22 September 2015

Our New World. Chapter 1 Part 10

Chapter 1 Finally finished... fuuh...

Chapter 10: Miracle Works

Ichiko, Niviosa, and Gemirea are just standing in place until Yuuto and Florea reach them.
Then Niviosa and Gemirea are bowing to Yuuto while Florea gives her clumsy bow to Ichiko... Clumsy because she bows too hard her head slammed to the polished stone floor below. The other 4 people look at her with various expressions ranging from pity to trying hard to not laughing. Florea quickly get herself up and apologizes while holding back her tears.

Disregarding dojiko Florea, Yuuto is the one who speak first.
“Where do you intent to go, Una-san? Isn’t this the direction to Under Corridor?”

Neuschwanensee Castle, are a mix and match of Romantic Medieval Castles, based on various restored or newly constructed European Castle or Palace that was popular in 18th and 19th century. In other world, a castle you can found on any Fairy Tale. It’s because this is what the Guild Master is fancy of, in other words a European Castle otaku. Spending almost 100.000 Yuan real currency (almost 2 million yen) and countless in game currency for data limit expansion, texture upgrade, customized 3D objects, and many others, he (the character is male at least, real life gender is unknown since Yuuto didn’t met with him in RL) personally recreated a German medieval city and castle as the Guild’s Holy Land, or something based on it. Even Yuuto not sure if real German medieval city is something like this. Chinese MMORPG players are famous for their extreme game dedication (investing money), so it’s not something strange to Yuuto. Although Yuuto didn’t know what his real occupation is, but it’s possible that the Guild Master come from China’s New Bourgeoisie Class.
Now back to the Castle, the Castle’s layout can be imagined as character “”, with each stroke as a building and the space between the stroke as courtyards. The role of the 5 main building and 2 courtyards (or at least that the settings when it was in the game):
1. Northern Building, that served as Holy Land’s Administration Building where various Departments are located, Mitteherz’s office is in here. The “Commoner Gate” and “Officer Gate” to the city plaza are located in here.
2. Eastern Building, where Heaven Lords rooms and various utility rooms such as Grand Dining, Grand Library, Grand Gym, Grand Spa, Grand Gallery, Grand Bath, Grand Hall and other Grands are located. The “Knight Gate” to the outside is located in here although it didn’t connect to Eastern Building but to the Under Corridor.
3. Western Building, where the castle staffs and Guardians lived, and other room the staffs mainly used like the castle kitchen, washroom, maintenance room, et cetera are located. The “Servant Gate” and “Cart Gate” to the east river road are located in here.
4. Southern Building, where the Guests Room, Conference Room, Audience Room, Throne Room, and other rooms that related to receiving Foreign Dignitaries are located. The “Royal Gate” to the fields is located in here.
5. Central Tower, where the Guild’s Core is located in-game. Also contain the Central Round Room is located. The Central Tower is only accessible from two sky corridor from Eastern and Western Building. On top of Central Tower is Grand Observatory.
6. The Low Garden (northside) and The High Garden (southside), it was called that because the High Garden is 10 meters higher than Low Garden, two set of marble stairs outside of Central Tower connect both of them. Below the High Garden is the Under Corridor where the Gate Knights barrack, training room, armory, and stables are located.
7. The Basements, the first basement serve as the castle food and goods storage, also serve as the guild members personal and communal item storage. The second basement serves as the Training Ground. The third basement is the entrance to Guild’s training instance dungeon (for low level members instance training) that only had automatas enemy.

“Ah... Yusis-kun. Well... Gemirea-san had previously asked me to lend my hand for the Knights.”

Just like what Yuuto had guessed beforehand.

“I see. Then, what kind of assist they need you for?”
“I think it better for you to find out with your own eyes.”

He already can guess it, so there is no need for him to inquire further.
Yuuto then follow Ichiko into the Knight Dormitory Area on the castle first floor, the knights, who was training, resting, or doing their other task, bow to them at the corridor when they meet with the group and open the way for them.
Then he enter a rather large infirmary room, that give off hospital emergency room aura, with pale green floor and wall (to make blood stain more visible), white sheeted beds, racks with medicines and medical tools.
On the large infirmary room beds lies about 50 injured Knights covered with bandages and poultices, with about 35 of them are in a very bad condition, pale and in great pains. Some of them even had lost their feet or hand, with bloody bandages wrapped at their limb’s stump. Their anxious family’s members are beside them, while medical staffs are busy attending the Knights and repeat casting healing magic if necessary. It just likes a hospital scene in documentary about disaster victims or civil war casualties.
The staffs, families and the Knight that can still move by themselves, give a bow to them.

