28 September 2015

10 nen goshi no HikiNEET o Yamete Gaishutsushitara Jitaku goto Isekai ni Ten’ishiteta. Chapter 1 - Part 6

Translator Corner
This is Yukkuri demasu!

I haven’t translated Kazuras story chapter 22 much (80% remaining), but I promised finished it quickly... in 3 day.. maybe...
Until then... Here another Hiki-NEET story....
Btw either Yuuji is truly courageous or just plainly stupid... since the line dividing them is very thin.

Yukkuri Oniisan

Chapter 1: Yuuji A “Hiki-NEET” Evolves into “Loner NEET”
Part 6: Bulletin Board Yuuji, Ascertaining Edibility

162: 1 desu
I came back from the forest

163: Anonymous NEET
Since if you are hikkikomori I thought you will starved to death

164: Anonymous NEET
How was it?
Are you peerless against goblin?

165: Anonymous NEET
>>164 Kindly give a serious reply, will ya?

166: Anonymous NEET
>>165 It because they are watching this thread halfheartedly

167: Anonymous NEET
What about Erofu?
Is there any Erofu?

168: 1 desu
I don’t meet with any animals or mysterious creatures
For now, this is the things I have gathered:

169: Anonymous NEET
Wo, ow

170: Anonymous NEET
What is this?

171: Anonymous NEET
This is ordinary, hey!

172. Anonymous MEAT
Our specific group’s turn!

173: Anonymous NEET
>> 169-171 You guys are sure in good terms

174: Well Informed NEET
>>168             Picture No.1: It’s look like American cherry.[1] But since it’s kinda smallish, a mountain cherry?[2]
Picture No.2: Acorn
Picture No.3: Angel’s wing mushroom[3]
Picture No.4: Looks like Fly Agaric[4] mushroom

175: Anonymous NEET
Why do you picked up the red mushroom?

176: Anonymous NEET
Obviously a dangerous one

177: Anonymous NEET
Try to eat it[5]

178: 1 desu
First of all, I try Mountain Cherry (temp.)[6]
It’s sour
It’s nothing but sour

179: Anonymous NEET

180: Anonymous NEET
Well, it’s safe, probably

181: Anonymous MEAT
That thing usually packed with vitamin

182: Anonymous NEET
How do you eat acorn?

183: Well Informed NEET
Fry it, peel the shell[7], peel the husk[8], then eat it
Like chestnut[9]

184: Anonymous NEET
Or like this
Fry it, peel the shell, peel the husk, and ground the nut into flour
It can be used for many things
If the nut is roasted it will turn into something similar to coffee

185: Anonymous NEET
>> 183-184 You guys are awesome

186: Anonymous NEET
The Mushroom!

187: Anonymous NEET
If it mushrooms, then it means that, Mushroom Soup

188: Anonymous NEET
I think the red one is not edible, it’s dangerous.

189: Anonymous MEAT
But it’s 1!
If it’s 1 then it will be fine!

190: 1 desu
I ate the acorn
It’s bitter
Considerably bitter, but it’s not impossible to eat it.

191: Anonymous NEET
That’s good
With this the problem with the food is resolved

192: Well Informed NEET
It contains fat, protein, carbohydrate and vitamins.
A wonderful food
It’s bitter though

193: Anonymous NEET
>>192 For a hiki-NEET you know a lot

194. Anonymous MEAT
His time!
Mushroom Time!!!

195: Well Informed NEET
>>193 I’m not a hikkikomori
            Just a Neet

196: 1 desu
Then I will made this two into mushroom soup with miso

197: Anonymous ETNE[11]
It came!

198: Anonymous NEET
I myself can’t make it

199: Anonymous NEET
However this....
Does he understand what he’s doing?

200: Anonymous NEET
>>199 let’s not worry for the details[12]!

201: 1 desu
The flat one
The texture feels like ear mushroom[13] so this is ear mushroom (temp.)

