26 September 2015

Tenseisha wa Cheat o Nozomanai. Chapter 1 - Post Story 2

Translator Corner.
Hello, this is the Yukkuri demasu.

As usual, this is not literal Japanese translation, expect some mistranslation and confusion.

The power of Jealousy from 6 years old is frightening.
Well, that osananajimi’s power for you.

The Translator:
Yukkuri Oniisan
The Editor:

Chapter 1. Is Cheat really necessary?
Post Story 2 The Returning Daughter – Reverse Side

*3rd person, past tense*
Please teach me Magic!(Gai)

Swyn was surprised by the boy who was bowing deeply.
His childhood friend is the girl who can use Earth Magic to that extent --- which Swyn has never seen before. The boy has changed greatly. For a boy of his age, it’s no wonder that he has such a competitive spirit.
Although, to compete with that girl magic power, is this because of his young, no, his innocence? Swyn thought that the boy is still very pure.

I am a bit older than Mira, so I thought that as a boy, I would need to protect Mira. However Mira is very strong. She can defeat the Demon Beast all by herself.(Gai)
If we go with that standpoint then aren’t we, who receive help from a little girl, the shameful adult? Is that what you mean?.....(Swyn)

Spontaneously, the other adults’ eyes swam towards Gai.

No. But, no matter how strong she is, I don’t think Mira can do everything by herself. I want to get stronger. I want to be a guy who can help Mira.[1](Gai)
You said something nice!(Knights)
Said it like a man!(Knights)

The Knights gave their praises so the boy became embarrassed and scratched his head. Seeing that pleasant scene, Swyn smiled.

After all, I can’t lose to that Earth Spirit.(Gai)
To the Spirit?(Swyn)

Swyn tried to confirm with Gai as he questioned him.

Yes. Earth Spirit who became an adult after receiving magic power from Mira. At the time when the horse Mira rode started to move, I somehow feel irritated with him.(Gai)

‘How did he do that?’ They were looking at the boy and thinking hard. With Guze and Blum as the center, since they can’t move because of their cracked ribs, the adults held a discussion.

Oi, I can’t see the little Spirits...(Kenan)
That’s expected, I also can’t see the chibi spirits.(Panama)

To what Kenan said, Panama nodded affirmatively.

At that time, what really happened. Magician Kalyard?(Knights)
It doesn’t mean that I can see the Spirits......(Swyn)
Do you just feel the presence of Spirit?(Knights)

Swyn became the center of Knights attentions.
He didn’t have the sight that can see magic power or spirits, like the majority of magicians. However, if there was a large amount of magic power concentrated in one place, then they could sense it. That ability is called Perception ability, while the ability to actually see them with the eye is called Spirit Vision.
Like when Mira was calling out to help the spirits, Swyn’s glance drifted to them.

When Mira-san floated up to ride the horse, I think she was held up by the Earth Spirit.(Swyn)

The Knights nodded. Although they were surprised at that time, it was well known that the Spirits can move things. The cup that someone want to pick up, moved away; or, the last piece of a snack was vanished. Those were mainly the Spirits’ pranks.

When the horse was galloping, I feel a presence that wrapped around Mira-san from behind.(Swyn)
That reminds me, although she was swinging unstably at first, she suddenly became steady.(Panama)

Panama put his finger on his chin and agreed with Swyn. When he was riding with a women or a child, he would put his hand around them so they won’t fall from the horse.

In other words, it must be jealousy.(Knights)
Even if he can’t see it, he could feel it, that’s amazing.(Knights)
Then, jealousy?(Knights)
How amazing. Because of the jealousy, his Perception ability increased, huh?(Knights)

Gai, who noticed that the adults were watching him with a lukewarm gaze but had no idea what they were talking about, looked straightforwardly to Swyn.

Could you teach me Magic?(Gai)

Swyn made a wry smile and nodded. It would useless to resist since Gai won’t give up. If Swyn didn’t watch him carefully, there would be a risk that Gai could act rashly with his fire attribute magic power, so this way was better.
Earlier, with wind magic, Swyn sent a messaging bird to the capital. For the sake of injured knights, they would need to return to Ilga village and recover there. Swyn called another carriage from the Royal Capital ---- since there is no one with wind attribute that can receive transmission from him, he can’t contact the village with it.
Although the travel from Royal Capital to Ilga Village would have no special problem, it’s still quite far. Also, the fact that the Magic Eater was defeated has not yet been revealed. Considering the time it takes for the guild to confirm the Magic Eater’s defeat, and the time limit for the meeting, which is about 2 weeks, a lot of time would have passed.

Then we will teach you real combat.(Kenan)

Kenan patted Gai’s head who looked at him with a sparkling eyes.

Of course. Since I am also a fire attribute.(Knights)
Though we will use Knights’ teaching method.(Knights)
We can’t win against a Magic Eater, though(Knights)

Kenan stopped patting and turned his head towards his subordinate with a devilish smile.

You three bastards. After you recover, expect to run for 10 kilometers.(Kenan)
Wha... Demon!(Knights)
That’s cruel, Captain.(Knights)
Why am I also dragged into this?.(Knights)
Joint responsibility.(Kenan)

The sparkling boy eyes were admiring the lively adults, and he clenched his fist.