Yuuto had heard about the injured knights before. So, they are the recent casualties from the unknown enemy invasion.
In short, Gemirea plead Ichiko to use her healing magic for the Knights. Even if Gemirea is the Guardian with the strongest healing magic repertoire, her Basic Tier Healing spells can only temporarily stop the bleeding, close the wound, heal non life-threatening wounds and stimulate the body natural healing capabilities, as her magic is only equal to that of a Player with tier-1Priest or other similar Healing Class job.
But Ichiko or Unapietra is different, for she is a bona fide tier-3 Priestthat can cast Advance Tier Healing spells with her arms tied behind her (since it can be voice activated, get it?).

Ichiko look at Yuuto without speaking any words. From the looks on her eyes, Yuuto already know what she means, so he nods at her.

“Do your best!”

He smiled to Ichiko, who replies to him with another smile. ‘Ugh... What a bright smile!’

Load Setup】【Second Set.”

Ichiko party attire changed to her usual priest robe set, the White Nightingale that offer various healing magic enchantment. She then takes out her prized magic staff, Misertus than amplify healing magic range and power. Now she looks glorious like a Holy Saint of some faith. Of course since her Priestbuilt is really a Holy Saint, that is no wonder.

Limiter OFF: Full Release

Just like with Kiyomi before, Ichiko body is wrapped in Divinity Aura. The surrounding Knights, staffs, family members and even the Guardian is now prostrating in front of her as if they are seeing a Goddess. Relatively speaking they are right, but too bad, Yuuto seems to immune to this.

“All of you please stand. I’m here to help.”

With Ichiko words, everyone raise themselves.

“Who is the one that responsible on this place?”

Ichiko asked to Niviosa who stand beside her.

“It-it is Chief Medical Officer, Lieutenant Commander Johann. Lady Highness.”

Niviosa answer with an almost inaudible voice. Gemirea then beckons to a man that wear a pale green doctor’s coat over a blue Knight uniform to come closer. The man then prostrates himself in front of Ichiko.

“I am the Chief Medical Officer, Johann, ready to serve Lord and Lady Highnesses. What do you need Your Lady Highness.”

“Please raise yourself. I want to know who is the most badly injured Knights in here?”

Ichiko walked to the most injured Knight. On his body various bandages hide the location where he receives multiple stab wound. What seems like an artificial respirator tube (magically powered of course) is inserted to his mouth, while numerous red IntraVenous-potions re administrated to him. A sobbing young woman (maybe his wife) is beside him and holds his paled hand tightly.

“Second Rank Knight, Iosevant. He have 17 stab wounds, 3 in the chests had pierced his right lungs, and 8 in the abdomen puncturing many abdominal organs. With heavy blood loss and uncontrollable septicemia, multiple organ failure is imminent due to shut down of liver and kidney function. Even his internal mana circulation can’t be sustained any longer. He repeatedly went into cardiogenic shock due to Potions sickness and external magic overloading, but if the Potions and external Magic support is stopped, he will die.”

The sobbing young woman who heard Johann now is crying and put Iosevant’s hand near her bosom. Seeing this scenery, Ichiko’s heart becomes emotionally touched and then she was chanting.

“Choosing Magic Type: Healing Series. Adding attributes Holy. Choosing Level Advance Tier. Adding Effect Instant Recovery. Adding Effect Cure All Status. Target Number Single. RangeTouch.  Duration Limiter No Limiter. Casting Time Reduction No Reduction Needed. Mana Consumption Limiter No Limiter. Adding Magic TraitExtreme Power. Adding Magic TraitHoly Saint Blessings. Execute Custom Magic. Uummm.... Let’s just call this... Healing Magic: Miracle Gifts.”

‘Wuah, unrestricted Custom Healing Magic, Ichiko is serious! And that name is so chuuni!’
RAHO is a unique game where the player can create Magic or Skills based on templates that the game provided if they decide that the Standard Spell or Skills are insufficient or unsatisfying. Some famous Custom Magic or Skills even adopted as the Standard by the developer.

