25 September 2015

Takarakuji de 40 Oku Atattanda kedo Isekai ni Ijuusuru. Chapter 21

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Chapter 21: Ojou-sama Dilemma

Woah. So this is a 100 Ar silver coin. This is the first time I see one.(Myra)

Pestered by Myra, who wanted to see the 100 Ar silver coin, Kazura gave her 1 silver coin from the 25 silver coins that he received from the old woman.
The 100 Ar silver coins is a larger round coin if it compared with 1 Ar and 10 Ar copper coins. The material is from silver and it had detailed carving.
When Myra received the silver coin, she fiddled with the coin by tapping at it or biting it to see its hardness.
Kazura looked at Myra with side glance and then began to talk with the old women, who viewing the refracted light from every corner of the red crystal that she received a while ago with a serious expression in her face.

Now then, Old Lady[1]. I have a proposition for you.(Kaz)

Ah. I won’t say from whom I bought this to anyone, I also won’t ask where you obtained this. If there is a next time and if the price is appropriate, I will buy any goods you bring.(Old Woman)

........ Her change is quick, I see...(Kaz)

The old women, who still looking at the red crystal, spoke with an indifferent tone as if she understood everything Kazura wanted to talk about.
Kazura was taken aback for a bit by her remark since he still hadn’t said his proposition, but the content of his proposition was just like what the old woman had said. He appreciated it since the talks conclude early.

When you took out this stone from your bag, you took time to choose it, right? Did you bring anything else? Just like the Ocarinas before, you carry expensive goods while having the appearance of a common villager, I don’t think you obtained them by proper methods, right?(OW)

No, I didn’t obtain them illegally....(Kaz)

Hearing the old woman speak as if he was a thief and had been stealing from some place, Kazura became troubled.

Ah... I don’t particularly care where your source is. As long as I get a profit, I won’t tell the others.(OW)

So the old woman said, while changing her gaze from the red crystal to Kazura and grinned broadly.
Kazura was offended to be judged as a villain. The other side didn’t even want to hear him at all and so he couldn’t correct the misunderstanding.
About red crystal and ocarinas he brought that could be sold with a hefty sum, it will be very conspicuous if he peddles them anywhere, so originally if possible he wanted to sell it all on just one place.
He was just cheated by this old woman on the selling price (the ocarinas), though he finally have risk perception now, but it’s good that he was cheated on here and he now could reflect on his optimistic thinking he had until now.

Is that so? Kazura gave a suitable response, the old woman put the red crystal on the shelf nearby and turned towards him.

So then, the goods on that bag you brought, do you also want to sell them? I won’t cheat you anymore, so you can relax.(OW)

She said while rubbing her hand and put her pleasant smile again. Kazura let out a sigh.

That’s unfortunate, since what I brought today is everything. Even if I brought the goods, if I still took them out, wouldn’t that means I am a complete idiot?(Kaz)

Oh ho, I’m glad you understand. That’s good if you are not a complete idiot.(OW)

Hearing Kazura’s answer the old woman replied while smiling, however, she still continue her speech.

You are very defenseless on everything. I don’t know if it was luck or not, but it’s good that the first shop that you entered is my shop. If you took out that expensive jewel while looking as a common villager at another shop, it will be suspected as stolen goods, and they would call the guards. That won’t be amusing. If you took it out on a shop that is managed by government official’s family member, then you will be finished. On this town there is a lot of unaccommodating government officials.(OW)

.......Thank you for the advice.(Kaz)

Although it’s annoying to be preached by the person who cheated you, it’s a bull’s eye for Kazura.
Kazura felt despondent and dropped his shoulders[2]. The old woman, who looked at his condition, was sighing for a while before yelled to the shop’s interior.

Jou-chan[3], if you don’t use my key you can’t open that shelf. Even if you don’t compare it with the 100 Ar silver coin on that shelf, the silver coins that I gave to him is genuine, so you don’t need to be worried.(OW)

Hearing the old woman words, Kazura became startled and looked at the shop interior. Without anyone being aware of it, Myra moved to the shop interior and she was trying to pull the handle of the shelf where the old women took out the money from.
Myra, who was surprised by the old women’s call, shook her shoulders momentarily, but as if she still had doubt about the 100 Ar silver coin genuineness, she looked at the old woman with a doubtful look.[4]
Her playful expression, that she had showed when she was looking at the shop interior, underwent a complete change into a gaze with plain hostility towards the old woman. Even Kazura was a little surprised on Myra.[5]
The old woman shook her head in dissatisfaction, and took a key from her breast pocket. It was the key to the shelf that Myra try to open.

