17 September 2015

Tenseisha wa Cheat o Nozomanai. Chapter 1 - Epilogue

Translator Corner.
Hello, this is the Yukkuri demasu.

Although I could release it earlier... I got sidetracked by Earthbound, reading manga (Boku dake ga inai machi) and helping my imouto translating her pharmaceutics articles.
Also for the last several days my translation speed got lower, since I got headache from my Upper Respiratory Tract Infections because of the HUGE smoke from some geniuses that thought that burning land to clear the fields for farming and plantation is the best thing human civilization ever invent. Yup, those guys are technological-backwards, I don’t even sure their EDU stat surpass 25. I’m not even sure they are really Homo sapiens, they could be modern survivor of some previously thought to be extinct Homo genus for all I know (how this could happen, is beyond me).
The good part? My City is just like Silent Hill, covered in deep smoke all day and night. Now I just need to summon some Mythos Being of The Mist to devour everyone who responsible for this arson........ The world won’t miss them, after all.

As usual, this is not literal Japanese translation, expect mistranslation and weirdness.

The Translator:
Yukkuri Oniisan
The Editor:
None – Opening the spot.

Chapter 1. Is Cheat really necessary?

*Mira’s POV, present tense*
I am currently in the carriage. Or at least that what I want to say, but the carriage sustained serious damage from Magic Eater attack, so it can’t be used.
Damn it, that bastard! It’s good that it’s now at the bottom of that soil covered hole.

The horses are uninjured but Captain-san and Panama-san has bruises and sprains. Although they could ride ther horse, their wounds surely will get worse. If when they return back to the village for seeking help, they get attacked, it’s impossible for them to fight.
Guze-san and Blum-san, as expected, has broken their ribs ----- that reminds me, when we get close to that hole, only Captain-san and Panama-san that came. They surely can’t ride the horse.
The last adult, Swyn-san is unexpectedly inexperienced in riding a horse.
It’s a checkmate.
Even if we can produce water by using magic, but the food will be exhausted. We had previously planned to stop at the next village, so we had piled up enough food for 2 days. But when the carriage is destroyed, we lost half of them.
Although there a chance that there are other travelers will pass by, it’s no more than a gamble.
Since the children feet can’t reach the stirrup, we can’t ride the horse, but, the distance to the village is only several hours by carriage, so it’s not an unfeasible distance for a child to travel it by foot. There is no need to be troubled for an attack n route, since I have Cheat.
Fuu, I have become serious.
I don’t think about how to deceive anymore, since I already declared, “The Spirits are frightened. In front of Swyn-san I finally confessed about the conversation with the Spirits.
I better say this first so you don’t have any misunderstanding, people who can see Magic Power or Spirits are not that many, but that means that it also not nonexistent. My teacher(shisou), also has eyes that can see Magic Power.
I vow to the Spirits. I won’t do anything hostile to you. If you want to say something, I will hear it. So, how about it?

If he willing to go this far, how could I deceive him? If he break his vow, he will be hated by the Spirits, without their consent it will be impossible to use magic. For a magician, this is a harsh penalty.
Honestly, I want a person that I can consult to.
Because you see, now I only a 5 years old girl, I don’t know anything outside the village.
There was no magi in my previous life even if I supplemented it with my Fantasy knowledge, I lack the general knowledge of magic in this another world.
Things that I don’t understand, of course make me uneasy.[1]
Actually when I know that there is another person who can also see Magic Power or Spirits, I have a little peace of mind.

Also, when I am giving the first-aid to the Knights, I confess everything to them. Of course I omit my previous existence from the talks.
After all, my previous memories are full with holes. It’s hard to tell a story about a people without knowing his/her gender or name, so it’s difficult to make people believe in it, isn’t it?
By the way, my worry that I will be treated likes a monster(bakemono) is needless fear. The Knights are thanking me, also when we arrived at the capital, Swyn-san want to introduce me to his teacher.

Ee.... I don’t want to become experiment subject!
It won’t happen!

It was quickly denied.