A large magic formation appeared below Ichiko as she chanting (or programming) her magic, each additional pattern appeared every time she chooses a magic attribute or traits. When she had finalized her new custom magic, the large formation shine brightly but not hurting the eyes that looking at it.

Ichiko put her hand on Iosevant body and then cast her new magic.
Healing Magic: Miracle Gifts
Her MP Gauge decreased greatly as she cast unrestricted magic with humongous MP consumption that has no use on normal game battle situation since although the HP recovery is very huge and instant, but the consumed MP is unwieldy. In other words, Awesome but Impractical.

Iosevant body then bathed in transparent firefly-like light particles. His wound gradually closed and his pale complexion become pinkish with vigor. He is no longer seems like a person who’s dying but a normally sleeping person.
Johann and his staffs quickly take off the IV-potions and respirator tube. Iosevant then open his eyes and looking at the room with confusion, the young woman then quickly hugs him with tears of happiness wetting her face.

“Marsella? What happened? I should have?”

Iosevant is confused, he should have died after his team surrounded by the enemy without way out. But then he sense the Divinity Aura from Ichiko and then he understand. He and Marsella then prostrate to Ichiko, who only smiled at them.

Yuuto approached Ichiko who start wobbling and catch her in his arms.

“Thank you. It seems I spend too much MP...”
“You sure are reckless. That magic is overkill, right?”

He offers her a bluish liquid in a 100 ml glass potion bottle.

“Hahaha. I get carried off by the circumstances, but I think that is necessary. Thanks Yuuto-kun. This is Mana Potion, right?”
“Yeah, the Instant Recovery Mana Potion that I created. From what I have experimented before, you only need a little sip from it to restore some of your mana. You didn’t need to drink all of them like in the game.”

Yuuto is also an Alchemist that could compound various potions. The Mana Potion he gave to Ichiko is the Legendary Instant Recovery Mana Potion. Legendary because it is a Quality Grade 7 Potion. Instant Recovery, because it restore the MP under 30 seconds, unlike Normal Potions that need 10 minutes to do it. Also, Yuuto’s Custom Potion only cause Potion Sickness after the 30th potion use per hour, unlike normal potions that cause Potion Sickness after the 10th use per hour.

“Thank you. My body is fine now. Must because I never experience using large amount of MP in real life situation...”
“Well, we never use magic back in Japan after all....”

Ichiko drink the potions and sat on the chair that was provided by the medical staffs.

“Florea, Niviosa, Gemirea, come here.”

Yuuto call the Maid Guardians to gather at him. He then took out a large numbers of Health Potion from his inventory.
These are various Legendary (Grade-7) and Perfect (Grade-6) potions that he mass produced back in the game. Even after he took out potions, that enough to treat hundreds of people, he still have a lot of them in his personal inventor and storage.
This is way-way more potent than the Superior (Grade-3) potions that currently used to treat the Knights.

“Give the Legendary Health Potion to the Knights who had serious injury and the Perfect potions for the lesser injured Knights. If after administrating the potions they didn’t recovered in 5 minutes, or if they have Potion Sickness, call Unapietra to heal them after she recovered her MP. If the potions are not enough, just tell me. I will supply you with more potions.”

“ “ “As you wished, Lord Highness.” ” ”

The three Maids then take the potions, Florea almost drop one from her hand, so she now carrying it using Floating Magic.

“How about your MP, Una-san?”
“It’s already half recovered, I can cast that another magic soon enough.”
“As usual, you are so reliable.”

Sage’s Wisdom: Triple Magic Communion
Oracle’s Foresight: Starlight Relieve

A casting voice came from behind them. Yuuto and Ichiko look at the Stella who cast Magic Communion, a Sage support magic that divide MP consumption between the participants and Kiyomi who cast Oracle support skill, Starlight Relieve that grant MP consumption reduction but only at the night. Of course both of them are wrapped in Divinity Aura since they release their limiter.

“I only came here because the others forced me... Okay? Don’t get wrong, Okay?” (Stella)
“Mou. You’re so mean, Dear Husband. Why don’t you call us?” (Kiyomi)

‘What with the Tsundere-play Stella? And what are you mad for Kiyomi? Wait? The others?’
Yuuto looks at his surrounding and Chie, Saki, Mizuki and Tsukimi with their respective personal assistant Maid also in here helping the staffs distributing the potions.