Check until you’re satisfied. I swear to Gaielsior-sama[6] that it’s not  counterfeit money.(OW)

As soon as the old woman said that, Myra immediately started to thoroughly compare the 100 Ar silver coin in her hand with the silver coins inside the shelf.
The old woman paid attention to Myra who comparing the silver coins.

Good grief, this jou-chan is really pull herself together well[7]. You also need to be more like her more!(OW)

She commented while giving Kazura’s back a good ol’ slap.

I shall engrave it on my heart.....(Kaz)

Kazura responded while slightly hanging his head.


I hate that obaa-san[8]. I can’t believe she dared to cheat Kazura-sama!(Myra)

After leaving the old woman’s store, with a discontent expression on her face Myra spat out her words.
While Myra was confirming the silver coins until she was satisfied with it, Kazura bought the nails at that store. Maybe because Myra was excessively glaring at her with displeasure, that old woman felt uncomfortable, so she sold 200 nails for 40 Ar[9] while saying “I hope for a good cooperation from now on.”
She also went to the shop interior and bring a small cloth bag with baked sweets from legume[10], although she present it with the intention to soothe Myra’s temper, in the end it was not very effective.
Although Myra’s was displeased, she firmly received the baked sweets.

Yes, it’s not good to cheat people. I was also at fault since I did nothing about it.(Kaz)

It’s not Kazura-sama fault. The one at fault is that obaa-san who cheated Kazura-sama!(Myra)

Myra really can’t forgive her for cheating Kazura, she looked at Kazura with teary eyes.
When Kazura was soothing the flustered Myra, on his field of view Kazura caught a glimpse of Lodurr and Tana’s figure coming towards him.
Instead of firewood or fur, he carried a cloth bag. It seems they had finished their businesses.

Ow, Myra-chan, your father and mother are over there. It seems they have finished their tasks.(Kaz)

After Kazura said that, the sullenness on Mira’s face did a complete change into a cheerful expression.[11]

Ah, it’s true! Fa~ther, Mo~ther![12](Myra)

She ran while calling her parents with a loud voice.
Kazura was thankful for their timely appearance. He was walking to follow Myra, but suddenly someone appeared from the side and crashed their head on Kazura’s nose. Kazura fell to his back because of the impact.


I am so sorry! I was not looking ahead..... It hurts.... (Mysterious Maid)

Wait a moment Eira, what have you done!?(Mysterious Rich Girl)

Kazura was holding his hurt nose while looking at where the voice came from, a young woman in maid attire who was rubbing her head and moaning in pain. Beside her was an earth-shattering beautiful girl[13], who wore a high quality white dress, with a flustered expression as she rushed to Kazura’s location.

Please pardon what my companion had done to you! She was looking away at a child who was running, so she collide with you Sir[14]..... Are you alright?(Earth-shattering beautiful girl)

Eh? Ah, no, I’m fine so you don’t need to be worried about it.(Kaz)

Without worrying about her dress hem becoming dirty, the girl crouched at that place with an expression of deep concern on her face and put her hand on his shoulder. Kazura became perplexed by her.
Just with a quick judgment, compared with the other people in the area, her attire was of higher quality, she even accompanied by an attendant.
She must have a high status, so to look after a lowly person like him was something surprising. Moreover since the girl was an extraordinary beauty, Kazura of course became embarrassed.

The content of your baggage is spilled out. Eira, you also help to pick it up.(Earth-shattering beautiful girl)

Y-Yes, I am so sorry.(Eira)

Hearing what the girl said, Kazura looked at the ground and became pale.
When he fell to his back, the sack-bag became open and several of its content tumbled down to the ground.
However, what came out from the bag were goods that he deliberately stored in the top of the bag, just in case if someone inspects at his bag.[15]
So it was ordinarily goods like bronze pot or copper cup. Goods that he brought from Japan like canned food or portable lantern, he placed at the bottom of the bag, so not one of them fell outside.
Kazura picked up the fallen out luggage that fell from the bag with haste and put the goods that the two girls picked up to the bag with a hurry.