To experiment at human in our country will result in imprisonment. Who will want to do it?
I also won’t be treated as living weapon?
For what the Royal Knights and Court Magician exist then?
Although they will gladly accept the person who could defeat Magic Eater, they won’t accept a 5 years old girl.
Besides, the ruler who chooses finish it with reconciliation instead of warring with foreign nation, is no other than our King.
To establish an academy, is a part of his grand plan
To educate a superior talented person, isn’t it will be a waste to only use them as war potential to conquer another country?

And that’s it. Although I have misconception about being treated as a weapon, he threw my nonsense judgment out of the window. Er, well, however in practice, people have a duty to participate in a war.
For example, me. Even if I have a magic cheat, because I have my previous life memories that killing another person is a crime, I can’t use it on another person.
As a villager’s daughter in a frontier village, it’s killed or to be killed, I made to know that this is another world. Even if I am 5 years old, the reality will not be sweet. I was taught about this so I can survive.
It’s useless to show mercy to bandits. If we left them go, they will come to exact revenge, and there will be another victim. Even though I understand it, but if I was asked if I could actually kill someone, then........ it will be difficult.
If it possible I want to capture them alive and then surrender them to the soldiers. Even though I know that the captured bandits will be sentenced to the gallows, it’s not like I am the one who will kill them directly.
If by chance, there will be war, if there a piece that can be used, it will be used. That is what the King will do.

In Mira’s case, we had to be vigilant for kidnapping, right?

Another negative idea come out, I tilt my head in confusion. So, kidnapping is a familiar crime.

Although human experiment is a crime Fimeria, it might not be the case n another country.
In case of warlike country, there a possibility to do that to increase their country war potential.
Since Mira-san is small now, you could be easily kidnapped.

Another blind spot!
Even if our King imposed good governance for the country, it will be useless if I get kidnapped to another country. I must reproduce crime prevention goods!
Like crime prevention buzzer[2], or perhaps stun gun will be good. I might need to adjust the output so the at least it will not kill a person.
It will be necessary......

Though it is necessary to inform His Majesty and some number of people, but for people from another country,  except for magical power attribute and output, you ought to conceal everything else. Don’t you agree?

To me that thinking about kidnapping prevention, Swyn-san made a small laugh and added his words.
To give a little information as possible to conceal it, right? And if someone carelessly raises his hand on me, I will bite at it and intimidate him with magic power. With crime prevention goods, my defense power will be UP.
I will win without fighting.
Using His Majesty for my protection, right? I understand.

By the way, are the spirits beautiful?

As if to ease the heavy atmosphere that he see, Guze-san speak like he is picking a girl for a date.

They are cute. Except for the Earth Spirit they are three head tall.

Hearing the shocking fact that the spirits form is three head tall, everyone drop their jaws. And then about the Earth Spirit that transformed into magnificent form after receiving my Magic Power, Swyn-san is utterly devastated.
I wonder why? If I guess it maybe because he thought the spirits had women form?
But since the Spirits only three head tall, it’s hard to see the difference in their figures. There is no great difference in their clothes, the tunic that carry their attribute color and white trousers.
If based on the accessories that they wore then, the Fire Spirit who carry a dagger in his waist is a boy spirit. The Water Spirit who hair is tied with a blue ribbon is a girl spirit. Wind Spirit is a tomboy, it’s hard o see but on the hem of her trouser there are frills, so I think she is a girl.
Earth Spirit, without doubt is a boy ------ no, a Man.[3]
Since he had grown into adult form, it’s hard to be mistaken. However, it seems that his character doesn’t changed that much.
Somehow his attire is different from his child from: A white shirt under an olive green vest, a charcoal black trouser and a leather shoe.[4]
Swyn-san said to me to not spoke a word to anyone about the Spirits growing. I’m told that his sudden growth might be because the intake of my Magic Power.
Hmmm. Is this also will be another problem? Incidentally, afterwards my stomach is hurting so much. Is it because I overeat?[5]

After finished treating the Knights, I have to think about what the next move will be.
The camp had been prepared.
With the help from the Wind Spirit, the carriage wreckage had been blown off and salvaged.
Although the tent is battered, if it’s only for 1 night, then it can still be used.
However, there is no one who we can call for help in here. For it, we need to return to the village.

As expected, I will be the one who go.