“Dear Husband, as the punishment, do the usual!” (Kiyomi)
“The usual... are you sure? There is a lot of people in here you know?” (Yuuto)
“That’s why, it’s called a punishment! *nikoniko*” (Kiyomi)
“Wait! Wait! Wait! Everyone is looking.” (Yuuto)
“It’s fine. We are husband and wife after all! *nikonikoniko*” (Kiyomi)

‘Ah, fine, I give up! How do you know it will effective in the first place?’ (the answer? When Yuuto carried Kiyomi in his back, Kiyomi noticed that the Special Couple Skill is activated by default.)

Yuuto then hug Kiyomi to activate Special Couple Skill, Passionate Embrace that will increase Yuuto’s and Kiyomi’s HP and MP regeneration significantly for a limited period of time. Curses, doing this in real life is way more embarrassing than when doing it in the game.

“Uh... moshimoshi....Kiyomi-san?”
“Yes, what is it Dear Husband?”
“Didn’t you hug me for too long? It’s been more than one minute you know.”
“It’s to make the skill have a longer active period.”
“I’m pretty sure, the skill active period is limited to 15 minutes, so uh....”
‘Do I need to tell you that the other people gazes are hurting me... mentally.’
“Then 15 more minutes....”

“You sure are enjoying yourselves well.” (Stella)
“Stop playing.” (Chie)
><(Three Girls)

‘Don’t look at me with those cold eyes, my Cold Resistance and Mental Attack Resistance is low you know... And why are you looking at me like that Saki-chan, Tsukimi-chan, Mizuki-chan....’

Yuuto then forcefully peeled Kiyomi from his body... Thank God that Summoners has abysmal strength stat.
Kiyomi didn’t look unsatisfied however, but still smiled happily.

“I can’t let Una-san does all the healing work all alone.”
‘Oh man, Kiyomi will do something outrageous again.’
Triple Summon: Open Ninth Spirit Door: Choral Angel(Santuzza). Open Eleventh Spirit Gate: Kind Little Shepherd(Turandot). Open Fourteenth Spirit Gate:  Star Orb Maiden(Carmen)

Three gates appear from the thin air, one is a gilded cypress door, another is a dense ivy covered wooden gate, and the last one is a gem crusted golden framed gate.
From these gates appear a lady with two pairs of butterfly wings carrying a staff in a shape of a microphone, a little girl wearing sheep-shaped hoodie riding a white sheep with trumpet-like horn, and a beautiful lady that carry an large orb with galactic shaped disc slowly spinning inside.

‘Just like I though, triple summon, how her MP will be managed I wonder... What? My MP also decreased?’

Without Yuuto realized, when Kiyomi and him are hugging, Kiyomi activated Oracle Skill’s Blue Threads of Fate that took 10% of each other Mana to a special MP Pool that can be used by both of them until it depleted, and since it’s classified as Friendly Magic Yuuto inherent Magic Defense and Resistance didn’t react to it.

“Geez, Melbiena, you depleted both of my and Unapietra MP, remember that our MP are now linked with Magic Communion. But, just cast your spells as you wish. I will only serve as MP tank in here. Yusis! Give me Grade-8 MP Potions! Now! I will get suck dry if this keeps happening!”
“I apologized, Stella-san, Unapietra-san.”
“It’s fine, Melbiena-san, Nozomi-san didn’t really mad about it and I also didn’t bothered by it.”
“Like I said. Don’t call me by my real name! Call me Stella! Stella!”
“Calm down Stella, here your MP Potion. Mel, Una-san, good luck in healing the knights!”
Yuuto then hand over an opened MP Potion to Nozomi Stella.

“I understand. Johann, please show me the other critical patients.”
“Yes, I understand, Lady Highness.”

“Santuzza-san, Turan-chan, Carmen-san”
“ “ “At your service, Melbiena Ojou-sama.” ” ”
“Please use your Healing Magic on the people who looks sick, can you do it?”
“ “ “We understand, Ojou-sama.” ” ”

While Ichiko seriously healing the critically injured patient, Kiyomi’s summoned Spirits really took her word literally and spam healing spell left and right.
“My aching back is gone!” “My aching tooth is gone!” “The pimples in my face are disappeared!” “My sleepiness is gone!” “My baldness is cured!” “My little bro can be functional again!” and others rejoicing shouting.
Well, at least the health of the people in here is better than before.
Yuuto shook his head in surrender.