I will defeat a Magic Eater!(Gai)
Not going to happen.(Knights)
No chance.(Knights)
That’s not possible.(Knights)

The raised fist lost its strength.

Why, can’t I do it?(Gai)
Even if you sulking, impossible is still impossible.
Fire magic is different from earth magic, it has no weight. For that bastard, the magic power it is attacked with is just food. There will be no damage since it will just be eaten.(Knights)
In Mira-chan’s case, she just overpowered it with sheer power.(Knights)
That’s possible.
Everyone, at that moment, instantly agreed inside their heart.

Even with the Earth Magic that Mira-chan used, if the wall was incomplete, it would’ve be knocked down when the Magic Eater rammed it. If it was only a hole, the Magic Eater can just crawl out from it.(Blum)
I think the result would end up like that.(Swyn)

Blum made a wry smile, and Swyn agreed with him.

A wall that won’t crack even after being rammed by Demon Beast that strengthened its body with magic power, and the hole that cause it to drop, where its body strengthening was useless. Though the strategy is simple, it was really effective against that Demon Beast.(Swyn)
It’s an absurd amount of magic power, though.[2](Knights)
Good grief. Does every Magicians can use tactical magic like that?(Kenan)

Kenan cracked a joke, but no one replied. Gai don’t know what the standards, but the other understood that it was not something to be laughed at.
Without being exhausted and still leaving a leftover magic power, it would require about 30 regular magicians. That amount of magic power is not something a 5 year old should possessed.

Gai-kun. Learn from the basics. I also want Mira to know the basics.(Swyn)

Swyn-san returned the topic somewhat forcibly. In the first place, Gai will learn about magic and he would keep learning about it in the future. The Knights will not continue this topic any further.

Magic is imagining a phenomenon, using magic power as its fuel, and requesting the spirits to fulfill it. Fire attribute magic has an Rule System[3] that is called Fire Magic.[4]

In the Academy, they will first teach how to use Standardized[5] magic. To use a large scale magic, multiple people needed to have same chant and image, so standardization is important. Otherwise the spirit would be confused as to which magic should he executed and the magic result in a misfire. Moreover, it’s easier to teach the students Standardized magic. That’s also one of the main reason.
But the demerit of Standardized magic is that in combat situation, from its chant, the type of magic being used can be predicted. As there is no opportunity to convey detailed images to the Spirits in a combat situation, to supplement the image, a chant is indispensable. In the process of researching a shorter chant but stronger magic, there are a lot of original chant that have been devised.

The basic support magic is Torch[6] and the basic attack magic is Fireball[7]. Do your best and master them.(Swyn)
Yeah, no I mean, Yes Sir!(Gai)

The boy was overflowing with motivation.
That’s a good thing.
While comparing himself with his childhood friend, he could only sigh at the things that he couldn’t do, but he should polish what he could do. That way he would become more mature.
For Swyn, he took this matter into his own hand[8]. Presently, he has dedicated his life to research, and he decided to study Magic Power consumption. Consumption and recovery, that’s the only way to improve one’s magic.
It’s still in the future. Nobody knew it yet.... There will be an existence beyond the common sense the adults can think off.


I think Mira will grow into a dense girl who will not realize Gai’s feelings to her (and Gai will turn into a Bishounen). I hope Gai won’t turn into a tsundere, since tsundere osananajimi is too mainstream...... Although since male tsundere is rare, I think it will still be fun to watch.
So, Mira’s (candidate) harem for now is Gai (maybe), Earth Spirit (perhaps), and Fire Spirit (presumably). And she still a 5 years old girl.....
I fear what will become of her if she turn 13....

[1] Watch out Earth Spirit! Here come another contender for Mira’s Heart throne.
[2] The original said “AHO hodo Maryoku” the literal meaning is “a stupid amount of magic power”. It means the magic power was so great... It’s enormously stupid... or so that I think.
[3]法則立てた物 if someone has better idea for this word, please do. I translated it roughly as (things with set up law/rule) so I think it means a standard system of some sorts. I just use Rule Systems since I play too much TRPG.
[4] The Fire attribute magic: 火属性の魔術. Fire Magic: 火魔法. I think 魔術 majutsu refer to the arts (theory) in general, while the 魔法 mahou refer to the specific practical form/arts. If someone have better idea feel free to give me their idea.
[5] The original is共通化Kyoutsuuka: that means something everyone had decide or participate for. Also to refer to Common Platform or Standardized Parts in computing.
It  means a magic that everyone had agreed upon. Just like if everyone agreed that wingardium leviosa is making something fly, not turn it to cinder.
So it’s either : Common Magic. Communal Magic. Standardized Magic. Collective Magic. I think I’ll go with Standardized Magic.
[6] The original is 灯火(トーチ). The Kanji read: Touka (a light, lamp or torch).The Katana read: Touchi (Torch).
[7] The original is 火球(ファイヤーボール). The Kanji read: Kakyuu ( a fireball, a burning pieces of meteor). The Katakana read Faiyaa Bouru (Fire Ball).
[8] It means Swyn personally think Gai and Mira as his own problem


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