Ara[16], there something underneath the shoes.....(Earth-shattering beautiful girl)

When Kazura breathed a relief after putting the luggage to the bag in a hurry, the girl bend over and picked up something near her foot.
......... It was a Lighter.[17]

So-sorry! That is also mine.

Ah, is that so? Then I’ll return it to you... Ara, what is this......!?(Earth-shattering beautiful girl)

When the girl was going to hand it over to Kazura, she pushed the odd dent (ignition switch) that she though strange. It ignited splendidly.
It’s a one button lighter, the thermal output was strong since it is maximized to ignite firewood, so the fire that came from it had a quite big size.
The girl was surprised by the fire that came out, she pulled out her hand in surprise and dropped the lighter.
The girl with the maid uniform – Eira – also was surprised by the fire that came out from the lighter.


There were several people who curiously looking at the Kazura’s group from a distance, and from the middle of them, two young men with commoner clothes rushed over to Lieze who retracted her hand in surprise.
Though they were inside the town, there carried a sword in their waist.[18]

Lieze-sama, are you alright!?(Young Man A)

Eh!? The fire just now...... (Lis)

You Bastard[19], what did you do! Don’t move!(Young Man B)

Kazura tried to pick up the lighter that the girl, Lieze, had dropped in surprise, but one of the men immediately twisted his arm and restrained him.
Perhaps, these men were the guards of Lieze that followed her secretly.

Ouch! I-I am not doing anything. It’s true!(Kaz)

Just like what he had expected, she was a high status noble. Kazura tried to give an explanation while cursing his luck. If he had picked up the lighter, it wouldn’t end like this.
He wished that he would not be treated as a criminal, if they do then they would certainly inspect his belonging and then he would be taken to custody and be severely interrogated about them.
‘Farewell my laidback life on another world village’. Kazura was drowning in his pessimism, when Lodurr and others rushed up from behind Lieze.

Umm, does my company conduct some mistake?(Lod)

Lodurr called out to the man who twist Kazura’s hand, the man then glare with his sharp gaze at him.

What? So you scum is his friends, huh? This guy tried to cause harm to Nelson-sama daughter Lieze-sama. You all need to be investigated, so you have to come to the guardroom!(Young Man B)

Wait a moment! This person didn’t do anything to me!(Lis)

Th-That’s right! Originally it was my fault to bump at him, this person didn’t do anything!(Eira)

Though Lodurr was taken aback for a moment when he heard the word “Nelson-sama daughter”, he immediately bowed his head and made an apology.
Kazura also bowed his head and apologized, even though it’s hard to do since his hand was restrained.

Even so, both of their apologies were disregarded. The man even took out a rope from his waist and tried to restraint Lodurr and the group who still trying to persuade them unsuccessfully. Seeing this, Lieze and Eira force their way in panic.
Until now, Lieze somehow or other knew about his father’s soldier that were shadowing her, but this was the first time hey had personally shown themselves.

However......(Young Man B)

Release that man! Don’t make me say it twice!(Lis)
Lieze Istelle. "Release that man!" for Kazura who were restrained behind her.
......... Understood!(Young Man B)

Lieze gave those order in an imposing way, the man reluctantly release his hand from restraining Kazura.
Lodurr seeing that Kazura had been released, bowed deeply.
Kazura and the others followed Lodurr’s action and bowed deeply towards Lieze.

Lieze-sama, thank you very much. With this, we will take our leave, please excuse us.(Lod)

Ah! Please wait. The dropped thing that spew out fire just now.... A, are[20]?(Lis)

Lieze wanted to ask about the dropped lighter to Kazura’s group and so she searched her feet for it, but the lighter was nowhere to found.
To the confused Lieze, Lodurr once again call to her to excuse them, and then pushed Kazura’s back and walked towards the plaza’s exit.



When separated from Lieze’s group to some degree, Myra presented something to Kazura. On her palm was the lighter.
When they were arguing with Lieze’s group, Myra stealthily picked up the dropped lighter from the ground.[21]
Kazura confirmed it with a side glance, and then he received the lighter from Myra before put it back inside the bag.