In the end, every injured knight are healed, and even the amputated knights regain their limbs thanks to the regenerative magic and potions that surpassed real world stem cell regeneration therapy.
Geez, Magic is really overpowered since it could defy physics law. Yuuto even wonder where the additional mass comes from and if it violates Thermodynamic Law.
Well, there might be limitation or drawback in using potions and magic to heal someone, but it only means that some experiment might be needed to find this out. After all, observation and conducting test is the basic of scientific method.

The infirmary room is filled with a mixture of cheer and solemn gratitude to the Heaven Lords.
Not only the staffs and the knight with their families, even the girls are extremely elated. Well, you feel sense of happiness and accomplishment if you help someone after all.  It’s good for the girls’ condition, at least to divert their attention for a while. So, Yuuto thought.

Yuuto then see a group of people wearing white clothes mixing with on-looker who congregating in the infirmary door. He then asks Florea about them.
She tells that in the adjoining hall, the bodies of the fallen Knights in the battle earlier this day are placed before the Glorious Fallen funeral. The Knights families, clothed in white, are mourning their father, brother, or son. It seems, some of them had heard the commotion in the Infirmary room, and stirred by curiosity some of them went to check the Infirmary

It seems the other girls also see them and get explanation from the Maids or staffs, from the look of their eyes, Yuuto understand and smiled.
He took out MP Potions and handover them to Ichiko, Stela, and Kiyomi. Well, only Ichiko will cast her spell, Kiyomi and Stella will back her up by support magic and become reserve MP tanks.
He also took out several Ankh of Life, the Magic Tool of Resurrection, for the other girls, so they can also participate, although Yuuto think that they already have some of it in their inventory.

“Ready for Round Two?”

Yuuto smiled while dual wielding Ankh of Life.

To cut the long story short: Tears turn into Smile. Sadness into Happiness. A Happy End.

Truly, that night miracles visit the Neuschwanensee’s Holy Land Castle numerous times.
Thus, the later generation will refer this as “The Day of Miracle.”
A day where deity-like being, the “Heaven Lords” descended on the Holy Land.
But this is just the starting point or the events that will forever change the Midzu Continent.
A story of Mortals and Deities.
End of Chapter 1.



Since I like to write nonsense like this, I’ll move this to Supplementary Materials if I have time:

·         Please remember that all character are holding multiple Jobs.

·         About Kiyomi’s Eidolon Summon:
There are 2 type of Eidolon (Summoned Spirits):

Contracted Eidolon (no daily limit, no MP maintenance cost when summoned, multiple is possible depend on the Summoner’s skill)
1st Door: Nurtama
9th Door: Chorus Angel : Santuzza
11th Gate: Kind Little Shepherd : Turandot
14th Gate: Star Orb Maiden : Carmen
15th Gate: Moon Mirror Maiden : Rusalka
Maximal number of Contracted Eidolon in RAHO are 24 (plus 4 with special skills). Kiyomi at her level only unlock 16 of them and can call 3 of them at the same time (if her MP permit).
No Contracted Eidolon can have higher DSL than the Summoner and some Eidolon only can inhabit certain gate. Rusalka and Carmen for example, can’t be assigned a gate that is lower than 14th Gate. While Turandot only can be assigned to a gate with Prime Numbers. Luckily, if it had been contracted a Summoner may rearrange/swap the assigned gates as long as it didn’t violate the Eidolon gate requirements. So while Turandot can be moved to 2nd, 3rd, 5th, 7th, 11th, or 13th Gate, she can’t be moved to any other gate.
To Contract the Eidolon the summoner must pay a sum of his/her max MP (will be returned if the contract is void), but the cost to create the gate is lower. When the Contracted Eidolon is summoned the Summoner will lost the MP to create the gate temporarily.
E.g.: Kiyomi (MP: 100%) summon a Gate for Rusalka (cost 30%). As long as Rusalka is summoned, Kiyomi MP can’t surpass 70% (since 30% MP is used as Rusalka ‘permanent’ body).
E.g.: Kiyomi (max MP: 975,000) just unlock 17th  Gate. She wants to contract CDP (cost 125,000 MP). So after contracting and giving her new Eidolon a personal name (optional and may be computer generated) her max MP is now 850000. If she found new Eidolon and void contract with CDP, her max MP value will return to 975,000

