24 September 2015

10 nen goshi no HikiNEET o Yamete Gaishutsushitara Jitaku goto Isekai ni Ten’ishiteta. Chapter 1 - Part 5

Translator Corner
This is Yukkuri demasu!

Since Kazura Chapter 21 is still on my editor hands. Here another Hiki-NEET story for you to waste time....

Yukkuri Oniisan

Chapter 1: Yuuji a “Hiki-NEET” Evolves into “Loner NEET”
Part 5: Yuuji, Attempting Food Security

“I will seriously do it tomorrow.”

What a wonderful saying. Whatever problem that attacks you today, will be resolved by these words.

Since he had confirmed the lifeline were working for the time being, Yuuji started to escape from reality. To photograph the wyvernish strange bird. At present, he only concentrated on that subject. He tackled this seriously -- perhaps it could be said that in a sense, he had made a serious effort.

The house can be seen, the forest also can be seen. The paper with ID is also has been prepared. This is the ultimate camera angle. Leave taking a picture of strange bird to me and Kotarou! It’s good that I found a camera with wireless shutter. Old Man, what do you intent to shoot with this....... Ah, Kotarou! Don’t touch the tripod! The best angle will go out of alignment!

At 7 in the morning, he woke up and took his breakfast. Throughout the morning he glanced at the outside to see if the strange bird will appear, while he was searched for the house cleaning tools. After eating a light lunch, he went out to the garden. While playing with Kotarou as the substitute for taking her for a walk, he kept waiting for the strange bird. After the sun went down, he took a bath. Afterwards he check the net, he took a peek or posted messages at the bulletin board. Thus, like this Yuuji and Kotarou passed their tranquil days.
But after one week, the cold truth of reality bared its fangs on Yuuji.
It was the question of food.

The refrigerator is almost empty?........ Though there still the things in the freezer, rice, wheat, cup ramen and emergency rations....... Even if I economizing it use, but after one year I will still starved to death. Should I make preparation today, so tomorrow morning I can go for an exploration?

On the next day dawn, finally Yuuji and Kotarou stand behind the gate to leave the house. On Yuuji’s back is a large rucksack. Inside it was his lunch and tea, a small bag with tools for harvesting, rain gear, emergency rations, spade, and pickaxe for mountain climbing.
Yuuji personally wore climbing boots, a vest, a cap, and in his hand was a trekking pole. On his waist was a hatchet. A complete mountaineering look. Which wasn’t that surprising, since 2 years before he became a hikkikomori he was a member of a Wandervogel[1] club.

Let’s go Kotarou. Our objective is Securing Food! Our aim is berries, fruits, and wild herbs. Although it’s risky, if we come across mushrooms let’s also pick it up. Begin Depart!

Yuuji called out to the valiant Kotarou. However, his foot didn’t move. “I already know that.” As if she want to say that, Kotarou already walked to outside. “Don’t you want to go?” She turned her head and stare at Yuuji. Not only wise, it was a courageous dog.[2] What a gentlemen. She's a girl, though.

With Kotarou’s leadership, Yuuji moved forward in the exploration by walking straight from the gate in the generally south direction. He chose this direction to reduce the probability of encountering the strange bird, since it came from the East and fly to the North. Also wasn’t fruit more probable in the south?[3] Thus, his thinking that could only exist solely due to his weak head.

The birds’ chirping, the soft sunlight between the trees. The shrubs that slightly hindered his walking were cleared with the trekking pole or the hatchet as Yuuji continued on the exploration.
Dangerous animals like wild boar, bear, snake or mysterious creature like the strange bird were nowhere to seen.
The traveling was proceeding smoothly, but the harvesting situation was disappointing.
As expected, after all even if he was a rural hick and belonged to a Mountain Trekking Club, Yuuji had no experience in picking either wild herbs or mushrooms. Even so, small cherry-like fruit or acorn-like nut, olive brown wood ear-like mushroom, and -- although it was obviously dangerous but maybe it could be processed somehow -- a deep red mushroom, were stuffed inside the rucksack.

There's no place where there's water, let’s end here today and have lunch at the house. What do you say, Kotarou?

“I understand.” as if saying that, Kotarou replied with one bark. Leaded by Kotarou, Yuuji followed her from behind.
By the way, this man, although he carried a compass, did not perform a mapping. He just entrusted everything to Kotarou. Even on gathering edible plants, once again he entrusted it to Kotarou.

Do your best[4], Kotarou.


[1] Wandervogel is what Japanese call Mountain Trekking or Hiking. It’s German, since you know, Germans like mountain climbing... (at least that how the popular culture said)
[2] Sometime I forget that the MC is Yuuji and not Kotarou.....
[3] Since from Japan, equator is in the South. On the tropics there are numerous edible fruits that Japan imports. So yeah.... Yuuji is a simple(ton)....
[4] Ganbare!


  1. Do your best Kotarou!

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    Actually what he say is really true. At least when you are from Europe or even North-America. In the South the climate is normaly warmer and wetter. So normaly more "food".

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  8. How he even survive the past 10 years?

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