23 September 2015

Tenseisha wa Cheat o Nozomanai. Chapter 1 - Post Story 1

Translator Corner.
Hello, this is the Yukkuri demasu.

Sun has come out finally.... No more haze....

So the Post Story....(Postlogue?) There are 3 of them. Here the first of them.

As usual, this is not literal Japanese translation, expect mistranslation and weirdness.

The Translator:
Yukkuri Oniisan
The Editor:

Chapter 1. Is Cheat really necessary?
Post Story 1 The Daughter who Returns Home[1]

*Mira’s POV, present tense*
Oh my, Mira is returning home!(Oji-san A)

Are you calling to a divorced woman?[2] I never remember leaving the house as a bride, you know! I am only a 5 years old girl!
It was evening when I arrived at the village. The rude Oji-sans[3] were coming home from hunting, when they said these very rude words.

The Knights are injured. I want to borrow the carriage and ask for help from Village Chief-san. Is he home?(Mira)
What! Then I will go and gather help. We need at least 10 people!(Bean Oji-san)
Ah, wait a sec-.....(Mira)

Before I could finish, Bean Oji-san already ran away. I can’t stop him.

What an idiot. Even if he gather everyone and leave now, they will only be able to arrive at night.(Oji-san A)
That’s true. However, Mira, who left this morning, managed to come back this evening. Doesn’t that they’re not far, right?(Oji-san B)
Un. Because I got sick while riding in the carriage, we traveled slowly. When we were having lunch, we were attacked by a Demon Beast. However, since I returned using only a horse, I came back faster.(Mira)

There is no clock. I was sleeping on the journey so I don’t know the exact time, but I think we have traveled for about 4 hours because it took about 3 hours to return.
It only carry a weight of one child and 4 Spirits (I don’t know if they have a weight or not), but the break for the horse also included in that time. If we depart from this village now, we should arrive at the knights’ place by night. However, even if get there by then and then depart quickly, it would be around midnight when we return to the village.
As one would expect, that’s when the nocturnal wild beasts are active. It would be hard to move while protecting a large number of people. But, since there is no need for an escort, even 2 or 3 people will sufficed.

Then I will say something to the Village’s Chief. You should return to your house and rest since you were travelling for the whole day. You must be tired.(Oji-san A)
That’s true. We will leave tomorrow at the dead of the morning. You can leave the Village’s Chief to us. There is no need to chase that Bean fellow.(Oji-san B)

The 2 people that remain exchange their gazes and nod to each other.
Bean oji-san is a good person, but he is careless ----- he has a tendency to do something without hearing the whole story.

Then, I’ll do as you say.(Mira)

I glance at Earth Spirit and he prompts the horse to walk forward slowly.

Ou! Have a good rest!(Oji-sans)

As I wave my hand behind me, I bid to the oji-sans farewell.


*3rd POV present tense*
What’s wrong, Zil?(Pom)

Pom calls to the man who’s squinting to look at the faraway shape of a child who grew her hair to look like a turtle.

“Isn’t that Mira? Thought her leg can’t reach the stirrup, she is riding the horse really well.”

He’s startled by what he is seeing. Surely those small, slender, thin legs are on the saddle, but the stirrup is way below her. Of course that will be the case since she’s only 5 years old so her feet can’t reach the stirrup.

My goodness, you’re right. Isn’t that dangerous?(Pom)
Although dangerous, she came back safely all by herself.(Zil)
Could it be that the Magician granted her a protection.(Pom)
That’s incredible.(Pom)

The magician is still young, as he seems in his early 20s. However, he also seems to be an influential person. For Mira and Gai, to have met such a good person who can guide them like he can, both Zil and Pom give their satisfied approval.


Her shivering and sneezing back became smaller as she pass by.


*Mira’s POV present tense*

I suddenly sneezed.

СOLD?[4] (4 Spirits)

The spirits who are lined up on top of the horse’s head turn to look at me.

No, it’s not cold weather.... I wonder if I caught a common cold.

On top of the horse that advanced softly, I tilt my head. My spine doesn’t feel any shivering. It will be Spring soon, so today is relatively warm. I also don’t remember to staying up late at night. I even slept on the carriage.
But my thoughts get sweep away, since my back is smoothly embraced by Earth Spirit.[5]

No, no, no, no, no, no, I am okay, It isn’t the cold. It’s just my imagination. Un. One sneeze means someone is talking at me. The common cold is three sneezes.(Mira)

I pound it with my hand, and so Earth Spirit separates his hand with an awful regret.[6]


I wonder on what chapter we can get a Water Spirit and Wind Spirit Onee-san....

And bad news.... Takarakuji 21 is a humongous 9.721 characters (MS Count) and 27 pages long.... It will take a quite a time.... (I translate about 2000 words per day). I just need translate about 5000 more words (MS Count), so that’s the good news I think.

[1] The Japanese word for this is Demodori (出戻り). It is used to describe a woman who returns to her parents home after divorcing from her husband. Or a ship that return to the port after sailing.
[2] It’s a pun based on Notes no. 1. The pun lost in translation to English, and I don’t know how to localizing it, since I’m not a native English.
[3] Oji-san: Mean Uncle (blood related) or just uncle like when you greet an older man casually.
[4] Spirits say in All Katakana. I too lazy to turn it into wingdings....
[6] Don’t give up Earth Spirit, Mira is just shy (the so called tsundere).


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    1. Light Novel add a lot of new scenes, so some event progression is different than the web novel.

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