Thank you. It really helped me.(Kaz)

Kazura said it while kindly patting Myra head.
Myra who was being patted on the head, delightfully replied


Then once again she held Kazura’s hand with satisfaction.

That’s really dangerous, if not because of Lieze-sama’s kindness, what would have become of us?(Lod)

Lieze-sama..... Some time ago, the man who twisted my arm said that she is Nelson-sama’s daughter right?(Kaz)

Kazura asked Lodurr who was feeling relieved, he replied with a nod.

Although Lieze-sama is still young, I had heard rumors about her that she is really kind and benevolent towards commoners like us. But after seeing her directly, she really is just like what was described in the rumors. As expected from Nelson-sama’s daughter.(Lod)

Though I heard that a lot of influential men from her surroundings tried to court her, as the daughter of House of Istelle is not only popular but also a beauty, she never complained about it. So it is possible for a lot of person to court her. Furthermore, although she is still young, it seems that her ability in sword or spears is commendable.(Tana)

Lodurr and Tana were admiring Lieze while they were walking. Kazura nodded as if saying, ‘I see’.

Fumufumu[22], though there is a saying that Heaven doesn’t give two gifts, an amazing person like her is exist.(Kaz)

Heaven doesn’t give two gifts?(Lod&Tan)

Hearing Kazura’s proverb, Lodurr and Tana became a bit confused.

It’s been said that Heaven doesn’t give a man too much talents or merits. That is a proverb from my country.(Kaz)

While he was talking with Lodurr’s group, they found Valetta standing on the plaza entrance
Valetta also noticed Kazura’s group, while making a small hand wave, she met them halfway.

So you are together with Lodurr-san’s group. Have you successfully purchased the nails?(Val)

Yes, I had bought 200 nails. With this we will be able to build the waterwheel.(Kaz)

Hearing Kazura ‘s words, Valetta’s smiled with relief.

Kazura-sama sold the gem he brought for 2,500 Ar.(Myra)


Wa-, don’t say it loudly!(Kaz)

Kazura in a panic, closed Myra’s mouth with his hand, and to the Valetta’s group that stare at him in amazement, he started to give an explanation about the events inside the general store.[23]


The night of that day.
In a gorgeous room illuminated by candlelight, Lieze and both of her parents were having their dinner.
That room, which had a size about 12 tatami[24], was arranged by Nelson as a room where the family member will eat their meal.
A fur carpet was spread out on the floor; on the wall there was a fireplace that was currently not lighted.
The only window on that room was open and from there the courtyard that was illuminated by candle lamp could be seen.
Although the current season was summer, the cool breeze from the window was comfortable and the music that insects played was creating an indescribable pleasant atmosphere.

The table where the 3 people took their meal was not too large; there still room to put tableware that was enough for 2 other people.
By the way, the menu for tonight was roasted river fish that had been sprinkled with salt, vegetable & bean soup, and bread, also the dessert were cut fruits.
Apart from that, a meat & vegetable stir-fry was served on a large platter on the middle of the large table.

Lieze, from the multitude of men who court you every month, have you found a man to your liking?(Nelson)

Hearing her father ask her while he bringing the fish in his fork to his mouth, although Lieze let out a sigh inside her heart, on the surface she put a little troubled smile on her face and replied.

I haven’t..... The people who came to meet me, everyone is so wonderful, however I still don’t have any consideration for a marriage...... (Lis)

Hearing Lieze’s answer, Nelson smiled and nodded while saying “is that so.”

Well, a good man that will please you will appear before long. If there is a man you take a liking to, even if it not a noble but a commoner, I won’t mind about it. However, I will personally be drilling everything about Istelle House to him.[25](Nelson)

‘Aren’t you now drilling Isaac for the marriage?’ grumbled Lieze inside her heart, but Lieze made a smile as if saying ‘Thank you very much.’

For Lieze, it doesn’t matter if it was commoner nor there any concern, just like if she marries with the other noble.
If she was another noble’s daughter, she wouldn’t have any choice other than being in forced marriage with the person their parents arbitrarily choose. Lieze was thankful she wasn’t in that situation, but if it possible, she wanted to marry with a rich person or another noble.

