkuri Oniisan

Chapter 1: Yuuji A “Hiki-NEET” Evolves into “Loner NEET”
Part 3: Yuuji, Checking the Lifeline

*3rd POV, past tense*

Surprised by the strange bird that made a flyby, one person and one animal, who had given up on going out, were relaxing on the sofa in the living room. By the way, since it was located on the suburb, the living room size on the house was about 20 tatami, a considerably wide room.
However, the sofa was a black-leather covered type. Although it can be said as an antique, it's more likely to be described with a these words:  a lame sofa. However, it can’t be helped. Out in this countryside, there is no IKEA.

Houjou family house had a living room, dining room, kitchen, washitsu[1], toilet and bathroom on the first floor, while the second floor had three bedroom with toilet and showers. It was a 4LDK, build 20 years ago, ordinary single house.

The house's yard had a roofed garage that can support two cars and prefab storage, there's also Kotarou’s dog house. By the way, since it was damaged in his parents’ traffic accident, one of the cars was out of service. The one car remaining was the light car[2] that his mother had usually used.

Now then, although I don’t know why the surrounding turned into a forest, for now let’s check the food.

Yuuji was speaking to himself. As usual, his voice was loud, so it seemed he had regained his composure.

The refrigerator...... contains little raw food, the others are seasonings and beverages, huh? The freezer........... Oh, there’s quite a lot. The cupboard....... Oh, there a lot of cup ramen and wheat flour. Oh yeah, that reminds me, there are emergency rations on the floor storage...... Okay! The emergency rations are enough for 3 people for 3 months, so if it’s just me then it’s enough for 9 months! Although it will be boring, I can survive on it.

Yuuji was speaking to himself. "Are you talking to me?" Kotarou rushed to him.  Although Yuuji had regained his composure, he didn’t confirm the fundamental point in the first place.

What’s wrong Kotarou? Why you came to here? Is it meal? Are you thirsty? Hm, if this okay for you?

He turned the faucet and collect the water on a bowl for the soup, and put it on Kotarou's feet. She drunk the water while splashing it around.

Hm? Oh? The water, comes out. The hot water... does not. Gas stove can be ignited. Oh yeah, I can use electricity in the first place. So the electricity is alive, right?

Seems like it, he had confirmed the lifeline. In summary, Yuuji had checked the electricity, gas, and water usability.
The surroundings had changed into a forest, Houjou family house was now located in the middle of it, a strange bird had flown in the air. He now understood the ambiguous reality.

Electricity, Gas, Water is OK. The last is telecommunication huh? The telephone.... is connected. But I don’t remember any numbers that I could call to. Since, I am Hikkikomori. What about internet? If it's connected, that'll be comforting.

Yujii went to his room on the second floor. As if it was a antural things to do, Kotarou followed him and climbed the stairs.

All right! Internet is LIVE! With this, victory is mine!!

By the way, what he had won was unidentified.[3]


[1] Japanese style-room (usually covered with tatami)
[2] Kei Car. A small than usual car popular in land limited Japan, also popular in European small road (and also in Indonesia, since it more fuel efficient). Strangely not that popular in USA although it more fuel efficient, maybe because the “BIGGER IS BETTER” jargon had been brainwashed into the majority of adults by the declining native automobile industry, although it drink gasoline like a college boy drink beer on a frat party.
[3] I think it’s a pun: Fumeidearu can mean: something unknown and ignorance. So it can also mean what he had won was ignorance. Poor guy.


  1. As long as there is internet, there will always be hope.

  2. Internet in the other world!


    Thanks for the update!

  3. Yeah, internet is one of the essentials for survival in strange lands.

    1. wikihow will tell you how to forage with its good art style!

  4. Whoa! Kei cars never really hit it off in America because America is so big, kei cars are designed for Japan where the average speed is about 30 mph or so, not the car for people who need to drive 50 miles a day to commute to work at an average speed of 70 mph.

    1. Also influenced by americans having an larger average size (height and width) than japanese or indonesian. Although europeans of certain areas are about the same size, not sure how they handle the small space. It'd make me feel sort of claustrophobic.

  5. Just because he's Hikki Neet doesnt mean he shouldnt have relations with people faraway~

    Anyway, the mysteries deepen~

  6. With the internet you will be able to find the answer. Also, he should definitely start a blog of his adventures!!!

    Thanks so much for all your hard work!!!!

  7. As long as there is sufficient water, electricity, and internet, I wouldn't care even if it was another world. I shall thrive and prosper.

  8. i would rally like to know, if the mailbox is still working xD If he has internet, water, gas and electricity, if he orders something over the internet, will his mail also be transfered into the other world? i mean, if he makes money over the internet he could order food with it or sth like that

    1. order and pay groceries online and get them send to another world xD

  9. Hahahaha "what he won was unidentified" man it should had been a bigger house his parents left him. It would had been a OP house

  10. i have a question. how did he live for 10 years withough leaving house. You cant eat a computer.

    1. and i know that there are stuff we should not pay attention to. but still i think the author should at least find a reason or the whole story makes no sense

    2. Umm... His parent were still alive at that time...
      They can, you know... Feed him...

  11. What happened to his little sister?

  12. [2] Kei Car. A small than usual car popular in land limited Japan, also popular in European small road (and also in Indonesia, since it more fuel efficient). Strangely not that popular in USA although it more fuel efficient, maybe because the “BIGGER IS BETTER” jargon had been brainwashed into the majority of adults by the declining native automobile industry, although it drink gasoline like a college boy drink beer on a frat party.

    No, not really. It's unpopular for its massive negative parts like usually being very loud, having no horsepower whatsoever which can be dangerous in various ways and also hinder traffic, they're also annoying to drive, but one of the most major parts is that they're EXTREMELY dangerous to drive in case of stuff like crashes. If you get hit or run into something when driving one of those, you can expect the car to look like a soda can that you've stomped on because the materials are made to be light. You'd be lucky to get out without becoming a mangled corpse.

    The only thing these toys have got going for them is that they don't take much space and are more fuel effective due to the lacking materials used in it. Oh, and they accelerate really slowly, but Japan is quite a small place so there's usually no need to accelerate quickly onto highways and stuff and since everyone else accelerates slowly too, it doesn't seem like that much of a negative thing over there.

    So... No, it's not because "bigger is better". It's because they're quite unsafe in traffic. Nowadays there are also way better options if you care for nature where you also get safety included.

  13. Okay, so he has internet, phone lines, water, and gas/electricity... So why doesn't the hot water work? Out of all the stuff that can't work when you suddenly have your HOUSE TRANSPORTED TO ANOTHER WORLD/DIMENSION, hot water seems to be low on the list of things to go first. I don't know how Japanese water heaters differ from American/Western ones, but I know that even if I lose power and the water gets cut off, there's still ~80 gallons (~302 liters) in the water heater tank that is still relatively warm and usable. So... WTF?