Subcontracted Eidolon (daily limit, MP maintenance cost when summoned, only 1 at a time)
No one appeared yet in the story.
There is no maximal number of Subcontracted Eidolon. But the Summoner can’t summon Eidolon that 5 DSL higher than her. Other than paying MP to summon the gate (using a catalyst may decrease this) and supplying MP for every second they exist, subcontracted eidolon cost nothing else. When the Subcontracted Eidolon is summoned, the summoner can’t recover MP.
E.g.: Kiyomi (MP: 100%) summon a gate to call EQ (cost 125%; decreased to 25% by using catalysts she extorted from Yuuto). For each second Kiyomi must pay 0,1% of her MP to maintain EQ ‘temporary’ body, so Kiyomi can only support her for 750 seconds. Kiyomi can’t recover her MP while EQ is summoned. If while in the meantime she cast any magic, the EQ summons durations will be reduced since her MP is reduced to cast a magic.
So, that’s why full main job Summoner tend to have humongous MP value (from Soul stats), but as the drawback since they invest more in MP, their Body stats is lowered substantially, hence the paper like defense and abysmal HP.

·         About RAHO Potions system:
RAHO potions terminology can be described as:
Grade】【Additional Effects】【TypePotion.”
For example:
“Divine Regenerative Health Potion” means that the Grade is Divine or Quality Grade 9, its effect is Regenerative (double HP recovery rate) and its type is Health.
Grade is the quality grade that will influence how potent the Potion will be in recovering something. So a potion with Grade-2 Fine and a Mythical Grade-8 potion will be very different in how many HP point it will restore. Since true HP value is unknown to player (they only know their HP% not their true numerical HP value), a Grade-2 Potion may heal 90% of low DSL player, but only less than 1% for players with DSL on 100s.
Additional Effects is various effects that have been granted to the Potion. Various effects can also be stacked to each other (although the title will be automatically changed if it fulfill some criteria). So a Health Potion with Antivenom (cure Poison), Atropine (cure Paralysis), Antibiotic (cure Disease), Stimulant (cure Sleep), etc. will gain new epithet Panacea (cure all Body bad status).
Type is divided to Health (restore HP), Mana (restore MP), and Stamina (restore SP). It different type of potion can be mixed together to form a potion that can restore 2 of the stat: the most popular is Dual Potion that restore both HP and MP and Elixir Potion that can restore all of three stat in the same time. But they usually cause Potion Sickness if drank in large numbers.

·         About RAHO’s Potion Sickness:
A special Body category Bad Status that only can be cured by resting at In-Game Inn, let one hour pass by, or by certain Skills. The user base is divided into two over this: some loathe it, but some think that this is a nice feature so the players need to play smart not just bashing monster without worry since they carry 999 potions that they can use anytime, since this is more realistic.
It represents pharmaceutics overdoses. If a player abuse potions (use a lot of them in short span of time), the game system will punish them with Potion Sickness. When Potion Sickness is active, additional potions efficiency will be greatly decreased that will be increased if the user keep using potions. When the efficiency is lower than 25%, the user will get damage instead of being restored if they drink any potions. Potion Sickness changed into bad status Potion Poisoning that represent acute drug poisoning that will last for 2 hours or In-Game Inn rest.
That’s why RAHO players carry high grade potions so they won’t need drink lower grade potion in large numbers, buy Custom Potion from Alchemist players, only use potions if HP/MP is very low, bring players who can use Healing Magic, took a break if HP/MP is low and let natural recovery do their work or just try to don’t get hit by monster that often.

·         About RAHO’s Ankh of Life:

Ankh of Life is not sold by the NPC. It’s made by crafting players and its demand is very high so its price is expensive (since players die like flies when raiding). Even so, the materials is easy to procure, although the process to make it is not that easy since the player need to reach Tier-2 Alchemist and Tier-2 Artificier and proficiency minimal 300 in Magic Tool Construction (an Alchemist skill that need some Artificier skill mastery as its requirement), so not many players attempt to do it. By charging some MP into it, a player can use a low level Resurrection Magic at a dead player, but after one use it will turn to dust or, if lucky, just unusable (bring it to Alchemist and he could repair it back). One of the Guild’s main businesses are selling Ankh of Life that its 3 members could made in large numbers (one of them is Yuuto’s character). BTW, Neuschwanensee NPCs can’t use this magic tool.


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