It didn’t mean that Lieze lived a life of poverty until now, but if compared with the other nobles or royal family, her life was obviously lacking colorfulness. Anyhow it was a complex feeling.
The clothes she wore in private, the guest room for visitor from another fief, were comparatively gorgeous, however she lived a life were she needed to suppress the expenses to the best of her ability.
As it is, House of Istelle, since the war with Balveile some ten odd years ago, their financial situation was deteriorated and for that reason there was a need to be frugal without exception. So to live a refined life was a dream within a dream.

About  4 years ago, when she was taken by her father who went to the Royal Capital to attend the Feudal Lords Conference, for the first time she witnessed the elegant lifestyle of royal family and other nobles. She received a large shock.
On the capital, even if she just still 10 years old, Lieze’s beauty had already been noticed, a lot of nobles called out and greeted her.
Furthermore, the people conviction that Lieze would blossomed into a beautiful girl left quite an impression on her. She received a lot of wonderful gifts like beautiful clothes or jewels.
Afterwards, for some reason Nelson stopped taking Lieze along to the Royal Capital, however that strong impression still stayed inside Lieze’s heart. It then turned into dissatisfaction when she realized she unable to live in the same elegant lifestyle as the other nobles.

However, you should select your marriage partner carefully. Although high social status or family influence is not important, I think that it will be absolutely wonderful if you find a reliable and kind person. Afterwards you just need to successfully educate your husband to supplement the lacking parts.(Zirconia)

To her Mother who gave an advice while smiling, Lieze replied “Yes” with a smile, but inside her mind she had a complex emotion.

Her mother name is Zirconia.
She is still 26 years old, just before the war with Balveile begun, or about 10 years ago, her father conducted his second marriage to her. Her parent was a soldier and she was a commoner girl.
Zirconia’s silver hair extended until it hung on her shoulders, her body did not have any excess fats, her gentle drooping eyes[26] were impressive.
Though it was not to the extent of Lieze’s beauty, she was a woman[27] who carried a friendly atmosphere.

Lieze’s biological mother, passed away from illness when she was just 3 years old. So until she turned to 5 years old, she didn’t have a mother.
For that reason, when Zirconia first arrived, the shy Lieze didn’t open her heart to her new mother. Zirconia took a proactive approach to get along with Lieze. The two of them then became friendly to each other.

However, 1 year after Lieze went to Royal Capital, for the first time Lieze felt annoyed with one action that Zirconia took.
Lieze heard from his maid Eira, that Zirconia personally screened the people who wanted to meet with Lieze.

Though there are a lot of nobles or wealthy merchants that wanted to meet with Lieze after hearing the rumors of her beauty, only the one who had been granted permission from Zirconia could meet with Lieze.
There was even a time when Zirconia didn’t give permission to a great noble from capital, on top of that even for the neighboring great noble Dias Gregorn[28].
Of course, Zirconia didn’t personally reject them, with lies she said this and that to Nelson so he would reject them. For that, Lieze wanted to scream: it’s not your business!
From the start, Istelle House is a great noble, by its many achievements in the war with Balveile, it became influential and powerful. The nobles who had been rejected to meet with Lieze couldn’t do anything with their power, so in the end they reluctantly gave up.
Although Lieze didn’t know on what criteria Zirconia selected the people who wanted to meet with her, Lieze didn’t accept the action of Zirconia who decided it by herself.
However, Lieze couldn’t oppose it, even Nelson cooperated with Zirconia, so she had no choice except to endure it.
Even though her parents normally worked themselves exhaustingly without taking any break, but still they ensure that they have time for their daughter. How can you oppose them?

Therefore, for the time being, she needed to behave obediently towards her parents. One day there will be a chance where she can go to the Royal Capital and obtain superior goods in her hand. For that, naturally she must increase her fame. Not only to the people who Zirconia approved to meet with her, but also with the citizen on the city, she conducted herself to give off good impression with her utmost ability.

Incidentally, today by my order Isaac will go to inspect the fortress construction on the border, however.....(Nelson)

As if Lieze already had a hunch for this, Nelson started to speak about Isaac who he personally recommended.