Please forcefully restrain Captain-san from doing something reckless ----- I request Earth Spirit, Captain-san who tries to stand up was buried until his knee.
He folds his arm and groan, then the warhorse in front of his eyes ran lightly.

Who just ride the horse, just now?
No one, since everyone is in no condition that could ride horses.

Guze-san give his tsukkomi. The Knights are obediently resting. Swyn-san looks at the running warhorse.

But, there is no one riding in it.
But I’m sure someone is holding the rein of the horse....

In front of what I see, I found no word to say.
Why are you riding on the horse, Earth Spirit?[6]

........the one who ride it, is Earth Spirit.
Wahahahahahaha. Then we can call for help!

That’s true.

Good Job. Earth Spirit.[7]

He become confused and turn the horse around. As always, the other 3 spirits are attaching themselves on his shoulders and hair.

Give me a ride, and take me to the village where we come out this morning. If Demon Beasts or Wild Beasts come out, I will give you magic power, so repel them, all right?

To my rough instruction, Earth Spirit nodded and nimbly dismounts from the horse, the he lightly carried me in his arm. After he put me on the unexpectedly soft saddle, he once again mount the horse.

To the rest of you, could you please stay with Swyn-san?

I asked the other spirits who are clinging to Earth Spirit, they shake their hand *patapata*. Is this mean they didn’t want to?

The Spirits are not just these children, so it’s fine for you to take them all.
Is that so?

I don’t see their form though.

These children in here are specifically called to help the examination, but the Spirits actually are in everywhere. They will come if they are called.

That’s reminds me, he did say about spirit race.

Then, I will go.

I wave my hand to the group, while holding at the saddle. Earth Spirit rouse the horse from slow pacing to dashing and gradually the velocity increased. I was rocking unstably, so Earth Spirit embraces me in his arm so I won’t fall.
His face is too near.
He is happy at the flowing scenery, his innocence handsome face is in point blank range.
My heart can’t calm down. It really can’t calm down.
I’m sure that I was a woman in my previous life. Furthermore the time I didn’t had boyfriend = my age, so my immunity to opposite sex was nonexistent. Because his handsomeness make my heart throb like crazy.
I had no intention to separate from him but I turn my gaze around, and see Fire Spirit jumping on the top of the horse’s head. Please calm down, it’s dangerous, ochibi(little guy).[8]
Fire Spirit pointed to me with a big smile full of expectation, the he pointed to himself, then with both of his hand he make a drinking gesture. Then he pointed to Earth Spirit.
Etto(Uumm), Me, Fire Spirit, something to drink, Earth Spirit?
I deciphered the gesture and have a bad premonition.

Ϣε αℓ§ο ωαпτ το βεϲοϻε βιɠ[9]

The Water Spirit and Wind Spirit show their face between the locks of Earth Spirit’s hair.
I have a headache after reading the words that floating inside my mind.
If these 3 people grew into adult, will they also become handsome/beautiful?
........I think they would.

Ah... As I thought, I don’t want a cheat.
Cutting though the wind, the warhorse proceeds forwards.
Bandits, wild beasts, demon beasts, or monsters, won’t they just come out so I could cut them!?
Not only I am stuck with having an enormous magic power, the number of handsome/beautiful people near me will be increased!


Funfact: I can’t see the sun for the last one week... Yup, not even the mighty sun could pierce through the Mist.

[1] Lovecraft say “We Fear the Unknown”
[2] The kind of things that will give off loud noise to attract passerby and discouraged the soon to be criminal from harming the child (at least in theory). Commonly used for small children that was instructed to pull the buzzer if they met with bad people.
[3] Not a boy (child) but a man (adult).
[4] MAN.... I need to see the illustration. I hope Mira turn the other 3 spirit into adult form so she will get additional 2 Onee-sama and 1 Onii-sama.
[5] NOPE. It’s your stress Mira... Your stress.... Psychosomatic stress cause increase gastric acid release and cause burning like stomachache. The doctors called this Functional Dyspepsia.
[6] Is I just me, or I think the Earth Spirit is manly... Riding atop a horse.
[7] She said good job in English.
[8] Mira said this in an endearing sense of nickname, not insulting the Fire Spirit.
[9] The original is all katakana. So this is the best I can do. I should had done this in the precious chapter.


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