202: Anonymous NEET
Without hesitation, this is bravery

203: Anonymous NEET
Only still not dangerous yet

204: Anonymous ETNE

205: Anonymous MEAT
>>203 I thought you promised me to not say that!

206:1 desu
The red one
There is no mushroom taste
Just miso soup

207: Well Informed NEET
Does your mouth feel tingling?

208: Anonymous MEAT
Really, without hesitation, isn’t that amazing?
That’s a red mushroom right?
Are your real identity is a mustached plumber?

209: Anonymous ETNE
I am so excited!
I admire you!

210: Well Informed NEET
For now, just do this
Don’t eat that anymore


235: Anonymous NEET
Since that time, 1 never post anything

236: Anonymous NEET
Isn’t he just being friendly with Toilet?
Or dying?

237: Anonymous NEET
By the way if that is Fly Agaric Mushroom,
He might really be dying

238: Anonymous ETNE
Good Children please don’t copy this!

239: 1 desu
I came back.....

240: Nameless NEET
So you’re alive!

241: Nameless NEET
What’s wrong?

242: 1 desu
I vomited
Maybe cause the red

243: Well Informed NEET
Well, that is......

244: Anonymous MEAT
You should eat ordinary food

245: 1 desu
I’ll go to sleep

246: Anonymous NEET
Good night

247: Anonymous NEET
What a great bravery
Also, Good night

248: Anonymous NEET
Good night
It’s not really like another world after all...

Message from the Author:
It’s very dangerous to eat a mushroom that you don’t recognize well.
There a lot of example of Eat then Die!
There also a lot of mushroom that dangerous to touch.
If you found some in the mountain, river, field, farm, city, road, garden, or house
To eat it is absurd!
Please don’t eat it. I implore you.
That’s what the people in the bulletin board try to say.


Even if Yuuji was incapacitated by Mushroom poisoning, there still Kotarou as the next MC.... Since it’s a gentleman, it’s female though.

[1] Bing cherry or Prunus avium
[2] Yamazakura or Prunnus serrulata
[3] Sugihiratake, Pleurocybellaporrigens, an edible mushroom but might cause fatal acute encephalopathy on person with underlying kidney disease
[4] Benitengutake, Mario's Mushroom or Amanitamuscaria, or hallucinogenic mushroom, unpredictable poisonous. The main active compound on this mushroom is Muscimol and its prodrug form Ibotenic Acid. Luckily both of this degrade when exposed to heat when cooking, so maybe when because Yuuji make it into Mushroom Miso Soup, he ot consumed to much of it.
[5] The original word: Jisshoku means tasting a food that a person never heard before.
[6] ()(kari) or temporary name
[8] Tesla or seed coat
[9] Kuri or Japanese Chestnut (Castanea crenata)
[10] Uh Huh, Yea
[11] A pun on Nii-to (NEET) à To-nii or should I turn it into TEEN (NEET backwards) or keep it at ETNE?
[12] I stuck in this until I turn to the darkest corner of Internet. The original is こまけえこたぁいいんだよ that is a bastardisation of 細かいことはいいんだよ
[13] Kikurage or Auricularia auricular-judae


  1. I like how he uses the message board to gather information.

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      Not that many though.... Since it had been transformed to LightNovel
      Since there is a lot of net slang used in that webnovel, I don't have the capability to translate it (heck, I even scratched my head hard to translate HikiNEET messageboard section).

  3. Yeah~
    But he got the wrong bbs. True, there's surprising knowledgable guys in anon boards. But for serious skills, he should join some librarians, or writer-support group. Sorting out the serious advices from jokes in anon boards is too much like work.
    Well, if he only know Japanese then that is what he can only use though~

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    Really, without hesitation, isn’t that amazing?
    That’s a red mushroom right?
    Are your real identity is a mustached plumber?

    I'm pretty sure this is a super mario reference, but I never played that game, just seen that it involves mushrooms and I know that he's a "plumber" or stuff.

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