Aa Mou! What should I dooooo!(Lis)

After the dinner with her parents, Lieze returned to her room, collapsed on the soft canopy bed, pressed her face on the pillow, and then screamed.
Recently, each time she ate dinner with her parent, the topic about Isaac would come out, but to be frank, Lieze didn’t care about it.
She know the feelings of her parents and their intention on recommending Isaac, but she wanted to be free to choose her marriage partner, so she didn’t want them to push a specific person to her.

I don’t care about Isaac! Just let me off!(Lis)

Lieze keep screaming, with words that would cause Isaac to hang himself, she was wriggling on top of the bed while shouting to the pillow. Then, there was a knock on the door.
Lieze immediately raised her body, combing her hair with the comb on the table beside the bed and fixed her disorderly clothing.

Yes, who is it?(Lis)

She replied the knock with a calm voice.

It is Eira! Please excuse me!(Eira)

Eira replied and although Lieze hadn’t given her permission to enter the room, she burst into the room while being flustered.

Li-Lieze-sama! Wh-wh-what should we do!?(Eira)

Wa-, please calm down! What happened in the first place?(Lis)

Lieze poured the water from the jug atop the circle table on the room to a cup and handed it over to the obviously panicked Eira.

I-I am very sorry!(Eira)

She apologized and received the cup, then drank the water from it in one gulp.

When I took off the apron in my room I noticed it, but on the pocket of the apron, th-th-there was this thing....(Eira)

Eira took out a heart shaped pendant with a bluish milky white jewel embedded on it from her pocket.
The jewel embedded on the pendant had a shining with beautiful glitters under the candle light.


Looking at the pendant, at that very moment, Lieze thought process ceased.
Until now she had seen a lot of jewels or ornaments, but she never seen a beautiful things like this before.

Wh-what should we do? Maybe, I think it was at the time when I bumped at....... Lieze-sama?(Eira)

Although Eira repeatedly called to Lieze, but she had been petrified and still captivated by the pendant. Only after Eira clasped on Lieze’s shoulder that she regained her thoughts back.


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[1] Kazura called her less formal this time with 婦人
[2] I hope Kazura will become OP (in trading) after this... “Bad pills are the best medicine” they said.
[3] Little Miss.
[4] In the name of Earth Spirit! Myra is one of a smart girl. Kazura ought to learn from her. Maybe if a stray ball hit Myra’s back of the head, she could also remember her previous life...
[5] I also never thought Myra can do this.... She just what? 5-6 years old?
[6] ガイエルシオール Gaierushioru à Gaielsior.
[7] The word also can describe someone who does her/is job very well or doing something thoroughly.
[8] Grandmother. Also can used to refer generic old women.
[9] The nail price is 40 Ar for 100 nails, so Kazura buy it at significant discount. Thanks to a certain little girl’s scowl.
[10] Unspecified beans or legume species.
[11] Myra deserves an Oscar.
[12] Otousan and Okaasan in here.
[13] Bishoujo... once again... Bishoujo
[14] Anata-sama.... Hmm... what the formal English “You” again?
[15] So, as long it’s not about buying or selling, Kazura is very smart and careful. Maybe, because economics is not his field. His Luck stat must be very low, though. He failed a lot of Luck roll.
[16] Ara: A kind of exclamation of surprise that any ojou-sama or refined lady should use in Japan popular fiction.
[17] A Modern Magical Tool, also known as Liquid Butane Fueled Lighter. Just with a click: Instant Fire. As the spark from the flint burn the butane vapors.
[18] Remember reader: No Weapon is allowed inside Isteria city.
[19] KISAMA! It’s mean you in a very demeaning way.
[20] Are: expression of confusion.
[21] I think that Myra’s teacher is Solid Snake. She’s either a ninja or KGB spy in her past lives.
[22] Read Sayonara Ryuusei Konnichiwa Jinsei if you don’t know what a fumu is.
[23] I bet Kazura will get scolded.... Big time!
[24] In case you forget, 1 tatami is about ~0,61... meter square
[25] A FLAG! It’s a flag!
[26] Tareme (たれ目): dropping eyes. Contrast with Tsurime (つり目) : slanting eyes. See the picture below for comparison:
I personally prefer tareme more...
[27] This is Josei: Mature/Adult Woman. Not shoujo like Lieze.
[28]  ダイアス=グレゴルン Daiasu=Guregorun --> Dias Gregorn


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